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Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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Hello I'm Spotty ^_^. I am the resident Member updater & Game room Moderator Here On Harbinger. I also take care of everything Devoia Exodus, related. I love to help people, so if you have any questions about the site, etx; I will be happy to answer them. You can mostly find me in the cbox, but if you need to get in contact with me when I am not, go ahead and shoot a pm to any of my characters. I do have a MSN account, and if you would like to contact me there when ever you need, just pm me for my email and send a request, listing who you are ;).

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Treasure Box: ROOAR! Completed 10 graphics requests Advertised Harbinger 1Year On Harbinger Participated in TotM Adviser Leader Participated in a pack hunt Met 10 packmates Lost a fight 7 Years or older Marisol Adopted a Child

Owl Fallon Rutilus
Full Name: Owl Fallon Rutilus
Alias: Owl, Bird, Father, Grandfather etx..(Aregon)
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: One
Duty: Sentry
Birthdate: February 23
Birth Place: New Mexico/Texas, USA
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: Red Wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 33/255
Defense: 37/200
Speed: 40/200

Body Type: Brawny
Mate: Marisol Fortuno
— 'Ex's'- n/a
Children: n/a
Adopted Children: Sie, Chell, Bliss & Marrok
— 'Children In-laws' - n/a
God-Children: n/a
Grandchildren: by 'Chell & Orion [unknown by owl]'
Ariadne "Rabbit" & Enrique "Lycus"
Parents: Sarbi 'Adoptive' & can't recall
— 'In Laws'- n/a
Siblings: Feliz Fortuno & Dania Fortuno
— Nieces & Nephews: Guama Fortuno & Dominga Fortuno

Owl is a rather tall lanky wolf. He is semi muscular. But he is more of the strong silent type. Like more red wolfs he has the classic red tone in his pelt along with the red he also has golden sand colors as well. He has rather long fur for a red wolf but it is not to long. He has long legs and rather grandfather type wolf. Though he does not look it. His beautiful Blue-Gray eyes give a wonderful look out onto the world. And his large ears listen to everything you say. His fine fur give a soft fluffy look to him. Its very had to describe his looks but he is very unique
Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Medium
Size: Large
He wears (4) Feathers behind his left ear (more below)

Scrupulous/Spiritual:Owl is a very spiritual wolf. He is very in touch with spirits human or wolf really any form of life. He tends to pray a lot. He is a very kind.

Parental:He is also very fatherly although not have fathered any pups of his own he has fathered many orphan pups before. And he called almost everyone "brother or sister" Lots of times he likes to teach younger wolves of his experiences to learn from his mistakes.

Conciliatory/Genuine: He is a giving wolf but he is also very wise. Some wolves come to him for advice. He makes note to gather info on on subject or another.He never tends to get angry the only time he will raise his voice is in times of deep concern


Owl was not always Owl he was a murderous wolf named Aregon. and they have two completely different personalities. Aregons parents died when he was very young; leaving him to fend for himself. At a young age he started to hang around a bad group of wolves. They were about his age or older and their parents as well died or abandoned them. Aregon lived in the city with which he called his "band of brothers". They would often pillage other wolf packs for food as the city of El Paso did not offer the food sources to uphold the brothers.

Aregon was strictly known as the bad boy of types older more sensible wolves called him a gang member but Aregon would have none of it. He spoke fluent Spanish along with English. Him and his brothers often "ruled" the city. Aregon quickly climbed the ranks of the gang by killing either innocent victims or members guilty of treason. The leader Nitron quickly learned to trust him all though Nitron tended to be untrustworthy himself.

One day in one of the brutal hot summers of Texas a new "gang" claimed the city theirs. Aregon was the first to be called by Nitron to run them out of the city. As it was the brothers city. Aregon was the one to pick fights among other wolves until a new wolf of the intruding gang challenged him. Owl immediately challenged him back to a battle to the death. Over by the Rio one sweltering hot July day, the two wolves had at each other.

Aregon was the smaller of the two but he still knew how to hold his own. He was the best fighter the brothers had, so this battle determined who claimed the city. After hours of fighting, the Rio ran red with the blood of the two wolves. Unfortunately, for Aregon the other one did not kill him but left him there to die a painful death.

Broken and torn the brothers left him there as they as well new there place and now as Aregon was defeted the city was rightfully the new gangs to claim. Waking up Owl knew nothing of his past only that he woke up bloody and weak. It was not soon after he had awoken that a pritesses by the name of Sarbi of the Anaranjado Tribe fond him and adpoted him rasing her as her own.

As the newly named Owl got adjusted to living inside the tribe and was presented in front of the alpha for adtminance Owl gained his admittance feather and was now offically Sarbi's son. As Sarbi was the high pristess of the Tribe she took on a apprentace by they name of Feliz. Feliz was a smart cunning mexcian wolf with a willingness to leren. They grew up together Feliz & Owl often sharing in Sarbi's lessons as the lerned the Priesthood together.

About the age of 2 a full year since his new life. Owl met a lovly young girl by the name of Marisol. Marisol was the wonder of Owl's life he made every little move to gain her affection bringing her small flowers singing her songs. It was only a few days after he saw her he leraned that Marisol was Feliz's sister.

Feliz soon learned of Owl's affection for his sister. He introduced the to properly. and Marisol the current skywacters apprentance shared the same feelings for Owl. As the grew older Owl new he was in love with Marisol and her the same for him. As Feliz fell in love with Dania the tribes master huntress he knew they would become a good pair.

As Sarbi stepped down and Feliz took her place the tribe was doing well many wolves where about and most was good. Then sarbi fell ill and most of the tribe stood at her den and as the medics found it incurable each tribe member wished her a happy passing. Sarbi was not afraid to die, in fact she was happy she would get to see Diamu. and live with him.

With Sarbi's passing Owl ran leaving everything behide decideing it would be better if he did not stay, he told no one of this and decided to leave in the night kissing marisol goodnight while she was asleep. Not knowing that tommrow would be there surprise wedding day. For two years he roamed the lands getting to know each and every place and wolf.

When news hit him of Feliz's pups being born Owl had to go back to meat them at least and to reunite with Marisol. and Finally have their wedding. When he came back much had changed there where few wolves and little males at that Feliz had gone of a spritural journy into the mountains. Few wolves he did know where still here.

He met Guama & Dominga both taking after there father and mother. He reunited with Dania and talked to her for a while before realizing Feliz would be gone for a while.

No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information

o Injuries
— n/a

o Scars
— Scar on his front right leg 'Fight with Torvald'
— Scar on the back of his ear (left) running from the tip to the base. 'Fight with Torvald'
— Small scar on his neck 'Fight with Torvald'

o Miscellaneous
— Voice
— Wheres several feathers, woven in his fur behind his left ear 'Goose Feather, Burrowing Owl & Mexican golden eagle'

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