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Treasure Box: Survivor PvP

Full Name: Pandora
Alias: No Information
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years
Pack: Raussa
Rank: Commoner
Duty: No Information
Birthdate: January 31st
Birth Place: To the north
Residence: None
Species: Eastern Timber Wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 8/200
Defense: 8/200
Speed: 8/200

Body Type: Average
No Information

What stands before you is an ebony temptress, her body is built up in a thin defined manner with long limbs and a sturdy frame that seem to flow elegantly together in a lovely composition. Her body curves with all the allure of the feminine form. Her trunk sashays when she walks, a natural elegance displayed at all times as this poised and seductive woman prowls. Shes a dangerous sight, though lovely to look at one can almost smell the venom that seeps from her pores. Like a rose this beauty has thorns and it is often displayed in the way this proud woman holds herself.

Her pelt is near flawless, dark tendrils keeps any imperfections well hidden, including the small scars that litter the surface of her flesh. These are battle scars that none can see. She holds herself tall and proud, a confidence displayed in easy natural fashion. To the north of the vixen a thin, long muzzle holds within its cavern a powerful set of jaws with a collection of razor sharp fangs similar to the long claws that decorate her paws bellow. Her eyes shine with a haunting amethyst, ones that take to an eerie glow in the low lights of nightfall and can be quite unnerving at times. Often these eyes shine with a dreamy and enticing stare to temp one to get closer, the other half of the time they glow with a hellish look of complete hatred, one that clearly notes to cross her is to welcome death.

The woman dances in her own musky perfume, a strong scent that is feminine and feral, this woman does not smell of flowers but instead smells of the night itself, crisp and fresh and mysterious. Her canvas is soft to the touch, not fine in anyway but thick and plush, as one reaches her tail tendrils flow longer, the limb itself draping down past the woman’s ankles and is quite a bit longer than the average plume. Often this appendage dances effortlessly behind her, often semi raised as if to display how confident this lovely woman truly is. And why not be? The woman is large for a female, standing tall and often towering over your average wolf, she is quick, thanks to her long legs but not as agile as thinner wolves for her body is defined by a healthy mass of muscular build which is lean and hidden under her dark canvas.

Fur Colour: Black
+ Texture: Normal
Eye Colour: Purple
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Large
Gash scar on right flank
Pandora is no stranger to starting trouble, whether she is doing it in a subtle fashion or being quite obvious about it, she loves to watch others squirm and is not shy about it. If she finds any reason to cause trouble for you she won’t hesitate on it. Whether it’s to test another or simply because she is bored, one can be sure that if trouble is starting, Pandora is behind it. She loves to toy with others, getting under their skin or just getting a rise out of someone, to her it’s as necessary as breathing.

Pandora has always counted on herself, though she doesn’t mind letting others in on her objectives from time to time, you can be damn sure she won’t count on you for a damn thing. The young woman has always relied on only herself and won’t allow others to interfere and possibly muck everything up. When this girl is in a bind she trusts only herself to get her out of it and will very rarely accept the help of others. She has a lone ranger mind set, even if she finds herself in the presence of a pack, she is not much of a team player although she is quite capable of being on if need be.

Mind games are not the only thing that make this woman sharp. No, the harpy is a rather thoughtful creature, though at times impulsive she is known for her quick thinking and intricate mindset. A survivor Pandora is a jack of all trades when it comes to the world around her and the knowledge needed to live in it. Its rare that this woman will come off as clueless or naive. Pandora is a puzzle builder, thinking outside the box is one of her many expertise.

Though she is level headed for the most part Pandora can be as deadly and vicious as they come. Though she may retain her composure this woman can easily be pushed to a point where she would rather rip out your throat than to put up with another word. She is sadistic at times, she’ll toy with you, beat you down a hundred times before delivering a deadly blow. She doesn’t mind watching others suffer and in truth takes joy in it if you particularly annoy her. Be careful not to cross this vexing girl.

Things are not always clear with this trouble maker, she can have you believing one thing, while intending another. She can fool you with her words, with the way she carries herself and adores the thought of throwing others for a loop.

This woman isn’t only easy on the eyes, in her young life she has learned to use her body, voice and disposition to get others to fall at her feet. This woman is a master at charming not only men but other women as well. She can be as sweet as sugar, as tempting as a siren and as delicate as a flower. Whatever you want, she can easily make you believe she has it.

Pandora loves to flirt and tease others, often using it as a key component in her games, or for more serious matters where someone is making it rather obvious they are interested in her. She is well aware that she is easy on the eyes and uses it to her benefit whenever the opportunity arises.

Like mentioned before, this woman is a lovely specimen, with a sleek silhouette and a purring voice of sweet honey this vixen can be quite the tempting harpy. She holds a natural allure to her, even when not intending to, moving with a strong sensual waltz this is no princess that stands before you but instead a warrior queen.

Pandora is nothing short of absolutely random. Some aspects are predictable enough when she sets herself into motion but her moods and behaviour tend to change with every situation, every minute, every day. She can be a hell raiser today and a smooth temptation tomorrow. To expect her to do anything foreseeable is like asking the sun to orbit the earth instead of the other way around. It goes against the natural order.

One of her largest short comings, Pandora simply does not trust others, and refuses to let anyone in. She may let you stick around, might even act friendly around you, but in the end this vixen refuses to let anyone break down her walls and trust them. She is forever trapped in her own personal bubble and because of this she tends to get down at times, feeling unfulfilled and at times even depressed. This too she keeps hidden.

Self serving
Always looking out for number one, everything she does is to benefit herself and no one else, unless it is of mutual benefit. She is constantly looking to further herself, to do what makes her happy whether or not it’s going to hurt someone else. Truly she doesn’t care.

Yes she is extremely confident in her own abilities and can at times come off as conceited to an extent if she is not careful. She is well aware of where her strengths and weaknesses are and this makes her comfortable when it comes to her actions and her daily activities.

Yes for all the confidence, all the smirks and false pretences, Pandora is indeed lonely. In the end she is still a woman who is wishing for company, for someone she can trust, or at least someone who can accept her in spite of all her imperfections and her strange mindset. A real friend is one thing that this woman longs for in spite of herself.

Pandora has come from a rather strange home, her father was a well known whore and alpha to his pack, her mother was by no means his mate and her upbringing was far more than simply awkward. She had three siblings and many half siblings she couldn’t even begin to count, and although she was the illegitimate spawn of the alpha he still took favoritism upon her. He ignored his mate’s pups and true family and focused the bulk of his attention upon Pandora. Why you ask? Pandora was his spitting image when it came to her personality. Though she isn’t as promiscuous as her father she still holds many of his same beliefs and logics. Pandora was raised and trained to be a fighter, a manipulator. Forever at the side of her father it was she that was promised the position of heiress to the pack and to lead into the new generation. Of course this brought on a lot of jealousy from her siblings as well as half siblings. Feuds broke out between the pack wolves and Pandora was the cause of it all. Her father damned her with his decision of favoring her over his proper heirs and when she was not by his side she was tortured by those who wanted her gone. It was ultimately the alphess that chased her out, the jealous bitch scolded her father and mangled him as he slept and came for Pandora soon. Her mother got between the alphess and Pandora and she too retained a thrashing from the dominant witch. And when the alphess got her fangs into the neck of her mother Pandora was given two choices. One she could stay and watch the alphess kill her mother and leave her and her siblings without a matron, or two she could run, leave the lands and ensure the survival of her mother and the safety of her siblings. Backed into a corner Pandora’s only choice was to admit defeat and leave. She ran from her home, ran from all the bad blood and ill intentions and began a life as a nomad, using her gift of charm and whit to get her whatever she needed to survive on her own. She’d pair up with others from time to time, only until they outweighed their usefulness and she would leave them, once more on her own and fending for herself.
Chaotic Neutral
Strengths & Weaknesses:
Strengths mind games manipulation combat Weaknesses Endurance Right hip- has some muscle damage from a bad fall. seclusive overly mischievous
More to come.

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