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Come party with me. — AW, Diracians and Evelyn are requested
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 12:00 PM


Loner Unknown
Male 1 Year
17 POSTS 307 PP

So the runt turned 6 months today! And why not have a party, I have no idea how this is going to end since all our plot ideas did not happen in this short amount of time. However I would love to at least try to make something out of it. This thread is AW but Diracians and Evelyn must post, plus all who are invited are welcome. And to those who aren't invited by War IC-wise, you can join too. Serons however are not allowed to join, S.I.S members like Lycus and Ryker are invited so these can join.

Six months ago, his mother gave birth to him and his younger brother who was soon to be killed by his father. However War was the lucky one to stay alive as the first born of the litter. Though he was privileged to stay alive, things weren't always easy for the young pup. Like that time when the pack separated and the family had to leave pack territory in order to find a new home. Still it was just a few months ago since his arrival at Fuego Region, the boy had seen a thousand of things in such a short amount of time. And the other time when he ran literally into Apocalypse, how he got into his defense position, how they became friends. A smile appeared on his face, the runt was satisfied though other memories like real bad ones popped into his mind too. This was not the time to actually have bad memories now that he turned six months. But before he knew it he already was back into the past, his memories brought him to the scene where his father just told him what happens to last born pups.War muttered out of disbelieve, how could his father do that? How could he, no... why was he able to kill his own children? Didn't they mean anything to him? Just because they were not the first born? It didn't mean that they were less perfect than the first born, weren't they? Although this flashback was just a few minutes ago it did had impact on the pup. Looking towards the sky, yelling at his father. You Fools! He yelled to the open sky, only a few birds were flying and they did not care about the pup yelling from below. War looked around, inspecting the land that surrounded him. He smiled. Les party! Evyone has to come. He babbled. The thought of Evelyn coming made the boy blush from ear to ear, a smile as big as possible covered his entire snout. He was excited about his party, he was convinced that no one would let him down. However the satisfied feeling of everyone coming to his party had a dark side too. This time his mother would not be able to come, but he was sure she was watching him from above. She would've been proud of him, that's for sure. He wondered what the invites would bring to him as gifts. Maybe a few mice, rabbits or even a huge sheep or even bigger than a sheep. Maybe... well maybe they would give him a deer. He would definitely eat that deer all on his own, maybe share something with Evelyn to impress her and to be her prince charming. Of course he had to be a real gentleman to impress the princess of a far kingdom.Thinking about his queen the first invites arrived...Speak

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Posted: Apr 28 2012, 08:49 AM

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Host Scurra
Male 2 Years

ooc:// trying to get involved o: I'm jumping ahead but if you'd like to delete this please feel free to do so.

Host. It was a title that the pallid male assumed graciously. In truth it was what he had always assumed he would become. A servant to others as was his way no matter the rank. Morak was a caregiver, and that was that. He welcomed this new place, no matter it's abuses. It gave him leave to take care of this new pack; these wolves who had so kindly allowed him to live despite his trespassing. Having been raised in a deeply militarized family the lad couldn't help but be thankful. Respectful. It was in this that the thin creature had gone about his day, sticking close to home as was his commandment as he made rounds. He had completed many a given task in the progress of the day and was currently hurrying back into the depths of the ashen Dirac wilderness when his ears caught the sound of roughly sung music. Chocolate auds perked from their slightly back positions. It sounded familiar, that voice. It was this familiarity mixed with a need to prove himself that brought the slave scurra about face. The rabbit clutched between his jaws hung, battering it's lifeless paws upon the dusty snout as Morak moved; it would be a nice gift to whomever was summoning. Long tail swaying slightly the boy trotted gamely forward.

It took the long legged eunuch but a scant few minutes to slip his way from the cinder stroked forests, and upon laying lipid blue eyes on the caller Morak made note of what he remembered that voice from. Over shadowed by the bestial tones of the great white woman. This was the child whom had witnessed Morak's capture, and had taught him of Dirac principle. Not matter it's odd display the tawny wolf released a joyful smile, allowing it to wind across blood trickled lips. Now he had no idea what this little lad was calling for as the word 'party' was not within his metal dictionary, but Morak approached with a warm welcome anyway. The gray-brown hare within his rounded canines was settled upon the ground before the child; an offering for whatever this was or not. War was after all still young, and Morak as a host was bent to provide for those surrounding him. It was not within the two year old's notice that the child was rude and rash. Morak saw only potential in a child that would grow strong and in turn care for this pack he had found himself placed within.

Not one for words the host took a step back upon the placement of his gift, settling with a feminine air a meter or so from War's placement. Tail flicking to wave submissively and kindly behind him, Morak simply inclined his head and continued with his smiles. This was after all how he knew to act, and no child cared for others histories. Morak was wondering still what this was for, and though he had half a mind to ask he did not. A vow was to be taken seriously after all, and though he had spoken openly upon their first meeting Morak was not willing to continue such transgressions. Speak when spoken to. That was his law. Thus seated and openly congratulatory, though he had yet to have an idea as to what this was for, Morak remained silent.



Posted: May 1 2012, 03:09 PM

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Loner Inquisitor
Female 3 Years

The boy had announced his desire to throw a 'party' of sorts at the pack's latest meeting and the flaxen vixen was not the most enthusiastic of guests to arrive at his soiree. The girl had little patience for children under any circumstances, much less when they had the opportunity to brag and boss others around because of an age milestone which she herself had not celebrated. Her parents had raised her to believe that power was the only acceptable currency, age had been deemed meaningless. Instead the girl had spent her first year training and sparring with her siblings, all the while hunting and tracking to hone her skills. The flaxen bitch hadn't even liked other children when she herself was a pup, finding them tiresome and irritating; her attitude had changed little as she reached her second year. As she had matured, the girl had also found that she had little in the way of maternal instinct; yes she had the occasional stirring, but the desire to reproduce was not exactly playing on her mind, her body clock was not ticking. Besides, with no potential mate to settle down with, why would she? She would much rather enjoy herself without numerous fluffy burdens to hold her down.

As great as her disdain was at having to attend, she saw it as an opportunity to become more closely acquainted with her packmates, perhaps to see any new faces who had arrived since she had joined the merry band of wolves which inhabited the forest. Though not intending to stay for the party's entire duration, the golden lady had thought about the social protocols surrounding such an event and after much deliberation had decided to bring some sort of 'gift' for the child. Taking advantage of an early start that morning, she had stalked a group of prairie dogs who had a burrow on the edge of the territory, working for hours to catch a handful, five of adult age and one youngster. Though it seemed a little excessive, the female carried them to her den for storage, deciding three would be used for experimentation with poisons, while the others she would take as gifts for Adramelech's party. The flaxen bitch selected the largest three and after much trial and tribulation finally managed to grasp all three by their stubby tails to half carry, half drag toward the boy's call.

Though the three prairie dogs were not overly heavy, by the time she reached the pair who had already gathered her neck was beginning to ache from the awkward angle at which she carried them. Sonja set the gifts down before the boy, offering the child a smile before grasping the smallest firmly around it's midriff and lifting it again, much more easily this time. The female was hungry after her morning of work and swiftly retreated past the Host, lips curling in a silent snarl as she did so, and settled back on her haunches not too far from him. She had yet to be introduced to this particular Host, not that he really needed a name, though she would be certain to keep an eye on him. Disobedience would be nipped in the bud before any potential revolts could be mustered, a firm hand required to maintain control. The pallid male appeared subservient enough, though the cream bitch knew that appearances could be terribly deceptive. As hungry as she was, the Inquisitor thought it polite to wait until Adramelech tucked in before starting her own meal, though her patience was dwindling. If she had to wait long for her companions to arrive, she sure as hell wouldn't sit and endure an empty stomach.

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Slow replies until 18/01/13 <3

Posted: May 1 2012, 03:44 PM

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Apprentice Politician
Male 1 Year
19 POSTS 300 PP

Since Lycus' last encounter with War, he felt a satisfied sense of neutrality from cancellation on all sides. They had fought but been separated. They had been enemies but also friends. War had followed him to a place he did not belong, and not Lycus would do the same. If War was to be an acid, then Lycus had decided that he would be the base, and in the end, all that would be left was a putrid-tasting water of neutral pH.

His thoughts were scattered as he stared at the seed-pod before him. Rabbit had shown him this before, told him all about them, and how they sprouted and reached the sky and grew elephants and rainbows and were the stuff of the universe and unicorns alike. Rabbit was correct, of course, she always was. But he hadn't seen or heard from her in so long that he wasn't sure what to think, except that his chest beat in a hollow room of profound loss. As he focused his eyes on the oval thing with seeds nestled inside, he made up his mind: he would visit War. And they could talk all about seed-pods, the world, and how girls, especially little sisters, sucked and had cooties.

Away he went, from territory to territory, until at last he happened upon something that smelled quite similar to the man Vengeance. Setting down his package, he lifted his head to the sky and gave a howl. "I comes seed-pods." , he announced, as if it perfectly explained everything; his version of howling for permission to enter, without the waiting or permission part. Gathering his seed-pod once more, he trotted forwards again, following the undiscernable words that made up a tone invariably like War's.

Paying no mind of the others already here, he trotted directly up to the boy. "Wa..." , he started, and then stopped, adjusting his voice to speak in a low, raspy tone, similar to Batman. "you does here." , he tried his very best to be grammatically correct, inwardly hoping to impress the others here with his maturity. But a moment later, his lungs couldn't sustain the power needed for such an imitation and his voice naturally went back to the high, annoying, squeaky version previously. "I hears you wieks pwants so I gots you a pwant wifin a pwant so you can pwant while yous pwants. And I gots secwet, no for adultsies. Why you acts aww funnies, why everyone stwares at yous?"

Lycus paused, examining the expressoin from all the others. "Oooh, dey sees you has gigantic boogers. Look, deres one dere, Is gigantics! Sizes of pwanet earfs! Or galazy! Is as big as entire galazy! How you put booger so big up dere! I bet I can puts a bigger one!" , and with that he grabbed some leaves and began to amuse himself by poking the inside of his nose with dry, crackled foliage of varying stages of mold and decay. A sneeze or two accompanied his motions, but for the most part, Lycus seemed to zone out, completely absorbed in his antics.

"I can't see.."

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Lycus' Extended Profile

Posted: May 2 2012, 11:48 AM


Loner Unknown
Male 1 Year
17 POSTS 307 PP

I hope the table change is okay. :)
This is by far my longest post ever!

The first one to arrive was the host, who was captured by Anathème and himself. Even before the host arrived his scent had already entered the runt his nostrils. A snarl appeared on the runt his face. This wasn't what he had planned, of all who were invited the host came first? He didn't even invite him, however the snarl disappeared soon after he saw the hare in its mouth. He nodded, trying to be at least normal to the host. Since he brought a hare with him War would have a second thought about him. Then he dropped the hare in front of War who smiled to him as a response. But for the few minutes the host was here, sitting with him, War found him strange. you smiles like thats every times? he asked with the questioning in his voice. War could read Morak his face, he had questions that was obvious. But rather than ask them he remained silence and so did War. Adramelech decided not to care about the host. He wasn't even part of Dirac, however the runt was surprised to see him coming to his party.A unknown scent became stronger, a dot appeared from far but it became bigger as it approached. When the figure approached War was finally able to figure out who it was. It was the female who had recently joined Dirac, he had seen her at the meeting though he'd never expected she'd come. For him she looked grumpy and not interested in his party. Though he was happy to see her. He walked towards her, well... more towards her three gifts rather than her as a being. War seated down as Sonja dropped the dogs out of her maw. War saw her, she looked skinny, watching the three dogs, then Sonja. She took the smallest one and left the two big ones for War who watched them with bright eyes. yous broughts this for me? He asked, but it actually wasn't a question. He saw she was hungry, though she took the smallest War shoved the biggest towards her, took the smallest away from her and brought that one to the host. However he would not allow Morak to eat before he was finished. You cans has biggehs dog. I smalls you bigs so you has bigs one. He said to Sonja with a smile. Then he looked over his shoulder, watching the host. No eats before we finished! he said following by a snarl. He wanted to dug in but before he could do that another familiar scent was smelled by the pup. When he'd placed the scent in his mind and recognized it as Lycus he quickly jumped up and ran towards the yellow fluff ball. But before he arrived by Lycus he already made his entrance, yelling seed-pods. War looked at him with a twisted and a little bit angry look. No screams, hushhhhh he said with a soft voice to his friend. War jumped happily around Lycus as he said his name. Wycus! Glads you comes toos he said overly excited. He laughed at Lycus trying to make his voice more masculine. You silly. I lives here. He answered. The things Lycus was carrying with him didn't look like meat at all. It didn't look like the hare the host has brought with him and neither did it look like the three prairie dogs Sonja has brought. War frowned his brows awaiting what Lycus would say about these things. If they were gifts War would directly send Lycus back to the beach, where they first met each other. However he changed his mind while Lycus began to speak about the seed-pods. Pwants wifin pwants? Whas dah for? I no likes pwants. i likes meats like weal man does. He said with all his pride. Short after the pause Lycus had taken he began to babble again. Boogers? What ya means wif boogers? He lifted up his brows, one by one. He did not understand the booger thing, but it surely had something to do with these lands in particular. War laughed at Lycus, he was so funny sometimes. Even though three quests had arrived War seemed to miss some wolf. War wondered where Vengeance was, he wouldn't make it late would he? War expected Vengeance at his party. Because he looked up to him, Vengeance had to come. And then Evelyn his future queen hadn't arrived either. Where was she? War began to worry about her. Was she lost? It was plausible that she was lost because they met at a place both of them did not know. We has to waits until others arrive. then party cans begin. War yelled with an excitement within his voice.Speak

user posted image

Posted: May 4 2012, 04:40 PM

Group Icon

Dominion Apex Gladius
Male 3 Years
44 POSTS 694 PP

Though his temper high and his patience small, the male had managed to find justice in this gathering. Though he cared little to nothing for the child (for he cared little to nothing for anything that could not benefit him) he still came, if only to find opportunity in meeting others of his pack that would be much more worth his time. The beast came with a heavy footing on large paws as always, an echo of his arrival even as he came. His snarl, one of annoyance, flowed with the turning mists and air of fog which clung to these lands like a beckon. His jaws tightened, causing the limp form in his jaws to snap with an audible crunch as he entered the gathering- what little that had yet to show: the birthday boy, an unknown child (a trespasser, as far as he was concerned) and the newly made Host.

As the timbered man approaches (made of tans, creams and browns) the pup, with only a sickenly 'plop' does the prey within his jaws fall to meet the earth with a smack before the child's paws. It is a rat, large and deeply grayed, with eyes, as black and soulless as Eckhart's own to stare up before War emotionless, savor the terror written on it's open jaws. Saying nothing, the large man shifts away with a whipping on his thick tail to where he would stand at the side (protectively, excessively) of Sonja in which he's claimed as his own. The woman of butterscotch and delicate cream had captured his attention by her body and body alone, though she had yet to prove much interest then physical as of yet. However, though the man would have liked to bend her over already, it was moments of 'puppy parties' as these which kept him at bay. "speech."



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