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we're still around — adega meeting
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 01:21 PM

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Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP

So, this is how this is gonna go! First round ends on 4/30. Any who do not post in the first round will be removed from the roster, absence notice or not. It may seem harsh, but Adega needs active members, not placeholder characters. Any who wish to join Adega at this time may also come into the thread. All members must post in every round as well as make an exit post in the last round or you will also be removed from the roster. Let's begin. :]

Home seemed so very far away yet here it stood, gripped between the very cracks and crevices of his behemoth palm. The fragments of dirt, grime, debris, and vegetation could not have felt more foreign to the gentle lad who spent every waking moment atop said elements. Eerily quiet, almost spooky to the sensitive brute were his lands, the once bright and animated realm that held a symphony of sound. Now bustled nothing but silence as though a deathlike shroud had wrapped its nimble fist about the domain and clouded it much like the canopy of greenery above. Mismatched lenses could do nothing but zip across the earthen flooring, wondering just what might lay in the scattered path ahead.

In this moment however the Maddox sang. The chorus, unlike the rest did not reveal his uncertainty or sorrow but rather preached a bold indifference, a mediocre summons for those who still remained loyal to him. Those who had not found the illuminated horizon to be far more appealing than the now bland topiary of his lands. As the orchestrated notes ceased his body found comfort against a barked being, a simple tree that supported the vast weight this alpha pressed upon it. And in this moment the sole thing he discovered hope within was his brother, his elder sibling Skuld yet even he was different, no longer the carefree star that guided his every move. Truly the gleeful hound was alone.


Posted: Apr 26 2012, 05:28 PM

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Professor Advising
Male 8 Years
139 POSTS 1822 PP

((I'm going to say Skuld has been back for a while, a couple of weeks or so perhaps, but either way this is not him just suddenly reappearing in the middle of the meeting. :3 ))

White ears perked as a familiar song filled the air, differently colored eyes snapping open. The male's head lifted and he hauled himself up, bulky weight settling easily onto his paws. Moving steadily but quietly through the forest, Skuld headed towards his brother, towards the gathering place of his pack, towards the place he had once held reign. A lot of time had passed since he had first founded Adega, and a lot of things had changed. While he could not say all the changes had been good he had to admit that they had not been bad either. Valdur was proving to be an excellent leader, not that Skuld had any doubts about that in the first place.

"Brother," Skuld's gruff voice uttered as he neared his fellow Maddox. "I am here." He had missed so very much, and was now determined not to miss anything else. He belonged here, and that was where Skuld was going to stay. It was his home, the one place he wanted to be above everything else. Taking his place beside his brother, though lower, of course, in deference to Valdur's higher rank, Skuld waited patiently for the others to arrive. He was eager to see how many remained, to count for himself how much their numbers had grown. Well, he certainly hoped they had grown. It would be quite saddening if he found the opposite to be true. But besides that... he wanted to see his brother's lovely bride, to congratulate her personally and apologize for having missed the wedding. Ah yes, he had a lot to catch up on. "Listen to me."


Posted: Apr 26 2012, 05:44 PM

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Captain Denmother
Female 6 Years
100 POSTS 752 PP

The sound was so faint she was not even sure she had heard it. Dawn paused suddenly, the motion alerting the rabbit she had been hunting, sending it skittering off into the jungle. The Heart glanced at it, ears falling slightly, but then turned on her tail and started heading in the direction of the ever so distant howl. Surely she was not hearing things, and her leader had called, and she was headed the right way. It had happened before. Dawn had gotten turned around in the forest and ended up almost being late to the meeting. It made for an embarrassing day, to say the least.

But this time it seemed that she had gone the right way, for she quickly came upon the pair of white males. Now there was a good sight. Those two together again. After everything that had happened, Skuld was finally home. It was not that she thought Valdur could not handle things, far from it in fact. She respected Valdur very much, perhaps more than she did Skuld if she was willing to admit it. After all, Valdur had not left them without a word. He had been there the whole time, keeping Adega together. Still, it was nice to see them both there, for that was the sight that had greeted her upon her first arrival.

The Heart quickly chose a spot and sat down, keeping her head lowered in respect. What exactly the meeting was about, she had no idea, but Dawn was eager to hear whatever had to be said. It had to be something good considering how many wonderful things had happened. Skuld had come back, Valdur had gotten married, things were going well for Adega. So what could possibly be bad?

"I can't see.."

user posted image

user posted image

Posted: Apr 26 2012, 09:20 PM

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Six Runner
Female 3 Years
164 POSTS 214 PP

A soft frown rested comfortably on the dame’s features as she made her way about the border, pausing only to peer out into the distance in the direction of the Regnum. She had heard whisper of trouble, not any sort of danger but…political unrest of sorts. Still, she had not had time enough to venture there, so see her son and confirm his well-being. A heavy knot of guilt had waded itself into her abdomen and with each passing moment it twisted about, causing a nausea to rack her petite frame. A soft sigh slipped from her lips as she tore her gaze from the distance, attempting to reassure herself that all would be well and she would see her little prince again soon. It was then that a familiar summons sunk within her audits. Though the voice of her love soothed her, it was not quite enough to dishevel the frown from her maw. With an agile grace she entered into a lope, bounding over and through the thickened foliage to near the central region where the meetings were so often held. Perhaps that would help to set her worries to rest, seeing her mate and her children.

It was not long before the honey kissed dame emerged from the thin veil of shadow surrounding the meeting place. Immediate her pace slowly, her banner ticking ever so slightly behind her frame as she peered about those already gathered. The number was far less than she had been expecting and so the frown remained. As she came forth, however, her set settled to friendly and familiar faces, ones which bayed her smile to blossom. A soft nod was offered to Dawn as she passed her, her smile enough to replace words of greeting. Locomotion paused before the twins her eyes resting first on Valdur and then flickering to Skuld, who had been relatively solitary since his return, “I’m glad to see you’re well on the mend Skuld.” she offered in her normal lark like tones, the smile still lingering as she drew her attention to her mate, stepping forward to rub her muzzle softly against his cheek, “Do not fret my love, all will be well.” she whispered softly. She withdrew a moment later backing up to take a seat beside Dawn, her eyes now roaming the surrounding for her two children.


user posted image

Posted: Apr 27 2012, 03:00 AM

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Six Club (Guardian)
Female 2 Years
36 POSTS 559 PP

OOC: Annie be a happy bunny now that Skuld is back c:

In Adega, news spread quickly. But Anemone, who had been a little... grumpy, just recently, had immediately brightened up when news of Skuld's return. So when the summoning howl of Valdur yet again called, she rose without hesitation from her den, and eagerly trotted along to the meeting-place, brambles and twigs stuck in her fur, just as they usually were. Her tail wagged, and she slipped smoothly through the trees, lithe, small form easily carrying her along familiar paths that she had traversed many times before, but this time with more vigour, and excitement.

Practically prancing when she reached the clearing, Anemone waltzed in, a gleeful grin upon her maw, and her tail swung freely from side to side, expressing her happiness. The five padded up to the wolves present, nodding in a small bow when she stopped. "Hello! Nice to see you all!" she greeted, then grinned. Again. "Skuld, Valdur, Nalani, Dawn" she said, then promptly seated herself, still grinning like a maniac.

"Anemone Speaks"



Posted: Apr 27 2012, 05:20 AM

Group Icon

One Spade (Fisher)
Female 2 Years

((OOC: Let's try this. Hope I'm doing it right ;) Oh, and her familiar (darcy) has come too if that's okay :) ))

Lyra's grey ears pricked at the sound of the song. This was it. A chance to meet the members of Adega. Lyra had recently joined, and was hoping it was a good desicion. Willing herself to the meeting, Lyra stepped through the tall bushes and into the vivid red jungle. It was beautiful, she thought, beautiful. She hadn't been in many jungles before, and she liked this one, because she had found her long-lost hawk chick in it, whom she named Darcy. Calling to him, the red bird flew gracefully over to her, squawking viciously as he landed on her back, claws digging in. "Uh...good boy. Just land nicer please." She said sweetly to Darcy. He hissed in reply.

The sound of greetings was in the air, the pack was close. Good thing too, for Darcy was becoming a pain in the back. Literally. Following not only the sounds but also the scent, Lyra made her way to five wolves, Adega. Coughing up the courage, Lyra decided to introduce herself. "Greetings. Nice to see you! I'm Lyra." She gave a quick nod to acknowledge her greeting, then decided to lay next to Darcy, who was hissing at them all.

"Searching for the light"
table by dino

user posted image

Posted: Apr 27 2012, 11:13 AM

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Student Scientific Meteorologist
Male 1 Year
70 POSTS 125 PP


Humble inside was the russet lass who trotted merrily throughout the bustling jungle she called home, a subtle smile sewn across her ebony laden lips. Life in Adega had been calm as of recent, and her days were spent doing no more than patrolling throughout the land and idly chatting with anyone who’d stumble across her path. Though she and Bohemian’s earlier search for the beloved Skuld had ended in failure, news spread fast that the ivory man had returned home once again, and Shana couldn’t wait to reconnect with the lad who had been so kind to her in the past.

Just as that slight boredom reconnected with a bubbly mind, alert listeners perked up to full heights as a familiar tune drifted across the territory, helped along by a kind breeze. Excitement instantly coursed through the femme’s body, features perked with anticipation as rounded paws instinctively carried her frame off towards the sound, pace quickening with every single step. Glancing briefly up at the sky, sliced through with the rubbery leaves of towering palms, the sentry felt grateful she lived in the jungle, where the trees cooled the land with kind shadows.

Setting her magenta stare forwards once more, the two realized she’d been traveling quite quickly, and soon spotted the familiar silhouettes of other Adegans perched on the forest floor. Slowing her steps as she came close to her packmates, Shana quickly scanned the area, processing who’d already arrived. First, a lopsided grin to her friend, Dawn, who she’d met not that long ago. Then, a respectful bow to her Jack, Valdur, and another one for none other than Skuld himself. How exciting! He had returned home once again. Settling down cheerfully beside her sister, the scout finished her hellos with a soft smile towards Nalani and a friendly cock-of-the head towards an ivory lass whom she’d never seen before. Her happiness was only disturbed when she realized with a pang that Bohemian was no where in sight, and silently preyed he’d show up for the meeting.


code by frankie
design and graphic by switt

user posted image

Posted: Apr 28 2012, 06:15 PM

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Two Diamond
Female 1 Year

The adventures in Fuego had been... interesting to say the least. But despite the interesting twists and turns it had offered, Evelyn was glad to finally be home. This was where all of her friends were after all. Someone needed to be around to take care of them and say good morning to the giant bright ball in the sky each morning. While she obviously knew that her "friends" were really just inanimate objects in nature and that "giant bright ball" was more commonly referred to as the sun, the princess still preferred to pretend that things were different and maintain her more childish view while it was still acceptable to do so. And it was only here, in her home, that it felt okay to do so. Regardless of the fact that there was no desire to follow a path of royalty, it still wasn't quite the "proper" way that a lady was supposed to act. She'd need to grow out of it all at some point.

Being back for only a few days, Evelyn was still quite exhausted from the trip. Most of her time had been wasted away of lounging about and telling tales of her thrilling adventures to her "friends" (which really just resulted in her talking to herself). As silly as it was, she still enjoyed it. Who else would want to sit and suffer through hearing her exaggerated tales anyway?

She'd been laying on the forest floor talking to one of the many tree friends that she had. This was a forest after all; trees weren't exactly hard to find. Vocals rang through the air and cut short the young girl's story. Rolling to her feet, she bounced off in the direction. While the meaning of the call wasn't really too clear to the girl, she knew that going towards it was what she needed to do. Mother had probably been the one to teach her that at some point. It didn't take too long for a group of wolves to come into her range of vision. Most were strangers, but that wasn't too uncommon for Evelyn. Most of the things that she conversed with weren't exactly real. Her mother's figure was the first to really catch the girl's eye followed by Valdur, the alpha. With a smile on her face, she wanted up to the white male with the mismatched eyes and offered a bow before trotting over to her mother, taking a seat between her front paws, and pressing her small body against the familiar fur for a brief moment. Attention soon returned to all the other, less familiar faces. Something interesting seemed to be unfolding here.



Posted: Apr 29 2012, 10:07 PM

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One Guardian
Female 2 Years
5 POSTS 114 PP

The darkness twisted and convulsed within her, her paws pounding against the never-ending blackness as he bound forward after the small rabbit, tongue out and flopping to one side of her mouth. There were no obstacles in her way, nothing for her to trip over, yet even then, dashing at the quickest speed she possessed, she could not catch the darned vermin. It seemed almost impossible, in a way. She was moving, indeed, for the wind whipped and traveled beneath the thin furs of her coat, and her thin limbs spread out wide before her as she continuously tried to catch up to the rodent, but she seemed to be moving in the same place, never moving forward. With a growl she lunged, jaws spread wide, front legs stretched out far in front of her, victory in mind....

Syn suddenly woke with a start, the tip of her nose throbbing slightly. She shook her head, sitting up as she moved her paw, rubbing her muzzle for a few minutes. She had been dreaming. It had only been a dream. She shook her head again, a slight smirk coming to her black lips as she realized how foolish it was that she had injured herself in her sleep. That was the worst part of it all. Regardless though, she was awake now. She stood, her front end slowly slipping down again as she stretched, her jaws parting in a soft yawn, violet eyes peering around in the darkness as she slowly stood once more.

Ears suddenly perked, swiveling about as the melodious notes rang through the air, echoing about to reach all that were intended to hear. 'A pack meeting?' She wasn't exactly surprised, but Syn hadn't really expected to have one. Not today at least. She had been exhausted from taking a later shift patrol the previous night, and as a result, well, she had fallen asleep all to easily, and then had begun to dream....and here she was now. Standing, tail swishing, the pale lass slowly trotted from the recesses of her den, soon breaking out into an even lope as she rose over the hilltops, zig-zagging in between the tall trees of her forest home, heading for the meeting grounds. As she neared, all the familiar scents reached her, and she soon slowed to an even walk. She slipped out from the foliage, nodding in greeting to those who were there, her head dipped low in respect as she spotted Valdur and Skuld. Without much more to say she slipped over to an empty spot in the meeting area and lay down, her head falling to her paws as she waited patiently for the business to begin.

user posted image

Posted: Apr 30 2012, 07:14 PM

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Male 4 Years
33 POSTS 223 PP

The wind felt good against his face as he sat there, posture like the prefect little prince he was taught to be. Compared to the hotness that naturally seeped out from the world the invisible entity was cool making for the perfect weapon to combat the heat with. A content sigh escaped his lightly dusted snout. It was a rare sight seeing the tyke just sitting there as if he were an aging man, but he was just a little too on the hot side to play. He wasn't alone, though, oh no, he never was. Sitting in front of him was the pretty little fairy he received a few months ago. She had yet to lose her glow and he was glad about it, holding a fear deep down that one day she may lose it. Like always the boy chattered away to the critter. Going from many topics such as fairies to wanting to play tag with his brother and sister. He was oddly fine and content with just sitting there and talking away.

Sadly the pair's one sided conversation came to a sudden end as a howl rang clear through the air. By now he knew what to do when such a cry was made and so he sprang to his paws. Bidding a temporary goodbye to his friend he scuttle off towards the cry's origin. He knew from times before that when Valdur called out a whole bunch of Adega members gathered. Most, however, he wasn't familiar with, but there were always those he did know. His mother and sister for sure and the funny man who played with him in the snow that one time, Valdur the same one who called him. It was always exciting to see what was happening because sometime some really fun stuff happened. Maybe it was another fun thing this time? Oh, he hoped so!

Before he could say butterfly he had bounded into the area where everyone was gathering. That typical excitement boiled up and he quickly looked for his mother, spotting her right away with Evelyn between her legs. Wagging his tail he literally bounced towards them in an almost rabbit like manner. Greeting both Nalani and Evelyn with a nuzzle he peered over at Dawn before sitting next to his mother. He just couldn't wait, what kinda things were gonna happen this time?


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