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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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Faith is courage; it is creative while despair is always destructive.
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Tollak Belial Tevirye
Full Name: Tollak Belial Tevirye
Alias: Tollak
Gender: Male
Age: 4 Years
Pack: Inactive
Rank: Loner
Duty: Asshole
Birthdate: April 2nd
Birth Place: Bosque de La Ceniza, Refuge Point
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: Mackenzive Valley x Eurasian x Grey x Timber
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 10/255
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 5/200

Body Type: Brawny
Bakar & Clementine & Bailar & Rhiannon

Torvald Akekyus Tevirye & Tesni Luned Rindel

Abaddon Perish Tevirye
Avila Alesana Tevirye

(x Anima Ventus)
Tybalt Casanova Tevirye
Circe Austere Tevirye
Xavier Caden Tevirye



come on, I'll take you on a journey
through the mind of a madman

With age, Tollak becomes a beast of mass intimidation. Muscles lines his anatomy at every turn, creating a powerful structure that is overpowering in size, much like his father. His shoulders are broad, padded with sinew that continues below his rippling skin in a lean pattern over his ribcage until it bulks up at the wolf's hindquarters, giving him incredible running power. His legs are thick in comparison to most of his species, and the creature's tail is elongated and well-furred, making it the perfect rudder for balancing at high speeds.

The canine is not afraid to use his size to his advantage. Oftentimes, the monochrome boy appears larger than he truly is, for he holds himself with a pompous air, head up and tail flagged high above his back. It isn't uncommon to see Tollak prancing around with his hackles raised just to make his bulk appear greater and more frightening for others. He truly is a figure that is larger than life.

There is something undoubtedly off about this wolf. His eyes have a wild look, his fur often unkempt, and his expression downright worrying. He has the appearance of a madman, of a raving lunatic that most keep well away from if they value their own sanity. With a bedraggled look, his fur is long and shaggy, matted at the ends and characteristically coated in mud at frequent opportunities.

Nothing about his coloring has changed since his youth. Tollak is still a striking shade of ash, save for the drips of ebony that lace along his shoulders and spine, contorting around his ribcage and fading into the paler hue. His muzzle remains split in half where the paladin shade takes up residence, washing over the left hemisphere of his skull and still leaving the effect of a split-personality, backed up by the wild shade of his beryl eyes.

Fur Colour: Grey
+ Texture: Coarse
Eye Colour: Green
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Large
White Half Mask

with the common misconception
that he's got an ace in his upper hand

True to the nature he bore as a child, Tollak retains his selfish attitude into adulthood. Now a more refined trait, age has made him a perfect master of disguise, able to hide his true intentions from even the most prying of creatures. Even so, he still judges the actions he does on how well they will benefit him in the end, his ultimate goal being a need to strive for the throne his father will leave to only one Tevirye child. With an aim to be the best, Tollak cannot afford to make any mistakes, especially those that could give his siblings a leg up in the game.

The male's inquisitive ways as a child have paid off as maturity reaches him. Full of knowledge both useful and not, the man is a fountain of information, still keen on spitting facts at anyone interested enough to stop and listen. The disturbing amount of knowledge he possesses is eerie to some, for not only does he contain an almost worldly factual base, but Tollak always seems to know things about his peers that he shouldn't. He pries information from unsuspecting victims, and won't hesitate to twist the words of a wolf against them simply to get what he wants.

Tollak has the tongue of a well-spoken gentleman. A crafty individual, he is incredibly good at weaving a spell with his eloquent speech and derisive nature. A true serpent, the monochrome wolf is talented at what he does, an interrogator who seems to merely be an inquisitive soul. Still without boundaries, the man is ruthless, stopping at nothing to gain the information that will make him shine that much more in his father's eyes. In his mind, no one plays games better than Tollak does, and if such a creature does appear, he is always up for the challenge.

There's a look in his eye, a glint that doesn't belong there. A twisted mind, morphed into unpredictable contours bound by selfish wants, Tollak is inevitably lethal. The gears in his mind aren't quite wired correctly, and the macabre side to the wolf comes out more often than not, seeing nothing wrong with any of the tortures he is willing to commit. He knows few loyalties, but almost everyone is an enemy in Tollak's distorted and warped view, leading most to the conclusion that something just isn't quite right with this wolf - all the signs point to the ramblings of a lunatic in the making.

No Information
Chaotic Evil
Strengths & Weaknesses:
- alert & observant
- fast learner
- creative mind

- classified as 'mentally insane'
- unpredictable
- unforgiving

burn scars
missing upper half of right ear
3-inch patch on right cheek
significant scarring to right shoulder/ribcage
frontal portion of right thigh
toes on right hind (toenails turned white)
frontal portion of right foreleg

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