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Darin Bain Yahn
Full Name: Darin Bain Yahn
Alias: Darin
Gender: Male
Age: 5 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Alpha
Duty: Warrior
Birthdate: September 2007
Birth Place: Doctrine, Adega
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: Eastern Timber Wolf mix
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 165/255
Defense: 133/200
Speed: 170/200

Body Type: Brawny
Koohra: Mate
Aiden: Son
Noah: Son
Ariana: Daughter
Riya: Biological Mother
Kamran: Father (MIA)
Azalia: Adopted Mother
Anberlin: Adopted Father
Chyy: Mother-in-law
Bohemian: Brother (MIA)
Orion: Adopted Brother
Natrium: Brother-in-law.
Josalyn: Adopted Sister
Adele: Adopted Neice
Rotterdam: Adopted Nephew
Theodore: Adopted Nephew
Vienna: Adopted Neice

Darin's body is tall, and muscular. His chest is wide and unbreakable, his legs are thick with bone and muscle. His eyes are normally dark and clouded with thought as his body tends to be tense all the time. His fur is incredibly thick and dense. It's blacker than the night sky, and blacker than the soul of the devil. His shoulders roll as his wide, even gait makes his large paws press the perfect foot print into the ground every time. An earlier altercation has resulted in a silver curve of a scar on his shoulder in a stretches 's' shape. His right eye is blind and doesn't match the dark color it used to be, not its a faded puple/[ink color with a jaggid deformed 'Z' shape scare going from the top of his forehead right below his ear down to the middle of his nose.
Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Coarse
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Medium
Size: Large
Scar on right shoulder, blind right eye, scar over right eye.
A once happy-go-lucky youth, has changed due to a crime called love. He had changed, from a happy boy, to a dismal man... Darin's personality can vary from person to person. He tends to be more emo/angry/calm most of the time. Darin mostly is alone and prefers it that way, although with the right company his mood can lighten and a smile might be seen... He doesn't like to fight, but if it's to protect an unjust deed, then he is the first one in line. He is casual and doesn't express much, if any, manners to anyone. He treats everyone with respect and kindness, if he thinks they deserve them. All he needs is someone to act as his pick-me-up, someone that he can rely on, and that just might make his personality change into something that can glow. ___________________________________________________ Darin now, is a mature, handsome man that takes care of his family, to the extreme. Running himself exhausted every day to find food for his mate and pups, as well as running borders and doing his physical training this man has no time for play! He's become a workaholic, but that doesn't mean he won't take time out of his day to talk to the wolves of Silver Cove. Although, his mother has returned to Silver Cove, this being bad for Darin. A flood of emotions from his childhood, being abandoned by his mother, the death of Galen, it all keeps rushing back to him like a nightmare, and when it comes to Riya Darin doesn't take the topic lightly.
Darin was born in a litter of three from Riya Yahn, only Bohemian and him had survived for their last sibling (female) was a still born. He and his brother grew up mostly together for Riya was always out on pa trolls. As time went on and a few events happened, Darin decided that it was time to leave his pack (Adega) and run away. It was then he discovered Crux Grotto, Anberlin, as well as Jos who he fell in love with. There he went up in ranks rather fast but before he could blink their lands were destroyed and were forced to relocate to a stuck up place where he and Jos grew closer, as well as him and Anberlin. Then, one beautiful day, Anberlin sent him and two others on an adventure to find their new home, and that they did. But then, Darin found out that Jos had chosen some twit named Nat-something over him and ran away to outer, unclaimed territories. He had missed the outbreak of rabies by only weeks and somehow found himself stumbling around these lands.
Later on, Darin came to find he was in love with Koohra, and decided to try his future out with her, little did he know that months after they would be blessed with pups!
The pups are born, two healthy little guys, and one stunning female. Noah, Aiden, and Ariana!
Darin discovers that Riya is in the pack lands and threatens her, if she came by his family (Koohra and the pups) he would be sure to make her life living hell. This does no good, and causes Darin, Koohra, and Riya to have an argument, almost bringing the new couple apart!
Only days after that, Darin is patrolling the lands only to run across a murdering fool. Darin and him end up fighting, thus resulting in Darin going blind in his right eye.
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
No Information

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