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A Toast to the Future — Skuld Maddox
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 02:13 PM

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Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP

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White coloration
Heterochromia: Left eye orange, Right eye red
First son of Lithium and Tamara, twin to Valdur Maddox
Ace (Beta) in Adega

1) Middle name
2) Alignment (Light/Neutral)
3) Desired duty
4) Appearance (Harbinger minimum)
5) Personality (Harbinger minimum)
6) Other

Skuld Maddox is the first-born son to Lithium and the late Tamara. He is the twin brother to Valdur Maddox, the current Alpha of Adega. At the moment he is involved in a plot in which he has disappeared and been attacked by a Jaguar in the Fuego Region and has been unable to return due to his injuries. Currently he is a Jack (Alpha) in Adega, however his player will start as Ace (Beta) until I am confident they will be active and dedicated to his character. Once I feel comfortable with the player then they will move up to Alpha alongside Valdur and I. As the Beta his newest player must be extremely active, eager, and excited to play him. He should be a very large part of Adega and love his family more than anything.

Skuld comes with a lot of great art and opportunity. Please post your application below or PM it to Valdur.


Posted: Apr 2 2012, 10:46 AM

Group Icon

Captain Denmother
Female 6 Years
100 POSTS 752 PP

1) Middle name: Vedo (Hungarian for Protector)
2) Alignment: Light
3) Duty: Club (Guardian)
4) Appearance
When standing next to his twin, it is difficult to tell Skuld apart from Valdur. However, upon closer inspection, the differences become more apparent. Though they both have mismatched eyes, Skuld's left eye is orange and his right is red, the opposite of his brother. Skuld is also bigger than his brother, both in height and in muscle mass. He is rather built, having worked hard to build muscle and learn how to defend others, and his current form reveals that. Skuld also carries himself differently, tending to have more of a wary and regal posture than his brother, being less carefree and more solemn than Valdur. Keeping his head and tail up at all times unless it would be impolite for him to do so, giving himself an assured and confident air

Skuld's pure white pelt is his pride and joy, and is treated as such. Having been taught at a young age that it is important to look one's best, Skuld makes sure that nothing mars his fur, skirting around mud and dust, cleaning it off promptly should any happen to touch him, not stopping until the fur shines brilliantly again. In fact, his pelt has been known to cause others discomfort if they look directly at him on a sunny day without squinting (Being the gentleman that he is Skuld will promptly move to a more shady location should this happen). Due to his rather recent jaguar fight, Skuld now has some beauty marks. Most noticeable is the pair of scratches running from the bridge of his nose to his lip on the left side, though there is another longer scar on his chest, running underneath his right armpit, mostly covered by his long white fur. The wound has healed, but it does make it difficult for him to walk at times, giving the older Maddox a bit of a limping or elongated gait until he can get centered again.

5) Personality
Those who meet Skuld will be greeted with as much politeness as the man can muster, for he has always been taught to be a gentleman. This also means that he tends to put the needs of others before his own, and females are treated with the utmost respect. Even enemies are not treated rudely, though his displeasure with them will be made clear in other ways, generally by the words he chooses to speak to them. If someone threatens his pack or family Skuld will deal with them quickly and efficiently, be it through words or a fight. He has no problem with fighting for what he cares about, though one can be certain the duel will be a fair one. Honesty is very important to this male, and unless it is to protect someone, perhaps not even then, he refuses to speak something that is not true. He also greatly dislikes anyone who enjoys spreading falsehoods.

Being the first-born, Skuld was raised to be a leader, and he still acts like one. He knows how to deal with people and actually likes doing it, which combined with his natural confidence makes him a good choice for any leadership role, be it leading a hunt or something far bigger. However he is very protective of those he looks after and cares about which makes him try to protect them at all costs, sometimes putting them before more important things and other people. This is due to his mother dying while he was still young, leaving Skuld with an indelible scar upon his heart that makes it hard for him to open up to people and, once they have gotten through his wall, does not allow him to let them leave or come to harm easily. Trust is difficult to come by with Skuld, and once bestowed if it is broken there can be no forgiveness for it. He can try, but there will always be a lingering doubt.

Skuld is very much a protector of the small and guardian of Adega, willing to put himself in harm's way to keep the pack safe. After moving to Harbinger from Doctrine he reformed Adega, leading it through difficult and dangerous times, protecting its members from attack, and keeping everyone together and everything running smoothly. It is safe to say that once he sets his mind to doing something Skuld sees it through to the end. He will not be deterred by minor (or major) setbacks, especially when those he cares about are involved in them or supporting him. Because of the years of separation Skuld tries to spend as much time with his family as possible, as though trying to make up for lost time. They are incredibly important to him and he will do anything for them, setting aside his own problems and business to lend an ear or paw, whichever is needed more. The same concept applies to his pack, his adopted family, which means just as much to him.

6) Other
(I would have to get permission to take him on but all of my other characters (Dawn, Arcania, and Icarus) have the posts needed.)

user posted image

user posted image

Posted: Apr 17 2012, 11:17 PM

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Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP

Congratulations Dawn! I have sent you a PM with some details but you are now his new player. :] Do enjoy Skuld! <3



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