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Sibyl Lamia Darkhart
Full Name: Sibyl Lamia Darkhart
Alias: Sib
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Loner
Duty: ---
Birthdate: May 19th
Birth Place: Casavaga Pack
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: M x ET
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 8/200
Defense: 14/200
Speed: 20/255

Body Type: Agile
thornapple darkhart&&citrus vanderson

nova darkhart&&janet vanderson

grimshaw&&grimsley&&scarlett&&noctus darkhart



when we were so young,

the future was so bright

burlywooddark orangegrayblue

the female has grown into a curious young woman, especially with the sudden development of her body. as some may put it- she is a late bloomer. from all ends she has grown, particularly in size. most had thought she would fail to grow, but in fact she suddenly spurted out, gaining massive length in her legs making her look lengthier then before. despite the growth, she still remains rather ragged and bony and looks like an overgrown coyote. her legs are extremely bony, and chewed up due to self harm issues and fights alike. her paws are dainty little things and attached to that are long white claws sharpened to a pointed carefully by the mastermind.

she has refined herself much, cleaning her fur and maintaining it that way. despite such attempts, the fur remains coarse, short and dull, however clean. the fur color has evened out to an array of grays and browns. however, orange is spotted in little points of her body. a noticeable aspect of her body would be the amount of scars adorning her body. already jaded by violence in the first few months of her life, scars aren't anything new to the fae. most are quite not noticeable despite her short fur except for a few. in her recent travels, she lost most of her right ear, as if somebody took a good bite into it. her hearing was damaged in that ear, and is virtually deaf. another notable scar would be a particularly nasty looking one that appears as if some wolf had dragged their claws down her right shoulder and arm. the femme's eyes are a vibrant ocean blue with a perpetual glare set to it. nearby her nose is a scar dragged down the side which damaged the lip and exposes part of one of her fangs.

while she has quite the bony structure, she has mild curvature to them and has certainly bodied up to a woman. although her ribcage still shows, and her legs appear like a twig, she still is quite tall even if not sturdy.

Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Coarse
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Large
scars all over her body

now the neighborhood's

cracked and torn

all things are in the category of good and bad. sibyl has found the exception. she is a being that cannot be defined, even by kindred spirits. stuck in some sort of limbo between the two definitions even she has yet to really define herself. bad is...too bad for she is not evil nor has she inherited the malevolent traits of the darkhart line. she scoffs at the definition good. but neutral is too bland and boring, which the female argues that she is not. she acts on her own terms.

the female struggles with any sort of commitment, an issue found within the roots of her life. she usually finds herself running away from her problems and making friends is not within her willpower. manipulative, if she sees someone who is capable of being useful to her in one way or another, she does take the time to form 'alliances' as she calls it. never friends, to her it seems weak and rather unnecessary as friends cause issues and issues can lead to disappointment. she's not a stranger to disappointment and her commitment issues root from those experiences. often she finds herself walking away from jobs and duties and anything that involves teamwork or interacting with others (ie.packs) with that being said, she is notoriously known for being a deserter and many packs have a price on her life for it.

the female merely sees it as as a game and unnecessary once she gets whatever she wants. which is her attitude to most things in life. she only really invests time and effort into something if it will benefit her in the end. after that, she throws them away. if it's an ally, well she knows how to make good bargains and compromises. she has a witty tongue and is as sly as a conman. and although not the most sightly creature, certainly knows how to use her body as an object of persuasion.

this being said, she is a feminist which then points to her ironic double standards. she has no shame in being proud to use her body in whatever way possible but often judges and calls out others on it, as though it seems like she is the sole person that can excersize such authority over issues like this. she does not like men, but only values them for what they could give her, like most things in her life. she's brutally against love and anything of that sort, and if she had to produce pups or anything like that, would just use a male and carry on. she is self-sufficient and would rather keep it that way.

the female is as mad as a hatter and never really takes anything seriously, to the point of infuriating everyone unfortunate enough to be around her. in love with the idea of new innovations and experimentations and other things that involve grisly images, she has a broad understanding of how the mind works and is as sharp as a knife. sometimes she is too sharp for her own good. she is a tad on the morbid side as well and loves anything involving death, and even experiments with herself as to how far can she push herself through pain and how close can she get herself to death without actually reaching that point.

despite all her traits, she is quite the fighter and has a quick to spark rage. while she might not have the brawn on her side, she surely has speed and wit and is quite the maniac. she also has a rather nasty tongue that could even make sailors blush.
it take awhile to really even uncover anything of these points as she is so enigmatic and curious and always disappears before she is discovered.

No Information
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:

fragile lives,

shattered dreams

-wit, she is quick to think and act
-resourceful, knows how to use/manipulate others/other things
-knows how to fight, she has her entire 2 years of her life under her belt on this one

-lacks regular everyday social skills
-lacks any sense of commitment, she fears it and avoids and makes excuses for it and just habitually walks away from it
-not much actual physical strength, tends to bruise and break things easily and gets knocked around easily

  • theme songs:
    the kids aren't alright- the offspring
    lithium- nirvana
    disarm- smashing pumpkins
    soul to squeeze- red hot chili peppers
    black hole sun- soundgarden
    self esteem- the offspring
    someday- the strokes
    i want to conquer the world- bad religion
  • suffers from, cyclothymia, a depression that can be likened to a less severe form of bipolar disorder
  • chaotic neutral

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