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Our life, in shambles — Serkan and Acahan
Posted: Jan 4 2012, 11:45 PM

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-- Assassin
Female 4 Years
4 POSTS 108 PP

Her breath came out in a fog before she pressed forth and allowed it to dissipated against her skin. The morning was cold, and dark, but the woman preferred it that way. Silently stalking along the empty game trail, her mouth remained parted, carbon condensing in the air as she exhaled while sharp incisors were flashing in the dawn light. Goldenrod pelt remained dull and colorless in the grayscale morning. The only attraction towards her would be the light amethyst gems that peered out along the mountainside that resembled her old home. Large paws kissed the ground without a whisper as she glided easily along. An ear was flicked toward a bird who had taken flight, sounding the warning call that a predator was moving across the land. Watching as the large black avian took to the skies; she reached the peak and settled her rump to the ground. The sun was just beginning to rise over the ocean; the sun peeking over the horizon and illuminating her beautiful face. Eyes closed and she inhaled as the ocean turned to fire far below. Tail curled around her neatly settled limbs, and silently, the woman watched as the orb of fire began to rise in the baby blue sky. She remained there for only a few minutes longer, taking in the wonderful sight before standing and turning to move back towards the trail marker of deer. Her stomach rumbled in protest to her few days gone without food, and she knew she needed the nourishment sooner rather than later.

The deer were easy enough to find, still sleeping as this far down the mountain side, the sun had yet to chase the shadows away. Moving along the edge of the herd, the feline stalked silently- invisible to the unsuspecting prey, she pounced; leaping through the air and tackling the large buck before the rest could even stand to run. Before the animal could bleat out a cry of pain the woman parted her jaws and broke the creature’s neck before the rest of the deer were out of the shallow opening. Letting out a soft sigh, the babe ate her fill of the animal before carrying the carcass up into the tree she had slept in the night before. From the large bough she stood on, she could see for miles on end. Being in the decline of the mountain that swept into the valley, Asli smiled, the expression only further helping her features. Moving down from the giant timber and back onto solid ground, the girl made sure to wash away any of the crimson liquid that may threaten to stain her impeccable coat. It would be quite sad really, to see her wondrous pelt be hindered by such an…. Unfortunate thing.

Gaze went about the rest of the lands before the feline moved further along her trail, not quite sure what she would find. Remaining closer to the base of the mountain now, her body was covered in the thick red dust that littered the land. She had been careful, and upon knowing they ways of mountains better than most it was simple for her to traverse it where, say, a wolf would have a much harder time. Coming to a halt as the ground started to level out, she again let out a low sigh. Solitude was not the way of life she wished to live. She longed to see others of her family, but hopes were low since the day they were attacked. Heading away from the mountain for now, Asli came to find herself beside a sizeable river. Brow arched slightly before the woman slunk into the depths of the slow moving stream. Washing away the red silt, amethysts were set on the wide expanse of land that was all around her.

“çok güçlü ”


Posted: Jan 5 2012, 01:01 AM

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Creature Assassin
Male 5 Years
15 POSTS 273 PP

sorry, it's a bit of a novel~

He didn't like being alone. Unlike most felines, Serkan was not a solitary being, and often craved the company of other creatures, great and small. Being alone left him to his own thoughts, memories of his failure and the decline of the guild. He had always had company, and traveling like a vagabond with no name and no cause irked him. He was important, one to make a mark on the world. Serkan had never doubted this, never doubted himself or his beliefs. It was all justified in his mind, all the killings and the life of a mercenary. He had never known different nor thought of a different manner in which to behave. It was what it was to the cat. In fact, the idea of other ways of life had never once crossed his mind, for he thought there could be no better than the manner in which he had been raised. It had worked well enough for the cats of the guild, ones who he had grown up with and who had been equally successful. They were not rambling vagabonds, quite unlike his unruly thoughts.

A sigh passed from the restless male's lips, his pacing along the earth incessant. He had spent a frigid night in a mountain treetop, and as soon as dawn had broken, the cat had leaped deftly from his perch, beginning his wanderings. It was still relatively dark, for the sun had not fully edged its way over the horizon, but Serkan's impeccable sight served him well. He had slunk lithely down a narrow trail, his paws sure upon the earth the way another animal's may not have been. While it was a steep drop down, the jaguar was unconcerned, having faced far more lethal situations in his past. The cat came to a tree that he had bypassed as a sleeping place the evening before, surprised to see a fresh kill high in its boughs. He sniffed cautiously around the base of the tree, confirming that it had been another jaguar to make the kill and leave it safe from other predators. Something about the smell irked him, as though familiar, and the bloke heaved his great body up into the tree, investigating the carcass. It was a clean kill, and the animal's neck was not marred with many gouge marks like an inept hunter might have done. The work was clearly that of an assassin, and with the discovery, Serkan's spirits soared.

He very nearly threw himself to the ground, leaving heavily upon his paws and letting loose a small grunt at the impact. Settling himself, the cat moved into a quickened stride, following the trail of the female that he knew was nearby. He now knew its origin, knew precisely which guild member he had found, and while he might have been more overjoyed to see his brother again, Serkan was ecstatic. When the earth leveled, signaling the mountain's base, the jaguar pressed his limbs into a rapid lope, easily trailing the fresh scent with his nostrils flared and eyes bright. Upon reaching the river, he was presented with a challenge as to scenting, and looked up and down the banks, his ears back. Serkan need not have looked any further, for there the woman stood, submerged somewhat in the water, surely perfecting her impeccable coat. A grin slapped giddily across the boy's features at the sight of her, the girl he had grown up with. While the twin brothers were a few months older, Serkan had always used this female as a confidant, his truest of friends. His tail lashed and the massive beast bounded towards the water with a great bound, breaking its peace as he splashed in, ignoring his hatred of getting wet. "Asli, you survived!" he exclaimed with great joy, launching his body at her as the male's forelimbs unfurled, his great bulk leaping midair as he aimed to tackle the woman in his delighted enthusiasm.


Posted: Jan 8 2012, 08:30 PM

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-- Assassin
Male 5 Years
4 POSTS 152 PP

The russet heights cradled many a species but the odor of an assassin was unmistakable. The very moment the fragrance had been whisked from the terrain and poured into ebon nares in such a nonchalant manner the exotic lad nearly propelled himself from his hole. Surely the mountains could have been kinder in delivering a message of such importance but the Mazhar had never grown reliant on their fickle nature. The peaks provided him a secure abode and the gift of freedom from the glare of prying eyes, to expect anything more would have been simply selfish. Never the type to procrastinate his business the assassin slipped his way through the lands which lay mapped in his cranium to perfection in utter secrecy, not a single trace of his presence in the rogue lands discarded upon the territory. True, he had escaped the wrath of his enemies weeks prior yet it seemed he could not abandon the all too familiar hesitation he had come to accept as just another part on his lithe frame.

Pads fluttered atop the very lethal edge of the ragged pinnacle, his verdant stare drifting with an ever watchful eye upon the lands which lay undisturbed below. Yet they would not remain stagnant for long, the obnoxious scent emitting near visible signals in the airs as though it were a brooding cloud. Silently a chuckle seeped free from the agape maw of the prowler, his pace only hastening in pursuit of his brothers. Ages it had been since he had set eyes upon their dirtied and disheveled appearances, after switching from enjoying their company daily to not having seen them in near months now he felt as though he had been experiencing the withdrawals of a drug. At last bright lenses fell upon their frames albeit their speech muffled into the breeze by the sound of a rushing river. A brow raised visibly upon the spotted mask at the heavenly sound, so it seemed they had discovered something he had yet to. Without a word the male mentally cursed his age before rounding the tucked away water source, his anatomy masked wonderfully by the towering heights which surrounded the stream.

Visionaries widened as he fixated upon the larger form, their speech discernible but only at a faint whisper. He could recognize those attractive vocals from miles away, but of course he would be a fool not to. After all the speech quite flawlessly mimicked his own. Joy now enlivened his wiring as he sprang, a cloud of crimson dust spraying in the feline's wake as he neared the bathing couple. At long last the fellow raised himself tall, now entirely visible to their overly attentive sights. Had they not recognized him prior to that moment then they each would have received a scolding for their lack of vigilance. A paw glided upwards lazily, a rogue appendage snaking out as it began to bathe the hand as though he hadn't a care in the world. "Afedersiniz, have I walked in on something?" rustic vocals inquired, his features unable to hide the blossoming smirk of sarcasm. In a single fell swoop limbs surged him to the bland surface of the earthen floor, his preference undoubtedly for the mountainside in which he was born to walk upon.

This time the simper had evolved into something warm and quite loving, an emotion which the twin hadn't a problem with displaying. "I was beginning to think you had gotten your tail wedged beneath a boulder, kardashim." The lad strolled to the very edge of the bank, refusing to douse himself in the liquid save the very edges of his dusty pads. Skull shook back and forth in humor then, his eyes fluttering closed with dramatics. "I should have known better than to assume you'd choose business over one of your many lady friends," laughter overcame the rugged notes as hind fell without qualm to the earth, the assassin at last happy after so many long and lonely days. But of course he had not forgotten his siblings dearest companion, the infamous Asli. Delight flickered in his eyes, at times his twin could ramble for hours about the gal yet continued to deny any feelings for her. "No offense of course, bayan." Smirking, the gentleman swept a limb upwards and tilted forward in a bow which could rival the chivalry of the finest knights.


Posted: Jan 12 2012, 05:57 PM

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-- Assassin
Female 4 Years
4 POSTS 108 PP

The warm sun radiated off her russet pelt as she washed away the rustic dust from her always perfect pelt. Long tail snaked from the water to flick in the air as she ran her rough tongue to dry and smooth what remained free from the shallow river. Her heart longed for any one of her companions, although she wished deeply that Serkan was here with her. Her brother in arms and companion until the end, the woman let loose a soft sigh. Slinking deeper into the water, the woman dipped her head under to wash away what she hadn’t yet. Usually unlikely to leave herself in such vulnerable positions, the woman breeched the surface to allow lavender gems to search the land about. Out in the open, there was nowhere for others to hide, and seeing none, she ducked again under the water; powerful limbs carrying her to the depths while eyes took in the darkness and adjusted accordingly. There was seemingly no life while she moved for the few moments she could stay under. Brows furrowed while she managed to get to the bottom, the gentle current gently trying to carry her downstream. Easily able to stay stationary, the woman pushed from the bottom and surfaced once again. Blowing the water from her nose and mouth , she moved towards the shallow waters. Eyes set on the aqua before her.

The babe wasn’t alone for long, and luckily she was trained to analyze the little details of everything, or the sudden crash of disturbed water would’ve sent her on the defensive side which would’ve been completely unnecessary. Golden pelt flashed in the sunlight as she turned to greet the ecstatic male. “Serkan?” Was the one word that was ushered past her lips before he embraced her. There were only a select few who could walk naturally without a sound, and as the male cried out, a brilliant smile graced her features. “Serkan!” She greeted his embrace with her own, front limbs reaching out to hold him. Pulling away, the woman took in her best friend. Letting out a sigh of relief, the babe laughed lightly. He was alive. She knew he would’ve made it out of there alive, she had hoped and prayed he did. Alas, her prayers had been answered. Batting at him playfully, her considerably smaller frame seemingly stood in his shadow. “Of course I’m alive büyük yulaf, It was you I was worried about.” Grinning, the girl glanced anxiously around, “Where’s Acahan? Didn’t he come with you?” With the question her head tilted to the side, and brows furrowed at the absence of Serkan’s inseperable twin.

She didn’t have to wait long though, as the velvet smooth words of the missing brother reverberated in her lobes. A knowing smile came to her lips, turning to face the leader with a nod in his direction. Laughing at his joking words the woman shook her head. It was too hard for the flirtatious older sibling to think of Serkan and her as just friends. As that’s what they truley were. The very best of friends. His bow left a smile on her lips as she returned the gesture with a refined curtsy of her own. Satin sweet words left her mouth in reply to the male, “Acahan, wonderful to see you as usual.” A feeling of warmth flooded through her body, a feeling of being home. It had been far too long. The seemingly vagabond nature of her species failed to keep the trio away. If only they hadn’t been seperated in the first place. Where the rest of the members had gone, or what had happened to them- she didn’t want to think about. All she wanted was payback to those who had inflicted pain on her family. “Çok uzun süredir.” She said finally, moving up from the bank and onto the grassy ledge where Acahan remained.

“çok güçlü ”



Posted: Jan 18 2012, 03:15 PM

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Creature Assassin
Male 5 Years
15 POSTS 273 PP

With the silly grin slapped across his features, Serkan rumbled a purr of delight as Asli rose to meet him, their chests pressed together in an embrace. His tail lashed below the water, muzzle stretching forth to bat against the woman's cheek, his eyes bright in their satisfaction. When their locked positioning was dropped, Serkan's chest fell heavily into the water, creating a dramatic splash as he studied the woman with his hazel eyes, drinking in her familiar features that he had been unable to forget. "Me?" he inquired with a faint simper. "I am a great savaşçı, my girl," he huffed with a snort, shaking his head at her. The male lifted a paw rapidly to splash water at Asli, his simper teasing though undoubtedly thrilled. After such a time away from each other with the downfall of the guild, his time spent worrying, it was a great relief to know that at least some of them still survived. He twisted his ears back at her question, a shrug of his shoulders given. "Evet, but we lost contact a few weeks ago. I have not seen him since. Ben endişeli." A soft sigh rolled from the boy's lips, which pursed in minute frustration. After so much effort to get here, he had again grown separated from Acahan, an all-too common occurance.

Even as he thought of his brother, Serkan felt the familiar trickle of suspision roll down his spine, a natural feeling that almost always meant he was being watched. The cat's skull twisted rapidly, ears tilted forwards as he searched the terrain, movement halting when the figure in the distance was seen. Another spotted cat, it was the faint pinprick of hazel green that alerted the turk to exactly who this beast was. His snout arched as he silently watched the feline approach, his own body entirely stilled. It was as though the mention of Acahan's name had summoned him, a breath upon the wind calling him here to the exact place he was desired. A faint simper curled over his lips as the boy approached and spoke to them, his words interlaced with the soothing sound of their native language. "A boulder? I should be offended that you think such a thing would deter me, hakaret nasıl," he jested with a teasing voice, indicating that he was not truly affronted at Acahan's own mockery. Serkan had to resist the urge to tackle his brother and drag him into the water as he approached its banks and dampened his paws, and instead leaped agilely from the river, making a great show of shaking off his sodden pelt directly next to his sibling.

A laugh escaped the feline's lips as he tossed his skull back, shaking it almost playfully. "Hiç, Asli is hardly a woman," Serkan retorted, tossing a teasing smirk in the female's direction. "Just look at her enormous feet!" The male extended his paw towards her in an amused way, grinning at the girl who had long since joined them on the riverbank. Serkan edged closer to his brother then, his skull lowering so that his cheek brushed fondly against the side of Acahan's neck, his tail flicking in content. "Acahan, have you seen any of the others in our time apart?" he inquired, stepping back a single pace and dropping his haunches to the ground, his stare growing serious as Serkan observed the other jaguar. "We can't be the only ones left, I know there are more. Orada için," he said, the last part of his speech hushed, as though the massive cat was, for once, doubting himself and - shame him - perhaps even the guild.



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