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times are looking grim these days — activity meeting
Posted: Jun 12 2012, 05:19 PM

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Advanced Member Gladius
Male 5 Years
90 POSTS 30 PP

every one that isn't on absence has until june 22 to post. thats 10 days. anyone who doesn't post will be removed off the list.

Noki Edit: with nearly everyone posted except for Sonja who has an absence notice up- she is safe from being taken down- , the date for the second round of this meeting has been changed to today, the 19th of June. Msy the second round begin!

Normally, Wrath left meetings and other things like that to Vengeance and whatever Vengeance didn't do or asked Wrath to do, he did. Today, however, with the fire there was a bit of a different story. While he had asked his elder brother if it would be wise to call a meeting to see who was still around with the smoldering grasses near their home. He had been given permission to do it while Vengeance rested from his sore ankle. Jumping on any chance that would help the other angels see that he really could be the other Seraphim, his svelt, brown, and barreled body carried him to a clearing that he was closest to. The host hunting hadn't gone well and he wondered if Vengeance planned to retry the event. Either way, they needed something and he wondered if the angels had any suggestions.

Tilting his block head back, he sent out a low, quiet howl to the surrounding members of their pack, being careful so that other, loner wolves wouldn't hear and come running. All he had to do was wait and she who was loyal enough to show their faces. He hoped that among them was his son, whom he hadn't seen at all lately. The bastard was fleeing left and right and he would surely have to talk to him about it and maybe give him a beating. Reaper was his child after all, and he surely needed to start acting like a father. Especially if he planned his son to court with his female, Anatheme.

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user posted image user posted image

Posted: Jun 13 2012, 10:57 AM


Loner Unknown
Male 1 Year
17 POSTS 307 PP

A low howl was heard and the runt set it on a walk, actually it was more like a stumbling since he'd burned his feet. Even though the boy was hurt he just went to the meeting, he had to be there and this time he would be more mature. Of course War would show how honorable and loyal he was, even for six month he had this urge to be the first on meetings to get e good impression from the Lords. War was excited to see Vengeance again. Without knowing Vengeance had announced that his brother would join the ranks of Seraphim among him, War walked to where the call came from. (War was too busy with talking about Evelyn that he barely heard the announces Vengeance made in the last meeting). As the little lad made his entrance he saw a different though similar face sitting on the ground. War frowned his brows but made his approach. The first thing to be said was "Greetings." as the runt watched around, his mind filled with confusion as it was only Wrath that was sitting here. It may be possible that he had called of a meeting but in War's mind he still wasn't a Seraphim after all. Trying so hard to remember things Vengeance said during the last meeting, it finally came into his mind "Gweetings your highness." He said as he seated himself down just a couple of inches away from the Seraphim but in front of him. He looked as his paws, burned and fur had disappeared. There was such an urge to tell Wrath that the fire was spreading, but in some way he just couldn't say anything. He was afraid that he would place him in lower ranks or things like that. The only thing the runt did was looking as his paws."Speech"

user posted image

Posted: Jun 13 2012, 12:23 PM

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Female 2 Years
27 POSTS 340 PP

how long had it been, when she had seen the light of the outside world? the cavernous walls had sheltered her from the rays of the sun and the ominous moon, a morbid song sang of siren wail as the behemoth she slumbered within the confines of her den as she nursed her injured foot to health. so much weeks had passed and she had already missed some of the most important meetings. again, rumors spread of malicious activity within the pack and to think that she could not partake in them was dreary indeed! her mind yearned to cause chaos and mischief within the world of the living, so much that she trembled with excitement as the first call of the alpha rang out. however, titania realized that it wasn't vengeance who had called but his brother wrath. so where had the other man been? out conceiving bastard children or had he been turned into a fat and lazy cat like her? whatever the reason, her leg was healed and to her delight it could work just fine like any other days. as such, this propelled her to travel to the meeting area and meet and greet whomever showed themselves.

scarlet eyes gazed at the first arrival, a young pup named war. she dislike the notion of seeing pups so bold, but to put it to practical use it would be a good idea for them to behave like that at such a young age. soon, shadows of others crept up, consuming titania in a warmth of the living. oh how she craved this so much! a gentle purr slipped out of her mouth cavern as she gazed around, hoping to see the other alpha. however, his handsome face never showed. Bonjour, my alpha~ dipping her head after a whimsical laugh, the woman slowly let the others pass in front of her and wandered to the back where the subordinates belong. speech


Posted: Jun 13 2012, 02:00 PM

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Archangel Gladius
Male 1 Year
18 POSTS 327 PP

There had been fire, and fire had met him during his search for his father a while ago. It hadn't been too intense of a fire, but even so, it had trapped him. He escaped mostly unscathed, but he did have minor burn marks on his legs from having to dash quickly through the growing flames. Part of his face also had minimal burn marks, but nothing too serious and nothing that hadn't nearly fully healed already. He had fled the territory during this, trying to run as far as he could with his wounds. Recently, Reaper had ghosted back into the land of his father and uncle only to find that fire still lightly roamed about. And as if on cue, his father's low and quiet calling summoned him. Reaper dove into the underbrush and moved quietly toward his father.

It wasn't long until the Lenox-Rache found his father among two others: what looked to be a pup, and a different animal he did not know - it looked like a wolf on steroids, or something. He remained in the shadows, flashes of violet eyes perhaps noticeable as the wraith moved silently around the clearing as to better examine the other two wolves (or half-wolves, as both of them looked what with the other being so small) for a moment. The pup seemed to have burned paws as well, and he was surprised the fire hadn't engulfed the small thing entirely.

Eventually he slipped out of the shadows, revealing his burned paws and legs, and the little pinky-flesh of his face where the fire had caught hold. He was generally otherwise untouchable, as was his job as a reaper, but nature proved him to mortal like any other. He slowly moved to investigate the wolf-creature female, sniffing her momentarily to try and better learn her origin: it was unknown to him, so he continued on to the smaller burn victim. He sat behind him, towering over the pup and leaning forward to investigate him. This thing wasn't related to them, clearly, and he wondered what it's purpose was within their ranks. Violet eyes concluded their investigation, and he moved over the pup to greet his father.

"The fire is spreading," he whispered quietly, facing away from the other two. He had been waiting from some father-son time and had yet to receive it, and currently he wasn't sure where their bond stood. This was, however, not only his father - but his alpha as well. "We need to talk after this, I feel childish to admit, but I am starved for your attention." Still, his words were barely a whisper and for Wrath's ears only. He dipped his head in a bow as he backed away from Wrath, returning to join Titania in the back and near the shadows.


Posted: Jun 13 2012, 05:46 PM

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Alumni Toxicologist
Female 8 Years
115 POSTS 833 PP

Arcania's ears lifted as she heard the howl, and the woman slowly hauled herself up, heading through the dark and desolate woods, towards another pack meeting. It seems like we just did this, she thought, barely able to make out the forms of wolves through the trees. The faint scent of smoke hung in the air to her, and it bothered Arcania. She hated the scent, for all that it signified destruction. Fire was one of the few things she would actually be forced to run from, and that she hated it for. Needless to say, the woman was rather certain that would be what this meeting was about.

The fact that it was called by Wrath did not faze her. Arcania did not care who spoke as Alpha really, it was not of importance to her. What was important was that they knew what they were doing, and spoke in a way that convinced her of such. If they failed at that... then her plotting mind would start up again and there would probably be no stopping it, which was a bad thing. She did have to wonder if anything would be said about the hunt though. Certainly they would at least say if it would no longer be held. A pity that, if it was the truth. She had so been looking forward to it. These things happened though.

Coming out upon the rest of the pack and realizing that she was one of the first few to join, Arcania settled herself not too far from War, wanting to keep a bit of an eye on the pup and not knowing anyone else there really. Which was not important, she would have sat by herself without any problems, but the woman did think it was a good idea to at least pretend to be a part of the pack, instead of continuing to act as though she was on her own, since that was no longer the truth. It was a difficult adjustment to make, but the woman was managing it rather well, or so she thought. No one had said anything to her about it anyway. And so she fixed her eyes upon the male that had called them, wondering what he would say. "speech."

table by frankie

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Posted: Jun 13 2012, 10:03 PM

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Archangel Sidus
Male 6 Years
28 POSTS 765 PP

The pack was ideal for the aging man, it kept on the low and not many knew about it. Givinghim free room to do as he please, but of course they asked for things in return like any other demanding pack. Demonic eyes slowly opened and head lifted as the howl rang softly in the air. This would be his first meeting with this lot so he figured it was best to arrive. Y'know, make those good first impressions. Hefty limbs lifted the blackened mass to move forward towards the waiting alpha. It felt like a repeat of the same old thing, alpha called and he came like some whimpering puppy. Nothing new now, was it?

For the moment the gathering consisted of five wolves and one of those was obviously not Vengeance, but the fellow came close the only flaw in his appearance being his eyes. Bloody purple gems instead of the peepers of a devil. The semi clone held himself in a certain way notifying that he had to be of some importance. Like the man gave little care of who held what rank. He kept his head high, but just low enough that the leading male wouldn't chop it off. One could most definitely have pride in front of their leader. Giving noting glances to each wolf he settled himself.

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Posted: Jun 14 2012, 01:32 PM

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Advanced Member Securis
Female 2 Years
102 POSTS 1310 PP

Days and weeks had passed since the Power had last seen the craven she'd subjugated to Diracian rule, even in training his presence had been but sparse if not, nonexistent. The thought alone that the weakling had been remotely capable of escape was unfathomable yet not an impossibility for where else would he be but scuttling in fear of the purgatory he'd been forced into? The wraith would deal with him in due time for a prior obligation splintered through the asphyxiating darkness that was Espejos Nublados -- the call of her Seraphim, Wrath. Making to weave a serpentine trail through the gnarled limbs of the ashen sentries, the mistress had become a mere phantom, untraceable by every and all means.

Her arrival at the gathering was one that brought forth suppressed discontent for this had been the first time she would join so late into the calling. Already so many had gathered about the ecru goliath and she a straggler; it severely wounded her pride but she bit her tongue to further bury her own anguish of potential failures to come. For some time she had been confident that she had performed but to her utmost best, providing the most pious of loyalties, offering herself as a machinery for war, and more yet now such ego was hammered to the ground. It was not that she'd been confident, the mistress had become arrogant and thought herself too great for the petty sentiments of those around her and for it she paid a great price today. Yet despite the fervid cogitations that had her restless in the shadows, she bore a mask devoid of the mortal weaknesses of the heart -- the want for power, the thirst for blood, the desire for everything. She had become a slave to her own needs and it was time she took back the reins to her own self.

Admittedly though, it seemed that as of late she had succumbed to indulgence one too many times and while she trained herself well enough on the physical spectrum, her mentality failed to persevere. As a lingering after-thought, the ivorn dove tacked yet another note to her mental board of what needed to be done. Soon after, the ritual of examination came forth as her vivid blue's scoured the group for what was both familiar and unrecognizable faces, the only one's who truly brought forth lingering thoughts was the presence of Wrath's son who she had not seen for some time and thought to be amiss and well, in truth, that was it. Once the preliminaries had been completed, the mistress pressed forth to present herself to the Seraphim with an illustrious dip of her crown and a hushed purr, "Seraphim Wrath." Simplicity had always accompanied the blue-eyed beaut, particularly in her speech pattern as a cursory glance was offered to the lord before stepping back to where the shade would embrace her figure.


Hey there lovelies! I'm putting a scarcity note here for an undetermined amount of time because I'm really behind in school so, I'll still be posting but alas, ever so slowly.

Posted: Jun 14 2012, 08:02 PM

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Advanced Member Herbalist
Female 5 Years
77 POSTS 1063 PP

The summons was not the usual cry from Vengeance that she was used to, but a familiar howl nonetheless. It was the alpha's brother, Wrath, whom she had healed once, though she doubted that he would express any gratitude to her in public. Her heart no longer ached, and though she worried for Anthrax and his safety, the girl at least knew that he was home where he belonged. She had been avoiding the areas of the territory that the fire still persisted in, but Revenge refused to leave Dirac lands, for fear that Anthrax might go looking for her and never return. Flicking her tail in mild agitation, the hybrid rolled her shoulders and continued on, moving towards the place where Wrath had called them to gather. Slinking into the clearing, the babe glanced around, her heart thrumming with uncertainty as she noticed that Anthrax wasn't there yet. She forced a sigh from her lips, however, and crept towards the adopted child with whom she had spent very little time, laying at the growing boy's side and making no noise, her eyes turned attentively towards Wrath, tongue lolling free from her jowls in a pant.



Posted: Jun 14 2012, 08:11 PM

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Archangel Parma
Male 5 Years
62 POSTS 200 PP
Andromeda "Andy"

It took him much longer after the howl to arise than he had hoped. Though his wounds looked much better, they ached with intense pain. He grunted as he rose to his paws, standing erect and wavering. The man hated feeling this way, but at least his heart no longer ached. He had been reunited with his love, and reaccepted into his home. Life was grand once more, or as grand it could get for the beast. The howl was not from Vengeance, but he knew it well enough to know he should answer to it. It was the call of Wrath, the brother of Vengeance. Wondering what this could be about, the man staggered past still fiery embers and made his way toward the source of the call. Revenge had been gone long before he'd awoken, and he glanced about anxiously, wondering if she had heard the howl. Surely she would, and would have went straight to it. The man could only hope she had made it safely, the fire was still blazing in Dirac.

It took him a while, but he finally arrived, no worse for wear and not too late. His face grew sober for a moment, but then he saw her, lying beside the pup. His name was War, he had a longer name, but Anthrax preferred War. It fit the boy well. A small smile pricked as he saw the two of them, side by side. Anthrax had grown fond of War, or at least the thought of him, and had been pondering lately having his own litter with Revenge, surely she would want that, right? But now was not the time to speak of such things. He gave a simple nod to Wrath and the others before settling at her side, pressing himself into her firmly. Oh how he had missed her touch.

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Posted: Jun 15 2012, 09:27 AM

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Advanced Member Queen
Female 4 Years
86 POSTS 1178 PP

table by noki

Obsidian queen quietly strolled along the lands, though she found herself distant on this very day. She knew that her beloved as well as his handsome devil of a brother Wrath were going to be calling a meeting, and so rose from her slumber rather reluctantly in favor of taking tread towards the place in which the pack would be meeting. The sun's rays feeling rather magnificent she looked to the skies and gave a litle grin, only to then look out towards the clearing o the little den she'd made. It was a place she came to when she wished to get away, but now wasn't a time for hiding or remaining on her own. Still, her mind was plagued with many thoughts as usual, though perhaps even moreso today.

Dusk queen's limbs were set into a smooth gait of which was a sensual prowl through the realm, the sway of her hips found to be seductive, as was the alluring look of her silver eyes. Cortege was a portrait of elegance and power all bound perfectly within one being. A rare beauty, she had the charm and intelligence as well as the physical power to pull just about anything off. Males often pined after her, yet from the first time she'd gone into heat, she'd been forever bound to a single male. Vengeance.

Thought of her beloved caused her to grin softly, mind found to wander over the thought of the very way his voice was like a sensual purr within her ear, the feel of his nuzzles and bites as well as his caresses that glided through her pelt. They'd been through their hardships, but the world knew of the queen's love for her mate, though it was much to the dismay of a few males that had tried to ensnare her away from him. Thought of being at his side caused her gait to lift into a swifter pace, sending her figure into a gliding trot that was smooth as a running walk, though as she heard voices ahead she slowed.

Prowling on through the group of wolves she passed a few of her packmates in favor of wandering up alongside of Wrath. She brushed her maw lightly along the curve of his neck in respectful greeting only to then turn and seat herself at his left, allowing her beloved to settle at her right, should he appear soon. she spoke softly so that Wrath could hear, though her gaze trained itself over the faces of those of their pack. "Greetings, darling Wrath.. Where is my beloved? I trust he is well?" she cooed, though her voice itself remained calm and sultry as ever. Odd. Yes, she found it quite odd that Vengeance wouldn't be among the first to join up in the pack, but she held her thoughts to herself and simply gazed onwards like the warrior queen that she was.


user posted image

Posted: Jun 15 2012, 05:24 PM

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Loner ---
Female 2 Years
11 POSTS 159 PP

It had been quite the effort for the mangled femme to get into the swing of things- even more so with such an secretive background to the entire setting of the pack. But it suited her and she did not question it furthermore unless she was out of wandering earshot and it was with those sly and cunning canines she prefered her company with, such as the she-wolf Arcania, whom she approved of and found allegiance with easily. While it was only one wolf, she was sure that there were many other much aggresive, cunning, or any other type that could possibly be an adversary to the Darkhart daughter. She knew it, but prefered not to wonder who until she actually came face to face with such a bitch or male. The males were a special case, in all honesty. She could not disobey them and although it grinded onto her last nerve with such a fact, it took all her effort to restrain her venomous tongue from saying something to them or lashing out, which would probaly end in a nice collection of new scars to speak of.

Ocean blue depths searched the horizon for troublesome area of the wretched fire so she could make sure not to get caught up in the growing flames. It was troublesome, but she knew that she should keep within close proximity of other pack wolves in the event of another spark- after all it was the dangerously dry weather that was causing the perilous conditions. She could easily pair up with another fellow pack member and get the hell out of there in any event of an emergency. It was when she reached these conclusions, that she was snapped out of her musings by the commanding call of the Seraphim- one of them she had heard. So this was one of them. The call was nearby and she briskly trotted in that direction, seeing that others had already began to gather, noting fellow Arcania among the crowd.

She felt it was mostly likely necessary to introduce herself to them both, she looked at the choclate male from a distance. Sibyl then turned to inspect the crowd so far. A male pup- (a tad bit irritating to see, but hey- that's the future of the pack), a titan of a female that seemed to have eaten another wolf, (she noted to either stay on her good side or get the fuck out of her way, another wolf that looked like the Seraphim (most likely his son or something of that sort. good looking too), Arcania (whom she would sit with shortly), an older male (quite the looker still actually), a beautiful white vixen (every rose had it's thorns), another male that seemed related to the Seraphim, whose name was Wrath it seemed. She noted that they were probaly the dominant bloodline of the pack. There was a couple as well, and another female that seemed related somehow as well.

The fae walked up to the Seraphim and bowed courteously 'greetings lordship' with a lush purr in her voice before walking off and taking her seat next to Arcania, giving a curt, knowing nod of her head.

she said, "i can't take another day of this! all i wanted was a drink and a kiss"


Posted: Jun 17 2012, 07:26 PM

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Dominion Apex Gladius
Male 3 Years
44 POSTS 694 PP

Restlessness has become him evermore as time passed and the pack kept to it's secrecy and remained as silent as ever. A silence that surely Eckhart was used to, even from his former pack in these lands, but not to much accepting of. He demanded to be heard, to throw his weight around and torment the world around him by blood hungry destruction and uncaring of the consequences. When the fire came, it was the most exciting thing to happen in the lands of Dirac, despite the flames to have gone much destruction to disrupt the pack into moving gear. Even his little 'play thing' hadn't been around for a time and he had yet to encounter her since they had both founded the spreading wildfire together.

Even now, his deep, black gaze lingers from a heightened position along a hill side, watching the flames dance low to the ground as it crept through the forest's twisting and choking branches. He stirred only to the call of a meeting, and by the voice of Wrath savor Vengeance. growl breaks his voice and seeps into the air, crackling with the distance flames. He lifts from his position, and the light timbered behemoth charges into the direction of which he is summoned. When he arrives, he settles not, but stands with his head nestled between his shoulders and his attention seeking only that of Wrath as he waits in silence.


Posted: Jun 18 2012, 02:20 PM

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Archangel Centurion (Sentry and Tracking duties)
Female 1 Year
28 POSTS 30 PP

Diamu had answered her prayers and Chiharu inwardly swore she would show her thanks by serving this new pack well. They were certainly a rough bunch, but Diamu had led her to them for some good reason, surely. Just barely accepted, she would be sure to make every move carefully to stay in the pack's good graces. With the call of the meeting, she hurridly made her way over and hoped this one would go better than the last one had. I'm not a trespasser this time, she thought, So all I have to do is show my respect and follow any orders I might receive. She wasn't sure how true this reasoning was, but it made her feel better and made it possible for her to actually approach the other wolves.

Many had already gathered but it seemed that the leader was not present. She wondered at this but decided it was a good thing when she remembered the sort of impression she must have made on him. She recognized the wolf that had spoken with the leader and some of the other wolves that had been at the meeting she'd accidentally walked in on. She kept to the edge of the group and took her seat at a hopefully acceptable distance from the wolf that was looking the others over and seemed to be in charge.

Their fur was lighter than the other leader and they had black rings around their eyes, but it was clear that they were closely related to the alpha. Their gaze seemed cruel, yet powerful, making Chiharu wonder if he'd become the new alpha and had done so by force. There was so much she didn't know, so many things that would make it difficult to find her place in this bunch. She looked to the dirt in front of her paws and waited for the wolf to speak. Maybe then, everything would become just a little bit more clear and she could try to make amends for her transgressions.



Posted: Jun 18 2012, 07:03 PM

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Newbie A. Gladius
Male 5 Years
8 POSTS 188 PP

Third round of the meeting will begin Thursday June 26. If your character has anything to add please post by then or Dirac will evacuate Espejos until the fire is no longer a hazard to its members.

Resting within the confines of his den, twisted branches reaching over the cave's entrance as he slept under a large tree's torso. No dreams infiltrated the Goliath's slumber, nor nightmares. He was still as sleep swept over him, resting as his hind paw grew more painful as the days went on. Stress didn't help the matter, perhaps the pain was more mental than truly physical since he wasn't all that old just yet... the pain grew and grew within his ankle until finally it was too unbearable for him to ignore. in a jolt he awoke, the smell of smoke filling his den and vibrant hues of flamboyant reds, oranges and yellows illuminating the outside. The fire seemed to have grown and now reached within the belly of Dirac's home land.

Wrath was supposed to have called a meeting today or so that was the plan. Throwing his massive form into a stand, Vengeance wasted no time in bursting from the flame infested den's entry and out into a light jog to where the meeting was said to be done. The Seraphim was supposed to have sat out this meeting and allow his paw to rest without walking too much on it, but that would need to wait. Something had to be done, everyone else within Espejos had to have known about the fire... it couldn't be ignored or left to grow any longer right before their eyes. Already War was injured from the flames... how many more would need to taste mother nature's fury before it was time to take action?

The sight of the meeting had finally come into vision as the titan hurried to the gathering, past the ones who sat furthest to Wrath and making his way to his brother's side. Rage burned brightly into Vengeance's glare, fury fueling his gate and adrenaline as he turned to face the crowd. Almost everyone made it, except for Eckhart's woman... Perhaps the fire had taken her victim and he simply did not care enough for his females to care all that much. He would need to talk to Eckhart about this later. For now, there were more important things at hand. I'm sure all of you are aware of the fire. However we cannot ignore it any longer since it has finally reached the dens. His demanding tone commanded attention, baritone vocals thundering off of empty tree trunks all around, carrying his demonic sound. One third of our already scarce prey have gone missing, with our growing numbers we will go with less rations. Carefully he eyed every member, wishing that they would all take haste in their decision of staying or leaving for a new haven away from hell's grasp that no canine could combat against. His ruby stare finally fell onto Wrath as he did a full circle of the audience, wondering if he had anything to add or if he may have some kind of stupid protest against the idea. Even a proud creature such as Vengeance himself knew better than to fight the wrath of mother nature.

Standing along side Cortege, he wished for if anyone, for her to join him away from Espejos and the fire. He eyed the ashen queen with not only adoration, but yearn for her to understand the urgency of the situation. He didn't wish for the already dead trees to begin to fall and crash onto his members and beloved when the fires destroy their trunks and bring death with them as they fell with gravity. I wish to take us all out of Espejos, away from home but as well from the fire. Any objections? vengeance wrath

image by noki

user posted image
user posted image user posted image

Posted: Jun 18 2012, 07:44 PM

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Advanced Member Gladius
Male 5 Years
90 POSTS 30 PP

One by one, they all arrived and most took the time to come and see him. Starting with War, he gazed down at the child and offered a forced, weak smile. How are your feet doing? He questioned the younger child before him, refusing to wait for a response as Titania arrived and greeted him. Smiling at the female genuinely, it still appeared forced. He wasn't used to smiling unless it was out of the excitement of a fight. The smile traveled as his son appeared and reminded him of the inevitable. He knew the fire was spreading, but what he didn't know was how fast it was spreading. He hadn't thought of it suddenly spiking that day and hadn't paid attention either. Surely he would be able to tell, right? Of course, son.

Others appeared and didn't say anything until Anatheme came to greet him. Smiling again, although it still looked forced, he watched her walk away as Revenge and her male arrived, but didn't greet him. Instead, Revenge laid by the child that she claimed as her own when he arrived. Anthrax joined shortly and it wasn't long before Vengeance's mate arrived as well, using the same flirty tone she always had. Feeling nothing towards the darker female, he was still irritated that Vengeance dropped Rue like a fly when she disappeared and is now with Cortege again. Nothing against her of course, but hadn't Vengeance loved Rue?

He is well. Only his ankle is bothering him. Wrath spoke, his head twitching in a small tic. Nodding at Sibyl as she arrived, the last two came before he noticed Vengeance coming from the back. He knew of another female being in the pack, but she had disappeared and Wrath couldn't care less. As his brother approached looking rather.. angry, he looked to where he came from and saw the faint golden light flashing behind the dark trees. Suddenly, Vengeance's words caught onto him and he quietly but frantically looked about. Anatheme had gone near the trees and Reaper by Titania. Patiently, he waited for Vengeance to give orders.

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