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Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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Tesni Luned Rindel
Full Name: Tesni Luned Rindel
Alias: Tes, Lune
Gender: Female
Age: 4 Years
Pack: Unsorted
Rank: Gamma
Duty: Lead Emissary
Birthdate: Feburary 14
Birth Place: The Western City, Doctrine, Mexico City
Residence: Refuge Point
Species: Makenzie Valley x Timber x Unknown
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 22/200
Defense: 23/200
Speed: 34/255

Body Type: Agile
true blood relatives,
rhiannon rindel x bailar rindel
tegan rindel—rapture rindel

fabricated blood relations—the adopted relatives,
noelle x suncorpse
bianca de cereno—mina de cereno—flint de cereno

angelically devious progeny,
torvald tevirye
tollak tevirye—abaddon tevirye—avila tevirye

petite, dual-toned, silky furred, long-limbed, queenly, slender, agile, lithe
Graceful, perhaps even elegant. In every way she can be. Movements are fluid and akin to those of a feline. Grace comes to her with ease, it's something that she has cultivated over the years. Practicing it since when she was just beginning to walk. It wasn't something that was to be neglected. This was necessary. She tries to be graceful in everything she does. Her body moves gracefully, like that of a ballet dancer. Almost ethereal. Tesni is a little smaller than average, she gets this from her mother. The girl is still growing into posessing the voluptous curves of a woman. The most prominent reminder, and only indication of her mixed genectics, of her father is the coloration of the girl's fur. Silky ivory coloring takes up most of her delicate body. Black ink is dropped on her back and spreads. It consumes her thighs, shoulders, ears and part of her face. A white mask appears to cover her facial features, black seeps through some of the crack, not allowing her face to be completely white. The porcelain wins out in covering a majority of the doll's angelic face. Her seemingly fragile body holds a few scars on the precious skin that the thick, fine fur hides well. Tesni's eyes are very peculiar, she is the only one she knows with such coloration. The color that is most obvious in them is green. Her eyes are a nice shade of light forest green. Brown fleck are sprinkled in her irises, there are small gold flecks chipped in. From a distances or even close up this gives her eyes the hazel look. The girl has long, dark eyelashes protruding lushly from her delicate white lids. Her face is exquisitely built. It is quite easy to tell that she is her mother's child. Long, slender legs support her fairly light body. The girl's legs are not as short as most, but not as long as those of the maned wolf. Her limbs are only slightly longer than they should be. Small paws are attatched to the end of lithe legs. Tesni's limbs are the same pristine white color as her neck, belly and chest. The girl's neck is almost completely white except for a few stray inklings that stretch their way on there. Delicate iron frame comes in the size of petite medium. She inherited her mother's small build, she's not exactly small enough to be considered the tiniest of them all. The woman falls into the average female size, but refuses to be considered average. Her right thigh is the only part of her body that doesn't mix well with the rest. It's the only give away of the darkness that lurks inside. Carved by the sharp talons of her dear Warlord is an asymmetrical 'x'. The wound her long closed up and in it's place is bonded pink flesh. Silky fur is forbidden to grow and take the spolight away from her beauty mark, as she likes to call it.
by Wej
Fur Colour: No Information
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: No Information
+ Shade: Bright
Size: Average
asymmetrical 'x' scar on right thigh, ivory porcelain face
loyal, dependent, vocal, judgemental, rash, conceited, calculating, seductive
Once you are admitted as a close contact to the woman, you will be given full access to her loyalty. Undying loyalty is given as a gift or you trusting her, it is not expected in return but it is wanted. The small Rindel woman loves being able to protect the ones that she loves and cares for. She will stick with you through thick and thin, even if it takes a while to gain her trust once you have it, it’ll never go away. Loyalty locks its iron fist around you, solid as concrete, where it will stay through the worst of storms and the brightest of days. Years of weathering and comfort have diminished the internal need for dependence that often comes with age. Many begin to feel the need to lead a close separate life with their family when their childhood years begin to fade, this was never felt. She remains a virgin to the staining desires that bond one to the comfort of their family. Causing them to aimlessly wander, the urges not settled until they had come into the same level that their blood lives on. Finding themselves a new life, intwined with those that cared for them since birth. No, these penetrating desires did not course through her veins. They would never get the opportunity to be given the kiss of life, to live. As the predictable amount wisdom was acquired as she grew older, time had been generous to her. Father Time had let her pick up street smarts along the dusty trail of life. If something pisses her off, don’t expect for the woman to just sit back and take it. Opinions will be voiced, she doesn’t care whether they want to be heard of not. She is used to people listening to what she has to speak, the habit has been with her as long as the woman can remember. Harsh views of those outside the walls of those closest to her have only grown more calloused over the passing realms of time. The first thing taken upon herself when she meets someone is to judge them. Placed on a lower pedestal from the very start, clawing up the totem pole is not an easy task. Only the extraordinary will be able to survive the trek to the top. Very few survivors are found, if not born into a position at the top, it is unlikely that a spot at the top will ever be granted. Various trials and tribulations will have to be taken and passed. She doesn’t let this be known on the outside, but on the inside she is always judging you. A genetic streak bearing the element of eloquent grace was branded on her when she was merely an embryo inside her mother’s womb. Not yet blaringly apparent in her child development, it rears its head as she hits her later years. She is rather unpredictable; the slightest thing can set her off. When the fire’s flame sets motion to her course of action anything can happen. A haze takes hold of her senses, clouding any chimera of reality that she once held. Actions are based on a whim or a heightened moment of emotion, they are never based on reasonable thoughts. Being the youngest and the one to snatch all of the attention has taken its toll on her self-esteem. More often than not, air is pumped into its hollow, flexible inner workings. The air does not stop flowing profusely into it, until it is fit to burst. Sending its pieces showering down, coating everything in sight with a bright light. The light continues on drowning out the dark, depressing thoughts that nestle in the crevices and rocks of the shadows. Putting them to shame, as they hobble back to the maker himself with their faces on the ground. The triumph she had won over them would only gratify the glorious light that she viewed herself to be in. When one grew accustomed to being ahead on the high horse, it was hard to pull back in the race, taking the shorter with you. Still, she clung desperately to the ideal of herself. This is not the best quality one would want to have bestowed upon her soul, nothing will change the way of the mind. Her body possess the makings of a fine spy, she is very attuned to her surroundings. Puphood curiousity still lingerings inside her soul. This aids her in combat. Attention locks on to any unfamiliar wolf, sinking its fangs deep into their veins. Only releasing when she gains the knowledge needed. Her mind grabs at every little movement her opponent would made, trying to find holes that she could use to tear their strategy to bits. There is no space left for error, a plan will be written up on how to underhandedly defeat her opponent. Any form of scheming is welcomed with open arms. Her love of the darker delicacies of life causes her to sometimes sway to the darker alignment. She never fully coates her fur in the juices of the dark arts, she only dips. Allowing her paws to become stained with the black water that lingers in the darkest parts of her mind, where no light can be found. The woman never fully embraces or clings to the thoughts that occur there. They speak to her every so often, they are lulled into soft whispers that tickle the soft canals of her ears. The Rindel woman posses some visible seduction. She is by no means hideous, per se. Her ways of seducing one are not of the norm thoughts that one latches on to when this subject comes up. She is in the process of learning how to become better at physically seducing one. Her words are the only weapon that she weilds. They twist and turn, wrapping themselves around the victim. No escape route is possible. She chooses her words to entice and confuse. Not always is it the words she speaks but it is the way she presents them. The multi colored woman does not view words as just words, they can paint a picture or cause sensations that could never be showed openly. And she loves to paint a dark, sinister picture every now and then. Letting the thick, dark brush strokes go where ever they please. For who does not love their own malicious creation, twist and contort it to whatever you please. Allow it to consume the other, lock them in and throw the key away.
removed from golden memory box,
No Information
Strengths & Weaknesses:
ˣ cunning, loyal, chameleon, svelte, compassionate
ˣ lustful, rash, conceited, judgmental, pompous

▲ ▲ ▲
take off your skin,
in the cannibal glow, julliet loves the beat
and the lust it commands drop the dagger
A precious gift from above they deemed her. Murderous progeny of innocence she nomenclatured herself, confused and lost she lay. The poor girl wasn’t sure what was to become of her, but what should become of her. Sadness dripped from her hazely chartreuse eyes as she shifted slowly into an upright position before she rose to her paws. Memories flashed through her mind with every passing breath she graciously took. The strongest was that of the picture of her mother’s lifeless body, the life that she had taken. It killed her everyday inside to remember that she was the cause of her own mother’s death. And then after that her own father left them… What was wrong with them? Weren’t they supposed to be loved and blessed as bundles of joy? Yes, but they weren’t. Instead they were shunned, shut out, passed on. She was given the name of Tesni Luned Rindel. The girl had chose to take that of her father’s last name, not out of love but out of pity for the man. After all they were the death of his mate, but in knowing that. She just wanted him even more. Tesni just wanted her daddy to love her and to not have left her brother and sister and her alone. The vixen gave a saddened sigh as she shook her head to scatter these thoughts about. Her heart hurt from wanting, she just wanted to be wanted. But luckily it was all a dream…

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