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Calling All You Angels — Dirac Pack Meeting
Posted: Apr 19 2012, 07:44 PM

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Dominion Apex Gladius
Male 3 Years
44 POSTS 694 PP

Two more women arrive, harboring little interest to Eckhart even as his hard gaze lingers over the darker woman, clear to show herself as ether a lover or one of the many possession which Vengeance harbors by licking at his lips. Sexual, or submissively, Eckhart bothers not to figure, but pin-points that surely this woman was not available on the market any longer and thus, disregards her for holding any purpose to him whats so ever.... And then the child speaks. His words ever more childish, even as he is turning six months old. A party? He wonders if it will be filled with hide and seek and tug of war and he holds but the huff at the thought. The pack was filled with women and now, he was being made to join a child's birthday party? The very thought made his muscles twitch and a rumble to echo from his clenched jaws. Yet ever-more, his blackened gaze offers nothing to those gathered.

Finally, their leader would speak, handing out promotions to those whom gathered. He would eye them all critically, some of which he had never seen before, not even at the tournament. His lip twitches, his own name yet to be relieved, but their new champion although seemingly deterred would not be giving up yet. There was more bitches then there was men, half of which held a rank higher then himself. Not to mention, Wrath had been announced at the second alpha of the pack. The pair had bumped heads the moment they meant but none the less Eckhart had come out victorious. If anything, he would fight the man against if it meant proving his worthiness to be more then just the lowly subordinate warrior in their group. His black gaze would flash towards Vengeance at his name before falling upon Cortage. It was a woman he could not have and thus, his attention moved with deep attention over the rest in the group. If he was to have three, he would pick carefully and thus, would not snag greedily all at once.

His body lifts, his steps heavy as each large paw hits the ground with obvious force. His body lingers, ever so closely to Anathème as he comes to pass, though something new catches his attention and he is evenly drawn, his body pushing forth, his bulk made to linger before the woman of golds and creams. Her eyes are a swirling of pinks much like his Host long lost and his black, empty gaze is meant to lock upon her own. "You..." His words growl out in a feverish drawl, his German accents marring at the edges of his voice as he directs her: Sonja. "You will be mine."


Posted: Apr 20 2012, 03:43 PM

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Loner Inquisitor
Female 3 Years

It appeared that her Seraphim had detected her interest in the corpse, the tilt of his head and the grin on his muzzle not going unnoticed by the flaxen lady either. The female had become aware that she was not the only cannibal in Dirac and the fact had put her at ease about her habits. Wherever she had roamed in her earlier life, such a taste for the forbidden fruit was scorned and seen as sinful, the bitch careful not to be detected when the urge to feed became insatiable. Dipping her own cranium in thanks to her Seraphim, a sadistic smile of her own danced across her pale muzzle in sheer delight; it seemed her decision to join his kingdom had been an excellent one. She had missed the majority of the child's words on arrival, and that which she had heard had not particularly interested her anyway, something about a girl it seemed. Sonja had never been particularly keen on pups, they were always far too whiny and asked far too many questions for their own good; plus, they were mighty tasty.

It seemed only moments after she settled herself that the next creature arrived, a female unlike any she had any seen before, somewhat resembling the mastiff crosses the locals from her homeland had used for tracking and hunting. But in many ways, she was different, her fur thicker and hued in obsidian and amber and with a height incomparable to any dog she had ever seen. Her words were captured, the heavy accent analysed and for a second the delicate bitch was captivated by the hybrid female, but her attention was soon directed elsewhere. The arrival of another body tore her from the unusual bitch, another female who swiftly identified herself as sister of the Seraphim and his brother. Their merry band continued to grow as a male arrived, one of few in an abundance of oestrogen. Rose-hued gaze lingered on his behemoth frame, a handsome creature of great stature who possessed both great height and great mass. Following the leviathan came a female who seemed his exact opposite; thin and somewhat emaciated. This one did not speak, and so the female's attention again moved to the latest addition to the gathering. Another female, one who greeted Vengeance affectionately, causing the golden bitch to ponder the relationship they shared.

Her arrival was the catalyst which began the Seraphim's announcements, the first of which a series of promotions. Eyes of liquid rose surveyed those who were to be embellished with new titles, the cream bitch dipping her head in congratulations to Arcania with the slightest trace of a smile. The gangly female who she now knew as Revenge and the pale female Anathème were also amongst those who were successful. Though some in the crowd may have felt disheartened if not mentioned, Sonja was well aware that her arrival merely days before warranted little in terms of recognition. Another dip of the head was directed at Wrath, Dirac's newest Seraphim. She hadn't been formally introduced to Vengeance's brother, but she was sure the great brown male would not promote him to such a prestigious position without sure reasoning.

Her suspicions of the relationship between Cortege and Vengeance were soon confirmed, and then her attention turned to Eckhart, the behemoth male who had intrigued her so on arrival. His hulking great form meandered purposefully through the sea of bodies, pausing at Anathème before moving steadily closer. She supposed he was simply analysing the gathered selection, though he did not stop and continued his advance in her direction. Soon she were face to face with the multi-hued colossus, pale pink eyes peering into the black abyss of his own. The low rumble of his address caused her to search for any expression in those twin pools of ebony, his words firm and final, the accent which tainted them just as alien in this foreign land as her own. She vaguely understood how the system worked and she could sure as hell have been in a worse situation - the autumn-toned male was certainly easy enough on the eye, thus the flaxen bitch supposed she could adjust to being his. The slightest inkling of a grin danced across her slender jaws, the damsel purring back in lighter tones, "I'm sure it'll be a pleasure," Though not entirely sure of the etiquette to be expressed in such a situation, she hoped the brief statement would suffice, all the while eyeing him curiously, confidently, while eagerly awaiting anything else which would be shared.

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Slow replies until 18/01/13 <3

Posted: Apr 21 2012, 10:18 AM

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Archangel Centurion (Sentry and Tracking duties)
Female 1 Year
28 POSTS 30 PP

Four months on her own, Chiharu had grown and learned the ways of an adult, alone. Surviving hadn't been easy, but she'd had to learn. The alternative would have been to give up, to die. She survived, but it hadn't been with great pomp and success. She would find water in small amounts, she would catch prey too small to properly nourish her growing body. This hard time had taken a toll on her, perhaps a permanent one.

Now a skillled tracker, as any food would be better than none, Chiharu had come across the scent of other wolves. In fact, there were many of them, all crossing over certain bits of ground repeatedly and even congregating. Clearly, it was a pack. She stood still a long time, uncertain about what she should do. Joining them would mean certain survival, but it also held the risk of ending in her own death. What if they were unfriendly? Hostile, even? She paced along the trail as she considered it.

Then there was a cry unlike any she'd ever heard before. Her fur rose along her neck and she bristled with fear. Her blood rushed through her weakly but steadily, even pounding in her ears. The howl finally ended, somehow conveying just as weak as Chiharu felt. My life hasn't always been this way, she thought, It's happened when I turned from Usar, when I forgot her! The realization set her running, her stunted size barely creating a stir in the soil.

She'd run without thinking and had, foolishly, stumbled too close to a pack meeting. She instantly fell flat onto the ground, her belly low and her ears held forward. Reflexively, she listened to what the wolves were saying. She calmed herself and was able to understand that a male was claiming a female. Once before she'd witnessed such a mentality, right before she'd been abandoned, cast out. She began to tremble. One part of her wanted to run, but she didn't want to call attention to herself. Another part wanted to join the pack, even if they did view females this way. She was desperate, hardly able to think clearly after what she'd gone through. She made no clear decision and simply continued to watch.



Posted: Apr 29 2012, 07:59 AM

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Advanced Member Queen
Female 4 Years
86 POSTS 1178 PP

New ranks were handed out and Cortege sat in silence, observing everyone and everything about her. One thing that caught her eye, however, was the obnoxious pup of whom seemed to think that because he was to turn half a year old, they were to give a damn. Her brow rose, for when she was half a year old, she was already independant and on her own. Being of six months meant that she was half grown, yes, but it had been a turning point in her life towards independence, too. She looked back towards the others in quiet thought. Where she was from, the pups grew strong fast an they learned to fend for themselves against each other and even their own parents, for life was something you fought for, not something you were given and left to keep.

Still, Cortege also realized that most parents were more hospitable than her own had been and often allowed their whelps to remain in the pack longer than she'd been allowed. She narrowed her eyes at this thought, but kept her words to herself. The boy would have to grow up fast, for he'd stepped into Dirac lands and they werent lands of the loving. Wolves here were tough and hardy, and she knew well that if the whelp didn't mature fast, he'd get knocked off his feet. Sense of pity plagued the dark duchess for only a moment when she realized just how immature the boy truly was. She looked to the other girls in the pack, as well as the brutes. Perhaps one of the others would take the young lad beneath their wing and show him what it was like to be a Dirac and help him out. As pack, it was their duty to encourage the fine teaching and growth of their youngest members, and quite frankly.. War would need plenty of it if he were to survive among their ranks, she thought. Still, looking back upon the young boy she gave a lil smirk, for if he managed to survive to a year and a half, she was interested to see how he'd changed from now until then. There may be hope for the little warrior yet.

Another announcement was given, and at it she fell quiet; almost as if shocked.Happy didn't seem to be the words for what Cortege felt when her beloved spoke to the pack that they were once again a mated pair. No, her feelings about it seemed to flourish to higher bounds, but she kept the joy she felt carefully tucked away. She'd not be caught acting like an overgrown and happy pup before the others. No, she was too dignified to do such things and so when she heard of what he'd told the pack, all but a pleased but soft grin moved its path over the lips of the dark queen and she turned her eyes to lock with those of her beloved's own. Faint was the little wiggle of her bobbed tail before it fell still again, but she remained calm and collected all the while.

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Posted: Apr 30 2012, 02:10 PM

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Advanced Member Gladius
Male 5 Years
90 POSTS 30 PP

Cortege nearly scared him, but such emotion didn't bother him. Gladly. He purred. Ranks were handed around the pack sparingly, only allowing those that truly deserved a promotion being granted one. Neither of his children were around and thus had not retrieved such gift. He would be sure to look for them later on, after the meeting if not later. Angry with his children, he was eager to give them a good talking to when or if he ever found them. His own promotion had not come until later and such gift had seemed to not be given until the end of the announcement. Standing when his name was called as the new Seraphim of Dirac alongside his brother. A whole new responsibility was put on him in the past few minutes and as he stood and stepped closer to his brother and sat next to him, he waited for everyone to speak before he would.

Since my children have gone MIA, I would like to claim Envy and Anatheme as my own, if it is okay with you, Brother Vengeance? He looked at Vengeance, a questioning look plastered on his face. He knew Envy wouldn't mind but Anatheme might. He didn't care though. He needed to take some of the weight off Vengeance, and since he had met Anatheme, he figured he might as well watch her. Maybe even teach her a thing or two about killing someone effectively. "speech!"

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user posted image user posted image

Posted: May 2 2012, 12:53 PM

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Newbie A. Gladius
Male 5 Years
8 POSTS 188 PP

With Adramalech's announcement out of the way, the boy was clearly excited for turning and being something other than an Angel since his joining. "Indeed." He noded in the boy's direction finally, acknowleging his speech. Arcania had finally spoken of her news, as dark brows perched high above his facade in interest, a slow faded smile curled its self politely onto his chizzled mug. With Adega weak, they had little use for them now. He didn't speak, no he waited for Eckhart to make his pick of the lot and for Wrath to lay claim on his new brood now that his daughters had gone.

The strange individual who had walked into the meeting had instantly stolen away the Seraphim's gaze, his glare deepened as he stared at the young thing, a sinister growl slowly rolling his lips as he leaped down from his thorny throne and onto the ground with a mute thump. Soot dirt flying in all directions as the heavy brute landed, making a beeline to the newcomer. "State your business young lass, make it count for it may be your last." Nearly a glow, ruby eyes stared at the damsel, he knew his pack would rid themselves of this new lass if they had to. He didn't need to lay a paw on her if he didn't desire to do such a thing.

His stare still watching the newfish, he spoke from behind his back, his booming voice carrying throughout the empty forest as it resonated off the dead trunks. "A hunt will now be in progress. Wrath, Anatheme, Titania and Envy you will be one team. Ekchart, Sonja, Cortege and Arcania, you will be another. The rest will come with me. (this includes Chiharu and Sibyl)" As he approached the new female, still waiting for her answer, his intentions were clear. She was not going to leave even if she wanted to, she was now one of them, or their next meal. "One rank within the first Sphere will be open to a deserving female." Again he spoke over his shoulder to the crowd around

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user posted image user posted image

Posted: May 9 2012, 05:34 PM

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Alumni Toxicologist
Female 8 Years
115 POSTS 833 PP

Foolish girl, Arcania thought as the strange female wandered in. Hopefully she knew what she was doing and wanted to join the pack, as she had now attracted the attention of all around her, not to mention their leader. Of course, she also had to be deemed worthy or she would be torn to pieces whether she wanted to join or not.

However that was the farthest thing from her mind a moment later, as Vengeance continued to speak. Her ears swung forward to their fully forward position and she leaned forward slightly out of eagerness and desire to hear all that was said. Though she was not entirely sure what they were to be hunting, the reward was enough to make her determined to win, whatever the cost. That position would be hers. Even if she did not know any of the other females in her group.

Though Arcania wanted more information she refused to ask, not wanting to appear as though she did not know what she was doing. That would completely defeat what little progress she had made in the pack, and little seemed to be the operative word, though she had earned herself a promotion, for which she was thankful and proud of. This was her chance to really shine and prove herself to the pack, and Arcania was going to take it and run. She glanced around the gathering, looking for the other members of her group. Certainly they would be mostly easy to find once they began to group together, but she decided to wait until then to move, not wanting to be seen standing around uncertainly.


table by frankie

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Posted: May 12 2012, 03:30 PM

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Dominion Apex Gladius
Male 3 Years
44 POSTS 694 PP

And here it would lay, a returning smirk, perhaps not as daunting or flirtatious as her own, but questionable in even a sinister way before his attention is pulled by the arrival of a new being- a girl he had yet to see before. Instantly, the Alpha is at attention and Eckhart's body tenses, eager for the fight should once break out. He stands ever still at the side of Sonja, his newly claimed woman and as the newcomer would be leave to explain herself, the mentioning of a hunt would be announced.

Instantly, to this, does Eckhart Joakim's gaze linger without the crowd, falling upon the flaxen woman at his side and then around, turning his attention onto those whom he did not know by name and who could possibly be his partners in this hunt. He knows Cortege, the woman once fixed securely at Vengeance's side until his movement in a heated rush. Eckhart's large limbs extend out into her direction until in his strides, he meets face-to-face with Vengeance's new (or was it old?) lover. "Well?" He says only this in a deep drawl of his German tongue. After all, as Vengeance's girl, he assumed Cortege would want to take charge in this. Besides, it was the woman's job to do all the chasing whilst the man had the satisfactory of the kill, right? ...Tis was not like Eckhart was much of a runner, anyhow.


Posted: May 14 2012, 11:09 AM

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Archangel Centurion (Sentry and Tracking duties)
Female 1 Year
28 POSTS 30 PP

She'd been listening intently to the wolves as they spoke and as she did so she realized she'd made a grave error in dropping in on their meeting. Before she could even try to think of a way to slip away, she'd been spotted. He rushed at her, growling and spraying dirt, making her heart thump crazily and for her to reflexively scuttled backwards. "Um, my business?" she managed to say without stuttering. She mentally reached for any plausible excuse she could give but she had a feeling this wolf would see right through any silly excuses she might give.

She stood as tall as she could and tried to stop quivering as he announced a hunt and continued to approach her. Afraid that he would strike, she burst out, "I'm sorry! I don't know this land very well and I, um, just followed some wolf scent when I found it. Erm," she turned a fraction, though she was certain she wouldn't be allowed to leave now. "I could help you with the hunt! I'm good at tracking things. That's, um, how I found.. this pack," she finished weakly. She inwardly berated herself for blindly following her nose and getting herself into this situation.

Unable to keep looking at the apparant leader, her gaze skittered over the other wolves gathered. Many seemed to be disapproving of her and her unease skyrocketed when she saw the dead wolf and she began to deeply consider what they might decide to do about her. She'd accidentally trespassed onto other packs' territories before, but those packs had been much more understanding and generous. She'd been gently led away with a mild reprimand to not come back again. This time, there would be no understanding slap on the wrist. If she couldn't convince them of her worth, she would die. Please don't let that happen Diamu! I'm sorry I turned from you and I'll never do it again if I don't die today, she prayed.




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