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Treasure Box: Survivor PvPAdvertised Harbinger

Sonja Flavia Antebellum
Full Name: Sonja Flavia Antebellum
Alias: Sonja, Flavia
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Loner
Duty: Inquisitor
Birthdate: January 11th
Birth Place: Kentucky
Residence: No Information
Species: Eastern Timber (50%), Mackenzie Valley (25%), Mexican (25%)
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 5/200
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 10/255

Body Type: Agile
All relations are NPCs.

Dvalin Ares Antebellum (XY)
Livia Varinia Aurelius (XX)

Kaleva Tacita Antebellum (XX)
Bergjarl Aulus Antebellum (XY)
Alberich Caelius Antebellum (XY)
Cassia Severus Antebellum (XX)


Sonja is certainly easy on the eye; an attractive female with a grace and elegance almost akin to that of a feline. Her proportions are delicate and feminine, a slender waist the dividing line between alluring hips and a chest of equal width. Sonja's legs are long and slender, making up the vast majority of her height but not pertaining to a large bulk. The female is lean and lithe, built for stamina rather than brawling; she prefers to use honed skill to kill rather than brute force.

Sonja's pelt is pigmented mostly with a rich shade of golden cream, a hue which presides mostly over her back and down her tail. Though perhaps somewhat unusual in her colouration, Sonja's markings are remarkably similar to those of a typical timber wolf, her sable hued in butterscotch rather than grey. Her underside is a pale, almost translucent white which descends her legs and extends across her muzzle.

The female's eyes are an enchanting shade of liquid rose, the inner iris lined with magenta; the twin pools of pink disguising what are surely cruel intentions. Her gaze is seductive and enticing, the colour perhaps offering much more comfort to others than they should for they hide a multitude of sins.

Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Average
Butterscotch sable
[Cold, selfish, deceptive, persuasive, seductive, ambitious, amoral, unethical, cannibal]

A cold and somewhat cruel individual, Sonja is desperately selfish and hedonistic and will only consider doing favours for others if she will experience personal gain in the process. Despite the fact that her every action is completed with narcissistic flare, Sonja is exceptionally good at making others believe otherwise. Her tongue is silvered from experience, cooing sugar-dipped threats into the ears of her companions and convincing them of her good intentions which are surely non-existent. It is uncertain whether 'love' or affection could ever soften the bitch's shell, though it is likely she would only take a mate if they could provide her with social or political advancement. In this way the female is dreadfully ambitious and cut-throat, taking no prisoners in her politics or on the battlefield.

Sonja could be described as cheerfully amoral and unethical. She will do almost anything to get what she wants; seduction, humiliation and murder are all tools she has deployed from her arsenal. She is well aware that she is aesthetically pleasing, and often uses her feminine wiles to extract information through promises of promiscuity - of course, they never materialise unless the bitch is genuinely interested in her quarry. The flaxen female is generally aloof upon first interactions, preferring to observe her companions before coming to an initial judgement or deciding upon how to react to them. As much as she does not like to admit to it, her first impressions are usually final and it takes a fair amount to change her mind. Though once highly pack-orientated, the auriferous bitch is somewhat skeptical about placing her loyalty with another group of wolves. She places a great weighting on trust and to break it is seen as a cardinal sin.

Despite her cold and calculating demeanour, the ominous female actually enjoys the company of worthy companions and often goes out of her way to find social interaction. Sonja tries to find a perfect balance between solitude and company, as both provide opportunities for the extension of her knowledge. Although there was once a time where Sonja killed only in the pursuit of knowledge, heightened aggression brought about by rampant hormones and malevolent cravings have driven her to kill for both sport and pleasure, making her all the more unpredictable and vicious. The female is a closet cannibal, a fiend with a taste for the flesh of a kin, a trait which furthers the danger she can pose to lone wolves. If caught, she may say the trait stemmed from the Dirac wolves' habit of poisoning carcasses - but really she's just spinning a yarn about a dirty deed the bitch has committed since puphood.

Before Harbinger:

Born in the north of Calloway county, KY, in a litter of five. Sonja soon found life in a small family unit disheartening, her siblings too soft or too noble to interest her. All except Alberich, whose personality seemed to mirror hers though perhaps less violent. The pair left at around six months of age, travelling through Tennessee, Arkansas and finally Texas before reaching the Mexican border. Alberich fancied himself a true casanova, the adolescent attempting to seduce a wolf from a pack located relatively close to the border. The pair soon discovered this particular sentry was part of the Alpha's harem and Alberich was swiftly dispatched.

Sonja mourned him, briefly. He was not a part of her long-term plan, for she had simply decided to travel south in search of greener pastures. She travelled further inland only to find little or interest and after much meandering finally stumbled upon the Baja region.

During Harbinger:

Sonja joined Dirac, under the lead of Vengeance and was bequeathed the rank of Inquisitor. She was also placed in the care of the behemoth Eckhart, whom she later encountered and briefly sparred.

After leaving in search of the rumours of a pack in Las Bocas which could threaten the safety of her pack, on her return she found that the fire had driven her packmates into new lands, and where they lurked she did not know. It was soon after her search began that she learned news of Dirac disbanding, and now wanders the region as a loner.

No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:

Amorality: Her near complete disregard for morality allows the female to act with little care for compassion or a guilty conscience. Sonja is willing to almost anything to get what she wants.

Ambition: Linked to the female's distinct lack of morals, Sonja's drive to succeed and improve her social standing are unparalleled.

Physique: Not only does her lithe physique give her an edge when stalking prey, but her delicate figure can be employed in the art of seduction; the bitch's favoured game.


Thirst: Sonja's taste for the flesh of her kin has not mellowed with age, the girl taking any opportunity to dispose of the vulnerable or the needy. Though most of the time she can control her cravings, her bloodlust has become somewhat more unpredictable, leading to her succumbing to her primal urges at the most inappropriate times.

Emphasis on Trust: Sonja's weighting on trust leaves her open to being emotionally hurt; the disbanding of Dirac has already taken its toll on her desire to join another pack.

Colouration: Sonja's unusual colouration is somewhat unmistakeable, making it difficult for her to move through previously visited lands unrecognised.

- She has a slight southern drawl to her voice, though it is softening somewhat through time spent with the locals.

-Voice Clips: Justified's Ava Crowder
0:22-0:26, 0:16-0:20

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