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better stop and rebuild all your ruins — [p.] Albersev
Posted: Feb 24 2012, 09:55 PM

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Beta Captain
Male 5 Years
418 POSTS 70 PP

Obese grey plumes drifted sluggishly in the heavens above, proceeding in militaristic rows. The grimy, dull color tainted what would have been blue with its thick veil, attempting to blot out the sun that battled ever courageously against the monotonous formations. Where sun met cloud, a pale orange blushed across the dreary puffs, ripping through with more forcefulness as they got closer. The world below remained in a gentle shadow despite the burning orb’s efforts, the heavy clouds completely ignoring the rays of light that tore at their dismal bodies and instead continuing on their way with a frighteningly steady pace. It was likely that it would rain in a little while if the storm clouds didn’t pass straight by.

The massive inky skull that had tilted upwards to observe the contents of the skies now lowered once again, casting electric stare down to the debris littered road. Here and there, crumbled pieces of a structure had been separated from their brethren, thrown to the ground to have their forms broken and battered until they were mere particles that clung to whatever feet were unfortunate enough to step upon them. Claws gripped the rust caked metal hull of the car upon which the monster sat, broad shoulders protruding just a bit as neck angled down in an almost drooping way. Muzzle tilted to the side, and he took in the familiar buildings and cars and things that lined Tornado Lane. He wondered if Moros or Keres had wandered here yet. If not, he would take them, most certainly. He wanted his sons to be most educated on the lands of Refuge Point, to know what to touch and what not to, and to never have to worry about getting lost.


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Posted: Feb 25 2012, 05:05 PM

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Tenured Professor Fisher
Male 7 Years
36 POSTS 195 PP

Albersev hadn't had much to do in his new pack, and therefore hadn't been surprised when the wanderlust sat in. After a quick glance around the territory to be sure nothing needed done, he complied to it, making quick work of the distance between Paradise Island and Refuge Point. Once at the mainland, he'd paused for a moment, suddenly unsure of where to head. Unlike his last visit, this one held no real purpose--no packs to visit, or run for, no messages needing carrying. No friends to visit, really--at least none he was sure he was still friends with. He wouldn't dare step towards Seron land--still skittish about them, still fuzzy on what, exactly, his deal with Torvald was. So, he wandered some, but steered clear of those lands.

Disappointment in his choice of days for a walk became evident as the clouds rolled in. Ears drooped backward, flattening against his skull, orbs sliding up to trail over the sky. Was it going to rain? Dear, he hoped not--he'd need to swim home, and he didn't want to have to brave stormy weathers. He didn't even know if he could. He headed towards the first area that even seemed to offer some sort of shelter, wading through the sea of crud that the previous inhabitants had left behind to find something useful. Before long, he spotted something peaking back at him--a little den, perhaps? He moved closer, forgetting what it was as the dark form of a wolf became evident over it. He was about to move away--give the man his room--when a spark of familiarity sparked in his mind, and he nudged himself forward.

An excited grin crossed over the boy's face as he recognised the dark form, even if it had been a while since he'd seen it. "Ho! Bane!" vocals called out sharply, vying for the black brute's attention. Paw-steps picked up speed, setting a quick jog towards the beast and his throne. He let out a curt laugh as he reached the other, steps slowing to a halt next to the car that the Seron topped. "Been a bit since I've seen you, eh?" The half-joking statement rolled off of his tongue, dark golden orbs brightening at the unexpected excitement of seeing the black brute. It had been quite long since interaction was had with the male--not since he'd first joined the ranks of Mortus Sero. "How've you been since I last saw you?"


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