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A Whole Crapload of Updates!
Posted: Jan 31 2012, 07:56 AM

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Leader Pedagogue
Male 1 Year
214 POSTS 191 PP

A Whole Crapload of Updates!

Loner Limit
You have 3 months to have your lone wolf choose a pack. Period. If you don't pick a pack in that three months, your character will suddenly find themselves defenseless, and are subject to be killed, whether you want it to happen or not. Loner "gangs" will not be allowed, as they are considered mini-packs which are subject to payment and approval. There are far too many loners, and far too low of numbers in our many packs, so this has simply been a long time coming. The loner roster is still in the process of being cleared out after the activity check.

New Icons
There are 7 new icons for you to strive for! If your wolf has led a pack event, if your wolf has been in a pack for six months, or has met 20 wolves outside of their pack, you can earn these nifty new icons! There's a new icon strictly for creatures, if they've met 20 wolves, and an icon if your wolf has met 8 creatures. Then two hard to earn icons if you've had a mega-long thread, which do not included pack events, such as hunts or meetings!

While we really appreciate all of your wonderful suggestions, we want to remind you that we are merely a team of moderators. There really is only so much we are truly able to do regarding the site, so please try to be aware of what may have already been suggested. We do our very best, and it doesn't help when we're constantly reminded of things that we really don't have any control over. Things such as clearing out the UFA or editing profile/character fields, adding skins...etc, are things that are completely out of our control. Regardless, we want to help and are trying to be a bit more efficient about all suggestions that come our way!

Pack Inactivity
A very strict pack rule is being established and really enforced. All packs, mini-packs included, MUST HAVE AN EVENT EVERY MONTH. This can include pack meetings. But if you miss two of these in a row, your pack will be disbanded. If you think you're falling inactive, please consider handing your pack off to another, or your pack will be disbanded. We also want to remind everyone that you can challenge for alpha positions! Please consult the guidebook for information on that!

Reproduction Schedule
Due to what seems like a growing trend of mating couples suddenly falling inactive, we've made some changes to the reproduction schedule in hopes of fixing this problem. Those that already had slots have maintained them, but you have to remain active! Check out the new system here!

OTM Reminder
The months before this have been lacking in OTM nominations, resulting in the same people winning more than once. The problem is that no one was sending in nominations. If we get three nominations, then we will put up those three nominations. There quite a few members here on Harbinger, so there's no reason for this to happen. So, this is how it will work now: If someone nominates you, or your character, and you don't send in a nomination, then your name or your character's name will not be added to the poll once the judging is concluded. So...Send in your nominations! It's that simple!

ToTM voting for February also ends today, so don't forget to get your vote in before it's too late!

February Events
We have a great blind date event and a best gift event heading your way. Your character could be matched with another, and they'll have to, well...Go on a date! Who knows, your character could find the love of their life! And if you're not quite up for a date, or your wolf already has a beau, see if you can win the prize for best gift. Keep an eye on the Game Room for these fun IC events! There may also be a fun Valentine-themed OOC game and a more free-for-all IC event, so just keep an eye out.

UFA Feature
Keres Draseris-Aperture, newborn son of Bane and Mel (of Mortus Sero and SIS respectively), is up for adoption, and so soon after birth! Give this future SISian a home! He's our UFA wolf of the month, so give him a looksie.

Payoff Your Probation & Quotes
A new "item" has been added to the pawpoint shop. You can now pay to get rid of your probation! It is 500 pawpoints to get rid of one month, and 1000 to wipe them all clear. Just remember though, you may not transfer pawpoints between accounts, and you may not use pawpoints on accounts sorted 'inactive'. The Quote item has also been altered, and the price is now only 50 pawpoints.

In Character…

Pack Meeting in Devoia Exodus
Mahavir, the new alpha of DE, has called a mandatory meeting!

Pack Meeting in Seren Llwyd
Theodore has called a mandatory meeting in the Atlas Colinas!

SIS New Chief of Staff in S.I.S
Mel, sister to Chell, has taken up lead of the Secret Intelligence Society in her sister's absence.

If something happens in character that you think should make it into the announcements, PM Frankie (Theodore) or Jewels (Torvald)!

i've started school again, and really need to get back into the mindset. i'll reply when i can, but please be patient with me. school definitely comes first.


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