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Cortege's Profile
Joined: 9-August 11
Posts: 86
Website: No Information
Birthday: 7 January 1988
Location: No Information
Email: Click Here
PM: PM Cortege!
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About Cortege ...
Character coming up: Pandemonium the Twisted

Characters: CortegeTybaltCaden

Treasure Box: Vengeance Won a fight In Pack for 6 Months Participated in Pack Event 1 Year on Harbinger Met 10 packmatesParticipant HWM

Cortege Nightslayer
Full Name: Cortege Nightslayer
Alias: Cort', The Queen, Slayer
Gender: Female
Age: 4 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: No Information
Duty: Queen
Birthdate: January 7
Birth Place: Black Ridge Mountains of Canada
Residence: None
Species: Mackenzie Valley Wolf x Eastern Timber x British Columbian Wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 5/200
Defense: 5/200
Speed: 10/255

Body Type: Agile
Mate: Vengeance - Dirac Alpha -

Daughter - Theodora Rache - Unknown
Son - Caden Epilogue Rache - Unknown
Son - Samael Rache - Unknown
Adoptive Son - Adramalech - Mortus Sero


Absolutely glorious, regal yet powerful and delicate in appearance, Cortege was big, even for a female, but carried herself like a queen. Her fur was blacker than the midnight shadows, bearing the traits of a raven's feathers, for it reflected colours about it easily, leaving a beautiful sheen whenever she moved. Her eyes were a pale silver, sharp yet hypnotic to gaze upon all the same, for once caught in their stare they seemed to look straight into one's soul. When it came to the build of her body, she was built like a goddess, streamline yet powerful and strong. She was built for speed and battle, the scars dappling her shoulder and maw speaking of such battles she'd endured. Her strands of fur were longer than most and still had that silk-like softness to them. Her paws, despite their large size were lovely for running large distances and often helped her clamber up mountains. Despite her build she was found to be light on her feet and agile as a feline. Those same paws helped her stalk others within the forest in pure silence.

Odd things you'd notice about Cortege was firstly her build. She was built more like a bear, for her body was robust and strong, and even her tail was seen to be short and docked like a bear's own. Very rarely did it ever move, but on the rare occasion that she was made extremely happy, it wiggled rather cutely behind her haunches. When she moved some noticed that she didn't look entirely canid in the way she did so. Her ears were large yet perfectly proportioned to her head and when she walked, the general air about her was one that was casual yet demanded respect at the same time.
Fur Colour: Black
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Medium
Size: Large
3 Talon scratches along her chest. 4 talon marks on right shoulder.
Dominant- Cortege is the type of female that ahs grown up facing the odds and always come out on top. With nobody to back her up, she's bitten and clawed her way to the top and remains fearless in the faces of all enemies. The only thing that strikes fear within her being the most unlikely of things. She's the kind of female that would only bow while gritting her teeth and muttering curses of vengeance beneath her breath, or in willingly bowing, only do so for her own benefit. Another note: Once she sees somthing as her own, she's possessive and anything that tries to take that from her, will be slain or brutally mangled beyond repair.

Charming & Intelligent-Just because she's big, brawny and dominant doesn't mean she doesn't have brains or class. In fact you'll find that this female is exceedingly intelligent and perfectly capable of being manipulative to her own advantage when the time is needed. In fact, many males tend to think that she's rather seductive in spite of her powerful looks and air, for she's unique in her ideas of the world, how she deals with things, and in what traits of hers she lets others see.

Untamed & Hard working- She is the essence of a hell hound in every aspect and represents the spirit of all wolves. Just by seeing her you know that she's the type of female that demands respect, but reason is found in seeing what a hard worker she is. A fine huntress and tracker, she is also a finely tuned fighter.

Down to earth- Cortege comes off as bitchy and to some rudely blunt, for she hates sugar coating things and will tell you in the most straight forward fashion exactly what she thinks. Doesn't matter if you're the alpha, one of her own pups, or her worst enemy, Cortege isn't about to pamper you or feign that she gives a damn when she doesn't.

Romantically unavailable (Philiophobic) - Love hasn't been kind to Cortege, and so when one speaks of things such as bearing sensations of love or affection towards her, you'll find that it's the first and only thing that will make her balk and simply run away. Scared to let her heart be held only to be broken again, she has placed a barrier up about her heart and so now keeps all persuers at arms length. She's not unwilling to grow aggressive and feral if that will get the point of "Not interested" to stick within their minds. Another interesting note on this: Cortege's first and only love was Vengeance. If a male finds interest in this female, it's his job in keeping her attention, for the task of recapturing her shattered heart and earning her respect isn't an easy one.

Twisted -Sadistic and yet slightly masochistic, she enjoys watching the suffering of others, and when given pain she falls euphoric, if not aroused from it all. Mind fucks are always fun, for she's both a flirt and a riddler with games that are enough to drive any wolf insane because just when you think you have her all figured out.... she changes the questions.
- Wandered as a loner most of her life, from the time she was six months till the day she hit adult hood and beyond

- Moved into the Alaskan area

- Took up a territory of her own, known as the Black Ridge Mountain Range of which swept across and into Canada.

- Ran into Vengeance when she was about two, only to separate from him and continue traveling

- Moved into a new area, running into Vengeance yet again, though he was just leaving being alpha of his lands. There were females swooning over him, and the two found it amusing how they kept running into each other.

- Again, she left Vengeance's territory in favor of running wild again.

- She entered the territory of one named Arathorn, the king of a certain pack of which's name always escapes her. Unfortunately, he was dubbed unworthy and moved on from.

- Finally she traveled into Ceylon, finding the scent of Vengeance and meeting with him, one last time.

- Morphine came upon the scene, seeing Vengeance and Cortege. She left the scene soon after, however..

- Ghost came along as well to speak with Vengeance and they were all surprised when the female asked Cortege of her relations with Vengeance because....

- Cortege claimed Vengeance as her mate before Ghost, then reassuring the male that she'd gladly face the world as his mate forever.

- A pack meeting happened, Cortege then introduced to the other wolves.

- A dance upon the winter snows and upon the ice soon lead to romance.

- In the dead of night, the next spring, four new lives came into the world. The lives of their children: Epilogue, Samael, Vaan, and Theodora.

- Cortege became a mother and did rather well, despite being unwilling to blind her children to the flaws in the world. She gave them the truth, exposing them to what would soon be their own, in hopes of helping them learn valuable lessons early in life.

- Puppy trials began, the children growing rapidly. Each had their own tasks to take and Cortege sat alongside of Vengeance while such things went on. But not all was well...

- Cortege had noticed that her mate Vengeance had been wearing the perfume of another female. Odessa. And if there's one thing with Cortege that you'll learn, it's this: Dishonor, Disloyalty, Deceit are not tolerated. Ever.

- Cortege left Ceylon's boarders in exploration and slipped into the hot springs to relax, to get away from her mate. -

-Cortege then returned to find that her mate, Vengeance had missed her, but all of her children were alive.

-Cortege stayed within Ceylon until the day that Vengeance disappeared. And with her pups all grown up, she too abandoned the land itself in favor of reuniting with Vengeance, her first and only mate.

-Unable to find him, she wandered the world alone in a new fashion. Battle hardened with a heart of ice, never to bear another mate again.

- Cortege moved yet again out of another territory within California and ended up in Mexico.

Harbinger Beginning

- Cortege makes the Dirac pack area her home for a while as a loner, only to find Vengeance again shortly after getting into a scuffle with a cougar in which she gained new scars and slashes.

- Vengeance rips her heart out, telling her they can't be mates anymore. He has a new mate. Rue.

- With Rue's absence, Cort and Vengeance become mates again.

- Climbs to the rank of Lordship.

- The fires come and the pack leaves Dirac for elsewhere.

- Cortege meets up with Torvald yet again, both calm and pleasant even as he leaves.

- Vengeance vanishes and in his place a new male named Valefor comes to Dirac to claim alpha rank, but Cort and the pack are not pleased with his presence at the first meeting.

- Dirac itself disbands. Vengeance.. is gone. [11. 10.12]

- Broken with the loss of Vengeance, Cortege slinks off by herself to the tombs, gets jumped and injured by a jaguar only to slink into a den and wait for death or another day.

- Within the den Torvald approaches Cortege's injured and frail form.. but is he friend or foe?

- Cortege spends time with her neice Guillotine, giving her a new hope and reminding her that though her father and uncle are gone.. that her family still exists and cares. - With Vengeance gone and Revenge rarely about. Cortege finds Adramalech and takes him in as her son, giving him a family and guardian for the rest of his days. A mother.

No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
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Laidback Luke vs. Example - Natural Disaster

Theme Song:Woodkid - Iron

Battle Log:

Adramalech: Win.

Anatheme: Loss (Default)

Valefor: Win

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