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One Last Breath — {FWP} Death of Huk
Posted: Feb 13 2011, 01:14 PM

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Alpha Warlord
Male 5 Years
497 POSTS 5763 PP

Saliva coiled round the razor-edges weapons which lay painfully dormant, locked behind the un-bloodied lips of the Seron. The impatient tongue traced slowly over the backside of the fangs, searching feverishly for even a minute droplet of crimson to tide his pallet. Nothing. But irritation did not broil within the creature’s hearth for he knew all to well that in short time his tongue would be weighed now by a hefty humanoid slab of flesh, his mouth flooded with an ape’s blood. Perhaps it was ambitious, to venture alone into the gorilla’s realm, seeking nothing more and nothing less than to finish the job he had started only a bundle of days ago. The king of the wolf eating apes would wheeze his final breath this dusk.

Shadows melded ‘round the bulk of the Alpha, who slid with well calculated precision through the dense undergrowth. Pads set threatening upon the sodden crust of the earth, which held its breath to obey the silence this reaper commanded. Verdant foliage seemed to shrink back, bowing their heads and craning themselves free from his path as best they were able. Nares drank in the putrid stenches which flood this realm, the one of interest increasing in concentration with each progressive step he took. He forced free the rotten fragrance with a curt huff, his nose wrinkling ever so slightly with distaste as he again altered his course minutely and drew in another deep inhale. A number would call him a fool stalking such a grandiose beast solitarily, without even a companion to act as a safety net should something go horribly wrong. Perhaps it was irresponsible to disappear without mention of his feat to another soul, but the Seron warlord was no fool and had meticulously planned this endeavor since the day he was forced to let the ape king escape. The thought of the incident pried forth mixed emotions. Though the pack had performed to and even above his expectations, it sent a baneful shiver down his spine to think he was unable to share in the slaughter and instead granted the humanoid a chance to escape. Such a favor would not be offered this time.

At last the beryl lenses had captured sight of the creatures in the near distance, their wretched perfume now overwhelming. No longer did he swell his lungs with breath but instead allowed the airs to seep in on a discrete rhythm. Banner lashed but once as limbs crooked themselves, lowering the titan amongst the entanglement of vegetation, his approach now more meticulous than ever. Talons sunk within the malleable soils, anchoring himself concretely for no more than a second before uprooting the limb and progressing on. Arrest occurred only as he reached mere yards from the pair of apes, the second of the females no longer accompanying the group. Though features remained stagnant a wicked smirk glinted behind the mask of stone as lenses caught a glimpse of the silver-back’s chest. The gashes inflicted by his own talons and fangs remained prominent on the naked chest of the ape, swollen and sore with infection. The two had departed from their last meeting with nearly identical gashes across their chests, but it was the ape who had suffered greater consequence for it. The Alpha’s own injury had been immediately treated by the ever talented Nyx and Anima, and so was well on its way to being no more than another scar littering her frame. Breath released slowly as he continued to observe, still as the fallen bark skinned giants who laid around this particular clearing. It would be this day that one of two great killers would fall.


user posted image
user posted image

Posted: Feb 27 2011, 09:12 PM

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Advanced Member
Male Pup
32 POSTS 381 PP

huk ;; argent
It was obvious from the posture of the ape lord that his wounds trouble him. The traditional manner of simply eating more was not helping him to recuperate and even the clumsy attempts of his females to cleanse the wounds had not prevented infection from taking hold. The stress of such was really beginning to get to the male; already, one of his limbs was turning discolored and swollen from gangrene. If a pack of wolves didn't kill him, the infections would and it was likely it wouldn't take any time at all. For the first time in his life, the beast lord was afraid. The fear made him toss and turn in what should have been restful sleep. It coiled about his throat, twisting each breath into a grunt of pain. It tortured him, robbing the male of every ounce of vitality he possessed.

Finally, with a half-moan, half-bellow of consternation, the silverback jerked up out of his sleep, shuffling until he got his feet under himself before staggering towards the stream where he could get a drink to cool his feverish mind. For a long time, he did not notice Torvald whose dark coat blended so well into the dense vegetation. When Huk did notice the wolf, he had nearly passed Torvald. The gorilla gave an agonized bleat upon scenting the male, making a clumsy lunge at the wolf. Fever and pain made the gorilla weak, but he still held desire to end the one wolf whose pack had nearly destroyed his troop. The desire to fight held sway over even his body's frantic signals that he wasn't well. Huk bared his two-inch teeth and roared tiredly, charging for Torvald with hands held wide to snatch, grab, and break whatever was within reach.


Posted: Mar 3 2011, 10:49 PM

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Alpha Warlord
Male 5 Years
497 POSTS 5763 PP

By the graces of the fickle winds the favor had changed and soon the charcoaled lug had picked up the scent of the camouflaged warlord. Perhaps another would somber at this event, but Torvald only allowed a sickly twisted smirk to coil upon his lips. Such lips wrinkled with distaste as the creature bellowed and trudged forth, barbaric rage seeping free from each and ever inch of him. A sharp clap of fangs echoed as Torvald answered the cry with a rumbling chorus of laughter. So let the games begin.

Spring loaded. The haunches released their pented energy and sent the mass of the wolf hurling free from his position, just in time to escape the groping hands of the ape. Talons tore without sympathies upon the spine of a fallen log, sending small tendrils of bark coiling from the weapons as he righted himself upon it. His mobility was regained once more as again he brought himself forward, soaring free from the perch towards his opponent. Claws soon hooked themselves to a new target, digging greedily into the fleshy shoulder of the beast as fangs snapped without rhyme or reason, aiming for any and all fleshy obstacles placed in their path. A single forelimb detached itself from the gorilla’s shoulder and flew with as best aim as he could manage towards the features of the beast. He knew it would not take long for the muscle strapped arms of the creature to find him and so he sought to gash open a portion of the features with haste. Should he manage to hit the forehead he would bring forth a trickling fountain that would likely handicap the humanoid further. And so the talons groped, all the while lenses switching focus from one should to the other, carefully awaiting to catch hint of their engagement. For once he came witness to that articulation he must release his grips and engage his next plan of attack. Though confident in his talents, he was no fool and knew the hands of this foul behemoth could easily splinter and mangle his bones.


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