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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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ΝSELDUR — training sessions
RAUSSA — n/a
REGALIA — Raussa Crusades
Fantτme — Founding

We are of Kin
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just pieces in their game
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no longer an image in my head
BY Pandora
Don't get washed away
BY Six
populace in two
BY Arcania
don't you backsass me
BY Arcania

A hole, a hole, a hole in the desert.
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Anima Ventus
Full Name: Anima Ventus
Alias: ---
Gender: No Information
Age: 4 Years
Pack: Inactive
Rank: Epsilon
Duty: Herbalist
Birthdate: 6/6/2006
Birth Place: Arizona, USA
Residence: Fuego Region
Species: Red Wolf
Health & Skill Stats:
Strength: 40/200
Defense: 43/200
Speed: 71/255

Body Type: Agile
Litter One, sired by Torvald Tevirye
Circe Tevirye - daughter
Tybalt Tevirye - son
Xavier Tevirye - son

Thin and wiry, Anima looks a bit like she's still growing into the ungainly body of adolescence. From afar, she might appear large for a red wolf, but stand her up next to another, however, and the illusion that she's taller withers. Anima is a petite wolf, no way around it, even amongst her species, but makes up for it with her confident posture. Her chest is narrow, but deep and houses well-developed lungs and a strong heart. A straight back, muscular legs, and a slight ruff complete the picture of a healthy adult wolf. Her eyes are a peculiar silver color and seem to be devoid of all color. This is untrue, for light blue forms occasional flecks in her iris, but the overall hue is light gray.

Her coat is mostly dull brown with little saturation to it and it is only upon her face, legs, and tail that the characteristic red coloring shines like burnished copper. Her belly lightens to a softer brown hue, but does not reach the pure cream tones some of her packmates boast. The sides of her muzzle and face do, however, find themselves colored off-white with a few darker speckles in the light fur. Her nose is distinctly red-streaked and her ears, large and cocked at a vaguely interested angle, follow this coloring trend while leaving the red of her face only slight tinted with copper. At the opposite end of the wolf, her tail is bushy and long with black coating the topside and, eventually, the tip of Anima's tail. Cream fur with red tips forms the underside of this fluffy appendage. Nearly bleached bone white, Anima's paws are just as dainty as her build with worn claws and tough, rough pads used to gripping harsh terrain and slippery footing.
Fur Colour: Brown
+ Texture: Fine
Eye Colour: Grey
+ Shade: Medium
Size: Average
Cream paws, red streak on nose, black tail tip, cream spot above right eye
Mild as milk, violent words are not often heard from the little she-wolf. The quiet on sitting in the corner or shadows, Anima says little and hears everything, providing her with a wide understanding of the goings on in the pack. It is rare for her to miss much of anything, not only because she has the unfortunate habit of eavesdropping (Oops!), but because she's, well, a bit of a gossip. She doesn't spread rumors, most of the time, but she has been known to hover where other wolves might be trading juicy tidbits of knowledge.

To give Anima credit, she only does it so that she can see if what the wolves believe is actually the truth. She never assumes that a rumor is true just because half the pack is talking about it and gets to the bottom of the issue before voicing her opinions and thoughts. She has also been known to, ahem, fake knowledge to placate the fears of her packmates - for their own good, she assures you. Most of the time she succeeds in keeping the moral of her pack high, but there's been once or twice where she's made a bit of an oopsie. Thankfully, it's been nothing major so far and has only lead to her being more careful with her duties.

As observant and quiet as she is, you'd think that Anima would be good at keeping her observations to herself. She isn't. She has no qualms, whatsoever, about confronting the wolf directly. If she thinks you need to spit it out, she's going to come up and make you. With her confidence, there are very few wolves she will leave alone if they look like they need to get something off her chest. Anima is just simply not one to be easily intimidated, even by those much bigger than her.

If she were in D&D, Anima would be labeled Chaotic Neutral. She thinks of herself first and foremost, loved ones close behind, and packmates last. She harbors a desire to protect victims and the ones who cannot help themselves because Anima had been a victim, been helpless, and known the pain and fear of it.

No Information
Neutral Good
Strengths & Weaknesses:
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