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Birthday: 9 May 1994
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Wrath Masque Rache
Full Name: Wrath Masque Rache
Alias: Masque
Gender: Male
Age: 5 Years
Pack: Deceased
Rank: No Information
Duty: Gladius
Birthdate: October 31
Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Residence: Fuego Region
Species: Mackenzie Valley x Mexican Wolf x Eastern Timber x British Columbian
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 255/255
Defense: 200/200
Speed: 200/200

Body Type: Brawny
Eros Rache - Father (dead)
Grace Grazhie - Mother (dead)
Vengeance Rache - Brother
Envy Rache - Sister
Dancer Rache - Half Brother

None - Mate
Haste Lenox ex-Mate
Reaper Lenox-Rache - Son
Agony Lenox-Rache - Son
Remorse Lenox-Rache - Daughter
Urge Lenox-Rache - Daughter
Guillotine Lenox-Rache - Daughter


Jeepers Creepers
Long with thin and long legs, Wrath is far from skinny. Brawny with plenty of muscle to go around, it is hidden under sheets of brown fur, only a few shades lighter than that of his brother and sister. He carries the black circles over his eyes with pride with the occasional black streaks through his fur making him appear darker than he really is. A long, billowy tail fans out behind him with pride, often held higher than one should for whatever rank he may hold in a pack, but he was taught that it was for self pride, not dominance unless in a fight. He doesn't allow it to curl over his back, but instead, to straighten out completely, straight off of his spine with a small dip where the natural curve in the tail begins. A small inkling of a spot of black his tail was managed to be dipped in at birth, it appears to only be a few hairs that carry the black.

Scars are not something he appreciates flawing his features, so thankfully, they are all hidden beneath long sheets of fur. Like every wolf, however, he does have a few hairless spots on his snout from being bit and scratched. He does not, however, have anything noticeably missing aside from a round nick taken from his right ear on the right side near the base, where some lost soul tried to fight him away. They failed of course, only leaving him with a forgotten memory of how he achieved the tear.

His face, complete with a long snout and short and wide ears, carries the the pride, sarcasm, and sadistic ways that he wears with joy. Eyes of pure hate and sadism scream out of his darker features, red mixed with purple, giving off a slightly pink hue, darkening around the edges of his iris to a dark red-purple color. To accent his glorious eyes, blood is most often found spread and scattered around his body, more prominent around his face and smaller-than-average paws.

Fur Colour: Brown
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Large
black rings around eyes
With each and every passing day, Wrath has been noticeably slowing down. He isn't one to attack anyone on sight or nearly rip someones throat out unless of course he feels threatened ( which doesn't take much, honestly ) or he is angry. Angering him takes more effort than he used to, as he has developed the skill of ignoring everyone and classifying whatever they have to say as bullshit. While he still isn't tolerant or patient, he's clearly changed since he arrived in Fuego and especially over the past years.

With his age rising and his life expectancy low from the tourettes, he's waiting for the day he finally falls south, but he's not giving in yet. He still knows that he has a long ways away, even if it is a hell of a lot shorter than the time he has already spent breathing air. He longs to have another litter and to find love, something he never wanted before. With his age comes the need to settle down and be an actual father to his current kids and become a father to others.

His tourettes, the likely cause of his slow downfall, has actually slowed down a bit. It appears as even the disorder doesn't have enough energy to shake his head around in a drill like manner, but instead in a semi-fast, swing like shake from side to side, occasionally being faster or more of like a twitch. While his hypoglycemia still plays a part in his tics, it is also a cause as to why he is falling closer and closer to the ground nearly every day, but he won't give up. Not yet.

Holding true to his name and middle name, wrath has some serious issues. He'll cause a scene, he'll start a riot, and he'll even go as far as calling someone out if he felt like it. There is rarely ever a time where he is calm, and the only noted time is when he's sleeping, which also is rare with his hyperactive personailty. Only, unlike others that are hyper, he doesn't run around all giddy and happy. Actually, he goes and looks for someone to torment. Suffering from hypoglycemia as well, he has to eat often to maintain his blood sugar levels since they get low quickly. Often he can be seen shaking or even faint should he not get the sugar in time. This, because he isn't normal, angers him and he has no clue where it came from since no one else, that he knows, has the same problem as him. He feels that others judge him based off of how often he has to eat, even though its only small things and not a full meal, so he holds resentment towards everyone he doesn't know well enough. To this day, only his family knows about his issue and he plans to keep it that way.

He can also be seen flirting with his sister or even protecting her. Although odd and extremely unlike most siblings, Wrath feels as though since he is not worthy enough to be at the prime for a normal wolf, he feels that he should spawn with someone greatly higher than him, unaware of the consequences that come with cross-breeding. He want's children that won't be weak and will carry on the Rache gene of brown fur, large body, and black markings around reddish eyes. Not only that, but he would like them to be similar to him so that they can be given names such as his own. Obviously, he likes his sister a lot more than his brother, of which he nearly hates. Jealous of his brother for being the healthier of the two, he wishes he was normal too so he could fight without fainting or shaking from more than just an adrenaline rush, which he confuses the two all the time.

Aggressive hardly describes him since he is easy to anger. Such things like looking at him for an extended period of time, invading his space, or whispering around him will set off a switch in his brain that tells him to attack and find out what they're talking about, and since he thinks everyone is out to hurt him or judge him, he feels as though they're being secret about him and he demands to know what they were talking about. It's not unheard of for him to threaten others until he gets what he wants. A complete sadist, he enjoys hurting others and gets a sick and twisted pleasure out of it, so he will often play with his victims before letting them free or killing them.

Sarcastic is only a small word compared to the snarky comments that brew inside his throat, awaiting to be released and be heard. He will often use words from some poems and stories he heard from someone long ago ( Poe's stories and poems ) back when he was on his own for some time. Ever since, he has used the stories and poems for witty remarks and comments to anyone that they fit for, and to this day, his favorite remains The Masque of the Red Death, which is why he changed his middle name from Riot to Masque. Masque being a nickname he had given himself when he heard the story the first time.

Wrath also has very mild tourettes, only making his tics ( head shaking ) very few and far between. However, this doesn't meant it doesn't affect him. Actually, if he hasn't eaten in a while, the tic do seem to get closer together and a little longer in general. If his head starts shaking too fast for a prolonged amount of time, it will make him black out, but he has gotten good at eating a few smaller meals a day to prevent this. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

- born to eros and grace in Pennsylvania
-seperated from his brother and sister when they all escaped traveled down to mexico, but lived in the farther north areas near california
-raised by a pack of assassins and intellects, where he learned the stories and poems of Poe
-overthrew alpha and lead for a little shorter than a month, eventually ran out of the pack by members
-fled mostly unharmed to the fuego region
-lived there for a while before catching wind that two wolves oddly looking like him were spotted near by
-fled fuego region and into refuge point, searching for his sister and avoiding his brother
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
NAMES FOR FUTURE CHILDREN. DO NOT USE OTHERWISE. D: Wound, Undead, Reject, Danger, Gunsling, Rebel, Weapon, Crucify, Labyrinth, Fever, Sever, Death, Sacrifice, Bleed & Blood (if there are twins), Grave, Tomb, Zombie, Remorse, Never, Massacre, Loathe, Repent, Thirst, Urge.

Voice (Scar)

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