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how did we get here? — mandatory SL meeting!
Posted: Apr 28 2012, 10:12 PM

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Bolide Diplomat
Male 2 Years
46 POSTS 761 PP

Mandatory pack meeting! No spot claims or unfinished posts, anyone who doesn't post in the first round and does not have an absence posted will be removed from the pack. The deadline for this round is Saturday, May 5th. I know this seems short, but there aren't a lot of you - this deadline is very do-able!

He was a king, a ruler, a tyrant. This was a foreign feeling to the man, who had hardly ever expected to live up to anything more than the degrading image his father saw of him. He was, after all, crippled in such a damaging way that in Vengeance's eyes, the male was little more than a nuisance - a nuisance he kept alive simply because he had promised Sonja that he would. A soft sigh bubbled from the Bolide's lips as he pushed these thoughts from his mind, knowing that now, he was a king - he needed to act like it. Rising from his place of rest beside Raziela, the monstrosity nudged her gently behind the ear, granting her a gentle kiss as he aroused her from sleep, a wordless 'hurr' rumbling within his throat to tell her of the day's events. The girl was wise and often understand Neuro's meaning without a single word, and so with that gentle nudge, he pursed his lips and disappeared from the den, making his way through the tunnels on his way to the exit. It did not take long, for the wolf knew the way well, and upon reaching the cool morning air, he drew in a deep breath, expelling it with an upward-tilted muzzle, the howl resounding across the land to summon to him the Llwydian wolves. Their numbers were small, but he had to determine just how minute the pack had become, what scant numbers were left. In addition, he had announcements to make, ranks to change - there was much to do in Seren Llwyd. The summons made, the Bolide shifted forwards once more, his nostrils flaring as he sought the pile of rubble that had so often been Theodore's perch. When he found it, the beast deftly climbed to the top, halting when its peak was reached and standing calmly, all four feet squarely balanced upon the rubble as he awaited his pack's arrival.



Posted: Apr 29 2012, 09:56 AM

Group Icon

Bolidess Loner
Female 3 Years
28 POSTS 407 PP

Time had been particularly kind to the dame, though she had not particularly been kind to it. As the sun rose with another day, it marked a new beginning; a time in her life where she was now a queen, Bolidess of the Llwydians. Should the brief thought that her parents would be shocked, to say the least, would eventually cross through the depths of her mind, it would be tossed aside like a simple piece of garbage. Lost in the peacefulness of her slumber, the russet lass hardly heard her king rise from beside her, and was only roused by the feel of his soft and loving touch. Within seconds, the girl was on her feet, body swaying to and fro as she followed the pallid man through the tombs and into the open air of the morning. Nostrils flared as Raziela took in the fresh scents of the morning before she shook the debris of the caverns from her red hued tapestry. Ever alert ears shifted slightly as her beloved let fly the call that would rally what wolves there were in the Llwydian lands. Once the song ended, she slid her muzzle beneath his, running it along the bottom in an intimate gesture. Fiery eyes gazed upon Neuro as the she wolf’s heart swelled. Raziela was proud of him, very proud. Preening behind his tattered ear, she silently stated that she loved him with the action. Once completed, the pair moved towards the ever familiar meeting grounds, mistress guiding him as she always had until they were at the rock mound where Theodore had once perched himself. Watching as the pale king scaled the mound, she waited until he was settled before climbing to take her rightful spot at his side, careful not to disrupt his own stance as she deftly balanced herself perfectly atop. Now, it was time to wait and see what was left of their pack.

"I can't see.."

scarce for a while.

Posted: May 5 2012, 07:20 PM

Group Icon

Tenured Professor Fisher
Male 7 Years
36 POSTS 195 PP

The black boy awoke quickly to the beckoning call of his lord, paws pulling him up and carrying him out of the small den that he called home--or at least bed. It simply wasn't the same as his place on Flint's island, but ... it would do. It would have to. Albersev hated this feeling that he carried, this feeling of abandonment that followed him wherever he dared to venture. It made him sick inside sometimes, that he dared to leave the band of brothers Sero had made for him--as close to a family as he ever had, even if that was barely close at all. It made him equally sick to think that he had such an attachment--couldn't he just let it go? And again, the horrible feeling of depression sinking upon him appeared, and pushed him all the deeper into it. Nothing seemed to work for him; not this pack, not this island, not this life ... but it was the only one he had. So he took it, as gratefully as he could. He'd be a decent member, at any rate, to a pack that wanted him, he was sure, about as much as he wanted them. They were stuck with each other, though, due to rules that hardly bothered existing.

He arrived quickly, at a brisk trot, the third one there it seemed. Ears perked upward, eyes glancing between the man and his woman. A low nod was offered to each. "Good morning to you both." He took his seat quickly, eyes lazily wandering until the proceedings began.


user posted image

Posted: May 6 2012, 03:12 PM

Group Icon

Professor Childrearing
Female 5 Years

The days had gone and passed and Rui had slowly gotten used to the change. Despite so, she still missed Theodore deep down and wished that in some way she can see him again. It even would be nice if he appears in her dream like her "friends", but he's someone special. As the youth made her way to the original spot where Theo would always call for meetings, her mind was on hold. There were not as many wolves before his abandonment and right now their numbers are astoundingly small. Still, Neuro called and she must make herself known that there's still hope, she's still part of Seren Llywd. Slipping out a hum to pierce the land, Rui noticed the familiar panda-faced Bolide and his wife Raziela. The young girl then scrambled towards them, remembering that she had been given a rather promising position by the Bolide. Tail tucked in, she said ,"Brother Neuro and Sister Raziela, good to meet you." She said, dipping her head. Then, the Coroness looked at the newcomer, Albersev, and nodded to him.

Now, she must wait for the rest. If she had longer fingers she would have crossed them. Rui's delicate body then met the ground as she sat, her haunches touching hard, dry earth. She wanted to be beside the two Alphas, but not quite so near them. Even though she was still a yearling, she wanted everyone else to know of her position as Beta.


Posted: May 13 2012, 12:55 PM

Group Icon

Follower Denmother
Female 3 Years
40 POSTS 1203 PP

Oh dear she was late! So so late! She was making them wait! Oh what a horrible feeling it was, it bore into her stomach like thousands of needles, she would appologize, plead guilty and take the charges that the Bolide and Bolidess would lay upon her due to her being so tardy. She was sleeping, just sleeping away until she heard the call. She didn't notice that she ignored it until it finally jolted her awake and made her move not just quickly out from her den, but like a bolt of lightning striking the earth. She couldn't feel her paws as they hit the dirt, she felt like she was flying across the ground, only tripping over her own two feet and debris every now and then. However even those would not slow her down at this point.

Finally she skidded into the meeting, pushing her four paws out infront of her to stop her small body in motion. My appologies! She spat out as quickly as possible. If it was possible to trip over one's words, she was doing it right now. Her rump didn't stop as quickly as her front as it slid nearly over his head in a cartwheel, wincing as he slammed back into the hard surface of the ground. A puff of light soof dust clouded for a moment before vanishing. I'm so sorry for being late, the dream world is hard to part with sometimes. Lowering her head, ears flattened to her skull, she eyed the leaders of the Llwyds and waited for them to speak. No longer was she sputtering apologetic words. Reiko



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