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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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We are of Kin
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no longer an image in my head
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Don't get washed away
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populace in two
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don't you backsass me
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No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.
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Characters: LashanaKeresHime

Treasure Box: Advertised Harbinger Trained an apprentice In Pack for 6 Months Participated in Pack Event

Lashana Denise Calunia
Full Name: Lashana Denise Calunia
Alias: Lasha, Shana, Ana
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Three
Duty: Diamond (Sentry)
Birthdate: 2/21/09
Birth Place: Doctrine District
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 5/200
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 13/255

Body Type: Agile
Alamarana Jeonie ~ Mother
Rathekrel Calunia ~ Father

Kemanorel Calunia ~ Brother
Anemone Calunia ~ Sister
Oronaera Calunia ~ Sister

Faena Calunia ~ Grandmother
Echo Calunia ~ Grandfather
Myre Jeonie ~ Grandmother
Rovylern Jeonie ~ Grandfather


Lashana is a lithe and agile creature, her skinny yet strong frame allowing her much skill in the area if agility. Her whole figures seems to flow, each long limb connecting to her body with perfection, allowing for a she-wolf blessed with unimaginable grace. Her legs are strong and developed, each one ending at a nimble, delicately rounded paw. The she-wolf's ring shaped feet create fragile, uniquely circular flowers when they imprint themselves on the ground. Some may say her legs are a tad long, maybe even out of proportion, but she enjoys how they give her quite the height advantage. Lashana's triangular ears are always perked up towards the sky, neatly rounded tips reaching to the stars. Her face is slender, with high set cheekbones that make her appear to always be in a constant smile. She adorns a rather square shaped nose, coming in a nice, chocolatey brown that matches her thick, rubbery lips. The she-wolf possesses unique, almond shaped eyes containing a majestic and bright magenta colour, flaked with sparkling silver. Her pelt is mainly short and sleek, but includes the perfect amount of fluffiness. Her fur is always neat and tidy, which is odd, considering she's always bouncing around in the mud or trying to climb a tree or something. Lashana's pelt is a dark brown, highlighted with a reddish russet glow, and swirled with every shade of brown in between. Her chest is splashed with a pure white, which flows down under her stomach, behind her legs, and continues until the beginnings of her fluffy tail. She enjoys the darkness of her flank, for it often hides the muddy residue left behind from the day's adventures. The she-wolf treasures a personalized scent, always smelling of rich honey and the moist sea.
Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Average
White Chest/Under Muzzle/Neck + Black Muzzle Streak
Though she is no angel, darkness would never poison the girl's heart. She is a strong believer in equality, and sees every living thing as a precious soul that must be treated with respect. Shana is more sensitive than others, and finds the smallest issues affecting deep into her heart.

To this she-wolf, life is nothing without a bit of adventure. Lashana spends her time examining every rock, shrub and crevice, trying her best to become a master at every detail of the world.

Ah, rules are just something the obedient wolves use to boss around the others. Break all the rules or you'll miss all the fun! This rebellious girl always enjoys that undeniable rush you receive when you know what your doing isn't exactly right.

Don't they say 'anything is possible'? Shana not afraid to challenge anyone, or jump into any situation, no matter how dangerous it may seem. Her mind has no limits.

Lashana is witty, and believes she is fine on her own with no one to boss her around. She enjoys self-teaching herself useful skills, and finds she can develop more without someone else instructing her.

This she-wolf can wiggle her way out of anything with the help of clever words and sly excuses, her mind playing a big part in her normal tom-foolery. Watch out for witty humor as well, caked in fine sarcam.

Dangling on the edge of being an egomanic, Shana is as proud as could be, and will stand up straight and tall no matter who, or what, stands before her. She always has to get in her word, and will forever fight for what she believes in during an argument.

Absent Minded
Sadly, the lady's cleverness is often lost when her mind drifts off, and keeping her thoughts level is a challange. Topped off with a bit of forgetfulness, Shana's wandering mind and constant daydreaming could make her come across as a bit moronic.

Even with all the freedom she has, Lashana feels caged. She often feels like there's something more she needs to accomplish, and dreams of what lay beyond where she's explored. Where exactly does the world end?

Though it goes against her proudness, Lashana could never properly lead anything, unless it was to her best benefit. She'd much rather hang back in the group, leaving the others to make the important like decisions.

Though at first Shana is not one to approach without reason, the dainty lass has more going on in that mind than you think, and loves to happily babble and ramble in front of anyone and everyone.

One of the scariest things created within your own mind is asking yourself questions no one can answer. Lashana wants an explanation for everything. You can often find her rambling on about unexplained phenomenons, wondering if ghosts are real, or contemplating how the world began.

Since birth, Lashana has suffered from on and off chronic insomnia. It has always been unclear why sleeping sometimes comes as a challenge for her, and she will be at her best moods when she's been recently getting real, all night long sleeps.

Lashana was born and raised in Adega in the Doctrine District days. When the pack moved forwards, she chose to stay behind with her two siblings. It wasn't even a year when Lash chose to chase after Adega to reunite with her former pack and her sister and partner in crime, Anemone.
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
"I will chase the starlight untill the end of my life".

"Break all the rules or you'll miss all the fun".

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints; sinners are much more fun".

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