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a most profound quiet — AD pack meeting!
Posted: Feb 2 2012, 12:22 AM

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Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP

This is a mandatory meeting! If you don't post, your character will be removed from the roster. Two rounds, quick and easy. Post by February 6th! Yup, that's 5 days. You can do it! =D

Golden rays flashed plentiful through the thickly wrapped canopy which lay sprawled above, chipper and joyous as always as the beams fought to rid the forestry of its chill. The luminous orb already hoisted high into the blue yonder, spreading a soothing warmth to the tranquil realm below. Although still early for most of the jungle folk the guardian awoke himself and pressed through the clearing out of necessity. Ten days had passed, ten days without any sign or sighting of his brother. Just like before he could not restrain the somber notes as they wound into his normally carefree chorus, and so the solemn song was sent loose across the lands. The summons hurdled with haste through the woodlands, careful to demand attention from each and every member it passed, sleeping or not. Hopefully such a sad but urgent tune would entice them from their trance and carry their limbs towards the all too familiar expanse, one which they had not been requested to visit in quite some time.

He had been nothing but the bringer of bad news as of late, truthfully the Maddox was surprised his packmates had not grown to hate him. He wished not to soil their high spirits time and time again but the time had come to at last confess the information, to reveal that they would no longer see Skuld as their alpha... or at all. Similarly to his previous disappearance he could not disclose any other information than that he was missing, for that was all he knew. However he took heart in the fact that this gathering would not be all sorrow and woe, many of the members had done extraordinarily in their tasks as of late and thus would be rewarded. The hinting of a smirk began to crack along the grieving facade for he also had a second trick up his sleeve, the announcement of an extremely special event which had taken months to plan. Mouth slowly snapped closed as the beckons was put to a stop, the final bits of the melody swirling with a chime through the now lively atmosphere. Hoisting himself upon the trusty log placed front and center to the meadow he awaited their arrival, stare eager to pluck them free from the mossy wilderness as the seconds passed.


Posted: Feb 2 2012, 07:17 PM

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Two (Heart) Denmother
Female 7 Years
57 POSTS 612 PP

Well, it wasn't much of a spot to nap, but it was at least a spot. Settling her rump on the ground she ever so slowly rested her front half on the ground. Oh the joints were sore today. But at least it was a day of rest. Lowering her skull to the gap between her legs her eyes fluttered shut just to open again at teh call of, well, by the tones of it, it was most likely Valdur. She hadn't heard Skulds in a while and this worried her greatly. What had happened to him? Well, no use borrowing trouble. So with a grunt the old lass slowly stood on all fours and trotted in the direction of the call. Thankfully, the place she laid down wasn't too far from the meeting area.

Comming up to the white brute with the mismatched eyes she smiled before walking right up to him and pushing her face into his chest for a moment. A grandmotherly type greeting she gave pretty much every wolf she knew. "My oh my. Gettin' more handsome ev'ry day. Something seems troublin' ya son. After the meeting if a wanna talk to me, you know where to find me." Giving him another smile she gave a nod before hobbling away to find a spot to sit down. For the first time she was first at a meeting. That hadn't happened... Well, ever that she could think of.

Tonight I cry Tell me why I can't live without your warm embrace


Posted: Feb 2 2012, 08:37 PM

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Elder Universal Historian (Elder Club)
Male 8 Years
37 POSTS 628 PP

Not shortly after Lithium and Skuld's talk the boy had vanished. As if the wind had come in and swooped him up, carrying him far away. It worried the old man, that no only was Siv growing scarcer but now his eldest son was missing, leaving his twin to run Adega alone. Lithium had left the pack in his children's paws, and he had expected them to run it as a family unit, like it had been for so many years. It caused great heartache in the old man to see that this dream might be falling solely on Valdur's shoulders. As the patriarch of Adega he would do his very best to help guild his son and try to keep some of the stress from bogging him down.

When Valdur's song rang out over the jungle it was close. Lithium had been trying to spend as much time as he could trailing the younger Maddox. He kept his distance of course, but was never too far behind. Besides, what else did he have to do? Needless to say, it did not take very long for the elder to reach the pale boy. Approaching he noticed that Riya too had already gathered, she too was spending a lot of time near the pack's center, but with age came an ever decreasing desire to explore.

Lithium stepped up to his son, he bumped his head into Valdur's shoulder and nap before he stepped back with a warm smile. "Don't worry mah son, Imma do mah best ta help ya out." After all, Adega's ranks were fairly large. With that the senior took a seat beside his son. His eyes moved to Riya, he smiled and chuckled lightly. "Eh, I guess ya beat me gettin' herre didn't ya?"

"I can't see.."

user posted image
Plot With The Sun Chaser
Me Scarce? Always. I am a busy woman, with college and work and trying to have a social life. I do my best to keep this hobby alive. I can only say sorry that I am slow at times.

Posted: Feb 2 2012, 11:44 PM

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Six Runner
Female 3 Years
164 POSTS 214 PP

Spry steps brought her forward through the labyrinth, and though thte gnarled vegetation groped forth to capture her dainty paws she evaded them with a chipper assortment of springs, bounds and leaps. It was not long before she came upon the small clearing which had bee designated the meeting spot, a region she adored for the birds had wound their nests within the canopy and provided without fee a symphony. A smile blossomed upon her honey lips as her eyes rose to the emerald heavens, the leaves a flutter as the winged chorus moved about. With a pleasant swish of her banner she hopped over the lat log with stood in her path, her sights immediately pulled to her ivory knight who stood so still at the forefront of those who had already gathered. Instantly her smile faded, the sadness which resonated from his eyes dashing somber tones upon her façade. She could not stand to see him as he was, pained and burdened with sorrow. Her heart stung in her chest.

As she approached her beloved polite nods and greeting were offered to all she passed. She would not abandon manners, not even now when she wished nothing more than to kiss the frown from her lover’s face. At last she reached him, his sadness echoed in her own pristine pools. She held herself at a distance for only a moment before pressing her chest into his, her head tucking to the side and nestling against his shoulder. Her warm breath slid through his fur and with her inhale she allowed herself to drown in his cologne. She said nothing, but melded herself into him as best she could, her beating heart tapping at his own. She held herself there, trying her best to exude her love from each and every inch of her body; to wrap him in her undying affection and chase his worries away.

“Do not be sad my sweet.” came the whisper of a plea, her nose now sliding up the side of his neck and to his cheek where her blushed tongue emerged to offer a tender kiss. She withdrew slowly, her once somber features slowly transforming, a soft smile now etched upon her lips. She would say no more. With an angelic grace she slipped back to position herself with the others, choosing a seat beside Lithium. All would be well, there was no way it could not be. Not so long as she had him.


user posted image

Posted: Feb 3 2012, 04:21 PM

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Three Warrior
Male 4 Years
28 POSTS 285 PP

Was he growing senile or perhaps aging in an unfit manner for a savage of his day and age? Either way it seemed the behemoth could hardly remember what he had done since the last Adegan meeting, the only thing that had come to mind was the peculiar encounter with the crocodile, otherwise his mind drew a blank. A frustrated huff escaped pressed lips as his brows furrowed, was his daily life so filled to the brim with nothingness that even his heart was left with unease at his static situation? And alas it truly seemed so. Yet even so, he tread forth, his steps measured by the distance that diminished between himself and the scent of his dear Alpha. Beckoned again by the same baritone voice that he had indeed grown accustomed to, the monster followed like the Cerebrus lulled by the enchanting harp that played its tune. Of course that was not to say that his Jack was in any way feminine but metaphorically, he had indeed been far more loyal than most would have expected of him. The reason for it was yet to be known but he was sure to discover it should the time come for him to do so.

A pity though that what he had caught sight of was the many members that had already gathered despite the leviathan's attempts to hasten his journey yet to what fault was it? He had been the first for the previous meeting, surely, he could reattain that record after this one. So long as he was careful not to tread so far from Adega yet little could ameliorate his wandering tendencies. He had grown accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle and the most unfortunate of all, if he did not travel, his dear shadowed effigy would dissipate and how familiar he had grown to her presence. "Tuil set vilax mil horten? It is not like you." The sweet voice cooed its sickening discontent at his placid disposition yet he found little reason to refute her for it was true, the brute had never been carved for the makings of a follower yet here he was traipsing according to the beck and call of another. Reluctantly, he cast his company a dismissive glance before letting out a gruff exhale of air. In defiance, the umbra parted and left him to his business, much to his own dismay.

With plans of addressing the situation of later, the hellion soon made his way toward the snow-kissed Jack and with a toothy grin he allowed the same jestful tones to slip through deepened vocals, "A frown, my dear Jack, does not suit you." It was a hushed passing of verbiage that left charcoaled lips, a means of making the brute smile but if it failed, well, he didn't really care. Situating himself a ways off from the rest, he waited for the alpha to commence their meeting just as every other time.


user posted image

Posted: Feb 4 2012, 05:33 PM

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Apprentice Hunting unicorns
Male Pup
12 POSTS 211 PP

OOC: It's going to be quite awkward for me to post with both Anemone and Derby, and yes, I am going to post with Annie after this, but no, It's not supposed to be a double post ;D

This was so exciting! A pack meeting, and his first one too! Sooty paws bounced Derby through the trees towards where to echoing call of valdur had blossomed. Arriving in the clearing, a wide smile apparent upon his muzzle. Then, looking around, he noticed everyone looked a little... down? What was wrong? Derby's heart sunk. This wasn't going to be fun if people weren't happy! He was determined to change that mood. "Hai evvyone!" Derby yipped, prancing in, and parking himself on his bottom.

Derby looked around. He didn't recognise anyone. Where was Abre? He flicked an ear, confused at all these wolves were. Him and Abre didn't go near the other dens much. Oh well. Derby looked up at the wolf situated at the top of a log. His interest immediately brightened his mood. That must be Valdur! Or Skuld. Derby didn't know the difference between them.

Looking around for something to do, Derby saw a elderly grey wolf(Riya), and he got up and wandered over to her. "Hai! I Derby!" he said, introducing himself, his little tail wagging. This wolf looked interesting!

"Lost under the surface."

SCARCE/ABSENT, parents are getting onto me about 'too much computer' and I may be suddenly gone for long periods D:

Posted: Feb 4 2012, 05:48 PM

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Six Club (Guardian)
Female 2 Years
36 POSTS 559 PP

Anemone hadn't done much lately. She wasn't interested in what was going on in Adega. Something was... bugging her? She didn't know. Mis-matched eyes blinked, and then she heard the call of Valdur, beckoning them to a pack meeting. Good. Anemone did wonder why Skuld wasn't calling though, and a frown creased her face. Where was skuld these days? She set off at a trot, realising that Lashana might be there.

Upon arrival, Anemone was disappointed not to see her sister there. It was a shame, as Anemone would have liked to catch up with her again. Nevermind. Looking up at the log, she saw Valdur... and no Skuld. He was missing again. He had gone again... hadn't he? That was just great. How could she be rivals if he kept disappearing?

Moving away from the wolves she didn't know, Anemone looked around, wondering what to do. She desperately wanted to question Valdur about where Skuld was, but he was busy talking with other wolves. Making up her mind, Anemone approached the log, watching Valdur, an expression for concern upon her usually happy face. "Hi Valdur" she said, a small smile rising, then fading again. "Where's skuld?" she tried to say it calmly, casually, but she couldn't keep the edge of worry from her voice. Where was he?

"Anemone Speaks"



Posted: Feb 4 2012, 06:05 PM

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Two Diamond
Female 1 Year

Time had become something that was more or less irrelevant to the young girl and her current lifestyle. Morning or night didn't make much of a difference when it came to adventures through the maze of a home that she'd come to love. Evelyn had picked up the habit of greeting that big golden ball that came back after disappearing every single time before getting dark out. Perhaps it was afraid of darkness; she certainly couldn't blame it if that were the case. There had been a span of time where things for her were quite the same, and it still was slightly frightening to be out alone for too long when it was dark. But it didn't stop her anymore, only if mother (or someone in the pack that was obviously meant to be respected) asked her to would the dusty girl change what she was doing. Adventures were too fun to be stopped.

It began as yet another early morning for the young Danaher, the golden splashes only just beginning to peek through the leafy covering. Weaving her way across the landscape, the pup was determined to begin her mission to say that daily hello to the bright ball in the sky. As lovely a place as this was to live, it certainly made such endeavors somewhat challenging to keep up. Perhaps that was part of the fun in it all.

Tiny figure froze in place as a noise was carried through the air. While Evelyn wasn't all too certain what or who it was, curiosity found itself bubbling up as it always was. Purple eyes looked back in the direction that the sound had come from, the decision of whether or not to go being discussed in her head. Oh, but she must go! This was something new, something that didn't happen everyday. As long as she made sure to apologize to the sun tomorrow (or even later on in the day if it still wanted to talk to her), then everything should end up just fine. Now it would simply be a matter of weaving her way back through the jungle to where the voice had come from. It certainly must have taken a lot of effort for someone's voice to travel so far. Ignoring something with such effort put into it would have been rude.

It took some time, but she eventually made it. In the time that he tiny limbs had taken to bring her being here, others seemed to have made it before her. If so many others reacted to the same voice, then perhaps it was a good thing that she had decided to come here instead of continuing on her daily endeavor. Shuffling in, the amount of other wolves here made the young girl a little uneasy. They were all so strange, and her eyes frantically looked for the first form that they could recognize. Initially it was the frame of the older wolf that had basically become her best friend. Miss Riya! But someone else had walked up to her, so the lenses kept scanning. Mother seemed to be near someone strange, too, but at least it was mother. She would never be near anyone who wasn't safe or nice. With her head low, Evelyn continued her shuffling towards Nalani, trying to go unnoticed by everyone else. Once she'd reached her destination, the girl lowered her rear to the ground and leaned up against her mother, never speaking a word. Now it was a matter of waiting to see what everyone had come here for.



Posted: Feb 4 2012, 06:28 PM

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Three Diamond (Sentry)
Female 3 Years

  As the cherished sun climbed to its highest destination on a brilliant blue canvas, a russet she-wolf bumbled on through the humid forest, squinting in frustration and pain as her small shoulder cut threatened to sting. Where was her sister? Shana hadn't seen her partner in crime since they first united, and the rebellious girl ached to see the orangie-brown pelt of Anemone again. The world wasn't that big, was it? Lashana had seemed to run into multiple others. Was her sister in hiding? A chocolate brown nose twitched to and fro as a mischievous grin laced ebony lips. It was like a big game of hide an go seek. Suddenly, a harmonic howl split through the peacefulness of the moist jungle, rubbery palms seeming to vibrate at the sound reached their veins. I know what that means. Pinpointing the direction the maker if the noise had to be, the bouncy female eagerly sped through the land, thoughts about what her first pack gathering since returning to Adega might be like swirled through her mind.

Upon arriving at the meeting place, Lashana instinctively scanned the recognizable faces of the few Agedians that had already arrived. Magenta eyes widened with happiness and triangular ears perked to their highest heights as Anemone's face came into view. Putting on her best professional stance, the One proudly trotted towards her sister, dipping her slender cranium in respect to the ivory Jack making idle chat with the others. Pressing her russet head against Anemone's fur in a loving greeting, Shana couldn't help but notice there was someone missing. "Where's Skuld?" she murmured to her sister, ears twitching back and forth as pink optics checked over the wolves again, making sure she wasn't missing the alpha. Apparently he'd disappeared before she had arrived, but the russet she had met with the Jack not that long ago, and he had seemed rather settled, and he definitely hadn't given any clue to be leaving again so quickly. Bringing her head back to its rightful position between two boney shoulders, the adventurous sentry winced as a slight pain tweaked her arm, reminding the girlie of her recent accident. "Guess what, Annie! I fell down I hill!", she exclaimed, giggling softly as she recalled her klutzy incident.

"Shana Speaks"


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Posted: Feb 4 2012, 07:30 PM

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Captain Denmother
Female 6 Years
101 POSTS 759 PP

Changes had come again, and still the female was unused to dealing with them. Whispers had reached her in the nursery, though faint ones at that, and Dawn had no idea what to think. Disappeared? Again? And why? But perhaps this meeting was going to answer those questions for her. The Heart certainly hoped so as she padded swiftly through the jungle towards the meeting place.

Upon arriving there Dawn was disheartened to find that she was quite behind, as many were already there. In fact, many that she did not know at all, which she found odd. And so Dawn was quite thankful to see Lithium sitting not far from his son, and she lowered her head as she approached the males, tail held at a respectful level, entire body screaming submissiveness. "A greetings to you both," the Heart said softly, one ear going back shyly. Not only was she speaking to the Jack, which would be more than enough to unsettle her, but there was Lithium to consider as well. She had a great respect for the older male, and so that made it difficult. I must get over this, she thought, glancing around the group.

"If there is anything I can do to help please do let me know," she added with a respectful nod. Hoping that she was not being too forward the tawny female backed away a short distance and laid down, watching the pair expectantly. Dawn trusted the Jack to know what to do, even though she did not know Valdur nearly as well as she had known Skuld. It was something that should be rectified at some point, but not now. Not until everything was settled, because surely Valdur would be busy now. "Speech!"

user posted image

user posted image

Posted: Feb 5 2012, 05:50 PM

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Male 4 Years
33 POSTS 223 PP

“Den the cattypillar ‘poke! He said-“

Squeaky vocals instantly cut off as something queer rose above the usual noise of his new home. Instinctively lightly dusted ears pressed forward as the sound he’d come to know as a howl one day sang higher into the sky. Innocent eyes glanced at his captive friend wanting to continue his one-sided talk with her, but the noise continued to go on. Like the typical child he was the howl quickly captured his attention. He wanted to know what that was, how it was made, and who made it if it was even made at all. Moving his eyes from his friend to the den he, Nalani, and Evelyn slept in he narrowed his eyes to try and see if they were there. Nothing, he couldn’t see a thing. It was either too dark or they weren’t there at all.

Craning his neck towards the place the song came Oberon paused. He wanted to go, but he was taught to tell his mother where he was going, right? But… But he went without telling her before, so… So it was fine, yes? Yes! Turning his sight back to the jar he briefly thought of bringing his f airy to where ever he was going. Though last time she almost got hurt… The child shook his head and decided not doing that. Because he’d be sad if she got hurt!

“’Kay, you stay here and I go-go!” He declared loudly.

He gave his friend a bright smile before turning in a circle, trying to remember where the sound came. Upon figuring out the direction he toddled off with a bit of a waddle in his step as he went. It took him quite a while to get to where he was going, but once he was there it took all his might to keep from just running through the crowd. Curiously he looked around the big gathering of wolves reminding him of when he went to play in the cold white stuff with everyone. He didn’t recognize a lot, but he did remember the wolf standing in front of everyone. His tail wagged a little, they played together in the white stuff! A happy grin spread across his face at the thought.

For a bit he bounced from paw to paw not knowing what to do with himself or what this situation was. However his tiny dilemma changed when he walked forward a bit and spotted his sister and mother. Another grin graced his snout and with a yip he waddled quickly over to his family. Giving an affectionate nuzzle to his sister then to his mother’s leg the Ceirycoux boy nestled next to them. Not really knowing what was going on, but content as long as his mother and sister were.


user posted image

Posted: Feb 5 2012, 11:16 PM

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Nine Club (Warrior)
Male 5 Years
173 POSTS 1413 PP

Tongue ran over crimson lips once to capture the remnants of the flavor before a yawn was let free. The dashing creature’s belly was filled with warm meat, and he was very content at the moment. He could probably even go for a nap too. Forelegs squirmed forward to stretch out his back, rear lifting further into the air before he snapped back up. Fur ruffled once, and azure gaze scanned about to find a possible perch. Raj never really did settle himself in a den; he wasn’t one for settling, which could be obvious in several different examples in his life. A casual step was taken forward to continue the search, when a howl filled battered auricles. "Hmm?" skull was cocked as the haughty man paused. Eyes narrowed slightly with the lack of the typically joyous notes that littered Valdur’s calls. Something must have been amiss.

A steady jog got the Lakshmana to the meeting place in good time, a frown tugging lips as deep blues settled immediately upon the pale giant. Pace slowed, and he padded up to the Jack with lightly veiled concern upon his handsomely marred face. True, while he couldn’t for the life of him understand why Valdur could typically be so needlessly happy and therefore deemed it childish and foolish, Raj had also been in Adega for some time, and he had grown to care about the members that he knew. Not seeing or hearing Valdur acting like his normal, nauseatingly cheerful self did, in fact, make the older male displeased and worried. Skull was tipped to the alpha, a hint of a question topping the greeting, "Valdur?" Brows were raised as he gave a last glance to the Maddox before turning to saunter through everyone and find himself a seat.


user posted image

Posted: Feb 6 2012, 06:02 PM

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Three Sentry
Male 4 Years
101 POSTS 786 PP

a large male laid at the edge of a clearing, rhythmically running a long, pink, tongue over a foreleg, cleansing himself of mud and possible residue of adventure. pristinely clean after a scout mission, each muscle, previously worked in training, was now lose in leisure and free of muck. handsome azure lenses lazily drooped as the behemoth dozed in and out, just resting up. a sudden commanding alarm struck the atmosphere like a gong, causing bohemian's lobes to erect and both optic to flash open, each muscle tense in defence before realising this was just his invitation to a meeting. anxiety filled his form for many moments as he remained laying, relaxing himself and making his heartbeat to return to a normal pace. who would remember him? who would praise his arrival? who would dislike his return? unsure of the reactions he would gather from those he had not yet seen, such as lithium - one who he thought of as his father, bohemian knew it was his civil duty to join in on pack meetings such as this one.

with a soft grunt, the colossal gentleman heaved his physique upwards, defying gravity for a moment, before he shook his body, head to tail, side to side. when the pelt settled back down on his hide, the yahn male propelled himself forwards to the location of the calling of his leader. it took the broad-chested male short to walk up a small hillside and pause at it's top, looking over the small crowd of pack mates that had gathered. a small gust of wind pushed his fur forwards, making him look a little larger for a moment, as he gave the crowd a charming smile despite their attention not turning towards him. proceeding forward once more, he passed the maddox's, first seeing his much respected father-figure, lithium. dipping his head to the bloke, bohemian murmured, directing his words towards the long lost wolf. lithium... oi've missed yah so. before taking a step forwards and putting his head on his shoulder for a split second before backing off, hoping dearly he wasn't too forwards. taking another step he dipped his head to valdur, giving his alpha a frank smile and bidding him a warm and concerned hello: Oi'm around if yah need me, valdur.

finally, bohemian saw his mother and reached her side, seating himself very close, almost pelts touching in compassion for one another. good ev'nin' mum, oi hope yer doin' well tonight. he murmured before licking her forhead, realising he was taller than her by nearly a head now. chuckling, bohemian glanced around the clearing, seeing many youth, winking at his sentry friend lashana, and other ladies and gentlemen of adega. pride welled within him and finally, bohemian returned his attention back to the maddox's at the head of the meeting, knowing with hushed chattering that his first new adega meeting would be beginning soon. jus' like ole' times, aye mum? rumbled the boy so softly and tenderly the compassion could be only heard by the wolves sharing the words. keeping his bright eyes trained on his leader, he studied valdur's worried face, hoping that the pack was not under threat, and that valdur and the rest of the maddox's were doing better than valdur was showing. bohemian, though, did not question the legitimacy of their leader as he, too, fell to a hush.


bohemian yahn ; 4 ; male ; senry ; rank three ; righteous ; loyal ; single~

Lashana is the BEST because: She's pretty, she's adventurous, she's an Adegan, she is caring, and she brilliant!

Posted: Feb 6 2012, 11:57 PM

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Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP

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Within moments the greenery gushed forth the Adegans, their spirit boundless and vigor eager to be quenched. The first member to escape the shadowed lands was their newest denmother, however the Maddox was not unfamiliar with her identity. Gentle, or so he remembered the elder woman, surprise sprinkled his features as she did not refrain from showering the young lad with affection as though he were one of her own. With a warm smile he eased into her embrace, tilting his large skull downwards to brush the very tip of his nose against her chocolate crown. "H-hello to you too, Miss Riya! You are far too kind! I just might take you up on that offer," he could not restrain the grin for long in the presence of such faithful followers. As though privy to the sorrow which pricked furiously at the all too benevolent organ tucked within his chest, his father bound forward not long after his seemingly newest companion had. "Thank you, pops," oxygen slid across his incisiors as an over-dramatic sigh exited his massive lungs. It was Nalani who lovingly traipsed her way to his side then, her affections bringing the boy to slide his anguished orbs shut as he reveled in her admiration. A single forepaw rose to wrap itself around her lithe form, pulling her ever closer within moments. Just before she managed to slip away from his grasp he returned her act of passion, extending his own ribbon to glide smoothly across her mask. "Never could I be sad in your presence," he admitted, a soft grin dragging the edges of his lips upwards. "What frown?" was the clever retort that came after his faithful jester's commentary, the mask of a fool replacing his usually silly guise. Of course he could never admit his woe, not in the presence of anyone but himself. Even then, given normal circumstances he tucked the grim emotions away for later reflection. "Hello, Anemone," crown oscillated vertically, her arrival snapping him clean of his mess of thoughts. At last one of the final members trickled into the clearing, one of the finest Denmothers Adega had seen. "Thank you, Dawn. I will keep that in mind," he acknowledged the gal with a smile as his drooping posture straightened, readying himself for the announcement that would likely obliterate the happiness from their features within moment.

"Welcome new and old. I apologize for calling you here so early in the morning, but as I'm sure you've noticed, there is something of grave importance to announce," he paused, momentarily catching his breath. For mere seconds he gazed upon their faces, both dread and curiosity making its mark upon their facades. Once more a sigh exited his maw, his gaze flicking away. He despised all of this doom and gloom, but he needed their assistance to arrive at a solution. "Skuld has gone missing. This time he has not left with reason. It is assumed he disappeared from Adega pack lands, as I spoke with him just before heading to bed on the last evening I saw him. At this time that is all I know. Please be on the look out for him, and have you any information on his whereabouts I beg you to share it now," mismatched stare pleaded for anything, any mutter of sight of the pallid Alpha. But within seconds it had become clear that each of them were just as clueless as he. "I believe he has been assaulted and may be injured. I ask all of you to remain watchful and ever vigilant. Keep a close watch on the children, women and elders. Guardians, now is your time to shine. Protect Adega from this unknown assailant," his once chipper gaze had grown overbearingly solemn, the responsibility bouncing from warrior to guardian as he bestowed them with their newest duties. Still there were more crucial details to expose, "While we are on the subject of attacks, I have heard word of a lone male ambushing unsuspecting women and children of Mortus Sero, both in the Point and in the Fuego region. This may be our suspect. Please exercise extreme caution when traveling alone." Minor bits of hatred fueled the furious flames that now arose in his normally kind eyes. He could forgive the sinful and save the damned, but he would not allow another one of his kind to be hurt.

Silenced lingered for what seemed like ages as he allowed the overload of data to properly sink and wedge into the already crammed crevices of their craniums. He gave them minutes to reflect and strike up chatter amongst themselves, discussion was always open within the walls of Adega. Once more he commanded their attention with a hesitant clearing of his chords, "Chaos aside, most of you have done commendably in your duties. Nalani, Riya, and Lashana will now be known as Two. Necrosis will now be known as a Warrior and a Three, along with Bohemian, a previous Adegan who has finally returned to us. Welcome home, brother. Dawn should now be addressed as a Four." Pools of mismatched hue fell upon each of them, paying forth respect and recognition where it was more than due. Those who had an active presence in Adega would always be rewarded. At last the meeting had progressed through the awful and they arrived at the happier portions of their gathering. Finally all of their planning and arrangements would be made known to the entirety of the group. Eyes focused solely on his beloved, his lenses shedding off bits and pieces of love as the attention fell upon her. "Even through the turmoil, Adega will not fall. I would like to tell you all about our next event, one quite special to me. Miss Nalani and I will be formally married a little under two weeks from today. For those of you unaware, a wedding is a large ceremony held to celebrate the joining of two wolves in mateship. Of course, all of you are invited," the man leapt from the log, wrapping his darling in his arms in one fell swoop. Naturally her cheeks would flush a bright red and so he ran his tongue along her cheek once more before she could protest. Laughter finally rang from his lips as he let her loose, a gentle pat landing upon the miniature skull of little Evelyn as he stilled himself. "That is all for this meeting. Thank you for attending despite the early hours, and, should you have any questions, please voice them now."


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Dawn could not quite believe her ears, that the Jack she had come to know such a short time ago was gone yet again, this time without even a word of warning. And besides that, he was probably hurt? Though it was hardly a good idea, the first thing the Heart wanted to do was go searching for him. Certainly there would be some sort of trail they could follow or something. But as soon as the thought occurred Dawn pushed it away, dismissing it for the horrible idea that it was. That would only put more of them in danger, especially at a time when they needed to be together and whole, not scattered to the winds hunting their lost Alpha. But still...

Brought back from her musings by mention of her name, Dawn dipped her head respectfully upon his announcement of her new rank. I have come far since I left the north, she thought. Indeed, since she had joined Adega. This pack was the best thing for her, or so she thought. Certainly it had gone a long way towards relaxing her and teaching her how to trust others again. And that seemed unlikely to change in the future.

Still, even better news followed, news that had Dawn on her feet with a joyous yip, as though she were a pup again. Remembering herself the Heart lowered her head with embarrassment, wagging her tail apologetically though she could not help the pleased smile that graced her features, and returned to her former position. But it was wonderful news, simply wonderful! The Heart could already imagine the ceremony and was pleased that such a thing was celebrated here. In fact, she was pleased that mates were treated with such love and respect. That had never happened in her old pack, and so this idea was all the more beautiful to her because of it.

"A merry congratulations to you both!" Dawn said warmly, standing again, unable to stay still. It really did give her hope that everything would be all right. After all, if such happiness could exist in the world surely everything else could be dealt with. Valdur was an excellent Jack, and Dawn trusted that they would be just fine. Still, it did make her wonder if she would ever find such happiness as clearly existed between the pair. Well, that was a problem for her to deal with, and the momentary nervousness passed, leaving nothing but happiness for the couple. "Speech!"

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