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Avila Alesana Tevirye
Full Name: Avila Alesana Tevirye
Alias: Avila
Gender: Female
Age: Pup
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Pup
Duty: No Information
Birthdate: No Information
Birth Place: No Information
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: No Information
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 5/200
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 10/255

Body Type: Agile
No Information


female • chaotic evil • sis • politician


cute, fuzzy, chubby, stubby muzzle, “bat” ears, long fluffy tail, bright expressive eyes, large paws, klutzy

Beautifully flowing, silk tapestry that is rich to the touch coats this dame’s body effortlessly, providing the girl with almost an ethereal and royal appearance, even as a pup. Though, because the little lass is just a pup, there is a certain fluff factor to her fur that provides her with a rather cuddly appearance. The lower half of the doll’s body is a silvery-white hue that seems to offset the darkness of her top line. Top of the maiden’s body is a beautiful, dark pure onyx hue and betwixt the obsidian and silver is a dark grey outline that accents and contrasts perfectly with both upper and lower colors of the female’s chassis. Inside of auds are colored that same silvery white, as are the girl’s ‘eyebrows.’ Banner is elongated and loaded with an abundance of fluffy fur, the majority of which is silvery white, accented with the steel grey and obsidian black. Due to the fact that she is a pup, the girl’s body is coated in a layer of adorable puppy fact that lends her a rather chubby but healthy appearance. Now, whilst the doll’s siblings are both larger than she, the dame herself takes more after her mother in her stature, being distinctly smaller than her brothers. This bothers her not, though, and she often enjoys taking them on in rough and tumble games just to prove that size isn’t everything.

Though clearly coated in a layer of fat, this lass still maintains a regal appearance about her with her facial expressions. Often times the facade can be found holding a smug smirk with a confident gaze lurking in those large, bright orbs. Eyes seem to glow, expressive and bright, and are a beautiful beryl color with a smattering of green throughout, an addition that only makes them shine brighter than if they were of purely beryl hues. Emotions are ready easily through this girl’s eyes since she has yet mastered the art of hiding such things. The one emotion that seems to never show through is sadness, perhaps just because she feels none. The muzzle of the girl is short and stumpy due to her age, and her nose is coal black. Traveling further down, the paws of the dame seem almost too large for her body and therefore make her rather klutzy and accident prone in her young age. This is rather infuriating to Avila and she makes it very clear to anyone who makes fun of her for her inability to maintain her balance. Avila carries herself very pridefully, almost haughtily, as if she knows she comes from a truly great lineage.

Still smaller than her brothers, as the girl grows, she will seemingly sprout up like a budding flower, blooming beautifully when the season is just right. The puppy fat will melt away, the fluffy pelt will turn into something sleek and alluring, and the klutziness will fade into grace.

beautiful, ethereal, swift, sleek fur, erect ears, long tail, feminine, built for speed, graceful

As an adult, Avila will be a true heartbreaker. It seems as though time has been rather kind to the mistress, even in the short amount of time from puphood to adulthood. As with her brothers, the differences are not tremendously astounding, but they are indeed rather noticeable. The fluffy pelt of her youth faded, leaving a sleek and silky tapestry in it’s place that is perfectly blended and eye catching, flowing perfectly in unison. The puppy fat that lent a cuddly appearance to the lass will melt away, leaving behind a slender frame balanced perfectly with sinewy muscle and a feminine air. The dame’s muzzle will have elongated and grown into her face, and she will also have grown into her large paws. Ever alert auds will sit proudly atop a slender cranium. The doll’s face is slender as well, maintaining a regal appearance and lending the girl even more beauty than what is given to her from the unique way her pelt flows together. Queen’s banner shortened, yet only slightly, and stands out more-so in her older years than it did when she was just a wee thing.

While the doll is rather slim, she is not overly so, just striking that perfect balance between muscular yet feminine, a trait that she seemed to have gained more from her mother than her father. When she moves, Avila moves with a grace that speaks not only of power beneath the alluring pelt but of femininity as well. It is almost as though the lass floats with each step. Draped over her bodice is a thick, tri-hued pelt that shines in the light of the sun or the moon. Living true to it’s appearance, the tapestry is soft, nearly silky and luscious to the touch. The hues that were duller when she was a wee pup have brightened and blended in a very aesthetically pleasing manner, enhancing the ethereal appearance she managed to have as a pup. For such a slender female, she is rather strong, but not as strong as her brother’s due to her size. Instead, the girl is more built for speed than anything else. This, combined with endurance, ensures that the mistress is more of a runner than a fighter, though she certainly enjoys the scuffle every now and again. Nimbleness, as well, is something that the girl has developed as she has grown, taking place of the klutziness witnessed when she was just a pup.

Once large paws have grown in perfect proportion to her body, allowing the dame to be swift and nimble, as mentioned above. Large, bat-like auds have also “shrunk” proportionally to fit the size and curvature of the female’s cranium, and her hearing is only slightly above average than most. Muzzle seems to have elongated ever so slightly, turning from a stubby pup-like muzzle to a muzzle befitting that of an adult canine. When lips are parted, rows of sharp, pearly ivories are revealed, taking the place of the puppy teeth that once lined those same gums. Traveling up from the jaws, the female’s eyes are rather noticeable. Instead of taking on a rounder appearance, they have taken on a slight almond shape, only reinforcing the feminine appearance. With age, the hues have brightened and become more green than beryl and still shine fiercely with emotion, something that has not changed since her puppy days.

Avila has indeed grown to be a beautiful, alluring lass with a capability to draw in any canine she so desires. Grooming quickly became a daily task as the maiden grew, pride in her appearance becoming a rather important factor in her life. There is only one very minor flaw amongst her appearance, and one that she bears as a reminder to constantly be on guard at all times. There is a tiny rip in her left ear, acquired from antagonizing a small gray fox cub in her younger days then turning her back on the creature when she grew bored of the activity. It was when her attentions were gone that the fox cub attacked, tearing the doll’s ear ever so slightly.

Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Average
No Information

malicious, inquisitive, instigator, judgmental, vocal, volatile, curious

There is a certain behavior expected from a litter of puppies. The smaller canines are often expected to exhibit adorable and cuddly behaviors that can thaw the coldest heart. Avila does not meet these expectations. Whilst the doll’s appearance may be that of something that is cute and cuddle-worthy, her attitude speaks that she is certainly nothing of the sort. Even as a young canine, there are certain aspects to her personality that make those around her weary of the young girl. Several traits the dame inherited from her maternal line, a few from her paternal line. As any pup of her age, the mistress is inquisitive and curious, actually eager and willing to learn about the world about her as well as the world her parents built. The girl desires to learn the ins and outs of pack life, as well as the ins and outs of how the world works. As quickly learned by all, this results in many questions spewing forth from the princess’ mouth faster than she can catch her own breath.

Trailing away from this childish part of her personality, there are more aspects to delve into. Perhaps the one that is most noticeable is how well the dame instigates. With a simple slip of her tongue, the girl can instigate a riot in only a matter of moments. It is clear that the girl loves the thrill of her ability to cause dissension amongst the ranks. Along with this, she can be rather malicious, reveling in the feeling provided by causing others pain through her words or sometimes even physically. The part of her personality that allows her to be able to trigger emotions and cause them to flare and rear their ugly heads is her vocalization. There is simply no filter to her words, and if the girl feels a certain way, she makes sure it is made known to the entire world with her loud complaints. If she simply does not like someone, she will certainly let that particular canine know that they are not her favorite.

On top of all of this, she is rather volatile. With a temper inherited from her father’s side, the young doll is known to snap over the tiniest thing. However, it seems to be beyond her control, but that could simply be due to her age. As previously mentioned, the tiniest thing could throw the maiden into a tremendous temper tantrum, similar to that of an exploding volcano. At this stage, it is mainly her brothers that send her over this edge, and it often results in a tussle but there are also times where her own parents or other adults irritate her. Traveling further into the little mistress’ personality, she is rather judgmental. If there is something about another that grabs her attention, she analyzes and decides whether or not she will love or hate the individual over that solitary thing. Chances are, if she decides that she will not like someone, then she simply will not like them and nothing will change her mind.

As the girl passes from puphood to adolescence and into adulthood, some of these traits will pass and will become by ones that were not prevalent during her younger days. However, most of these traits will stay and only become more pronounced in her adult years, making Avila a rather horrifying creature.

arrogant, astute, calculating, charismatic, conceited, cynical, fierce, judgmental, loyal, mercurial, peevish, proud, psychotic, rash, schizophrenic, seductive, selfish, vicious, vocal, volatile

Transcending from puphood into adulthood, Avila’s personality develops more as does her beauty and her body. Beautiful and deadly, the dame stalks the night like a demon searching for it’s next helpless victim. Arrogance oozes from the mistress in waves, lurking deep beneath her eyes and noticeable in the way she carries herself. Tri-hued ess views herself as a god’s gift to earth, and carries herself just as such. In the orbs of the girl, she views herself as an indispensable creature, something that is too important to just be tossed aside. The girl is also a rather astute canine, incredibly cunning and ingenious in her ways of manipulation, but also being tremendously clever and shrewd as well. The intelligence that goes into this are the things that make her the perfect politician, graced with a silver tongue and the art that allows her to draw others in for the kill, so to speak. Avila is also very cold and very calculating, constantly scheming and thinking of ways to rise to the top should the opportunity ever present itself. However, the top does not necessarily mean an Alpha position, though that would be idea. It simply means that she will prove that she is better than her peers in every way possible.

Obsidian and grey demoness carries a charismatic air about her, a trait taken from her father. The evil queen carries herself with a grace and charm learned from watching the way her father carried himself when she was just a wee thing. Savvy and whimsical, Avila holds through with this charm in all situations, even when her temper flares and lashes out like the angry flames of fire. The silver tongue comes from this particular trait and clearly aids the girl in her other endeavors, or traits if you will. Along with this remarkable charisma comes a certain conceit to the doll. Believing that she is better than all about her, the opinion she has of herself may perhaps appear distorted to others. The girl holds herself in the highest regards, seeing herself in a favorable light whereas others simply may not. However, if any were to voice such an opinion, they would undoubtedly face the wrath of the unstable lass. Another trait inherited from Torvald is her cynical nature, only strengthened by the obvious mental instability that dwells just beneath the surface of the alluring babe. Avila is often wary and distrustful of others and their motives and can often be bitter and even scornful towards others that cross her path, not bothering to hide her disdain for those she simply does not like.

Fierceness is a trait that perhaps stands out more strongly than some of the others. This shows itself in many forms, whether through hostility or furious eagerness. Violence is also another form of this, and perhaps the one belying trait to the girl’s fierceness that is seen the most, constantly lurking within the bright eyes of the female, showing a glint of insanity. This fierceness leads the girl to also be rather judgmental of others, a trait that was apparent when she was nothing more than a pup, a trait that has intensified with age. Upon a glance, the dame often finds herself making a moral judgement of another, and a rather harsh judgment at that. In the eyes of Avila, nobody is good enough, with the exception of Tesni, her mother and Tollak, her brother. They are the very apple of her eye. To these two, the tri hued fem is extremely loyal. It is safe to say that she would lay down her life for Tesni and Tollak, for they are the ones she truly adores. Everyone else is merely subjective in her eyes, and it matters not what happens to them. However, if another were to worm their way into her life and befriend her, that loyalty would extend towards them as well.

Though there are times when Avila can appear as stable as the sanest of creatures, she is not. Mercurial in her ways, the demonic babe is as fickle and ever-changing as day and night and as erratic as mother nature herself. Because of this, though, she has the tendency to be quick-witted and hard to make a fool of. In addition to her mercurial attitude, she is also very peevish, finding annoyance and irritation in the smallest of things and making no attempt to hide her disdain at these things. When in a bad mood, every single person knows because she simply refuses to pretend that everything is perfectly glorious. She is also rather obstinate, hard headed, and will not change her mind or her opinion and will refuse to listen to another’s point of view because she simply does not care and does not desire to hear what anyone else has to say. This is partly because of how proud the doll is. Avila views herself as superior and therefore views her opinion as superior to any one else’s opinion, especially those that she thinks are beneath her. All of these particular traits can be attributed to the psychosis that afflicts this particular lass. Plagued by the mental disorder, schizophrenia, the unstable girl suffers from an impaired contact from reality and is often plagued by delusions and auditory and visual hallucinations. Because of the psychosis, there are times when Avila experiences disorganized speech and behavior and when these arise, she will isolate herself entirely.

The mental instability that plagues the mistress also tends to make her rather impulsive, causing her to act without much consideration. Though, it is not the contributing factor. There are many other things that cause her to be impulsive, one of the most influential being her temper and her selfishness. Simply put, Avila is not concerned about any other besides herself. Everything she does is driven by the desire to bring pleasure to her own life, even at the cost of harming another. This selfishness tends to make the mistress rather unreliable, because if it is not going to benefit her in some way, she will not be lending her help to those in need. This selfish side of her can often lead to her being rather violent and vicious, for she derives some of her pleasure in the harming of others, whether verbally or physically. If opposed, the dame goes from being simply vicious to volatile in the blink of an eye, like an erupting volcano, becoming increasingly and even more openly violent, often choosing to physically harm any thing, be it plant or animal, in her path. What’s left is a path of pure, unadulterated rage and destruction. Straying from this, though, the demonic doll can be a rather seductive force as well. Alluring and captivating, with a right look of the eye, tip of the head, and flick of her luxurious banner, the girl can beguile anyone and draw them into her web. Avila is much like a black widow spider in her love affairs, at least metaphorically speaking.

The doll is a dangerous combination of traits that make her a rather disturbing individual, one that is certain to plague the dreams of those that cross her, turning them into horrific nightmares.

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Strengths & Weaknesses:
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