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Spring Cleaning!
Posted: May 22 2011, 02:58 PM

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Male 10 Years
18 POSTS 457 PP

Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!
The Packs Page has been updated with the correct numbers, and disbanded packs have been added to the page with links to their rosters for future reference. We'll be holding a thread sweep on May 26th, so be sure to post in those threads and keep them active! Any threads that have not been posted in since April 30th will be archived. We will not put any threads on hold - remember, you can always request a thread to be unarchived later on if you want to finish it! And to go along with our new rule of spot-claiming, any threads that have a "thread saving" post, that do not contain a legitimate post, will still be archived.

Activity Check
We are having an activity check! As always, activity checks are mandatory and if you don't post in them, your accounts will be grouped to Inactive and you will be required to re-apply in order to keep playing. Some members will be placed on probation, should they fail to post in the activity check and then come back again. The activity check lasts until May 26th; due to the short time period that this activity check will last, we will be a little more lenient, especially with people with absence notices. The activity check is located HERE!

Monthly Contest: Round 4!
Round 4 of the Monthly Contest has begun! Quick, this is the last round and, for those of whom have not participated yet, your last chance to try and win at least 100 PP!

Pack Events
Just a friendly little reminder to keep an eye on the pack events! Each pack is currently holding an event, so if you play characters that are in these packs, make sure that you've posted before the deadlines! Participating in pack events is always vital!

Harbinger Holidayz?!
Yes! We will be trying to implement some holidays into Harbinger throughout the year for your characters to participate in! They will be added as official holidays and documented in the Guidebook once we have confirmed them and worked out all the details; and don't worry about missing them, because we'll be putting our snazzy Calendar to use to notify you guys when holidays are coming up! The addition of holidays will also give members the opportunity to win fun prizes, participate in contests, and even win some fancy items or icons! You can suggest holidays or read up on our current ones HERE!

White Wolf Ban Lifted
As it has been quite some time since we put the ban down, we will be lifting the ban on white wolves and allowing them into Harbinger again. But keep in mind that if we see a sudden wave of white wolves, we will not hesitate to place this ban again! The Lone Pup ban is still in effect, and some details on it have been ironed out and explained on the Bans List.

We now have two new litters coming into Harbinger! You can apply to play one of two Orion x Chell babies, or the only surviving pup from the Eleven x Elise litter, who will be known as Newton Lakshmana and raised by Acaelus Lakshmana.


Pack Meeting in Silver Cove
A mandatory meeting for all SC wolves has been called by Natrium.

Slave Grab in Mortus Sero
Mortus Sero is invading the Delta!

Pack Meeting in Sanctus Regnum
Sanctus Regnum is holding a mandatory pack meeting!

If something happens in character that you think should make it into the announcements, PM Madison (Josalyn)!



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