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Bending Untill I Break [open] — becoming host?
Posted: Apr 24 2012, 06:32 PM

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Host Scurra
Male 2 Years

He pressed forward silently, eyes ever alert. This place was creepy. Subconsciously disturbing. Coward as he was Morak had placed himself amongst these ever graying plants, and was intensely regretting it. Nose long clogged by the mist brushing so tenderly across it the lad had not noticed the scents. Not noticed the warning signs. Finding Refuge Point so full of wolves, of men, the pallid creature had taken to the north and this more lush place. Ears pointed backward, though they remained lifted; searching. No sound seemed to permeate here. In the dead heat of noon even the avian life took to silence. Dead. The air itself seemed dead. Every step proffered to the moist ground was given forth tentatively, the paw hovering for a moment before touching home. Morak found his blue eyes flicking about where once they would have remained on the ground. It was a constant slouch that the masked eunuch had perfected. To appear weak at all times diverted the strong from attacking and when the weak attacked at least the slim athletically built geld had a chance. Dark ears lifted sharply at a sudden bird call taking the beast's entire body into the shocked leap to stillness that was common in deer.

No... it was nothing. Just a bird. Morak relaxed slowly, casting yet another fearful glance about. The trees seemed dead. Killed by the air perhaps, and living in this reality of limbo. That's what this place smelled like. What it looked like. Wolfbane's domain. The in between world used to frighten young children. By the egg of the sun it was frightening him now. Wolfbane was a fairytale, but those winter blue eyes had seen far too many tales come true for that to be at all reassuring. For all his fright the tireless little brute did not cry out. Such would be an attractant for whatever lurked here; demonic or otherwise. Morak took instead to silent terror. It was wrong the day the wilds could frighten a tried and true exile. It was wrong when the trees seemed to have eyes, and one could feel the very mist watching their heart beat. For indeed it would seem his heart was beating far too quickly. It would come as no surprise should the canine learn it's pounding pulse was visible against the walls of his slim chest.

ooc:// sorry it's so short -.o



Posted: Apr 24 2012, 10:48 PM

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Advanced Member Securis
Female 2 Years
102 POSTS 1310 PP

ooc|| i hope you don't mind my shoving ana here, she's got a bit of venting to do. <3

Eyes. Eyes peeled open from the ashen barks, eyes lay un-mast within the earth's flesh, eyes watched and followed as the timid dare lay his ginger-footed steps within the shadow of the dark. Oh a fool, a sweet, sweet fool to have intruded into a realm haunted by ghouls that whispered their agonies of a purgatory resurrect. And therein lay its own Cerebrus, fueled and tempered by jealousy, infuriation, and unrest. Too long had she lain to recuperate her wounds, too long and now another stood above her -- a hybrid, a pitiful creation who was but a mere skeleton of what she had only weeks ago been. Revulsion churned in the wraith's gut and for a moment, she felt the reflexes of a gag threaten to spill forth from clenched lips. She craved it, needed it. Redemption in the form of blood, the sweet nectar that contained within it life only that would satiate the monster she'd bourne since her absence in both mind and body. And alas, someone had heeded her call and the mistress had all been too eager to watch and pursue this foreign entity. It was too easy a task to remain concealed behind the fallen sentries, their grey limbs grown heavy with age. No, this land was her home and she its apparition, the very ghost that flourished its barren grounds with promises of death. For some time, she stalked the other wisp who jumped with the slightest of sounds and for some time, she had been entertained. How a craven had been beckoned into the depths of these forests was beyond her but she had been thankful of it. When at last the mistress grew weary of walking with the shadows, lithe stilts propelled her toward the brute, bringing her all but a breath away from his own visage with naught a sound to have announced her coming, at least not until she was upon him, in front of him, and soon enough behind him.

"Welcome," She crooned sickeningly, a whisper that kissed his audit before she circled him once more - her movements rivaling that of a serpent. "Do you know what becomes of intruders? Hm?" Still her voice never raised beyond that of the wind, soft, melodic even had it not been for the bearer who wore so wicked a mask. Soon enough though the distortion worsened, morphing demoniacally as her labrums uncoiled to reveal beneath it venomous rapiers, dripping lustily to taste him. She wanted him. The huntress, still, stalked about the other but her own patience had thinned until she could do little to reign herself in as the hellion lunged. All muscles in her lithe bodice tensed as she propelled toward him, jowls parted and transfixed upon his gossamer safe haven, his jugular that begged to be clasped in her death-giving grasp. Her forelimbs had been extended, aiming to press him beneath her weight should he fall and if not to regain her own footing against any form of retaliation. It would be better if he fought, struggle spurned her adrenaline further and more than anything she needed the release. Carnal pleasure, surely, could not rival the sensation of battle and bloodshed. No, the hellhound simply could not believe anything better than the thrumming of her own heart in her ear. Did she wield with her the intent to kill? No, the mistress, though savage and perhaps exerting much of her own hearts burdens upon the poor intruder knew better than that. Though a coward, he was still capable of much and surely he would make a great Host or prize to her Lord, her Seraphim. Yes, that seemed a good plan. Play first, with her sweet pet before bringing him in for judgment but for now, she would will him to submission.

Hey there lovelies! I'm putting a scarcity note here for an undetermined amount of time because I'm really behind in school so, I'll still be posting but alas, ever so slowly.

Posted: Apr 24 2012, 11:18 PM


Loner Unknown
Male 1 Year
17 POSTS 307 PP

I thought it would be fun too if the pup shows up. Especially since he can tel you what will happen to intruders in every single detail.

Pale blue eyes searched the area for any strange things. His hackles raised, ears laying close to his neck, tail raised and a growl escaped the little runt's mouth. Paws smoothly moving over the surface leaving a trail of dirt behind as he ran towards the borders. For a moment he felt free, from everything that had happened. He had only wished to see his mother again, though the feeling alone of the presence of his father made him quiver. No way that anything like that would happen to him, ever again. A familiar scent was caught by his nose, entering his nostrils. Ana! The youth spatted out towards the pure white wolf. In a rush his eyes caught the silhouette of an intruder. Oh how sweet, nice to know that this man entered Dirac territory without knowing anything about the pack rules. Eyes narrowed as he fully observed the intruder. A snarl appeared on his face, hearing Anathème speak. "Do you know what becomes of intruders? Hm?" War nodded however she wasn't talking to him. War gestured his paw towards the intruder. Answer her! He yelled at him. I tells you what happens to strangers likes you. You intwuder! Intwuders awe no goods for us, you'll be killed like my father. Vengeance will kills you and has no remorse after you are death. I will dance upons yours death body, and tear yous meats little by wittle apart! I has no wegwets to eats my own kinds. it was more babbling than frighting. However these words could make the bravest of souls shiver from fear. But big words coming out of a small pup, however would not make any sense. Glad that he wasn't alone he seated his but onto the ground. The boy was actually quiet tired, he hadn't had a proper night in weeks.Speak

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Posted: Apr 25 2012, 09:22 AM

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Host Scurra
Male 2 Years

No sound announced her arival. No step or creek. The woods gave not to the interlopper, lost within their ashen confines. Shocked and terrified by the phantom's sudden leaping into being Morak wrenched backward with a short yelp, clamping his teeth down across a sorely abused tongue in the process. To defeat the noise. Fear did nothing in the face of adversity, and even as the pallid creature's brain began to shudder his body remained inanimate; stiff as stone in it's reclaimed possition of submission. Body arched downward atop leaning for-legs the cream brute settled carefully, tucking ears and tail as he did so. Open apology. Blue eyes looked upward into the shadow walker's jaw, refusing to make eye contact. He would not leap about like a frightened bird, the boy swore. But a good deal of difference never hurt a soul. Another soft noise escaped the gelding's jaws at the crowing of the tawny raven. Her voice was smooth as satin but laced with such venom that Morak felt nothing but icy dred seep within him.

It was in her second statement that the man began to truly fear. Trespassing. He had inadvertently crept upon the land of some fearsome pack. Damn. The word spewed into Morak's hastily pulsing mind, burning tendrils of fear far out within his lowering frame. Jaws parted slowly to answer as was to be expected. No matter the situation Morak refused to loose his polite demeanor. Brown mask wrinkling as Morak felt his lips peel back into a patiently terrified smile. A new dog, a child. Member of this pack, it would seem. Blue eyes faceted on this brown creature, watching but once again not making eye contact. It was loud and rude. It spoke roughly, but it did not seem to understand. Morak relaxed slightly at the mention of death. A simple means to an end that was. Luck of the draw. Better then wandering about in lonely fear constantly. The boy turned his skull lightly, jaws pointed down as the smile fell away. "I accept your punishments for my transgression my lieges." A long pause followed the initial release of feminine like tones. "And I would think any may have me once I am dead."

A wheezy sort of yelp slid from the beast as he was entrapped. Weakness was his vice, and with a low whine Morak went still. Throat gripped tight the tawny man did naught where others may struggle. The pressure was bearable, even as fangs sunk into the depth of thick rung fur. Morak did not drop however, and merely coward beneath the viscous siren's extended limbs; turning his jaws enough to allot her grip and bare his throat in one instance. Nothing if not understanding the creature hung in his submission; accepting. This was his doing after all, and these wolves had every right to dismantle his form for this transgression. A small pitiful smile pulled at the brown striped maw, allowing for a certain amount of apology.



Posted: May 6 2012, 11:32 AM

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Advanced Member Securis
Female 2 Years
102 POSTS 1310 PP

Satisfaction, the very thing she sought and the last she'd receive. Where she expected even the most minute of struggles, even a simple flail would have sufficed, there was nothing but outright submission and a dislodging grin to boot. What had once been a kernel of hope for an outlet to let loose the demons of her outrage, there was only a pit of nothingness. But there was little time spared for her own infuriation when a cherubic voice called her name, brimmed with familiarity when to her, the youngling was but a stranger. They had only met twice, once during the meeting where formal introductions and nothing beyond thus had been made and now where he found it acceptable to utter her calling upon his lips. A hostile glare sought the whelp out, a warning to remain silent during such times. The sweetling had always been one to believe that words were but a farce, an armor to shield what lay beneath and more often than not, the more verbiage there was the less there was within. She made it a passing thought to teach the child of such mannerisms but now was no time for discipline, at least not in the child's respect. Upon sensing movement below her, stunning bombay stars fell to cast their attention upon the brute who writhed beneath her, bearing his life as if it meant absolutely nothing. Frustration ruptured through the meager wall she had resurrected as a vicious tightening of her arsenal of weaponry drew the delectable liquid from beneath the skin. It was but a surface wound, nothing to fret over but it had been done with the intention of ameliorating the tempering beast within -- the monster that shook and rattled at its binding chains for not having felt the ecstasy of release, of an adrenaline rush that could appease her avaricious desires. At last though, the harlot released her grip and distanced the pair to examine the pitiful excuse of a creature before her.

"What is your name?" A pause stilled her words as she mauled over the prospect of having inquired his dubbance, "No, it makes no matter what it is. Come, your fate will be determined by our Seraphim and should you be lucky, perhaps you'll be our dinner tonight." The mistress mused with a wry smirk but the humor merely ghosted the disdain that hung heavy between them. "Oh and... Adramelech, you will come along too." Acidity brooked no argument as a cursory glance had been rewarded to the young one. Had her lord no intentions of teaching him the ways of Dirac? Or even that babbling a mouthful before the Alpha had the chance was a bad enough etiquette, better yet to approach a brute and spilling forth random nonsense. Perhaps she was harsh for placing so much on the child but given her own lackluster youth, there was little reprieve for those raised in the luxury of knowing they could fool around. Gradually the banshee turned to guide the pair to the heart of Espejos where she would call upon the Seraphim. Little emphasis had been placed on the security of either of her company, she'd hunt both down if they made any futile efforts to run in a realm she had mastered.

Hey there lovelies! I'm putting a scarcity note here for an undetermined amount of time because I'm really behind in school so, I'll still be posting but alas, ever so slowly.


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