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Hide your eyes, we're gonna shine tonight — AD scavenger hunt!
Posted: Oct 13 2011, 06:55 PM

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Male 8 Years
139 POSTS 1822 PP

You have until the 21st of October to post and join in! No entry after that, I'm afraid, so if you want to play, make sure to get your post in before then!

{{OoC: Confused? This should help!}}

Skuld padded towards the clearing near the centre of the jungle calmly, his shoulders rolling, relaxed. His lips were curved upwards in a mischievous little grin as he moved. The large wolf had something special planned for today; something to help the pack bond. After all, new and old members couldn’t be expected to mesh seamlessly and easily without some sort of aid. This would be a fun way for them to get to know each other, and would make sure that the newer members got introduced to at least one other wolf, so that they wouldn’t be lonely.

A scavenger hunt, Skuld mused gleefully, a skip in his step as he moved more quickly now towards the dens, anticipation was speeding his pace. Sure, he wouldn’t actually be participating in the hunt himself – that would leave nobody to judge the winner, after all – but he was still excited to see everyone having fun! It was true that Adega was a pack that focused heavily on defending itself and its borders, but that didn’t lessen the fact that they were generally a close-knit group, always up for some fun!

Skuld had told no one of his plans; not even Valdur knew, and the brothers usually told one another everything. The older brother had wanted his twin to be able to enjoy the game too, so had kept quiet. Trotting into the clearing, he glanced around to see if there was anyone hanging around the area. It looked as though they were all either out and about, or inside the dens taking middday naps.

Jumping up onto an old tree stump, the Maddox lad made himself comfortable, sitting down, before lifting his muzzle and letting out a long, deep howl. The tone of the call was cheerful, rather than stern and solemn; a fact he hoped the pack would pick up on. He certainly didn’t want anyone barrelling in worried that something was wrong! A little smile still dancing about his lips, the pale wolf settled in to wait.

"but that's not the shape of my heart"


Posted: Oct 13 2011, 07:02 PM

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Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP

Cries split through the howling winds, like erratic bells they chimed and viciously awoke the male who had at last found slumber in his den. The passing days without her presence had been dreadful but he had faced the sun with a smile, stowing away his gloomy thoughts while pulling outwards his strength. This awakening cry however only served to resurface that terrifying day and bring to the forefront his shocking realization of Nalani's labor. Similar was the howl's tune at first, frantic and demanding, and for a moment the guardian had thought wrong doings had once more occurred. Rising his body to the occasion, his neck craned outwards from the comforting cave in a silent observation. Sealing away the outside elements he focused solely on the chorus of the canine song, trailing each note through the webs of his mind in order to determine both the severity of the call and its emitter. Shock struck the male as the tune at last ceased, the single final note letting him in on the secret of the lyrics: they belonged to his alpha and his twin. Had another meeting rolled around already?

Casually the male pressed through the outer mouth of the cavern, his body gradually lapsing backwards to its graceless state of extremely awkward positioning. Although his paws sized rather petite, they flopped about the earth much akin to frenzied fish who had just been thrust from their aquatic territory. His stomps nearly boasted in volume, clearly informing the other event goers of his sluggish approach. The skull remained raised high, observing peacefully the upper viridian canopy which shrouded the whole of Adega like an emerald cloud. Spotty did the rays burst through the scattering tears amongst the vibrant greenery, providing the lands with a lukewarm glee despite the quick approaching winter weather. Only briefly was he allowed the serenity of sky gazing, for given his minute distance between he and his brother's resting points he had arrived at the congregation spots within only a few strides.

Much to the guardian's surprise he had been the first to arrive. Without a word the boy trotted forward, tail occasionally flicking outwards from its previously limp state as he gained ground on his brother atop the tree stump. And just as silently did he solemnly lay his head between Skuld's spaced feet, his auds gently brushing against the alpha's shorter fibers which scatted his sturdy limbs. Despite the smile upon his lips it became quite apparent with time that the man indeed was not as cheery as he appeared. Nevertheless he only rested for a moment, hopeful that the twin would understand his dampened spirits given the circumstances. With a hearty intake of oxygen he leapt upwards playfully in an attempt to dethrone the male, making it difficult for the both of them to retain balance across the small stump. He burst into a fit of giggles then, nudging his twin from time to time in an effort to best the more adept male. However his trickery was short lived, given his lack of proper alignment he soon after toppled over in a heap of pristine fur. "I assume there's no emergency?" the guardian mused, staring upwards at the mismatched gaze while sporting a toothy grin.


Posted: Oct 13 2011, 08:52 PM

Group Icon

Six Club (Guardian)
Female 2 Years
36 POSTS 559 PP

Exploring had been the tan girl's activity for that morning, and though she had planned to stop, Anemone hadn't really taken any thought in the matter. The jungle was all so full of interesting objects and places. Mismatched eyes scanned around, looking for her next object of interest. A particularly beautiful flower caught her attention. Padding forward a small amount, she inspected it, her eyes tracing the red petals and causing the usually hyper femme to be motionless.

Her inactivity didn't last long, as Anemone caught the howl of Skuld, her ears perking up, trying to pinpoint where the sound came from exactly. White paws launched Anemone in a full 180°, powering Annie forwards. She set off at full-pelt, her course already planned out in her mind.

It wasn't a long journey, at least at her pace, to reach the adegan Alpha. Before she reached the clearing, she skidded to a halt, stopping to inspect her fur. The small girl tried unsuccessfully to tug out a annoying bit of debris from her fur. Unfortunately, this just made her coat even messier. Annie rolled her eyes, then continued at a walk, head held in it's usual proud position.

Anemone immediately noticed the old tree stump, and her gaze followed up until she spotted Skuld. "Hello! I assume you are well?" she greeted him, seating herself near the stump, a grin on he face.

"Anemone Speaks" Anemone Thinks


Posted: Oct 14 2011, 08:05 AM

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-- Venator
Female 2 Years
41 POSTS 764 PP

She was enjoying her time wandering the jungle, but she'd yet to see Skuld. This disturbed the girl. He was the alpha, was he not? Rue got the feeling that he was just hiding from her. The jungle was a big place, so maybe she just kept missing him. Being the big bad alpha, he was probably busy, especially since this place was new. She was sure that there wouldn't be much problem finding him if they were still in Doctrine District, but it had taken her quite a few days to make her rounds here, so that was probably all. She'd done her time all at once, but he probably had to split it up. So, when she heard his howl, obviously the black and white girl ran towards the sound as fast as she could.

It wouldn't be the reunion that the girl wanted, but at least she'd get to see him. It had been a few months. From the edge of the jungle, she raced towards the Adegan clearing. The first body she sighted was unfamiliar. Not white like Skuld or Valdur, but golden-brown, but then there was white, and some more white. Both Skuld and Valdur were already there. Skuld sitting upon a stump. Strolling past the golden wolf greeting Skuld, Rue sat beside Valdur, nudging the white wolf playfully. Glancing then up at Skuld, she gave the twin a wide grin to nearly match the strange one that he had on his own muzzle. "Long time, no see," was her greeting, and she settled in to see what they'd been called for and what that little smile was about.


scarce: lazy, [no] self-control, eh

user posted image

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 01:53 PM

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One Sentry
Male 7 Years
71 POSTS 387 PP


Finally the day had come, where the red wolf male decided that now he was a true Adegan and had Marisol weave the colorful out of his pelt. It seemed strange at first, as he looked at himself in a clear puddle of water left over from the past day's storm. His appearance seemed more rugged and youthful, yet still strange. Though Owl knew this feeling was normal, he would have to get used to it just like he had to with other things.

The change from Priest to Sentry had also been a difficult change to deal with, as his body reformed muscles he had not been acquainted with in a long time. And soon the tiredness that held his lungs on faster trips was dissipated completely, to where he could now preform acts he had not done since his adolescence. Overall he was glad he made that change.

He was out on one of his Sentry patrols when the particularly cheery beckon of Skuld rung through the gusty wind and into his large erect auds. Owl did good to make good pace, and reached the small gathering. There his pale ivory leader sat upon a tree stump and waited for the rest of the pack to arrive. And his twin stood close by on the ground and at his side was a female he was unfamiliar with along with another over off to the other side.

Owl hoped Mari would come to this gathering, though he did not know how far away she might be considering he had not seen her since this morning. The rugged Spanish male turned to the company he was in the presence of and greeted them. " Skuld, Valdur, Señoritas. " and he sat down facing Skuld atop his platform waiting for what had to be said.

" Speak "


Posted: Oct 14 2011, 09:34 PM

Group Icon

Female 1 Year
24 POSTS 301 PP

Gift for Outside of the jungle, the wind was strong, harsh, and mean. But inside, it was hardly noticable, and for once, Soyola saw a downside of things. And that was that the wind was so strong! She was tiny! The wind could easly hurt her if she didn't watch herself! So the past few days she had been keeping herself tucked inside the jungles depths. Soyola hadn't met many of the 'new' Adega wolves, but that was because she was still newish to these lands. She was from the old Adega, but she was sure here at Refuge Point there were going to be new wolves, ones native to this land. So excited! The white and brown lass smiled thinking of this and wedged herself out of the log she had been useing to nap in the past days. She had to find at least someone from the pack to talk to!

It was like Skuld was reading her mind, for his cheerful howl broke the errie silence making it almost impossible to ignore. With a small bark of excitement her slinder, yet short legs began to charge forward, her slender, narrow body laping over small branches and fallen limbs, stumps, and stones before she saw in the far distance a white figure sitting on top of a stump. This was it, she thought. Slowing down, the girl entered into the circle with a sprin in her step, smile on her face, and her eyes bright. "Hi there Skuld! Hello everyone else! Hope everything is well here?" Her eyes lingered on Skuld for a moment, but felt and saw no need for worry, so with that, she sat herself not far from the others, taking in their apperences. This was so exciting!

"Soyola Speaks!"


Posted: Oct 15 2011, 09:47 AM

Group Icon

Two Hunter
Female 2 Years
60 POSTS 41 PP

She was in an everything sort of mood. Fishing, climbing, barking, everything. With her black pelt she was easily spotted in the verdant green of the forest, the fox orange markings of her Maned wolf heritage complimenting it nicely. Her feet were treading audibly on the grass and loam, having no want for silence. This was her packs territory, and she would do what she pleased. Now, she wanted to roll in the grass. She took a few more steps and tumbled to her side, wallowing and wriggling on the cool green. The voices in her head babbled happily, as if at a distance. She rolled over a few times, snorting and snapping happily, sneezing a stray piece from her nose. It was soft and welcoming, begging to be chewed on. She licked a leaf off of her chin and chewed on it. Mmmm, leafy. She spat it out and hopped up, shaking furiously. She sniffed around and decided to dig a hole. She scraped at the dirt, piling it between her forelegs and her back legs. When she had dug a shallow hole she rolled in the pile of dirt. She was not surprised to feel a sharp pain.

She whimpered a little and scratched at the spot with her foot, at about her mid shoulder on her left side. A wasp the length of her paw buzzed angrily up from her fur, hovering infront of her face. She yelped and began to run, wanting only to be free of it. The voices began to silence, as if fearing they would anger the wasp further. It stung her in the rump and on the ankle before it gave up, buzzing angrily away. She whimpered again, licking at the wounds. They were minor if she was not allergic, or if they did not affect her condition. She sighed, and began to limp away. Stopping, she perked her ears. More voices? These were not the ones in her head, no, these were real. She followed the sounds, fox tipped ears perked. She walked into a pack gathering.

There were a few wolves here and there, so she decided to limp to a spot close to Skuld, her rump burning as she sat. She whimpered, but only barely, she could not show pain infront of him.

" Brrrrrraaaaaains"

im so happy everyone is using the Sting song!


Posted: Oct 17 2011, 08:48 AM

Group Icon

Archangel toxicon (medic)
Female 4 Years

Admittedly the chocolate girl hadn’t been bonding with her fellows. She simply had so much else to do these days. Fall was coming around the corner and it brought out a certain strangeness within her. Perhaps it could be chalked up to the haunting pumpkin color of her lightly lashed eyes. Envy always felt connected to the season that highlighted the subtle beauty of the color orange, which was obviously a personal favorite. All the same her ears perked up at the cheery little howl. Naturally disobedient the girl paused eyes drifting toward the noise. It didn’t sound terribly important but her dainty paws moved in the direction from which it came all the same. After all disobedient girls did not get promotions. Her mind wandered while her feet took care of the work and she found herself wondering about her pack mates whom she’d put so little effort into. That might have been a folly on her part. Everyone could have their uses if she stopped to asses them. The trouble was that assessing bored her when it felt like a job. It wasn’t her duty to ferret out which of them had a longing for power, which enjoyed fish or who was closest to whom. But naturally Envy needed these things to ascend. Today she decided: her pack mates would become a point of interest. Simple.

The closer she drew to the mingled yet distinct scents Envy wondered who she should be. Already her Alpha’s brother had seen one of her many disguises and with that one stroke of fate the others were abandoned. Envy would be bubbly, pleasant and slightly timid. Not enough to appear weak or pity deserving – that attracted no one – but enough to be engaging. Desirable even. Slightly her body adjusted to this new Envy. Her movements became smoother and dainty as the brunette used her size to this mask’s advantage. Quiet curious eyes now peered from beneath those same typically unnoticeable lashes. Drawing closer to the sight she allowed a little smile to bloom on her black muzzle. Flicking her gaze across the rabble she couldn’t help but feel envious of the first she settled on. A mutt undoubtedly, or simply lucky. Unfortunately the girl seemed to appear on the thicker side but the coloration of her fur was enough to make Envy hate her. The maned wolf just seemed trouble and one of the lighter ones looked too old for her to care much about. Certainly she wasn’t grandmotherly by Envy held little respect for her elders. The rest who arrived she hardly spared a second glance. Instead she now looked at her leader – their shining white beacon of prosperity.

Her smile grew at the look of him and softly she padded a little ways forward. "Skuld." she spoke lightly but the smile prancing about her muzzle was clear enough. Behind the veil the girl was taking stock in her leader. He seemed so much like Valdur but she had heard they were twins. He was a handsome enough creature but like his sibling the eyes were what sent spikes through Envy. Orange was so deliciously beautiful but the other …she sighed softly hardly realizing it was audible until seconds afterward. "It’s nice to see you." she spoke before taking a few steps back. It felt awkward to be around so many others that she didn’t know but Envy kept her façade masterfully. Sitting quietly the girl allowed her tail to slink beside her paws. For some queer reason Envy wished her brother was here. He wasn’t the comforting sort but perhaps she could try to be herself in his impressive company. Their last meeting had gone all wrong of course but still.

"Keep the noise low. She doesn't wanna blow it."


Posted: Oct 20 2011, 11:25 PM

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Nine Club (Warrior)
Male 5 Years
173 POSTS 1413 PP

Red fur was ruffled by the wind, torn ears flicking irritably as hairs fluttered for a moment before falling back into place, just a little disheveled. Limbs held the male with an unbending stillness for a minute, as though he were stubbornly attempting to stop the gusts from passing. Muzzle swung around to look over a red-brown shoulder at the foliage behind him. Turquoise gaze slowly followed a few thin trunks up to stare at the looming trees, the canopy marring the ground with an unending shadow. The way the wooded plants hung over the adventurer made him feel trapped, claustrophobic even. Another moment passed slowly until he released an exaggerated breath, and turned back around. Calloused paws set him into a leisurely walk, eyes observing the wolf’s surroundings idly. Slowly, but surely, the area was sinking in as home, though it would never be completely so without the sea beside it.

A call brought the bulky creature’s attention to a focus, and his stroll paused, auricles lifting attentively. It was Skuld’s voice, a cheer in it that the Lakshmana would never understand. A meaningless curiosity crossed his mind as he wondered what the ghostly boy wanted, but the wonder was shrugged away. With a flick of his tail, he began to pad towards the voice, skull aligning with back. Long strides pulled him through the foliage with seemingly inescapable rustles. He was never too good at traveling silently, and the layers of dead leaves coating the ground didn’t help at all. The wolf continued weaving through the plants, ears tilting as though trying to catch echoes of the summon. For another few minutes, he did not stop or slow until approaching the location from which the howl was assumed to come, other whispers of greetings caught as he neared.

Scarred body slipped from the greenery, and several other wolves were taken into sights with some interest. Adega had certainly grown since its start, that was clear enough. Gaze was passed over each unfamiliar wolf, a small monotone female, a little snowy female, an orangey-brown girl, a maned wolf, and a dark brown lady. Dark oceanic orbs also shifted to the three recognized males once before unflinching steps took the sea dog through the small crowd and up to the leader. A mannerly bow was taken, rough voice greeting the Maddox boy with the contradicting flow of his native language, " Buenas tardes, señor Skuld." The man lifted from his bow, looking to the elderly man, Owl, and then to Valdur, " Buenas tardes, señor Owl y señor Valdur." Briefly, he scanned the congregation to see that most had taken seats around the stump, leaving little room for him to have a front row seat. Not that it really mattered though. Casually, he turned and then padded back, turning once more to lower his rump and take a seat a few feet from the dark brown female. Coal lips sealed in a neutral line, and focus was placed upon Skuld.

"hoist the colors high."

user posted image

Posted: Nov 12 2011, 05:20 PM

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Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP

So as you guys know, Lea and Skuld have left Harbinger, leaving Valdur in charge. Since a pack event is still required for Adega and her leaving was a bit too short notice for me to come up with a new one, I figured we could try and salvage this one.

Essentially, Skuld is going to hear a frantic howl from outside the borders and pursue the wolf, leaving their little event without a leader. So Skuld is going to whisper in Valdur's ear what's going to happen in the event, and Valdur will be in charge of overseeing it. Of course this has been discussed with Lea and she's given me permission to PP Skuld.

Everyone has until December 17th to finish their scavenger hunting threads, with all 10 posts (marked in the thread title with the letters ADH), and must post back at this thread by that point. The first group to finish their thread and post here will win the grand prize.

The flustered guardian gazed blissfully upon the multitude of faces, both new and old, as they slowly pooled in to the vibrantly shaded gathering spot. With bated breath the chrome guardian awaited his twin's command, mismatched orbs becoming ablaze with excitement as his brother let his secretive jaws unhinge and allowed his tongue to slither outwards in the beginning announcements. This was the second gathering of their reformed group, and this meeting had been just as delighting as the previous one. But before the sibling could even mutter a hushed grunt, a frantic tune of warning sliced through the joyous atmosphere and set the wild chatter to silence, the Adegans skulls swiveling around in contemplation and confusion at the sudden interruption. Panic laced the bones of the already rattled beta as he observed his brother's hackles spike heavenwards and rushed forward as the twin began to raise his form from the heightened log. Explaining the commotion, Valdur gave a swift nod in response and wished his brother off, however the statuesque lad had not yet finished. In a matter of seconds the man whispered off the explanation rapidly before thrusting himself into the distance without another utterance.

With a huff the guardian swiveled to face his fellow associates, his own anatomy now raising skywards to elevate himself atop the barked pedestal. A corny grin and hesitant chuckle brought his forepaw upwards in a lackluster wave before beginning. "O-okay everyone! Welcome!" the younger twin breathed, a sickening lurch settling firmly in the pits of his stomach as queasiness came over him. He'd never been expected to lead anything before. "Skuld unfortunately has some... business to attend to, so he's left me in charge," the brute mumbled, his gaze frantically skipping over the members as canines nervously punctured without remorse into his lower lip. A moment of awkward silence washed over the group as the lad bore downwards at his massive paws, observing in stillness his toes as they pressed oddly against the stump. In one instant breath he had composed himself, for he knew he could not let this meeting go to waste simply because of his childhood fears. "We're going to be doing something quite different today, and I encourage you all to participate, if you're interested," the creamy lad began, oscillating his skull in a pendulum manner as teeth bared once more. "Skuld has planned a bit of a game to acquaint everyone with each other!" he suddenly announced as his hind flew upwards, raising him suddenly to all fours in an unconstrained stimulation.

Another unwelcomed pause as he observed the group's reaction, and with luck his simper only flourished further as he noticed their brimming joy. "Has anyone ever done a scavenger hunt? Hmm? Anyone?" he began to act much like a child as he gently bounced about the little log, his cheery tones spewing outwards the liveliness of his emotions now in a hurried pace. This was all rather exciting! But only the songbirds of the woodlands harmonized outwards in response, bringing his framework to fall still as he blinked in a rapid trio before setting himself still. "N-no? W-well, it's quite fun anyways! There's been some items hidden around the jungle for each of you to find, collect, and bring back here. It's a race of sorts, and the first person to return with their items will win something special!" composed but still bouncing with zeal he riddled off the hunting guidelines just as Skuld had explained them to him moments ago. That only left the group assignments, the sole thing which his brother had neglected to offer him in his departure. So it would seem it necessary to pick his own. With a hesitant grumble he looked around, mental pairings placed in a vast variety of combinations before fully deciding upon the perfect duos. "Raj, um, you'll be with Envy... Brazil can hunt with... Owl, Dawn and Necrosis can be partners, and let's have Abrecedavre and Anemone pair up!" the fellow chuckled as he observed them pair together. At last that left the items. "For Group 1, you'll need to locate a paw-sized stone composed of mainly orange hues. Group 2, you'll be in charge of finding a Yucatan Jay's feather, Group 3 will need to locate berries from a nettle bush, and Group 4 must discover a oddly-shaped stick in the shape of a... like this," he illustrated the final item for the third group by placing his forefront paws together in the shape of a T before falling back forwards clumsily. "Ready? On your marks... get set... go!"

I've assumed Rue won't be participating anymore, as she's in Dirac. This can be edited if Frankie would still like to participate.

The first person listed in the group is the one responsible for making the seperate thread in which they will search for the items (aka Raj, Brazil, Anemone). Keep in mind, the thread must be 10 posts.

Hunting Groups
Raj & Envy - orange stone
Brazil & Owl - yucatan jay feather
Dawn & Necrosis - berries from a nettle bush
Anemone & Abrecedavre - T-shaped stick


Posted: Nov 27 2011, 06:35 PM

Group Icon

Three Warrior
Male 4 Years
28 POSTS 285 PP

Laziness entangled itself well into the muscular build of the hulking behemoth as he meandered closely behind the leading doll. He assumed, unlike himself, she would have been beaming with a kind of elation at having so soon found the berry-laced treasure. And if such were the case, at least one of them was more attentive in the matters of impressing their stutter-enchanted alpha. Just the thought of it painted a mischievous smirk upon the beast's tainted visage and perhaps for that reason alone, he had deemed the joining of a pack doable. At least for the time being. A cumbersome sigh escaped his parted jowls as he ticked off the seconds in which it would take to find the pallid Jack who had so successfully hid behind the iron curtain of silence. Surely enough hide and seek was not a part of the so-called adventure and if it was he much preferred gluing his lumbering chassis to the terrain and slumbering his days away. It had been a kind of lifestyle he had accustomed himself to when traveling alone with his umbra-manifested companion; sleep, hunt, sleep, hunt, talk to self, sleep, and hunt.

Right then, a wisp danced in his peripheral vision and with a curious canter of his crown, his eyes fell upon the all too familiar shapeless apparition. It whispered in hushed tones its garble, with which he was only able to capture the fragment that uttered, '... Miss me?' The bi-chromatic hellion uttered a low growl that rumbled in his broad chest its agreement for he had missed his materialized conscious that now floated jovially upon the autumn femme's rump, 'Ura fuinia? Il miale liatus hiera.' Its feminine voice drifted through the white noise, distorted and broken yet still comprehensible, it was fair to say he had grown accustomed to their twisted dialect and of course, her malevolent persona. Unlike his own lax nature, his shadowy counterpart had a taste for carnage, the kind of sickening gore that made the innards of even the most wicked of beasts twist agonizingly in fear. Fortunately though, he was also immune to his conscious' hypnotic tunes though it took practice the kind of self-control that so easily sapped his stamina for anything else.

Was he perhaps sick in his own ways? Most definitely but there was little that could be done to aid a fragmented mind and he much preferred himself the way he was -- fractured like a splinter on reality's smooth surface. "Ah, he should be close." He murmured once the evasive scent of his alpha invaded his nasal membrane, pulling his attention away from his neglected devil that floated about in an alternate realm. And soon enough the Jack's form intruded his line of vision just beyond the femme's figure. The femme... What was her name again? Realization hit as he cast his gaze toward her smaller form, though they had spent nearly hours seeking the shrub, they hadn't even exchanged names but then again to what benefit would he reap knowing her calling? Surely enough association was not necessitated beyond this point in which their duty was completed and they would be permitted to get along their merry ways. Yes, that seemed viable. Once in the presence of their adorably, awkward alpha, the leviathan dropped the berried stem by his feet. "A present for you."

user posted image

Posted: Dec 1 2011, 04:29 PM

Group Icon

Captain Denmother
Female 6 Years
101 POSTS 759 PP

Dawn led the way back, only stopping to let her partner lead when they returned to the clearing. He was, after all, carrying the berries. She had wanted nothing to do with them after the small testing incident, though the tingling in her paw had rapidly vanished during the return journey. Still, she looked back often, making sure he was still with her. This male was a mystery to her, and Dawn wondered if he would talk to her again, should she approach. Friends and acquaintances were one thing she needed, if she wanted to fit into the pack, and she did. Making a brief mental note to approach the male again, and perhaps see if anything could be learned from him, she came to a halt just inside the clearing.

Scenting the air delicately, Dawn swiveled her head from side to side, trying to find their new Jack. He was somewhere nearby, that much she could tell, but his exact location was slightly uncertain. Then she caught sight of a flash of his white fur and her tail wagged excitedly, almost like she were a pup again. The experience of the scavenger hunt had been a fun one, and while they might not have learned much about each other, at least she and Necrosis had not been hostile to each other. And perhaps they could actually sit down and talk sometime. Dawn certainly hoped so.

Approaching their Alpha Dawn kept her head low and her still wagging tail down, respect in every movement she made. It had been beaten into her when she was young, always defer to those who are superior to you in any way. And while it sometimes got in the way of her knowing people very well, it had certainly kept her out of trouble. I hope it is right," she murmured, a sudden doubt creeping up on her, even though the bush certainly had stung when she touched it, and what other plant would do that? Still, she looked up warily, tilting her head to one side while she waited for a response.

user posted image

user posted image

Posted: Dec 1 2011, 06:29 PM

Group Icon

Ace Lead Guardian
Male 4 Years
35 POSTS 315 PP


Congratulations, team 3 is the first place winner of the scavenger hunt!

The grand prize is:
1) Promotion to Two
2) A handy-dandy necklace which can be attached to your card for easy carrying



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