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Lindsay's Profile
Joined: 19-January 11
Posts: 22
Website: No Information
Birthday: No Information
Location: No Information
Email: Click Here
PM: PM Lindsay!
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About Lindsay ...
that boy is a monster~

Characters: ThereseViviNoctusRoxanaJulius

Treasure Box: ROOAR! Referred user to Harbinger Advertised Harbinger Trained under a mentor Family on Harbinger 1 Year on Harbinger

Noctus Sigmund Darkhart
Full Name: Noctus Sigmund Darkhart
Alias: Darky, Noc, Sig, Siggy
Gender: Male
Age: 1 Year
Pack: Inactive
Rank: --
Duty: Ruffian
Birthdate: May 19th
Birth Place: No Information
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: 75% Mexican 25% Eastern Timber
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 10/255
Defense: 8/200
Speed: 5/200

Body Type: Brawny
Thornapple Darkhart - Father
Citrus Vanderson - Mother
Queen Tetra - Step-Mother
Nova Darkhart - Grandfather
Janet Darkhart - Grandmother
Prism Vanderson - Aunt
Crossfire Darkhart - Uncle
Stargaze Darkhart - Aunt

Grimshaw Roy Isaac Darkhart - Older Half Brother
Grimsley Perish Darkheart - Older Half Brother

Scarlett --- Darkhart - Half Sister (UFA!)

Sibyl Lamia Darkhart - Sister


Ragged and skinny looking, that's the first impression you get from the boy, but closer look reveals a monster in training. With the right training and exercise he will become a knock out in his older years. He's quite long legged, though agility is not his specialty. In years to come he'll certainly buff up and gain quite a bit of strength and maybe grow into his legs, though that is kinda doubtful.

Noctus is short coated and completely different in coloring then his sister with fur consisting of brown, gray, and cream with a gray "saddle." His eyes are simply marvelous to look at, pale blue with a darker rim. Ever captivating eyes they are, just seeming to drag you into a deeper and darker world. He's quite handsome, no?

He has quite an amount of scars, though all are mostly small and so not very visible to the eye unless closely looked at. The most noticeable are of them on his snout and, of course, the asymmetrical 'X' on his right thigh. Displaying his loyalty to Torvald and Mortus Sero.

Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Coarse
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Medium
Size: Large
gray "saddle back"
The most noticeable thing about the German boy is his language. He has the most foul of mouths for his age and the reason for this traces back to his homeland where he and his sister were trained as warriors. The male gender of the Queen's gladiators had quite the tongue themselves and so Noctus was taught early on that cursing was quite all right.

Along with having the filthy mouth of a sailor the boy is also known to spit out many insults often giving certain folks their own "special name" just to prove how much he absolutely hates loves them. Though, the insults only come flooding out when he is down right angry.

So young and already the boy seems to have a preferred type of woman which is oddly enough the snooty, bitchy type, one would think he'd go for a tamer type after the treatment he got from the Queen. So because of such a liking he can often be seen hanging around Sanctus Regnum and checking out all the royal women.

Though he may not be sexually interested in women Noctus sure does like them, a lot. Always will he take the time to admire the gentleness and gracefulness of a female and is always quick to compliment them on how pretty they are. He has very much a desire to possess these beautiful women as his own and will go as far dubbing them as his "doll" if he finds them pretty enough.

Testosterone runs too high in the male causing him to have the need to be the most dominate among the wolves around him and also gives him a bit of bitterness towards higher ranking wolves(i.e alphas, betas, etc.). Though, mainly, this bitterness was caused by the Queen. With such a dominance problem it is thought that he may challenge the current alpha, whether this is true or not remains unknown at the current.

Noctus has adapted the trait of a war torn solider because of his gladiator training and so is rather violent in his speech and mannerism at times. He can keep this want under control for a lot of the time, but he constantly craves some sort of action since that is all he has experienced up until now.

It's not a rather obvious fact, but the German is both a sadist and a masochistic. There's really no need to explain these traits, but since he is young his masochist side has yet to be explored and he only know that he torture smaller animals and not other wolves regarding his sadistic manner.

Despite all his insults, filthy language, and all and more the boy tries to be good, he truly does, but it never seems to show. The kindness his brothers had shown him and the kindness and attention his sisters needs have put some sort of "switch" into the young man's mind. When the "switch" is "on" he is very much a different wolf. When "on" he's a rather curious and playful little boy and can actually crack a real smile, though this side is usually meant for family only. So don't go around thinking he'll smile at you cheesy jokes one day.

The German has taken the term "tough love" and turned it into a literal term. He can be overly affectionate towards that one special lady, but in a totally different matter. This consists of little nips to the face and sometimes the rear and a quite odd form of butt smacking he'll even go a far as to leave some wolf form a hickey. Just to state to the world "she's mine."



January Year 5
Joins Mrotus Sero after traveling from his birth home after much struggle and finding out his father was a member of said pack.

February Year 5
Attends pack meeting and ranked as an apprentice Ruffian training under the Warrior, Bane.

No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
No Information
All Noctus threads are automatically marked M due to language

*Speaks fluently in German and does speak English, but has very bad grammar

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