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Neuro Sloth Rache
Full Name: Neuro Sloth Rache
Alias: Neuro, Sloth
Gender: Male
Age: 2 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Bolide
Duty: Diplomat
Birthdate: January 2010
Birth Place: Pack of Ceylon
Residence: Stellar Islands
Species: Mackenzie Valley, British Columbian, Mexican, Eastern Timber
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 13/255
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 8/200

Body Type: Brawny
Eros & Grace & Raptor & Storm

Vengeance Grimm Rache & Sonja
Rue Debian Rache ( ex step mother)
Cortege Nightslayer (ex step mother)

Deoradhains Rache
Lanai Rache
Arianna Rache
Zero Vanille Rache

Epilogue Rache
Samael Rache
Theodora Rache

Zeva 'Ella' Rache

Wrath Masque Rache
Haste Lenox
Envy Rache
Dancer Elliot Rache

Reaper Lenox-Rache
Bones Lenox-Rache
Desire Lenox-Rache
Guillotine Lenox-Rache
Rebel Lenox-Rache

A Rache oddity, the boy is far from the usual hues that bond his lineage together in looks alone. On nearly the opposite side of the spectrum, the coloration that masks the man’s body is an unexpected pristine and pure chrome, or it would be if he took to better grooming habits. Most often the fur is coated in a thin layer of dirt, almost giving him the appearance of a true Rache at times. The tips of Neuro’s toes are a sleek and unforgiving shade of coal, a hue that stretches up his forelimbs until fading off into a chocolate brown that grows fainter until it disappears entirely at his elbows and hips. These stockings of sorts almost make one wonder if the markings came from maned wolf lineage, but Neuro’s build quickly proves otherwise.

Powerful in every aspect possible, the beast is one of mass proportions. A great bulk possesses the entirety of his large and unassuming frame, muscles lining the anatomy that is anything but sleek. The man exudes masculinity even from a young age, and is in fact so encumbering that he dwarfs most he comes across. Prideful, Neuro even holds himself with a larger-than-life presence, always presenting himself with a superior stature that seems to puff up his already monstrous frame. Neuro is much like a ghost at times, a haunting and unseen figure meant to unsettle the nerves of others. He takes great pride in the knowledge that he is one able to sway the ideas and minds of his unwilling subjects simply with his bulk. 

The most ghastly and unnerving aspect of the bestial canine is his bone-chilling stare. A plainly-blinded almost luminescent hue, the centerfold of his irises are an icy blue, so pure that it is nearly white and disturbing to see. Where the hue fades, it is rimmed by a demonic and startling crimson, a more noticeable feature than the majority of the color that is seen within his glare.

Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Coarse
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Large
Black/Brown Limbs, Black Rings Around Eyes
Unfeeling, the beast is without emotion.  He is completely unable to feel any sort of sympathy or empathy for others, and is a blank slate at most times aside from the rage that frequents the man.  Impulsive, Neuro is perfectly willing to give in to the few macabre emotions that he does have, lacking control over his feelings and unafraid to take it out on others.  Cold and oftentimes aloof, the boy is the perfect description of a creature with a sociopathic profile, almost making him more disturbing and worrying.  Neuro believes himself to be perfect and without flaws, even with his constant manipulations and lies, and is quick to lash out when his obvious faults are pointed out, unsympathetic and unforgiving, going far past the point of appropriate retaliation.  

Neuro swings rapidly from one end of the spectrum to the other.  One minute he’ll be content with the situation at hand, but a single word can send him over the edge and bring out the violent side of the man that is difficult to put away.  However, he can just easily revolve the other way, much like the pendulum of a clock, and cools down to forget his rage with the blink of an eye.  An unpredictable creature, the temper that lurks just beneath the monster’s surface is worrying to say the least, the moment when he snaps never quite known to an unaware creature.  A bout of luck can be found in that Neuro never lets his anger boil unseen, but instead always lashes out immediately and with full force, completely unable to contain his temper.   

Obsessed with his mental image of perfection, Neuro believes that he is the epitome of a flawless Rache, right down to his chocolate brown (white) coat.  In fact, the boy refuses to believe that he is not the correct color for what his father believes to be a Rache tradition, and is adamant that he is perfect.  Because of his inability to see, Neuro believes that the world is simply lying to him and comprised of a conspiracy against his striving for perfection.  By this point in life, the boy grows positively enraged when told that he is not, in fact, a dark brown in color, and as per the usual, takes to violence when the very suggestion of this idea is presented to him.  

While he cannot see the horror he commits, Neuro is fascinated with heinous crimes of brutality against others, reveling in the torturous acts he bestows on innocent souls.  When he is able to get his paws on one foolish enough to fall for his games of manipulation and lure them to a place where they are vulnerable, the boy is obsessed with causing the most pain without killing.  He has taken up almost a practice of it, learning about the body parts by feel alone and wounding them beyond repair, though he takes care to let his victims go, barely breathing, back out into the world to endure the macabre thoughts and constant pains that are sure to haunt them.  

The wolf has a mind that does not forget easily, much like an elephant retains information.  Neuro can recall every act that has been placed against him (even if the perpetrator was only a criminal in his mind) and does not offer any sort of forgiveness towards such creatures.  However, while he is unable to either forgive or forget, the boy is not one to seek retribution.  He will present a cold shoulder to those he has deemed unworthy of his respect, but oddly, the temper that flares so often is not granted (for he believes it to be a gift) is not bestowed upon his supposed enemies.  

To put it bluntly, Neuro likes girls.  He likes women.  He likes anything that smells remotely female and sounds the same.  And much like the majority of the Rache males, the man is not above trying to get his way with a girl.  The male is, in fact, willing to push himself onto a female time and time again until he gets what he wants, even if she never submits to the violent man.  While he rarely loses his cool when around a female he desires, for Neuro knows that it takes patience to earn entry.  He does grow more gruff, however, when denied, and will force himself upon a woman if possible, unwilling to take no for an answer.  After all, a Rache always gets what he wants.

No Information
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
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