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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77ฐF/25ฐC.

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Posted: Jul 23 2011, 04:41 PM

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Male 10 Years
18 POSTS 455 PP

Adega is a pack that has been around for many years now. It was one of the original packs of Doctrine, and has long been considered powerful. It has known many leaders through the years, but is now under the rule of Skuld and Valdur Maddox, the eldest twin sons of the former Alpha pair. It is a pack that relies strongly upon friendship and loyalty to the pack as a unit. They are a group that very much focuses upon defense of their lands and that of their allies, and guardians and warriors are greatly valued here. All are expected to learn to fight, even if only to defend themselves. Sentries are eternally patrolling the borders, and penetrating this pack’s land is like breaking into a fortress armed to the teeth.

Colours: #000080 & #4578fA Total Members — 18
Founders: Quixote Kisaragi male.png Total male.png — 8
Current Leaders: Skuld Maddox male.png & Valdur Maddox male.png Total female.png — 10

Territories: Birdsong Jungle — Escalarta Jungle — Ruinas Celestial
[Plot Page] [Pack Event]
Idris — Siv
— Skuld & Valdur —
— — —

— The good of the pack is to be placed before the good of the one.
— Any wolf attempting to bring harm to the pack will be dealt with severely.
— Regardless of suit, all Adegans are required to patrol the borders at least once a week.
— Pack wolves are welcome to befriend non-Adegans, but may not mate outside of the pack without permission.
— Any wolf is welcome in Adgea, but they must behave acceptably, observe the pack laws and pose no threat to the group.
— Every Adegan must learn to fight, even if only to the degree of competency that they might defend themselves.
— Children, mothers and the elderly are to be protected at all costs.
— Being found on packlands without your card to hand is not acceptable, nor is losing your card. Upon encountering a wolf on or around packlands that you do not recognize, you should ask to see their card as identification. Should they fail to produce said card, an Adegan is expected to assume that they are a trespasser, and either subdue them or call for help.
— Only wolves of light or neutral alignment will be permitted to join the pack.

JACK Skuld Maddox male.png Lead Club (Guardian)
Valdur Maddox male.png Lead Club (Guardian)
ACE Siv Maddox female.png Lead Heart (Medic)
Idris Ovid Argall male.png Lead Spade (Hunter)
TEN — —
NINE Dawn Ardaline female.png Heart (Denmother)
SIX Nalani Ceirycoux female.png Diamond (Runner)
FIVE Julliet Leon female.png Diamond (Sentry)
FOUR Aduro Tylus male.png Club (Guardian)
Thor Averis male.png Heart (Medic)
THREE Danica De Grey female.png Heart (Medic)
Raspberyl Isolde female.png Club (Warrior)
Adele Vedi female.png Spade (Herbalist)
TWO Andrion Leon male.png —
Evelyn Ceirycoux female.png Diamond (Skywatcher)
Australia Lissette female.png Diamond (Skywatcher)
Aristo Darling male.png Diamond (Sentry)
Oberon Ceirycoux male.png —
PUP Seshat Danaher-Ceirycoux female.png —

Year 5
— Adega reforms from Doctrine as a mini-pack in Birdsong Jungle
— Alliances are secured with the jungle cats residing in Adegan territory, on the basis that they are permitted to stay if they agree to protect Adega

Year 6
— Adega holds a scavenger hunt in order to acquaint the new members with the old in an exciting way
— After acquiring a sufficient amount of followers, Adega is officially founded in Birdsong Jungle
— Skuld Maddox leaves Adega in pursuit of Lithium Maddox, leaving his twin brother Valdur Maddox in charge
— Adega holds its first official pack meeting
— Brazil Curtis is taken from Adegan lands by a monstrous kidnapper from Devoia Exodus, securing hostile relations between the two packs
— Upon encountering their first trespasser, Valdur enlists the services of Lead Guardian Raj Lakshmana to carry out Dispatcher duties, who then punishes the two treasonous wolves
— Nalani Ceriycoux travels to Adegan lands pups alongside with the intention of joining the ranks as Valdur's mate
— Lithium Maddox returns home
— The winter solstice event begins as the Adegans travel to a snowy paradise and then return home to unveil their presents and indulge in a feast
— Skuld Maddox returns home and reclaims his position as Jack
— Skuld Maddox disappears once more, this time without cause, leaving behind suspicions of a surprise attack
— With sentries at the head, two groups of Adegans are sent to scout for their lost Jack in places unexplored, their suspicions lying in the Fuego Region
— Valdur Maddox and Nalani Ceirycoux join themselves in holy matrimony!
— Skuld Maddox returns to the pack to find a group of gathered Adegans, the members at last discovering his disappearance the consequence of a Jaguar attack
— Filled with unknown sorrow and an unshakable depression, Valdur Maddox departs from Adega in search of himself, allowing the now healed Skuld to take back his position as Alpha
— After a brief encounter with the "Gods", Valdur Maddox finds the courage to return home, only to find his beloved mate Nalani torn and confused at the borders
— Skuld Maddox calls for a pack meeting to welcome back his brother and announce the possible relocation of the pack away from the danger of the flames
— Valdur Maddox mysteriously vanishes once more...
— Lost and stranded in the palm of Refuge Point's deserts, Siv Maddox returns to Adega with the kind assistance of a fellow pack member, Constantine
— Skuld calls a pack meeting to construct a search party for those lost in the fury of the flames

Year 7
— Idris hosts Adega's first pack hunt
— Siv Maddox calls forth all those injured by the recent spread of wildfires to be healed with the wonders of her herb mastery
— Siv Maddox risks her life in defense of a helpless pup from S.I.S, in turn driving off his attacker, an odd and ominously vicious loner. We can only hope this will be the last Adega sees of this cruel fiend...
— Skuld Maddox rallies forth all Adegans to issue out promotions and tell of relieving news: the fires have at last ceased their reign in the region
— Idris and Siv declare their love for one another at an inopportune moment, but the confession from both is no doubt just the beginning of a happy future together!
— Valdur Maddox returns to Adega, although it is not in good health. Discovered in the grasps of death in foreign territory by his beloved Nalani, he is nursed to back to life


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