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wrap you up in my love — — torvald, limited aw
Posted: Apr 1 2012, 01:52 PM

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Gamma Lead Emissary
Female 4 Years
235 POSTS 4188 PP

Tesni's birthing thread—dated to April 2nd. First post is Wej's, I don't want too many other wolves, maybe two more. No wolf below the rank of epsilon should come and no wolf that is on bad terms with Tes should come. There is no post order and poopie players should post in birth order which is: Tollak, Abaddon, then Avila.

The young woman was almost bursting with pups in the most literal sense. Heavy weight upon her paws increased in discomfort as the weeks had dragged on. As her abdomen grew bigger and bigger, she found her heart growing fonder and fonder. She so greatly looked forward to welcoming her children into the world, but she was growing impatient. From what she had learned from Artemis, she was due any day now. Tesni felt as if she was willing to sacrifice anything at this point, she had given up on vanity within the last week. Her walks were far a few inbetween, seeing as her small paws were subject to the heavy weight of her body. She was once very dainty and graceful, now she swayed with the heavenly weight of children everytime she was put into motion.

Soft, dreamy creams and pinks bled into one another in the vast space of the heavens, creating a heart-breakingly beautiful picture. Tesni was a vision draped in black and ivory, the tender fragments of light piercing the forever gray of the forest. Light slithered through the spindly cracks within the muted color of the trees. Lovingly caressing her silky fur as she allowed pale curtains to fall over her hazel eyes, preparing to take the sun warmth and relax. Normally, she would soak in it and cuddle up with its airy frame. Not today, something stymied her atempts at peace. A light frown cracked her porcelain face as she tried to figure out what it was. Little time was left for thinking as a sharp pain struck her abdomen. A pain so severe that she was reduced to drawing in a sharp breath. Jaws clenched together to ward off the cry of pain that bubbled within. Slender, elongated limbs trembled underneath the sharp pains as she rose to her paws.

Perhaps the woman rose a little too quickly, for she felt slightly uneasy as she made her way through the forest. Hazel eyes cautiously darted around to make sure that she hadn't been seen by anyone whom she would want to avoid, which was everyone at the moment. Tesni decided that maybe she just needed to lie down for a few moments. Carefully, she carried her self into the mouth of her den and inhaled a deep breath of familiar scents. Somehow they were very soothing to the woman, calming her frazzled nerves. Just as the woman thoguht that she was out of the clear another burst of pain attacked her abdomen. This time she let out a soft yelp of pain. It then dawned upon her how serious this actually was.

Tesni began to breath heavily as she felt panic grab hold of her. God, she wasn't ready for this. She thought she was but now she wasn't so sure of that fact. The woman began to pace back and forth in order to bring some element of calm back into her system. Small frame trembled again as more pain stabbed within her, she was inclined to sit down and continued her labored breathing. When Tesni could no longer stand the pain she called for someone. The only person she would dare show her weakness to. Now that Artemis had dissappeared she feared for the worse. It mattered no that she would have no herbs, she just wanted help. "Torvald?!" Her voice chilled over with pain. "i confess."

user posted image
extended profile plotting
scarce— school will be draining me once again, i'll be more active once things settle down!

Posted: Apr 1 2012, 02:43 PM

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Epsilon Cipher
Female 2 Years
109 POSTS 186 PP

Shrill screams spilled through the skies of the dying day, the greyscale realm of death bathed in a multicolored glow of serenity. The cries shattered that tranquility, ripping like a razor through the terra and coaxing it into chaos. All around the chrome maiden her surroundings transformed into unrest, the guttural coos of the beasts that dwell enticed into action. It was a noise of fear, of terror and horror but one that spoke an underlying excitement. Already it was time, her siblings poked and prodded at their fleshy shell to be born into this wicked earth. Like the demons of the ashen forest she too broke into a pace of anxious haste, her teacup paws slashing the assassin through the Seron territory to arrive at the scene bathed in concern.

Without care to the tortured dame inside she intruded, her lithe frame penetrating the walls of the moist den already laden with passion. The beryl lenses that mimicked the warlord widened, dilating in the lack of light as they narrowed into fierce slits. "Quiet, Tesni," the harsh tones of the fatale spat, her voice softening to that of a gentle coo at the utterance of her name. "Don't let him hear you like this," a warning of the wise, her father expected nothing but perfection from his minions be they his whores or not. Immediately she sprang to the side of her friend, one that she had not lay eyes to in quite some time. A hand was pressed against the seron girl that had proven herself time and time again, one so worthy that her father had handpicked the darling for his spawn. "You will have to do this without the assistance of medication." Sightings of the little Artemis had been few and far between, and so it slowly but surely became obvious that no aid would arrive... not for this birth.


Posted: Apr 1 2012, 03:12 PM

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Alpha Warlord
Male 5 Years
497 POSTS 5763 PP

Still were the ashy giants which loomed over the Seron lands, their lithe bodies uttering no more than a whisper of a groan as the tepid breeze wound about them lustfully. The warlord had taken care not to travel too far from his lands these last few days, having been informed by the auburn medic that his dame was nearing the end of her pregnancy. Still, he knew better than to let the mistress’s condition delegate his responsibilities. He was diligent in his duties, securing the borders and overseeing the hellions and still, all the while, providing for the emissary who carried his spawn. Each day she had been captured in his chilled pools he was reassured of her strengths. Her belly had swollen ferociously just within these last weeks, her side writhing with his unborn fiends. The thought bayed a grin to twist upon his inky lips, the roguishly handsome features holding the expression as the titan altered his course ever so slightly. It was about that time again, to pass by her den, to ensure she was in good health and spirit. He expected nothing less than perfection from her and so far she had not disappointed.

It was as his daunting bulk neared the cavern she had claimed as her own that auds tented, the atmosphere seemed to alter before him, the curtains spreading to reveal a more strained environment. Nares flared, tearing free what information a passing breeze harbored. The palate was ignited with Tesni’s scent, that of sweat and lastly his daughter, sweet Circe. Her splintered cry, muted slightly, rushed to him. Lids narrowed accordingly as the pistons surged on, pushing the beast into a ground engulfing trot. It took him no more than a moment’s time to erupt free from the shadowed outskirts of the petite clearing which surrounded her den. Locomotion arrested there and the cranium hoisted itself, allowing functional lens optimal angle to observe the situation which was unfolding at the mouth of the cavern. His suspicions were assured, it was time.

The behemoth sauntered forth, ever analytical stare sweeping over the distressed maiden and then his daughter. The edges of the lips twisted once more, hooks prying them back to produce a slight grin. He paused before them both, beryl pools lapping over Tesni’s contracting abdomen before settling to her features, keen on witnessing what emotions dare dance across her porcelain mask. He was no fool, he knew of this process its trials and tribulations. There was intensive agony associated with it, but it was the way of the Serons not to interfere with such anguish. Though her pains may be muted with adequate herbs she would receive no such amenities. A true Seron needs not the assistance of herbs to bring warriors into the world, no, she must be a warrior herself. Her weighted breaths echoed in his auds as his lips parted, features drawn blank once more, “At last.” came the crisp whisper, his gaze never faltering from her own.

For a moment he waited, observed in unnerving silence, and then at last he uprooted himself and stepped forward, closing the distance between in one swift stride. His chest pressed firmly against the forefront of her body, his bulk supporting her briefly as another contraction seized her entirety. Breath was drawn slowly as his nape arched, his muzzle pressed into her, persuading her with relatively gentle pressure into the den. “Be strong sweet Tesni.” The words were deposited directly into her aud, the frigid breath cascading down the side of her nape as he offered her one last encouragement. It wouldn’t be long now. Only when her frame had been embraced by the cool shadows did his attention shift, this time the stare settling to his daughter, “You will accompany her.” He need not explain further, for her knew Circe would understand just what her role now was. She would accompany Tesni to oversee and ensure that he would be informed should complication arise. With that his mass shifted once more, his back now facing the mouth of the den. Haunches descended to the earth settling with a muted thud. Shoulders rotated back one after the other as he persuaded musculature to settle itself. There was no telling how long the delivery would take but he would remained as he was, statuesquely perched at the mouth of the cavern. A single aud twisted back towards the shadows of the den.

"scream, scream for me."

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Posted: Apr 1 2012, 07:06 PM

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Gamma Lead Emissary
Female 4 Years
235 POSTS 4188 PP

By the time the paniced woman laid her eyes upon Circe, the pain was almost unbearable. She held back tears as a sharp breath was taken in. The words that came from the other's mouth were very true, and struck the thin chord of reason lingering within Tesni's mind. The girl didn't want to seem weak, she comforted herself with the knowledge that she had never gone through something like this before. It was only natural that she would be completely freaking out. She had no idea what was going to happen, the only thing she was sure of was that no matter what she would never leave her children. She was driven by the deep desire to be a better mother than her own birth mother had been. The kind of mother that would surpass Noelle, she would be the best mother.

With a new fire burning in her headstrong heart, she allowed her face to turn to intercept Torvald's appearance. Circe's words echoed within her ears as she held as calm as her pain would allow her. Without the assistance of herbs the woman knew that this was going to be pure hell. A shudder trembled up her spine as she allowed herself to led into her den by Torvald. She let her small frame hang heavily upon his bulk, shoving her nose into his sweetly soothing fur. A deep breath of courage was drawn from the male, urging her to relax. Her mind cleared as she simply nodded her head, taking his encouragment and making it into an order for herself. Gently, still holding back tears, the two doned doll brushed her nose against his muzzle. Before allowing herself to collapse gently on the cool surface. Pale sides heaved with effort and determination.

Harsh spasms shook her body as she held back a cry of pain. Hazel eyes began to water as she gasped for air. Claws raked the hard ground as if trying to grasp onto something from nothing. The pain was absolutely horrible, a light whimper slipped out from between her lips as it felt as if her abdomen was going to explode. Labored panting grew heavier and heavier as her body reacted to the natural instinct to push. This only brought more pain to the doll, as she left out a small groan. Her den soon felt as if it were on fire, consuming everything, burning her very flesh. The woman began to think that she might pass out as her breathing increased, hazel orbs darted around the den. The den was reduced to some sort of lucid blackness. Such a notion made her head spin before snapping back into concentration.

A burst of desperation and sheer desire to stop burning caused the woman to give a strong push. Suddenly, it felt as if something was released. With blurred vision she swung her cranium around to lay her eyes upon her first little bundle. A motherly coo spilled out as she pull the younster closer to lick him clean. Her affections for the first pup were drawn away as she slipped into another contraction. She wasn't done just yet. Tesni pulled out an orb of ruthless determination from deep within her to repeat the actions two more times. Her body stopped throbbing with the exit of the third pup. The young mother was exhausted, but content. Her heart grew three times larger as she took in her little children. Listening to their harmonious little voice as they wriggled close to her. Her little angels. "Oh Torvald, they're beautiful." A hushed whisper meant to call the male in to see their darling little children. "i confess."


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extended profile plotting
scarce— school will be draining me once again, i'll be more active once things settle down!

Posted: Apr 1 2012, 11:57 PM

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Subordinate Emissary
Male 6 Years
3 POSTS 101 PP

Tollak is coming (one he's accepted)! 8D Xav couldn't miss out though.

Something was amiss, altered and abnormal and playing with reality. The young male didn't know if he was simply imagining the subtle differences or if the air really was ringing with change, and he rose cautiously from where he had been laying, his ears twisting curiously as the male's skull tilted to the side. He couldn't quite place what it was that had him on edge, but the lad began to move across Seron land unsurely, erring on the edge of caution. The silence was snapped by a cry laced with pain, causing the masked wolf to whip his head to the side as a breath expelled from his lips. Tesni. He could only assume that her time had come, and his heathen siblings were to he born today, and so the russet boy set of at a leggy trot towards the dens, forcing himself not to rush in his worry for the woman who could be named his closest friend.

With the mouth of the small cave in sight, Xavier slid closer at a much slower pace, his stare shifting momentarily to his present father before he stuck his head inside the entrance to find his elder sister with the duo-toned woman. "Tesni," he breathed, the word a soft coo of warm air that brushed against her forehead as the boy gave her a gentle lick upon the muzzle. "I'm here." It was the only comfort he could offer, and then the yearling sidled out of the den to flop ungracefully a few paces from the entrance, unwilling to be a nuisance or see the horrors that would be birthed in that cramped room. His pale stare swiveled to fixate on the blank slate of his father's face, no words passed between them. When Tesni's strenuous ordeal was over with, her fairy voice floating into the air, Xavier twisted his skull towards the den, but made no move to rise, no move to draw closer to his new siblings unless he was asked to do so.

valhalla, i am coming !
table by madison. do not use without permission!


Posted: Apr 2 2012, 09:08 PM

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Loner Asshole
Male 4 Years
15 POSTS 446 PP

It was dark and cramped and he wanted out. The meager mass of sodden fur and coiled up limbs had yet to see the world, but every fiber of his newly created body craved freedom, willed to stretch and flail his tiny structure about. He and his siblings had grown so much within their constricted living quarters that they were pushed tightly up against one another, creating a bond that would carry them through life, but one that was not yet comprehended by their underdeveloped minds. The place that they knew was dark and far too small, but it was the closest semblance of home that the minuscule animal knew. So when it began to change, to tighten its hold about them until the figures had no room whatsoever to move - an event that, while it only lasted seconds, seemed eons to the fetus - he panicked. There was little else for the encased boy to do than squirm about, but with such tight spaces, he made little progress, calming only when the room was returned to its normal size.

This occurrence happened many times more, growing closer together and lasting for longer amounts of time, and the tiny heart within that tiny chest pounded with fright for the changes that were to come. Life as he knew it, however short it had been, would come to a screeching halt, and there was no way for his young mind to understand anything further than the altering of the womb around him in the exact moment that it was changed. Pressed closer to his siblings once more, he inherently craved their presence before he was thrust from his world into a new one. His body suddenly felt slippery, the world cold and entirely too large. The newborn's mouth formed an angry 'o', making no sound until his dark body was cleaned off and he could draw in his first stuttering breath, sucking it in only to release a complaining yowl in his exhale.

Where were those other bodies he had been with? Nothing was understandable at this point to the child, who, now that he was finally out, wanted back in. His uncoordinated limbs thrashed until the boy toppled in an unbalanced heap onto his side, beginning to wriggle and squirm uncontrollably in this odd position that felt all too wrong. A warm touch against him was felt, calming the boy whilst his minute anatomy was pressed against warmth - mother. Somehow, even though he could not hear nor see, the child knew that this was where he had come from, and was a figure to trust. He nestled against the protective flesh of her belly, his flailing muzzle hunting hungrily for his first meal. When the newborn found what he sought, his jowls clamped upon the source of food, his forepaws clawing contentedly at the woman's fur as a delighted coo bubbled from his lips.

that was when I ruled the world


Posted: Apr 5 2012, 08:25 PM

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Apprentice Ruffian
Male Pup
20 POSTS 236 PP

Patience... as he remained curled up along side with his siblings as they awaited sweet freedome that was to come and take them away from this prison and into fresh air, away from the curled up bodies of the wimpering siblings that he remained along side of for so many months. Soon he could feel it, the time would come, today was the day that he would no longer need to stay trapped within this black abyss. He was nervous... nervous about change, he could sense it that things would no longer be the same, it was a good thing right? It was what he was wishing for for so long, and yet, he was nervous as hell. What could he expect once freed? What as waiting for him once he was out, was there anything on the other side? Or was it simply more black.

A spasm rocked the holding cell, and suddenly there seemed to be one less entity within, more space or so he could as space. He was the next in line, the next to go. His heart beat feverishly within his petite chest, pounding away as anticipation rose along with his fear; and soon another spasm and all went by in a blur of the moment. He couldn't tell what was going on, one moment he was warm and cramped. The next he was cold and lonely. Nothing but the hard.. something below him. Until the loving embrace from above warmed his back and cleaned off the rest of the slimy residue of his holding cell... what was going on? The black was still here. It still seemed like nothing, and yet there was new sensations, new feeling; something he would relish for the moment... for it was something he would loose in the near future unknown to him for now.

No whimper or cries escaped his maw, only motion as he struggled for his first breath. The caress of the unseen figure stimulating his lungs to take in air. His tiny maw streched open until finally, the cool rush of air filled his lungs, life was brought to him at full at last. Still he was silent, the need to crie was not natural to the young whelp. Instead, he seeked the warmth of the loving figure, squirming and fighting to reach his destination. Ready to curl up and bathe himself in the odd mix of cold and warmth.



Posted: Apr 5 2012, 10:14 PM

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Female Pup
37 POSTS 339 PP

This enclosed space was a hellacious place to be, cramped and all too warm. For weeks the little female, already smaller than her brothers, had been stuck in this tiny area, pressed against a wall with barely any room to move as the two bodies in there with her squirmed and writhed, making everything so terribly uncomfortable for the unborn lass. Even within the womb she had fought back against them, lashing out as best she could to kick the one closest to her when she felt trapped, which was quite often. The unborn girl had squirmed and kicked, fought with all her might to keep her small allotted space just that; hers. For the first time in a long time on this particular day, things had grown quiet. The two with her were not moving quite as frequently, and then she felt it, the contraction of her small home and fear gripped its icy fingers around her small heart. What was going on? The walls of her current residence seemed to throb, to grow smaller and then larger with a growing intensity as more time passed. It was a scary thing, and it truly did terrify the unborn dame. Tiny mind, however, was unable to grasp the concept that she was about to pass from the womb that enclosed her in safety into a world that was much larger and much colder than the warm place she had been contained in. Soon after the contractions of her cocoon had begun, she found herself alone, floating and being pushed away from the wall she had been confined to for so long. Where were the others?

Suddenly, the warmth faded and cold enveloped her small body. A little shiver crept along her spine as her heart continued to pound out of fear, until a familiar warmth washed over her once again. The embrace was loving and familiar, and she embraced it wholeheartedly. The little doll was still surrounded by darkness, at least that’s what it felt like, but she did not mind it when she was near that somehow familiar body, a body that she recognized as her mother without the actual association of the word, for it was a word she did not know just yet. The familiar crush of the smaller bodies came once again, and little cries of protest came from the girl in the form of coos and small whines as she pushed against the frame of her larger brother until the source of food brushed against her blackened lips and she latched on, sweetness flowing from the source and into her toothless mouth. Cries were silenced for now as the girl fed, cuddled up against the fleshy warmth of the one that had brought her into this world.


user posted image
user posted image
get your own fancy little sticker!
beautifully put together by spinelli.

scarce: busy with school, involvement with two social work programs, and equestrian.

Posted: Apr 6 2012, 12:29 AM

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Alpha Warlord
Male 5 Years
497 POSTS 5763 PP

Auds did their best to drown out the labored utterances which gurgled from the mouth of the cave. He had been witness to the process once before and from what limited knowledge he had he concluded all was going well. Suspicions would only arise should Circe come bolting from the den before Tesni’s voice. The onyx statue held, his gaze focused ahead, flickering to his son only once to ensure the boy was not getting too curious. He had offered no more reprimand than a brief curl of the lip when the red hued boy had leapt into the den upon first arrival. He knew the two were friends, and so it was only natural for him to be concerned. Had he chosen to linger the story might have been different but Torvald refrained from scolding the boy for he had withdrawn and seated himself accordingly.

At long last the soft and tired tones of Tesni shattered the silence. Without a second to spare the heathen’s haunches lifted from the earth, small bit of debris cascading from his sooty rump as he wheeled about. Shoulder tucked as he entered the small cavern. His spine skated across the top of the dwelling, a structure obviously not built to house one of his stature. He offered little care to the uncomfortable fit, eye ravenous to settle upon the new brood. Soon he found them, their small bodies wriggling against Tesni’s abdomen in search of sustenance. His survey confirmed that the process had gone as planned and that no lives had been lost. The broad muzzle dipped, nudging the small bodies in a less than gentle manner, tipping them over in order to assess their genders. His actions were swift and preformed with haste, their disgruntled cries muffled a moment later as he flipped them right side up and pushed them back in the direction of their mother’s breast.

Beryl pools lifted from the meek bodies to rest in the fatigued but strong eyes of the new mother. A grin tugged at the side of the warlord’s features, a silent congratulations to the emissary. “Tollak, Abaddon and Avila.” The gruff baritones were offered at low volumes, the frigid whisper washing over those present in a nearly refreshing manner. His sights shifted to each of them as their names were spoken and last to Tesni, in order to observe any displeasure which might illuminate upon her features. Observing none he allowed his skull to bob once in confirmation, glacial stare setting to the two toned dame, “Very well done Tesni, now rest.” With that the sire pulled himself free from the den. The debris which had littered his spine was shake free as he pressed on into a lope. He would return soon, with a bloody feast for the novel mother.

"scream, scream for me."

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user posted image

Posted: Apr 7 2012, 09:55 AM

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Gamma Lead Emissary
Female 4 Years
235 POSTS 4188 PP

Slightly disoriented, she could barely make out blurred frame of her friend. She was gracefully save by her ears as she would recognize his voice anywhere. A slight smile trmebled upon her hard pressed lips. how nice it was to see him, sadly she couldn't fully appreciate him due to the liquid fire roraring through her abdomen. A pitiful sigh slipped past her as she nodded her head to the male. Tesni was fully aware that she would be given nothing to help ease her pain, but she was okay with that. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? With a wry smile she tucked that into her rules to live by. She dropped her pale lids over her hazel orbs as she let Xavier blur into the distance. The tired mother braced herself for more. She had finally done it, she had given birth the her three children.

Tesni waited for no more than a second to see that Torvald had already come into the den as she had called to him. Slowly, she swiped her moist tongue over each one of them to give them another cleaning. Just so they would look perfect, not that they weren't already. Tesni didn't even want to let her eyes wander from their small bodies. Her heart grew fonder of them, taking them in one sweet second at a time. How much she loved them already, surely with time that love would only grow. Her attention was diverted as she watched Torvald assess them. She felt what little energy she had left was thrown into the tensing of her muscles. This only brought the dull reminder of the pain that she had gone through earlier. Her eyes scanned him features, trying to pick out something. Anything. It was almost saddening that she was no better at detecting his emotions than she had always been.

Her heart leapt when he spoke to. Lips breaking into a happy smile as she saw that they had been approved. Tesni allowed the names to roll over into her mind as she placed the names upon the pups. All so fitting. "Perfect!" She purred with tired laugh, before curling her tail over her pups. Tesni nodded her head to the male's instructions, letting the words sink in. She had done a good job. Her eyes lingered over to Circe and then out of the den to Xavier. The woman offered the a nod of thanks and an invitation to see their siblings. Tesni was growing very tired now that the excitement of the day was over. She allowed herself to fall deep into sleep's grasp while her children were by her side. "i confess."

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scarce— school will be draining me once again, i'll be more active once things settle down!


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