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You never say hey, or remember my name — [p] Josalyn
Posted: Aug 3 2011, 05:20 PM

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Male 8 Years
139 POSTS 1822 PP

{{OoC: Jossy and Skuld = bes frans, yes? :DD Also, completely inappropriate title, but that song has been stuck in my head for a week, so needed to be used. >> DEAL WITH IT.}}

The large, pale wolf had been idling about the area for a while now, a fair distance out from the Cove's borders, naturally. He had heard rather a lot about this pack, and got the distinct impression that there might be the possibility of an alliance between them and Adega. As large as the fishing pack was, and from what he had heard of their structure and ways, he could see the two groups getting along famously. Of course, it wouldn't do to get ahead of himself and assume that everything he had heard was true, so the Maddox son had lingered outside of the borders for a while toning down his enthusiasm.

Relaxed now, the snowy creature made his way to one of the narrow passages that provided access to the cove. Large paws were placed carefully, a little unsure of the rocky terrain. He was much more used to forested areas. Reaching the top after a short time, the pale wolf seated himself and gazed down at the small jungle and the beach beyond. Now that was more like it! Seeing nobody around at first glance, the boy tilted his muzzle to the sky and called out a polite request to meet, in the form of a howl. Hopefully it would be one of the Alphas that answered, rather than a sentry.

"but that's not the shape of my heart"


Posted: Aug 20 2011, 02:26 PM

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Loner Medic
Female 5 Years
0 POSTS 145 PP

heh heh >_> <_< >_>

Josalyn had been spending her day lounging, for the most part, until a long howl had erupted into the atmosphere, beckoning the attention of a high ranked wolf from the pack that inhabited these parts - Silver Cove. And just as luck would have it, Josalyn was in fact one of those high ranked wolves. Often times the golden woman heard the calls of others, seeking her or her mate, and so it had become almost routine by now for Josalyn to suddenly rise from what she was doing with little regard for her previous time-consuming task, cock her head back and release a low, short howl, both welcoming the stranger and warning them to stay in their place - somebody would be with them shortly. This morning, she left the warm, golden beaches where she had previously been sunning herself, and jogged curiously towards the passage that held entry into the Cove territory through the cliffs.

She had reached the stranger quickly. He bore a pelt of stark white against the warm shades of the surrounding beach and cliffs. Josalyn's tail wagged happily as she approached him, wearing a welcoming smile upon her lips. "Hey there," Josalyn greeted casually, her visage wearing a look that spoke of tranquil pleasure; her golden eyes lingered upon him with curiosity, the fiery orbs embedded in his face standing out against the simple, pure white of his pelt. Strange - but she remained silent, waiting for him to indicate the cause of his presence here.


Posted: Sep 2 2011, 06:39 AM

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Male 8 Years
139 POSTS 1822 PP

{{OoC: Post is bleh.}}

The response to his howl was pleasingly prompt, and pale ears twitched as they caught the reply. Nodding once, though the gesture went unseen by all but the surrounding birds and wildlife, Skuld settled in to wait, wrapping his bushy white tail about himself. The wait itself too turned out to be brief, and the Maddox son was far from tired of the view by the time the pretty little golden wolf had made her way to his vantage point.

His tail thumped once in greeting, and he smiled, dipping his head in a formal half-bow. "Hello Miss," he replied warmly, pleased that she seemed to be pleasant enough; not immediately questioning his presence as some leaders might. And yes, she did seem to be one of the Alphas here, if her howl and current stance were anything to go by. "You have a beautiful home," he commented, gesturing with his nose to the land.

Cocking his head for a moment, he allowed mismatched eyes to subtly take in the stranger's appearance. Her fur was a rich golden cream, with eyes of a brighter shade gazing out from her face. There were various brown marking adorning her form, which was a slight one. The search for some similarity between this girl and Crux Grotto's old Alpha was a fruitless one, and Skuld was a little puzzled. He had assumed one of Anberlin's children would have taken leadership of the splinter pack. "Say, you wouldn't happen to be a Vedi, would you, Miss?" He asked. Might as well clarify.

Pulling his attention back to why he was here in the first place, Skuld dipped his head once more. "My name is Skuld Maddox," he introduced. "My pack Adega has recently relocated to this region and I thought it might be polite to introduce myself."

"but that's not the shape of my heart"



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