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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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Man's disobedience brought into this world a world of woe, sin ... and misery, death's Harbinger.
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Treasure Box: Participated in a pack hunt Leader of a duty

Blue D. Mako
Full Name: Blue D. Mako
Alias: Mako
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Apogee
Duty: Sentry
Birthdate: August
Birth Place: South of Refuge Point
Residence: Stellar Islands
Species: Red wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 65/200
Defense: 48/200
Speed: 60/255

Body Type: Agile
Mother - Isabella Mako
Brother - Den Mako

Thin and long legged, Blue isn't a very impressive beast. She is in fact entirely normal. Besides the bright sapphire eyes housed in their half lidded facets. Blue is an average creature. Not more then a trifle pretty, and with a constant slouched appearance that makes her look smaller then she actually is. Thanks to this the fur around Blue's throat tends to ruffle up and stick at odd angels.

The girl's fur is an average red hued gray that merges into orange in some places. A darker saddle sits on behind her shoulders and her face has that characteristic dark to pale masking effect that is normal in her breed. All in all Blue is simple. She appears ruffled at times but other then that the girl tends to dissipate into backgrounds.

Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Normal
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Average
average saddle ect.
Gentle but evasive. Wishing but cynical. Blue is a cobbled beast, with a heart guarded by swinging iron clad doors. She wanted so badly to trust the world, but her cynicism has been sealed by a welding torch. Blue is simply tired. At such a young age she simply doesn't care. Maybe the girl has some sort of depressive disorder, it wouldn't make any difference. The wolf has a deeply indebted attitude. Having been born believing she was meant to fix the world's problems Blue has come to be a brittle soul. People are stupid. Wolves are childish monsters. She detests and distrusts all of them. Call her a fallen child. To be truthful, she yearns deeply to find some spark of good, and its this yearning that tends to drag her into bad positions.

The woman is outwardly cold, nearing aggressiveness to others. She fears emotional pain deeply, and avoids it at all costs. This notion holds Blue to the side, always hiding from others. Tearing them apart before they can get at her. Kindness confuses her. Being a complete pessimist , Blue sees kindness as a tool for corruption. On the reverse side of the coin the girl has her moments. To those that can break through she becomes utterly devoted to. She may appear indifferent at most times, but the moments of her love are deeply affectionate. In her lowest states Blue is obviously insecure, but for the most part hides it well. Blue is protective, and sullenly skulks after those she has deemed need her protection. Despite her deepest wish to avoid everyone the woman has a hopeless need to attach herself in every possible way to those she connects with. Its a habit that she forgets about until its far too late.

Despite being a general calm creature, when pressed Blue can jump into violent screaming fits. She cusses constantly, and in a differing Language. The woman has a decidedly Colombian accent, and in that way grumbles in her rolling vowels constantly. Had she been human Blue would most likely end up being some poor drunken bum, but she does not have that avenue here, and so she wanders about trying to find some jewel. Something to prove her wrong. Because in the end that's all she wants. There has to be some good somewhere. There has to be... hasn't there?

Born to a mother with no father Blue knew no other way of life then that of her tiny family. An over worked but loving mother, and a precious, if not slightly weak brother. Life was good, and it was happy. A foreign word now. When they were young, not yet yearlings something happened. The missing father became an explained thing. The disease that stole away from them that single missing joy began to wreak its havoc upon the young weak Den. Life began to fade from him.

For months this went on, and before Blue's slowly numbing gaze Den faded. Mother did nothing. She claimed nothing could save him. So she would abandon him in her fear of loosing another. So Blue abandoned her. Protecting and caring for her brother the girl forced herself to remain by Den's side until the harsh painful end. And with a tired sigh and a crippled view of the world she turned to the south, taking her mother's odd accents and ways with her.

Life could not be accepted readily anymore. The girl fell in and out of depression, telling any she met to call her by her surname so she wouldn't have to hear the actual word fall from their mouths. In the last couple of months the now dubbed Mako has been making a life for herself. Tired and cold but too proud to give up.

No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information

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