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Treasure Box: CotM: April Gained Alpha rank

Rui Vessalius
Full Name: Rui Vessalius
Alias: None
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Years
Pack: Inactive
Rank: Professor
Duty: Childrearing
Birthdate: 1/04/2013
Birth Place: Tranzendo
Residence: Stellar Islands
Species: . 50% maned wolf. 25% coyote. 25% red wolf.
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 5/200
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 10/255

Body Type: Agile
{ reira&zai }

{ gilbert&oscar }


...what children?


{ bunny eye l sinopia&rufous }
{ sixty pounds }
{ two point one feet (length) }
{ two point one feet(height) }

rui is a mixed coywolf hybrid of a small build. her size is larger than a purebred coyote but smaller than a pure bred wolf. her body is mostly maned wolf, however, as she is gifted with four long legs with rufous colored stockings. her frame is soft, gentle, and almost frail due to her being a runt, or what she would call-fun sized. she is, of course, tall and slender like her father with the bushy tail of a coyote dipped in rufous colored ink. the darling's head reflects the genetics given to her from her mother, a true coywolf hybrid. while still like a maned wolf in some details, she has a more pointed muzzle and a flatter forehead which gave away the distinction from coyote to wolf. her ears are large, wide, and rather comical because of its disproportionate size. again, the same rufous colored pigment (which is in due to her red wolf blood) appears on the tip of her ears and also has shown itself in bold coloration over the furs that lined the side of her face. the majority of rui's pelt is covered in a brownish sinopia color and a reddish brown tint that dominates the fringes around her stomach and neck thanks to her red wolf blood.

throughout the many eccentric tales of evolution and selective breeding came out this wonderfully programmed babe. feminine in all aspects of physical qualities, she, too, were plucked from the oceans of blooming flowers. however, not all gingerly chosen darlings may get the best built-in details. while her neatly groomed fur may look normal it is what lies underneath that counts. the fur, unfortunately, can also catch small yet bothersome objects such as wood chips and leafs which clings viciously to her pelt. rui would find bits of scars and small amounts of peeling skin off due to her constant biting at the vexatious objects where ever she can get her teeth to. sudden erroneous movements can also leave her consequently with tiny bits of scars and scraps. she isn't the most elegant of walkers nor is she made to move fluidly. her tiny paws became the center of abuse since most of the scratches littered the pads and toes. adorning the babe's neck, much for her own trivial fun and childish activities, is an old bell studded collar-a token from her mother.
Fur Colour: Red
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: Pink
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Small
rufous stockings
{ present time }

she is a sailor of the seven seas. she is a flyer above the euphoric clouds. she is an explorer of the ancient, lost civilizations. she, who married the wind, the stars, the earth, and the sky, became a vagabond of imagined things. born from her mind's wishful thinking, these lovely creations of the babe's mind puts her as the role she so adheres to be. they are a yearn to recreate the whimsical adventures of a hidden world that softly whispers to this small darling to fill her life with the creative and the fantastic. while blissful in her pretend plays she is nonetheless oblivious to the outer world; rui makes no connections to anyone other than herself, her "adventures", and from time to time, her odd companions. to rui, the world which can only exist within her imagination is the world she's part of. reality is merely a place where she existed.

today the child met an angel. the angel was crying. she cried because she had lost their wings. so the child took both her wings off and give them to her. in the end, she only smiled and said,"you don't have to cry now." and the wingless child walks away, happily. she's a soul with the most impeccable child mentality. innocent and inept with the ways of the adults, she is rather naive to the darker aspects of life. raised to be kind and loving she graciously lended her warmth to the poor and troubled creatures out there. the babe is incapable of feeling any forms of anger or jealousy and indeed she is the virtue of the vices and the redemption of the sinners. happily so, she lives on, that it may seem inappropriate and wrong at times. rui cannot fathom some of the most complicated emotions, resulting in an obliviousness in other people's thoughts . she is simple in her mind,and truthfully speaking, not very bright either. she loves to captivate people with her stories of her make believe adventures, telling them with enough zest to anyone who listens.

year 0:

-born to reira sandoval and zai vessalius as the runt of the litter alongside her brothers, gilbert and oscar.
-traveled extensively with her mother and brother. zai on the other hand, left without a trace.
-on the second week before her birthday, rui left her family to 'seek out more adventures'.
-returning home, she found her birth den to be empty and barren of all life.
-decides to enter pack life while searching for her family.

year I:

-joins seren llywd as a an aphelion denmother
-meets theodore and develops a crush on him but hopes to make other friends as well.
-on a journey out by sis territory, rui meets moros and then his father, separately.
-also meets vengeance and sekhmet
-after a rough meeting with the strange wolves, a wolf named bohemian becomes her first adult friend. rui affectionately calls his bobo.
-seren llywd meeting, rui is promoted to azimuth
-theodore leaves without a trace and neuro steps up as the new alpha. rui is given the title of coroness, the beta female.
-neuro and raziela leaves, handing down the alpha title to rui.
Chaotic Good
Strengths & Weaknesses:
her only sins are the sins of naivety, stupidity, lack of experiences and seriousness, and also the most gullible of thoughts. rui is nice to every one, regardless of alliance and species. she's also highly compatible with raising young puppies even though she is still technically a youngster herself.
{ wants to fly }
{ fond of the gadgets of Man }
{ smells like sandalwood and pine }
{ is searching for her brothers }
{ loves puppies }
{ can easily become infatuated with someone }
{ is heterosexual }
{ likes gazing at the stars }
{ dory(voice) }

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