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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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A hole, a hole, a hole in the desert.
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Weldering Darksidy
Full Name: Weldering Darksidy
Alias: Welde
Gender: Male
Age: 3 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: --
Duty: Warrior
Birthdate: June
Birth Place: Emberell Forest
Residence: None
Species: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 158/200
Defense: 225/255
Speed: 116/200

Body Type: Robust
Father: Morak Blackpaw
Mother: Callista Darksidy
Adoptive-Daughter: Riley Darksidy
Littermate: Xionah Darksidy
Adoptive-Siblings: Zogarath Darksidy
  — Dominia Darksidy
  — Tadrith Darksidy
  — Lazarus Heart
  — Tempest
  — Kalypso Darksidy

Grandfather: Welding Erutan
Grandmother: Fire Erutan
Aunt: Khalida Erutan
Cousin: Sovereign Erutan

once i rose above the noise and confusion
just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion

Silver Pelt — Black Points — Large Build — Blue Eyes

What a perfect picture of cuteness and mischievousness all rolled into a single young male. There has always been a glow to Weldering, a sort of captivating charm which draws people in from his soft smile and oh yes I'm sure he could get away with murder. Starting with his build which during his teenhood made him appear like a squiffed up guy held to the ground by four matchsticks and with large radar dish like ears he has now finished his growing. In height Weldering is quite large and it now for the first time he is unmistakably an adult. His puppish fluff on the top of his head and around his face had now faded leaving behind long wispy hairs in there place, soft round blue eyes.. which are not just a normal blue in colour but a rather vibrant icy steel blue which certainly stand out from his colourless body. Though one thing noticeable about his eye is just underneath it against the black of his face is a white underlined marking of fur.

So with the exception of those blue eyes not a single colour graces his pelt which is a mixture of silver and pure ebony black. His colouration is a little unusal to that of a typical Mackenzie Valley Wolf though the colours themselves a common trait among his species though while some may have the same markings as him they tend to be brown and black and others grey. His silver pelt could actually be considered a thing of beauty. The different tones of grey when caught in the right light seem to shimmer with brightness and although being a roguish type of pup he does take pride in his appearance and always makes sure his pelt is clean and well groomed whenever he gets the chance. Weldering is not to be mistaken as a clean freak guy though as sometimes a puddle of mud can be way to tempting to jump into. Though saying that at east it is harder for any dirt to show up on his four black socked paws. Each paw is identically marked and fades to silver at exactly just above the ankle itself. Even the pads at the bottom of his paws and black matching the fur that lines them.

Though the majority of his body is silver and a majestic tone and bright at that it is not what he is mostly recognised for. When others look at him it is actually his face that stands out and stays in everyone's mind when they think about his appearance. He might well have a silver head however he is black masked. The fur along his face where it is black is shorter then the rest of his body which has long strands of wispy silver pelt. Instead this short black fur covers his entire face, muzzle, maw and even around his eyes, a complete black mask. Even his ears are black despite the top of his head being silver. The black is not just solely on his paws and face and ears though, the same black from his face moves down his body with his chest and underside also being black though this stops at the very base of his body, his tail with the exception of a single random black blob on it is silver.

— Template.

Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Normal
Eye Colour: Blue
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Large
Black Mask — Black Points — Black Tail Tip — Black Underside — White Line Under Eyes
masquerading as a man with a reason
my charade is the event of the season

Loyal — Reclusive — Mischievous — Honorable — Troubled

Weldering is very laid back and prefers to stay neutral, not much seems to bother him unless it gets serious. Though he will always try to stick up for whats right rather then what's safer to stick up for. Because of this Weldering usually gets wound up in all sorts of trouble that is never his fault. In fact trouble has always found a way of getting to him no matter what he is doing or where he is. Though he really doesn't mean to come across as a trouble maker, it's merely accidental and just bad luck which Welde has had his fair share of in the past after losing his mother (literally). She never died or disowned him, simply he was never content with following orders that reduced him to boredom such as staying somewhere safe until they returned. Because he'd wandered off and gotten himself lost his parents presumed he'd died and thus moved on after a failed search attempt. Though being on his own since a young age it has made him rather independent. He can hunt small game without a problem like most his age can that are taught. Though being just a simple and rather lazy sometimes young adult scavenging has also been another option he had never passed on. He was however taught to fish by another lone wolf, which is one of his greatest assets.

He is however rather bold and brave, he'll happily speak up and tell everyone what is on his mind unless of course it is something personal or embarrassing in which case everyone would see a dramatic transformation where suddenly Weldering becomes un-naturally shy and a complete opposite of his usual bubbly self. Normally this behavior would be around girls he liked or something similar where he becomes scared of being rejected or simply because he just has no idea how to react. Though Weldering has a kind and good temperament he is also a good listener and considers himself a good friend. He has always desired to be in a pack yet has never had the chance to join one that has suited him. He's always feared being rejected and being alone for the rest of his life and just wishes to have a normal lifestyle once more like most other wolves.

There is of course a more cheeky and worrying side to Weldering which is his prankster attitude. He loves to have lots of fun and games which isn't just his age it's just him in general. Never having a normal upbringing merely amplifies this desire to want to cause trouble but only in a harmless and amusing fashion. Weldering would never deliberately do anything to put anyone in danger and sometimes he only does a lot of the things he does just to show off to his peers and to try and make friends and make those around him laugh at his antics, though will everyone find his jokes funny? Weldering has a strong silver tongue on him which will usually talk himself out of a situation he wants to get out of or makes things a lot worse easily if that is also what he desires. If it does come to a fight he would hold his ground as if he has something to prove, perhaps suggesting bravery though more like a competitiveness he's always had. If there is someone else too much like him then they are bound to clash and it would never end up pretty.

on a stormy sea of moving emotion
tossed about I'm like a ship on the ocean

— Was first born to Callista Darksidy & Morak Blackpaw. His littermate was Xionah Darksidy. The small group are not part of a pack but instead are a band of lone wolves.
— Weldering gets separated from the others, to this day he has never met any of them again with the exception of meeting his father Morak once.
— Having the grow up as a rogue pup was tough. He was shown how to fish by a maned wolf named Tzigane who he looked up to like a mother.
— It isn't until he is a yearling that he considering joining a pack fir the first time. He competes in the Lagrata Yearling Trials and finishes well. He is offered a place in Lagrata but does not accept immediately.
— The only thing stopping him joining Lagrata is his fondness for a white wolf named Lore. Weldering doesn't realise that she is the Heir of Auvera Pack however. When he finds this out he gives up hope of ever being with her even after she asks him to come back with her. Weldering knows that Auvrea would never accept a rogue non-believer like himself as Lore's mate.
— After turning Lore down he joins Lagrata and quickly works his way up the ranks to Beta Male and Lead Warrior. He also adopts a daughter called Riley.
— A war breaks out between a group of rogues and Auvera. Due to Weldering's friendship and loyalties with Lore he helps. When Weldering returns to Lagrata injured from battle he comes back to find the male wolf he had been fighting had become his new Alpha Male. Until to talk reason into the Alphess and losing his temper he is exiled from Lagrata. He loses everything.
— Moving to new lands called Relic Lore he does not find himself having a good start as he instantly gets on the bad side of the Swift River Alpha Male called Indru and the Beta Male Ruiko.
— When Indru disappears he is talked into helping a member of Swift River Pack take over, but the plan backfires when Indru shows up at the challenge and the pack turns on Weldering, he is run out.
— He briefly joined a pack called Midnight Plateau not far from Swift River whilst he regained his strength and health. As the pack disbanded he left the lands as well.
— Continues traveling...

— Arrives in Baja Country and meets a few of the locals. He finds about about some of the packs and spends most of his time in and around Refuge Point.
— Whilst in the jungle he gets bitten by a snake after being distracted by Skylar. She helps treat the bite before they go their separate ways.

— His travels extend more to the North and also over the Steller Islands where he meets and befriends Theodore Vedi. The young Alpha lets him stay at Seren Llywd until the sandbar makes traveling easier - since Weldering didn't know there was a sandbar and swam.
— Welde meets another Alpha called Flint who invites him to visit his pack also on the Steller Island.
— After meeting a third Alpha, of Adega called Valdur, he agrees to help in a pack winter event. Welde helps put the presents under the tree whilst Valdur distracts the rest of the pack and in return he is given a gift - a decorated deer pelt coat.
— More travels in the north and Welde finds himself going in circles in a foggy forest. He realises he may or may not be trespassing but finds an untouched carcass he believes the pack has not claimed. Eating it was a mistake as it was laced with poison and he is paralyzed. It was a trap to catch trespassers set by Dirac. Rue, Rigel and Vengeance find him and wipe his memory using more poison.

— What a way to start the month - Weldering wakes up alone and with no memories. Banquo finds him and together they try to patch together his missing memories.
— After he has recovered he decides to go on a tour of the Steller Islands again. Visiting Flint and his pack, Yellow Island and also popping in to see Theodore.
— Traveling back to Refuge Point again he tries to find out more about the packs he knows little to nothing about. Disturbed by rumours and 'bad press' he visits the borders of Mortus Sero and also sticks his nose in and around Devoia Exodus.

No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
  — White Wolves
  — Swimming
  — His Snow Leopard Pelt
  — Digging
  — Fishing

  — Pack Hunts
  — Getting His Ass Kicked
  — Religious Wolves
  — Evil Wolves
  — Creepy Natural Healers

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  — Extended Postlog
  — Plotting Page

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