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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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Board Wide Plot! — Into the Flames
Posted: May 14 2012, 09:49 PM

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Male 10 Years
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What Happened!?
A heat storm has brought about a thing of nightmares. At the peaceful Vida Farm disaster has reared its ugly head. A single bolt of lightning has descended from the sky, igniting a small solitary tree within the meadow. Had the wind been less persistant perhaps the flames would have perished there but the gusts have picked up small embers and carried them to a near by hay shack. Without much persuasion the small wooden structure has ignited, the hay providing ample fuel fro the now rabid flames. Plumes of smoke now billow from the quiet lands, the fire streching out baneful fingers to lap up any morsels in its wake; the progression...southbound.

How Does This Work?
A number of areas, not just Vida Farm, will be affected by this BWP! The fire will spread relatively unpredictably, that is, not all territories which will be affected will catch fire at one time. Instead, new boards will be affected every couple of days, or at least every week! <-- This icon will appear beside the name of a territory which has been affected (in the same spot where the pack abbreviations are), so keep an eye out for it!

So What Happens to My Character?
That is completely up to you! You control, for the most part, to what extent your character is involved or affected by this plot. Unless of course the fire happens to pop up in an area you already have a thread in, in which case a random event will appear in your thread to alert you of this development.

How Does the Intensity Ranking Work?
Each ranking gives you a little information on what sort of damage the fire will do to the territory. These descriptions, with some elaboration (how differnt aspects of the territory are affected and potential complication your character might acquire), will be pinned at each forum affected, so be sure to read through them to get a good idea of just how bad the situation is in that particular territory.

Intensity Rankings

[Mild] While the flames have managed to consume a small portion of the lands (approximately 10 to 25%) they have been unable to garner a firm hold. While initially fast moving, the destruction is limited to the shorter grasses/vegetation. The flames fade relatively quickly, leaving only smoldering embers in their wake. Still, the burnt regions hiss free small fingerlings of smoke.

[Mild/Moderate] The flames wind chaotically throughout the land, gobbling up the shorter grasses/vegetation. Approximately 25-40% of the land is alit with active flames or charred and barren. Here the fire has managed to keep itself sustained; still a trail of ember ridden land is left behind.

[Moderate] Well fueled, the flames move across the land as churning waves, reaching higher than before to consume any form of brush in their path (up to 55% of the total land). Their course is unpredictable and their speed impressive. Plumes of smoke are spit free from both the active flames and the already charred portions of the territory. A low hanging haze blankets these lands.

[Moderate/Severe] A suffocating blanket of ash ridden air engulfs the territory. Here the flames have gained strength enough ascend to the peaks of the trees, sending spindly stack of smoke to rise towards the heavens. The fires here are extremely unpredictable and fast moving. Up to 65% of the land has been affected by the flames.

[Severe] Serious injury or death is imminent in this territory. Up to 90% of the land has been consumed by the towering flames, dousing the atmosphere with a strangling smog. Here the flames have disheveled nearly all ground vegetation and have clamored to the canopies of any forests. Once the crimson waves have passed nothing but charcoal remains.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please feel free to PM Jewels (Torvald) or Melanie (Koohra)!


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