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Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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Characters: Reza

Treasure Box: No Icons! :(

Reza Armand Chaudhri
Full Name: Reza Armand Chaudhri
Alias: Reza
Gender: Male
Age: 3 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: No Information
Duty: Warrior
Birthdate: October 3rd
Birth Place: South-Western Texas
Residence: None
Species: 1/2 MVW, 1/2 BC
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 10/255
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 5/200

Body Type: Brawny
+Ishmael Chaudhri: Father – Living, location unknown

+Naghima Chaudhri: Mother – Deceased, bitten by a rattlesnake

+Derek Chaudhri: Brother – Younger, last seen in Southern Texas

+Mina Chaudhri: Half-sister – Younger, location unknown

+Tara Vasquez: Mina’s mother –Deceased, killed by Reza

Reza is a monstrous specimen, standing just shy of four feet tall and stretching six and a half feet from nose to tail tip. His long, well-muscled limbs and thick barrel chest were inherited from his father—a full-blooded Mackenzie Valley brute. Because of his large chest and muscular haunches, Reza is clearly built for both strength and speed, though his agility is generally compromised by his size. He has strong, masculine features, and is without a doubt a ruggedly handsome wolf if you take into account his scars and characteristically gruff expression.

His fur is predominantly black from his spine all the way to his toes. There are some varying shades of red and brown throughout, giving him an almost brindled appearance in the right light. He also has a white patch on the very tip of his snout over both lips and his chin. As well as having dark fur, Reza also inherited his father’s dark, nearly black eyes—giving him an altogether washed out appearance, though his eyes to have a feral glitter that belies the grey-scale appearance.
Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Normal
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Dull
Size: Large
Hook-shaped scar below his left eye, various scars along his back, and a white patch on his lips.
Reza is, much to the dismay of many a female, rather aggressive and ‘rough around the edges’ on the first encounter. He seems intimidating and unapproachable to most as he seems to be disinclined to surround himself with strangers. If you take the time to earn his trust and give a bit in return, however, Reza is an ally worth having. When one wins his friendship or affection, he is loyal to a fault, and his loyalty-borne aggression has gotten him into many a tussle in the past. As well as being loyal, Reza is perhaps one of the most trust-worthy wolves you are likely ever to encounter. Of course, like his loyalty, his trust and confidence must be earned—and that is simpler in theory than in practice.

This aloof and wary aspect of his personality has been the single deciding factor that has kept him from joining a pack throughout his life, though now as he gets to be more mature, he is looking to settle down, and leans towards the idea of creating his own pack in the future. Despite his wary nature, Reza is a wolf of comfort and enjoys the company of others, so long as said individuals are willing to put up with his occasionally jerk-ish attitude and are capable of offering interesting, intelligent conversation. His tendency to grant his trust and loyalty to few is perhaps the reason that the idea of creating his own pack from scratch seems so appealing—as well as his near-crippling hatred of having dominance asserted over him. He is far too proud a wolf for that.

Continuing with the pride comment above, Reza inherited an ego to be rivaled by few, though he is typically able to tone it down in the hopes that he would not come off as rude and snobbish to others around him. His pride stemmed from the win-heavy ratio of his many fights, as well as his handsome appearance, and perhaps contributes to his often misjudged character. Being even moderately outwardly egocentric doesn’t exactly inspire warm-fuzzy feelings among one’s peers, after all.
Reza was one of three pups in his parent’s first litter who was not still born, and the only one of those three to survive through the winter. His parents were the alphas of a pack in Southern Texas, which disbanded due to a revolution which took place after the sudden death of Reza's mother when she was bit by a rattlesnake that had invaded the den after she gave birth to a single surviving pup. The pup, who was named Derek, was tiny and very nearly died several times through his young life. He became incredibly close with his older brother, who taught him how to hunt and fight before Reza was chased off by his father after he mated with an aggressive female loner who wasn't exactly fond of Reza.

Reza was never far from his father and Tara, who kept Derek close-by for fear that he would run off to band with Reza. Tara viciously attacked Derek one night when he came too close for her comfort to her twin pups, one of whom was still-born (though she refused to accept it). Later that night, Reza lured Tara away and mauled her. He fled for Mexico shortly after when his father set out on a warpath after his eldest son.

By this point, he was already nearly three years old, and he made his way to the Baja Country in order to find a suitable place to settle down, find a mate, and start a pack.
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
No Information

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