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Fists of Fury — MS Mass Training
Posted: Jul 18 2011, 03:23 PM

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Alpha Warlord
Male 5 Years
497 POSTS 5763 PP

PLEASE NOTE: Anberlin has been positioned within Sero Lake's meadow. There he will guide the members to and through the cavern which leads to Umbrage Pass. Within Umbrage Pass is where the wolves will find Torvald, positioned near the center of the meadow. In your first post please be sure to have your character follow Anberlin (or follow the group he has at his heels) and into the meadow. Do not end your post with your character at Sero Lake! You're post should end with your wolf assembled within the meadow of Umbrage Pass. <3

This is not a mandatory thread per-say, but it is highly recommended! Only those who post on or by August 1st will be allowed to participate and will be awarded BP for their efforts.

Round One will end August 1st.

Oh and welcome to MS's new HIDDEN LAND! ;D

Wicked were the winds that had bombarded the lands of Refuge point for nearly a week’s time. Relentlessly they had hauled storm clouds from the seas and settled them atop the pristine lands the wolves called him. The rains which fell free from those steely clouds were far from familiar, they came in torrents, their wake shredding the bloomed foliage and bulleting any creature that was unfortunate enough to be trapped without shelter. Their lashings were icy ones, a stark contrast to the brutally tepid airs that churned about both before and after their tantrums. It was on this day that the rains chose to buffet the lands in the early morning, leaving the grasses bone dry only hours after. Still the winds ripped across the scape, no comforting caress was offered to those in their path, but instead they gifted a sharp sting and a relentless bother. It was in the midst of this particularly horrid weather that the warlord’s haunting song tore crevasses through the heaven’s themselves.

The glacial keys splintered the squelching airs, spreading across the Mortus Sero lands like a dire plague, stretching into every nook and cranny the lands possessed. Deep and unfaltering it summoned the hellhounds forth, beckoning them forth to a location unfamiliar and unseen. As usual he inflected no demand of urgency, knowing that those who called themselves Serons were already aware of the importance his summons necessitated. As the breath drained free from his lungs he allowed lenses to snap open, revealing the putridly bright beryl lenses to the world once more. Their ghastly stare was settled to the heavens which seemed to reeled and writhed in response. A crooked grin settled upon the features as the baneful jaws came snapping shut, the echo of the abrupt clap resonating off the steep faced cliffs which surrounded him. What a lovely place, and now, it was all theirs.

It was only days ago that he had stumbled upon the small cavern etched into the side of the rapidly ascending mountain face which bordered a single side of the Sero Lake’s meadow. At the beginning it was nothing more than a cool place to settle his broiled hide, but upon venturing deeper he discovered it was not a truly a cave at all, but instead a tunnel. A few paces further and the shadows were beaten back, the illuminated doorway carpeted by verdant carpet and littered with mountain flowers. Daunting rock faces erupted all around the meadow, surrounding and isolating it completely. The lands reared and dipped near the rock faces by remained surprisingly level near the center where a stream divided the halves. It was a natural fortress, and the perfect location to hold the first mass training session.

The titanic skull oscillated sluggishly, lenses careful to fall all across the lands surrounding him. Already he had marked and re-marked the location, the stamp of the Serons now vividly etched into the haven. At last he allowed his sights to settle upon one of the many pines which adorned the area, its shadow engorged by the peculiar angle the sun was forced to take when creeping over the cliff faces. Within the caverns of his mind names raced about, already he was sorting through the heathens who would arrive shortly. Assessing and splitting them off into categories, assigning them ranks and leveling them against one another. With the recent influx of ambitious and fool-hardy whelps looking to stake claim and play alpha, he had become inspired to analyze and fine tune the Serons. After all, everyone had such a splendid time tearing apart the Tribe, why not indulge once more? A low chuckle slithered free from between the fastened jaws, the ghoulish grin spreading to consume the features for a brief moment. Soon the assembly would aggregate, and the fun would begin.

"scream, scream for me."

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user posted image

Posted: Jul 18 2011, 03:31 PM

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Delta Warrior
Male 5 Years
98 POSTS 685 PP

Plans for today's event had been well underway ever since his promotion - Anberlin even dared to consider that he was the original formulator of this idea, though it wasn't something that the grey male would find himself bragging about. He liked to consider himself the black wolf's adviser - every Alpha should have one, especially a novice. He very much knew that Torvald had never led a pack before this one, despite his prowess contradicting his lack of experience... but that didn't mean he wouldn't need a helping hand. Hell, Anberlin wished that he had had somebody at his side to help him better his decisions when he created Crux Grotto. Datorris had helped, but he, too, was just as new to the job as Anberlin was. That was years ago... eagerly he snapped out of his memories and focused on the group that was gathering before him.

Already a few Serons had arrived, and he looked over them attentively, taking in their familiar appearances. He still didn't know many of them too well, although he was beginning to recognize their identities. His own son had arrived, which pleased him greatly - Anberlin had heard of Icarus' run in with the potential trespasser, and the news had made the grey wolf swell with pride. Icarus had never been the confrontational type, at least, not in his youth. This could be a change for the better. Others made themselves known, too, though he spared little time considering their arrivals. It wasn't as though he had much time to waste, anyways; for soon enough, Torvald's call had erupted into the sky, and the grey wolf straightened up and turned around to face the gaping entrance of the tunnel. "Alright! Let's get going." The male instructed boldly and moved forward. Shadows quickly enveloped the canine as he moved into the cavern.

Within a few minutes of traveling through the dark, a sudden light opened up in the distance. He led the group quickly towards the end of the tunnel, which opened up into the small, secluded mountain meadow. He had been here once before with Torvald, though was unfamiliar with the territory... regardless, he quickly decided that he liked it. It reminded him of his birth place, and while Hylata Cliffs was a time that he did not look back upon fondly, Anberlin had always had a soft spot for the mountains. He wore an eager grin as he approached Torvald, leading the group behind him. "Your sparring party has arrived." The Delta informed him, then turned on the spot and sat a couple feet away, next to Torvald and looking upon the congregation, as well as eying the stragglers that followed in late.


Posted: Jul 18 2011, 03:50 PM

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Private Guardian
Male 7 Years
74 POSTS 608 PP

hope this is alright. o:

Icarus had been rather excited for this event. He probably was not the only one though. Well, he hoped he was not the only one. It felt incredibly odd being excited for a giant fight. If he had to sum it up, that was basically what it was. Everyone was fighting. Not necessarily with everyone else, but the point really was that he was going to be fighting as well, sparring, more accurately, in front of Mortus Sero's leader. The leader, Torvald. It was only a few weeks ago that he had hated the mere idea of being here. He did not want to linger in the forest, so he chose to stay by the lake. He loved the lake, but he had also come to love the pack.

Sure, he had not met many Serons, but that was hardly the point. He would today! He would be fighting them. Or one of them. He would prove himself to Torvald, who had overlooked him during that first meeting. He had not deserved recognition of any kind then. But he truly hoped that today would be different. He fought off that stranger, had he not? If he found a moment with Torvald, he wondered if he would be able to just slip that in there. The silver boy pulled himself out of his lakeside den, no longer able to hold in his excitement for the day's events. The sun was out now, at least, a happy change from the wind and rain and gloom that had nearly flooded his den.

Sinking into the lake, he cleared his fur of dirt, as he did every time he left his den. But his wash was interrupted by a howl. It seemed quite close, oddly enough, not in the place he would have assumed it to come from. Paddling back to shore, he quickly shook off, and ran off towards the meadow nearby. Upon arriving, he spotted his father, slowed down a bit. The boy said nothing, though gave the darker wolf a good long look before following him into a hole that he had either never seen or never noticed before. Ears forward, he squinted before coming out of the tunnel and finding himself in a new place. Though clearly it could not have been too new, for it smelled strongly of Mortus Sero already. It was quite lovely, if the boy was to be honest, and he moved away from the tunnel opening to look around.

Seeing Torvald close by, he moved towards his leader, head, tail, and ears low out of respect. The boy stopped then, a few feet away from him, and looked up for a moment to greet the much larger male, "Good day, sir," Icarus spoke with as much courage as he could. Much more than he had when he had first said something to the leader. He held himself quite proudly, though his eyes had dropped again. He did not want to be seen as so weak. Though he was not sure how else he would be seen, being rather...dainty for a male. Icarus just hoped that he could change some of these Serons outlooks today. "speech."

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Posted: Jul 18 2011, 04:43 PM

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Delta Guard
Male 4 Years
329 POSTS 776 PP

Scott was once again high above the ground, suspended in the humid air by the usual branches. His amber lenses gazed around the barren sharp branches of the neighboring ash trees. The ghostly white male had been in this same position for hours, he had done a morning patrol at the crack of dawn like he normally did, despite the gruesome weather that was battering the lands of the refuge point. Over the course of weeks his coat and skin was accustomed to the sharp taps that the bullets of rain inflected upon him, unknowingly setting his pain tolerance to a higher standard. Today it had seemed that Mother Earth had no more tears to shake out on the ground. Despite that fact though the wind still howled violently, stirring the long threads of Ivory fur as he laid in the fork like grasp of the ash fingers sprouting from the dead looking trees.

The air was off today, it was to silent for comfort, something was going to happen today. Ah yes today was the date of the training that would involve every canine laced with the Sero brand. It was true, they where to spar, no 'real' harm would come to each Seron but a massive spark of pleasure ran though Scott's veins as the thought of having a whole array of others to go to battle against. Inu's mind also interjected the though of his Ruffian status, surly that would change if Scott could prove him self to the ebony painted male, named Torvald. Keeping his mask it's normal cold mood, he moved down the trunk of the tree he was so accustom to observing from, to the dry ground with a small thud as his massive paws hit the surface.

Sero Lake was his next stop, he was making good time as well. The jog he had going was not tiring and it got the job done. That was when the cold howl rang though the air, it was defiantly that of Torvald. The howl was further then normal, it seemed odd at first but, after it had ended Scott had made that the sound was coming from his planned destination; so he continued his canter towards the lake. Soon the clear reflective surface of the lake was in view. Inu tossed his nose in the air, several wolves where near by. The scents of Torvald and the virginaly met Icarus where recognized, and the other was foreign, yet it was still Sero smelling.

Following those Scents he cam upon a tunnel not yet seen by his golden orbs. Inside a large Gray male followed by Icarus where passing though to the other side. Inu decided to follow them perhaps they knew exactly where they where going. Scott gave a small nod to Icarus and the other unknown male as they continued to pass though the tunnel. Light soon penetrated the darkness of the two sided cavern and what he saw amazed him. So this was the place, the place the howl came from, Scott interpreted as he saw the large ebony alpha sitting near the middle of the field. Inu watched as Icarus greeted Torvald, then Scott followed in toe Dipping his head in a respectful nod, and placed his body posture as he had normally done at the meetings predating this one. Large ivory maw opened to speak " Torvald. " when his head was coming back into place, from the end of the nod.

Inu decided he would take a set about a yard from Icarus, he wanted to save room for Bane and Mel, if he could. Those where probably the ones who would actually choose to sit next to him. he turned his head towards Icarus and gave another smaller nod to him. This was going to be a good meeting he hoped; as he rotated his cranium once more to the entrance of the tunnel and back again. Scott wanted the rest of Sero to arrive with haste, he wanted to get this opportune for promotion to get a move on.

" Speak "

OCC: I hope this will do ^^ (Spotty is excited >D)


Posted: Jul 18 2011, 05:14 PM

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Zeta Descry
Female 3 Years
51 POSTS 153 PP

The winds had no longer soothed and serenaded. No; they howled a relentless cry for days on end. The girl could no longer step foot from her den without debris whacking her about from the ferocity of wind. It was never in the same direction, she felt as if she were in a tunnel, the direction doubling back or seeming as if it were battering her from all sides. Not only that- the rain never ended either. She didn’t much mind for the rain, being wet wasn’t too bad. But the two together made her miserable. And snappy. The gales kept her up at night, and the rain kept her in her den for most of the day. Leaving her hungry and tired. Not a good mix for the short fuse the girl already had. Rising from the damp dirt in her den, she slunk out and into the rain. Blinking the water from her burning emerald eyes, the girl made haste to get into the woods. Lead hued legs moved her body with an unknown grace. One tribute she didn’t know she had. Finding the leaves as shelter the girl remained, glowering out at the world.

Icy tunes seeped into her lobes, ones that sent a familiar smile to her lips. Ah, her king is calling. The glacial tunes once gave her spine shivers, but she had grown accustomed to the owner of such a spooky tune. Rising obediently, the girl darted back into the open. The rain was lightening up, and she managed to head towards the lakes without becoming a sodden mess. Stopping at the mouth of the cave, she waited for a few moments before noting the small group that was beginning to gather just inside. Stepping in, she waited only a few minutes before it seemed as though everyone fell silent in unison. Emeralds flashed around as she noticed one wolf in particular head towards the front, which would be the back of the cave. He kept moving, and willingly, she followed suite, along with the rest of the group. She said nothing to no one, and they all seemed to do the same. The cave was very deep, and she figured this wolf was taking them Torvald, but who knew?

The darkness was lightening up, and she noticed the mouth of the cave just as they turned around a bend. It was foreboding. The huge group that slunk in darkness without a sound. Just monsters haunting in the dark. A smile curved her lips just as they came into the opening. A meadow surrounded by high cliffs greeted her eyes. And directly in the middle was the dark wolf who waited for his herd to come-a-calling. Legs lengthened her stride as she moved from the pack, passing Torv and dipping her head in greeting. She said nothing and sat a few yards from her Monarch, leaving room for his children and whoever else wished to be in striking range of the beast. Tail curled over her legs, and she waited for the rest of the group to get situated. Eyes scanning over every wolf looking for her sister. A devilish grin coming to her lips at the memory of the last gathering. Harks flicked, but her stoic features remained placed on her face as the minutes slowly ticked by.



Posted: Jul 18 2011, 09:46 PM

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Beta Captain
Male 5 Years
418 POSTS 70 PP

The winds were still strong, moaning and wailing like unseen banshees as they swooped down from above. They had seemed to not be quite as powerful as what had been experienced a few days ago, when the threat of a tornado touching down had been present, and this, to the ebony fiend, meant that the danger had faded. He had set out for the same exact place where he, Artemis, and the subordinates had viewed the green hued clouds, and been caught up in the winds. The sky didn’t appear so sickly colored today. Had the storm raged itself to exhaustion already? A snort was been released from nostrils as a slight irritation with the weather and Mother Nature herself tickled beneath his skin. So, with no more to do, the brute paced aimlessly about the lake, allowing the air currents to knead his hide. Boredom had not yet fully settled into him when a howl was caught within ears, the winds carrying it down from an unknown area. Movement came to a halt, and skull rose with interest, attention fully captured. It was that day, wasn’t it?

As the behemoth had attempted to track the call, a look of suspicion took hold of carved features. Torvald had not told them of where thus training session was to be held, and at the moment, he seemed to be hiding. A breath was sucked into lungs, and a sigh was expelled from jaws. The point of the event was to make sure each Seron was capable of fighting, wasn’t it? His requirement to attend made him unable to help but wonder if Torvald still doubted him. Skull was given a lazy shake as he continued to pad forth, gaze scanning what lay ahead of him. It wasn’t much longer before sights were set upon the form of Anberlin, or rather his lower half, and others disappearing into the wall of the mountain that loomed over the lake. Eyes narrowed as limbs began quickening their pace. What was this now? Upon growing closer to where Anberlin and the other Serons had vanished, the onyx Warrior came to a stop. Gaze was fixed to the hole in the mountainside, the enterance to a cave or tunnel of some kind. It was carefully cloaked by greenery, vines draping down to mislead any traveler or trespasser. A sharp smirk jerked lips up, and only a moment more was taken for the creature to lock the location of the cavern within brain before he proceeded through after the group.

Appearing on the other side, more Serons could be viewed, though few were familiar. Skull was tipped to the wolf-guiding Anberlin, and supports drew the barbaric creature towards the group. Facial expression impassive and gaze the same, eyes picked out a seat as he made his way over. Approaching Torvald first, skull was dipped with a quick word of greeting before he turned and padded back to his selected seat. Rump was lowered to the ground beside the pale ruffian, and though gaze passed with scrutiny around to examine the others, low tones slipped free of jaws, addressing the one next to him, "Afternoon, Scott." There was a wolf similar in breed to Rav, a maned wolf, wasn’t it? Flimsy things. On the other side of Scott was a rather feminine looking creature, though by scent the obsidian creature was sure that it was male. Other than that, no others had arrived. He was decently early.

"I'm your boogieman, that's what I am."

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Posted: Jul 19 2011, 01:16 AM

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Loner --
Female 1 Year
9 POSTS 156 PP

Hera wasn't quite sure as to why she was here again. It had been a fairly normal day, a bit cooler than the past few but still quite warm. Hera had gone to the lake again. The week leading up to this day had been incredibly busy for the little girl, and she had begun to feel as though she was attempting to see too much in too little time. She had all the time she needed to explore the lands outside Mortus Sero- once she took up a profession, it would be even easier to cross the border. But there had been almost a feeling of urgency, a need to see new places, that followed her promotion to an apprentice. Certainly the need would wane, as it had already begun to do, but she couldn't quite place her tongue on the name of this emotion. It wasn't quite excitement, but also not quite alarm.... Perhaps it was formed from a combination of the after effects of being promoted and the unaccustomed feeling of freedom. Or perhaps it was simply another foolish puppy urge. Of course, the latter would rarely present itself now- by the time it had opportunity to reveal itself once more it was likely that Hera would no longer be a puppy, and thus no longer have the immature feeling.

At any rate a week of comings and goings with as little as two hours of sleep in between was likely to fatigue any wolf, especially a younger wolf in the midst of growing. Despite the fact that there was still so much to see, by the seventh day her body had already refused to work with her mind, letting her sleep for much longer than she expected. Usually she woke before dawn- today, she had not stirred until the sun had already placed itself in the sky. She would not get far if she started out so late- so Hera had decided to rest for a day instead, walking to the lake and sitting in the shade of a large willow. Surely it would have been foolish of her to ignore her own exhaustion- any wolf who does not properly take care of themselves is little more than a fool. As warm as it was the shade was a bit more relaxing, and despite the humidity the moisture in the air was not too heavy as to indicate rain. A good sign. The sky was clear as well, further reducing any chance of the rainstorms that often struck.

Back to the topic of why she was here, and what exactly caused her to come. She wasn't altogether sure of where she was, really. Except that as she was resting quietly a commotion came from her left. More and more wolves seemed to be coming, and when the number became too large for her to ignore she decided to turn and see what exactly they were up to. As she crossed the meadow to approach the cavern, she noticed that wolves seemed to be gathering, all led by one large, grey wolf, who was bringing them through the tunneling cave to the other side. Strange. She had never really noticed this path before. But what had really convinced Hera to follow the wolf was the scent of her father, Torvald, that was unmistakably fresh along the path. Perhaps this was the mass training event that she had overheard a few talking about. Well, here was an opportunity that Hera could not let pass.

Slowly she followed, not quite melding into the group of wolves but rather staying off to a side. As the tunnel gave way and revealed a large meadow, Hera barely noticed the scenery, instead focusing her attention on her father. This was her chance, her chance to prove to him her worth. To make him proud to have her as a daughter. She sat down at the edge of the gathering, slightly away from other wolves as usual. Her expression was calm and solemn, her liquid honey eyes unrevealing as they gazed up at the dark overlord. There was no hint of questioning in her expression, nor was there any nervousness. Her eyes may have held a tinge of ice, despite their warm tones, but other than that no discernible observation could be made.

"rattle them doctor bones."


Posted: Jul 19 2011, 01:05 PM

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Zeta Ruffian
Male 3 Years
41 POSTS 514 PP

   He followed Anberlin at a distance, the he-wolf whose coat is a deadened sort of gray and broken by a darker line from nose-base to tail. Sero Lake had been peaceful save for the wind. The water reflecting the blue of the sky and the greenery growing at its edges. Earlier he'd been lying at its banks beneath a thick-trunked willow to avoid the shifting air but the howl had summoned him to rise. Devoid of urgency though it was strong and clear. A thing not to go unanswered. He'd lifted himself off the ground and proceeded into the meadow. There, the warrior was headed toward the mountainside, a group of Serons at his back. Henriet followed them through the lush green to the imposing mountainside, from there they'd dissapeared into a cavern. At its entrance he paused, the stalagmites hung like teeth up above. Sunlight glittered off of their sharp surfaces. To enter was something like being eaten. So he let himself be, following the scents and tails of the others into the shadows.

   A strange place to have a meeting. He did not feel at ease at all to be breathing cool stagnant air. Thoughts fled the barren place. He wondered if Thorvald would be waiting in some deeper chamber. How could they train in the darkness? Or perhaps it would not be so basic. He considered that there could be some plan for a free for all. It was a pleasing image, wolves tearing into each other without knowing who was who. Fear-filled whelps running for a blocked entrance. A soft laugh issued from his mouth, tongue fell bright and pink against the side of his mouth. With a silent groan of disappointment, he pulled it back in when a hint of the raging winds outside, dried its surface and ruffled his fur. So there was an exit. His steps fell slow and heavy, reluctant to leave behind the reverie in the darkness. In small increments, the light returned, as did the wind. The mountainsides and rock faces that surrounded the meadow buffered some of the force but not much. It continued to pull at everything.

   Out of the tunnel he paused, looking around at the new meadow. Seemingly cut off from the rest of the outside it had no other entrance he could detect. In the new meadow, nested in the center of the mountains and towering faces of rock. The tunnel seeming to be the only entrance. It was rather small but ideal, dotted with pines and had a stream flowing through. Healthy, deer-grazed grasses covered much of the available land. Rabbits stood on the hind legs, peering toward the wolves that really had no care for them. Goats made their way up and down the crags and ledges, bleating periodically. It was all so pristine and new it made him hungry. Muscles tensed as if for chase and eyes narrowed. Then he shook it off, a lazy smile planting itself on his face as he made his way for Thorvald. The leader's eyes were a cloudy beryl, he stopped himself from staring into the dead left. He dipped his head low to the wolf and then turned to trot away.

   No faces stood out in particular, the other Serons strangers to him. His tail swung, tossed by the winds. He absentmindedly pawed at the ground where he planned to sit, then turned to look at his right thigh. The "X" scar shone dark in its covering of new tissue. It made him nod to himself solemnly. So he was meant to be in the band of brutes and bitches that were gathered before their leader. He lifted his head regally over his shoulders, jaws closed and eyes focused on nothing in particular. Now was the wait.

"Hear me speak"
Let me think.


Posted: Jul 19 2011, 02:27 PM

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Delta Lead Sentinel
Male 5 Years
115 POSTS 601 PP

The streaked Ruffian padded along the lakeside, eyes turned sideways to eye the water as his broad paws pushed their prints into the soft mud. He watched with a small grin as his reflection rippled and distorted with the waves on the water. He looked past it, watching tiny plants and rocks on the bottom of the pool wander past as he walked. He enjoyed such activities, when so little was happening that he had the chance to simply wander and allow his mind the same free reign. Many things clouded it, until so many voices in his head were barreling at once that he just shut them out, and felt quieter for it.

Vertad swung towards the Alpha's howl, dark blue orbs sliding from the water to lock onto his destination. Not exactly where he expected it, but who was he to question such knowledge and wisdom as their warlord Torvald? Broad paws pushed into the ground, muscles clenching and stretching beneath streaked black fur. His path was set, swerving only to avoid trees and slowing only to climb or leap obstacles. Blue eyes widened, curiosity showing through as he went through the shadowed tunnel, following the group of wolves through to Umbrage Pass.

He had definitely heard the rumors of a mass spar, a sort of training, and he had been just as excited as the next wolf. That excitement only flared again when he found that it would be held within an entirely new part of Seron territory. A grin split his face as he considered that, one of the first wolves in this new piece of land, about to be broken in by a pack of fighting wolves. As the tunnel opened up to the clear, albeit windy meadow, his eyes widened and swung around in their sockets, as though trying to absorb all the view at once. He instantly liked the place, loving the feel of the sun on his fur, combined with the wind that tried to bite through it. He couldn't wait for the training to commence.

He turned towards Torvald as soon as he spotted the black creature, and nodded his head into a quick bow. "Greetings, Alpha Torvald," he offered evenly, trying to be as calm as he could in the wake of such excitement. He moved to be nearer the greater group, slowly taking a seat among the other Seron wolves.

"Feel the silence."


Posted: Jul 19 2011, 06:01 PM

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Loner ---
Female 2 Years
11 POSTS 159 PP

The weather had not ceased it's nasty punishment upon the earth yet. The winds continued to howl like a banshee and the sickly green skies had left for the time being. The wind beat down on to the soaked grounds and threatened to flood the earth or so it seemed. So little was this wheather compared to the massive worries the young she-wolf had. Would she encounter her brothers once again? Would the time to meet her father arrive? All in due time it seemed. Her progress with the maned female was going along great, but she questioned her descion in pursuing the assasin ranks. She made note to consult the alpha about a change in that. Since her arrival in Refuge Point over three months ago, she had aged and grown considerably. Her knowledge spanned moons over what a regular yearling would know. It was simply the pursuit of the ultimate brain she could mold for herself that kept the young girl going. While her mind grew and wrapped around all the surroundings and wolves she had met so far, she found that she was degenrating emotionally.

Was she going mad? It wasn't sure, but she could sense several screws loose somewhere in her non-existant moral compass. What was wrong, she couldn't tell anymore. It was when she fell into the puddle of crap that she finally awoke from her musings. "Shit! Watch where you're going idiot!" she spat when she realized it had been done on her own free will. Looking around cooliy to make sure that no one had seen her outburst, she simpily hauled herself out of the hole she had fallen into and shook the mud she could off. The rest would come out with the wind and rain. Her blue eyes scoped the surroundings; there were lumionous eyes around her, coming closer. Ah, so the news of the mass training session had run across the Serons. She was not alone- wonderful. So far, no news of Noctus or Grimsley had been brought up, so maybe she would be lucky and not have to encounter the brothers today...or anytime soon.

She had finally reached Sero Lake when the chilling howls resonated across her ears. And so the hell began. A smile crept up on her lips as she approached a gathering of wolves. Not knowing any, she simpily hovered a distance arround the back and followed slowily as the mobbed into a small tunnel. Whispers echoed everywhere and it was humid. She wondered where they would end up, as news of a new land had flown across her ears awhile earlier. Finally, dull lights attacked her eyes as she squinted to adjust to the light change once again. There, wolves were gathering and sitting around the brute himself, the warlord Torvald. It would be interesting to see him again after their one on one meeting. After the line waned down to greet their Lord, she stepped up coyily and dipped her head gracefully "Hello Alpha Torvald." she then turned arround and sought out a seat in the back of the gathering, eyeing a female that looked a lot like her mentor.

"No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight."


Posted: Jul 20 2011, 10:33 AM

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Venom laced paws moved with a smooth and serpentine-like movement as her head ran itself parallel to the ground, the cries of the male echoing off the canyon like a falcon calling to it's young. It called and compiled the wolves that brought themselves with a smooth and utterly unique body that placed itself in a hand hold tightly wrapped with iron fists. Her emerald eyes rolled from the broken and immature sleep that had covered her entire heart with a smooth and ever longing grasp of reality. Her tail twisted and flickered behind her as strengthened paws hoisted herself up into a thick and unique trail of hardening sorts. Her ears cupped to her head like a tea cup moistened and stuck to it's saucer as she moved behind the lingering scents that penetrated deep into her noise. The gore-ish heathens that collected themselves here knew naught what they were practicing in their entitled hearts. Her tail motioned itself behind her as she marched forward, the collection bringing them from the open expanse of walls that shuddered themselves lucid beneath them all. Her eyes shifted through the group, picking and choosing between them all to see what the heathens truly wanted to break upon the harrowing grounds that they claimed as their own. A hidden niche in the world that was untouched by all but their own manipulated paws. The screaming of a child was echoed through her particular caves that rang with distaste. Her lips pursed lightly upon the broken and sorrowed ground as the tilted her head to see the strangled pace of a tan hued female, her snapping jaws and stance of pure agitation was wasted upon their broken place. Her ears twisted into sharp points as she gathered herself closer, eyes twisted beneath their harrowing gazes, the twin sitting with their heads held high. Her tail twisted itself behind her, slithering like a serpent as she moved with such a grace almost unheard of in these broken and twisted lands. Her head was lower to the ground than most as she walked with an articulate pace. Her legs were thin, moving with a grace that a mountain goat would as she spotted the heathen prey with a succumbed grin. Her eyes whispered beneath her as she licked the torrid lips in which the heightened sun would burn into arid wastelands. Her ears were kept erect upon her head as she surveyed the group that was gathering beneath their king's hopeful feet. Her entire body shivered with pure delight and happiness as she settled herself down upon the broken and ravaged feet that the others so imperishably motioned with their settling eyes. Her own rested upon a familiar form and a stance of pure humiliation ran through her. Fun times, that little sprawl and battle did for her but a last, it was unique only for herself it would seem. Her tail twitched behind her, ready to snap down upon the unsuspecting male but she openly made it obvious that her self control was thickly in place. Her ears twisted as she bent herself into a soft bow towards the regal king, my liege. The words were hissed from her throat with the purest of respect laced with the deadliest of venoms that were at the expense of him. Torvald knew he could use, abuse and discard her as he pleased. A sort of love that twisted between her towards him was unique and utterly undying. Her ethereal glow seemed to radiate from her elegant form as she drew herself back into the crowd, her eyes twisting lightly upon each and every one of them. This was, indeed, a sparring party and thus her eyes swindled themselves upon each and every one of them. Her tail danced like a cobra to a snake charmer as she picked the few and proud that stood there upon her entrance. They all danced with an interesting, unique, light that brought themselves as a fascinating bunch to say the very least. Her lips pursed for a moment as her tongue ran across the top of her mouth and downwards through her cavity until a soft clucking noise was heard. Her tail stopped dancing for a moment, twisting and turning upon itself as she brought herself into a soft sitting position. Her smile was upturned and devious. She was waiting to see what the maker had brought her.


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The pale cinnamon girl was told that soon she would begin training. Training for what, she did not know, but it sounded fun. Now at five months old, Artemis was more evened out, her paws weren't so clumsy, her head didn't seem so big, and her tail was beginning to grow and become fluffy. Hardly any puppy characteristics remained on the tiny girl, but that didn't stop her from living big. Her auds perked as she heard a wolf cry out so quickly she sprinted to find where this cry came from. There were other wolves, and they seemed to be going somewhere so she followed close behind. Up ahead she saw Bane, one of the girls best friends. Her legs carried her up to walk beside him. Where were they going?

Before she knew it, they were in a new place, a place she had never seen before. Her eyes looked around, amused, and bright with interest. Was their pack moving? If so, why wasn't her mother here? A worried look took hold of her features, but quickly dismissed it. There was no way they were moving lands, it seemed so silly to even think that. She stood back a little bit, admiring the lands before her as the others took their seats. There were many others there. Eleven, the girl counted, twelve including herself. A grin wrapped itself around her features as she gracefully rose off her rump to go sit next to Bane. "Hey Uncle Bane!" She gave his leg a nudge before looking around.

Mis knew Torvald, he was their Alpha and for some reason, the girl feared him. He just seemed scarry. She gave him a nod before speaking in a brave-sounding voice. "Hello Torvald, I hope all is well?" Her ice blue eyes then took in the form of Vertad and her tail wagged. She knew that wolf, from the day the wind picked her up and threw her, and her and Bane hid. Her tail wagged as she gave a small yip in a greeting. Her mind then froze. Where was Tybalt? Her ears folded back as she looked around. Would he come? Again, her features lifted to look at Bane as she smiled.


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Will be slow to reply. A bunch of stuff. My grandmother had a double mastectomy due to stage four breast cancer. She now has to have surgery AGAIN (within 3 days) to have a bloodclot removed. So, I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the hospital. Thanks for understanding.

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ooc: dating this back to before Anibel's death so he can focus on actually fighting.

The days prior had threatened the lands of the pointe with threatening storms and spine snapping winds, whipping and cracking across the terrain with an unrelenting force and strength. Drearily so the clouds had consumed the once blue skies, leaving only a faint reminder of the brighter days within the deep indigo hue of the monstrosities. It seemed this day however that the sun would stand to shine its rays upon the creatures backs once more. Steadily they emerged from their dens, winds hushing their howls if only an octave lower to provide the bustling bodies with momentary joy. However the swirling zephyr would prove to remind those hopeful beings that their wrath had not yet ended and continued to gradually barrage the lands as the day progressed.

The chilling song that rocketed throughout the scape effortlessly struck through the gusts and sunk deep into the seron territory and beyond seemed almost proper for such a gruesome day. Without further warning then the thick forest became renewed with life, fallen bark and scattered leaves offering mere whispers of movement. As the stalled chromatic figure had come to realize, approaching with caution nor delayed footfalls would not sate the impatient warlord. Preferring only excellence this fact did not come as a surprise to the descry and so he obediently followed the hushed steps onto a familiar path, one he had come to call home as the darkening days had progressed. However as an observant being, the frigid howls seemed to come not from a recognized distance but rather horizons unknown, and so and alluring sense of curiosity began to churn within his chasm. Still he moved along much like a mechanical being, footfalls refraining from emitting even the faintest hush that the others had chose to allow echo about.

It took only moments to arrive at the blooming congregation aside the swirling lake, the once calm waters now swaying and splashing to the rhythm of the lashing breeze. Like a whip it cracked across the pools, occasionally sending droplets to plummet into the unforgiving shores if not onto the backs of the muttering canines. Without uncertainty the male approached, choosing to forgo any utterances of a chorus as he became simply a member of the crowd. With ease he recognized many of the members features, be it by meeting or by sight at the just recent pack gathering. It took only seconds for the unmistakable stench of his littermate to tickle at his senses and bring attention to the familiar twin. Truly he was surprised to see such a figure present at this very place yet his features did not offer even the slightest twitch of emotion. As if nonexistent the teal orbs came to focus specifically on the greyscale form of the delta warrior, his chords now booming throughout the terrace with nearly as much intensity as the warlord. However it was the words within the chorus that pricked at the caverns of his mind, no warning nor explanation offered as to where the bodies would exactly be going to. Given the loyal being that he was, with the sudden stampede of footfalls he in turn followed closely behind the traipsing figures into the consuming shadows of an unknown cavern. How quaint. It was truly amazing he had not discovered this place on his own accord.

As if irking to prove the flock wrong, immediate rays descended to splash the canines with warmth and light alike. The revealed area was heavenly indeed, quite unsuitable for a pack of sinful heathens. An eyebrow came to raise slightly as sights soon fell to the obsidian warlord, pinned to the fields just leagues ahead. For once in a long awhile the male felt quite an uncomfortable turmoil within the pits of his being; he hadn't the faintest idea what was to happen. Yet like a ghost he remained, unchanged, incomprehensible. Just a face in the crowd.

"you can count me out"


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...So today was the day the Serons would have their mass training session. In new territory, no less. Truth be told, Chell would have liked to spend her day the way she started it - in a fitful state of sleep, groaning as she purged the contents of her stomach. The coyote glared at the source of all her troubles - the noticable swell in her womb. Damned test subjects were more trouble than they were worth. And yet, they were worth a great deal to her. With these pups, perhaps she could unlock the key to some hereditary mysteries. Yet that would require quite a few more litters to verify her results...

Doubling over in pain at the thought of going through this another few times, Chell got to her paws and wobbled over through the tunnel to Umbrage Pass. Though Torvald was blind in one eye, he could plainly see that Chell was in no fit state for combat. Even so, he still assigned work for her to do, which both pleased and upset her. Clearly, he viewed her as a valuable asset and not as a mere puppy-producing machine. But to work when her stomach was faint and her head pounded with nausea? It was a nightmare. Still, he needed an extra pair of eyes to help assess the combatants and place them in separate categories. And who better than his Delta Descry, who had combat training as a military android?

She nodded respectfully at her alpha, scanning the crowd of wolves and picking out a few familiar faces, walking to each of them. A respectful nod was given to Anberlin - he had certainly impressed her with his skills as a tactician and combatant. There was also Scott, who was given a slightly suspicious look - part of her still considered the possibility that, although he was not directly related to GLaDOS, he could still be allied with her. That, plus the fact that he had raped one of her dear friends, meant that she could never look at him in a friendly light. The coyote scowled at the next familiar face, pulling back her lips to reveal yellowing, menacing fangs. "Consider yourself lucky that Mel doesn't want me to deal with you, or else I'd rip out your fucking spine and beat you with it, asshole." Instead, she opted to spit on the black male's paw in disgust, before approaching Ponc. A small smile appeared on her face as she muttered "Durians." to him, giggling maniacally before settling down once more near her alpha.

SCARCE. Holy crap college is hard. I'll be on once a week to reply.
Chell's and Orion's relationship in a nutshell.

Click for EP!

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Darkness folded over the corners of his headlight eyes. Blistering and burning, the great shadow shifted among the crowd, slouched and lumbering, he dragged himself in waves and tides. Once present and substantial, in a second he fades away like nothing, hovering and invisible—but always an oppressively powerful presence. Newness overcame and transfixed the great shadow. Every face The Judge saw is new, and everyone of them passed through him like mist, he turned his nose upwards in empty disgust. He was an automatic creature, a thing of machinery and each expression that bled onto his face meant less than the last. And yet, those eyes, seemingly unseeing and indecipherable, contained multitudes of animosity.

He passed through the tunnel, disappearing into the emptiness above and below him, present only in the clarity of his judgmental eyes. He stared ahead, unwavering and disciplined in body, though his mind wavered in pools of blood. He is a fighter. An assassin. A dark, back alley mercenary. He was a tool of destruction, if captured. But shadow is hard to harbor and control, and and an unhinged mind made him all the more volatile. A light opened in front of him. (Breathe in.) Through the pinhole an open field expanded, bordered by the jaws of jagged mountains. He smirked. He imagined it full of blood. A battlefield. A cesspool.

Each wolf before him acknowledged but one man, this Torvald. With empty eyes The Judge finds him. With a dispassionate nod offered into the empty air in front of the alpha, he slithers past into the ranks. Shifting his great mass, Raffi settled into unnatural stillness and silence, his rough surface disrupted only by breaths. Though they were shallow, they sent his great frame shuddering, flicking in and out of existence. His ears flicked. (Breathe out.) Some way away he heard a voice like the spit of a viper, turning to watch the creature berate the ranks, the great shadow grins wildly. It is menacing, and it is dangerous on his jaws. In a moment it fades away to a default grimace, completely devoid of meaning.

"He comes, he comes."



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