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T.C.'s Profile
Joined: 21-September 11
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Birthday: 16 March 1993
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About T.C. ...
February UPDATE: I haven't been on Harbinger for two months due to real life issues that had to be dealt with. Now that I've returned, I will not be as active as I was before (checking Harb over and over). I will be on most Tuesdays and Thursdays.

OLD: Hello all! I'm T.C., a roleplayer who began on Neopets but soon outgrew their methods and procedures. I spend a lot of my free time writing stories that usually never reach the ending, as it's not as motivating as writing a story with someone else (-cough- Roleplaying! -cough-). I'm currently attending university and hope to become an even better writer as I write more and more essays for a variety of classes.

I'll try to drop by and contribute to all threads I might be in at least every two-three days.

Characters: CrosswireParis

Treasure Box: No Icons! :(

Chiharu Nori Naoya
Full Name: Chiharu Nori Naoya
Alias: No Information
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Year
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Archangel
Duty: Centurion (Sentry and Tracking duties)
Birthdate: March 21, 2011
Birth Place: No Information
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: Mexican Wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 5/200
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 10/255

Body Type: Agile
No Information

18 Apr UPDATE: For many months, Chiharu has been in the scrubs, trying to make a living on her own. She was a pup barely old enough to be on her own, but on her own she had to be. She's become gaunt-faced, spindly-legged, and her step is unsure and is nearly a skip. She's grown to her full size, but due to poor nutrition there isn't very much of a difference. Her gaze is uneasy and she's constantly on the look-out for potential danger.

Original: A grey wolf standing at three feet tall. Her fur lies flat on her back, and her ears are usually perked and erect. There are white spots behind her ears, and both her left paws are white as well. The rest of her is a wispy smoke grey, with lean legs and slender build. She grew up with hard hunting, and her recent battle and wash in the sea have made her look even more gaunt and spindly. Her eyes are a light grey and have faded blue specks radiating outwards from the pupil.
Fur Colour: Grey
+ Texture: Normal
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Average
No Information
18 Apr UPDATE: Unable to find her parents, Chiharu has become increasingly distraut. One wolf tried to adopt her, but that wolf vanished and left Chiharu to fend for herself. She's had a hard time at survival, so hard that her outlook on life has gradually shifted until she was no longer so "pure" as she once was. Her naive nature has been eroded into skeptisim and mistrust. Her happy-go-luckiness has become dejection and she will not play as she used to.

Isolated in the final stages of her childhood, she's become not just wary of strangers but completely afraid of them. Her social skills are lacking and she's not sure how to communicate her feelings anymore. A well-meaning wolf might be seen as a threat or openly attacking her, and she might either flee or attack depending on the wolf's more subtle body language. Chiharu is still not much of a fighter, so an attack will not be her first inclination unless she feels that her very life is in danger and must be defended at all costs.

Original: Chiharu has just started out on her own. Up until now, she's been running with her family and avoiding the other packs and territories. She works well in groups and readily accepts orders. If something is questionable, she'll still go with it out of loyalty to the leader. On her own she's playful and will run after prey, not caring if that means she'll miss a meal.

Sometimes, she likes to be alone and reflect on all she's gone through. She thinks of her brother and how serious he was, her father's silent approval, and her mother's feigned indignation at some of her daughter's silliness. She had three other siblings, but they'd come from an earlier litter and had already gone out on their own.

She doesn't want to be a denmother like her own mother, and her father's advisor role doesn't appeal to her either. Being a runner appeals to her as she could travel the lands and interact with other packs freely. When she heard of the role of tracker, she leaped onto her father and licked his face in excitement. She's not sure which one suits her better, but hopes to find out now that she's on her own and will be joining another pack.
18 Apr UPDATE: Once on the shore, Chiharu was found and cared for by a kindly wolf. This wolf offered to help Chiharu join a pack, and she was delighted to accept the offer. However, right after this Chiharu awoke on the sands alone. Thinking the wolf had made a mistake, Chiharu employed all the tracking skill she possessed and promptly caught back up with the wolf.

They were in an old human city and the leader of the new pack had just introduced himself to her. Then, in the middle of the meeting, the male had acted strangely. He'd spoken to himself and his tone was violent and sly. Unsure, Chiharu had struck out on her own as the wolf who'd adopted her did not attempt to soothe her fears in any way.

Living on her own wasn't easy for the young pup, and she quickly learned that no one was going to rescue her like the first wolf had. Her family was gone, betrayed by the first stranger she came across, and the pack that might have helped her quickly disbanding with their leader's crazy plots - Chiharu, a socialable pup, was now alone in the world. She's learned how to support herself out of necessity, not in play. Her ambitions of being a Tracker are gone, now she is eager just to survive.

Original: The Naoya family were in a small pack with just the two pups, the parents, and two stranger wolves. Growing up, Chiharu didn't know them well, but she did know they were working with a larger pack. The six of them would wander through scrubs and plains, fleeing whenever they scented an approaching enemy pack. All of them, except the two outsiders, were lanky and awkward in the hunt as they had trouble bringing down big game.

Living with her family would have been more important, as the young, able body she possessed would have aided them greatly, but this was not to be as they were separated in a terrible battle stemming from the betrayal of the outsiders. They'd been fighting on the beach when the tide was coming in and a flash storm started to rage. The lightning was so close it made her temporarily deaf, the howling winds only made matters worse. She didn't hear her family desperately calling to her, trying to warn her of the rising wave. It fell with a crash, swooping her off her feet and out to sea.

She swam for what seemed like hours. Every time the water closed around her snout she thought she'd sink below and never see the sun again. She finally reached a shore, but it was an unfamiliar one with the scent of wolves heavily hanging in the air. Unable to walk, she crawled on the sand and promptly collapsed from exhaustion.
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
No Information

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