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No Rest for the Wicked — MS Pack Meeting
Posted: Feb 15 2011, 09:17 AM

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Newbie Gaurdian
Female 1 Year
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Dalena padded along, wincing as the mud found its way between her toes. She had taken a walk to explore, but it was more than that. A time to think aswell. Did she belong here? Where was she? Why couldn't she remember anything about her past? No one can just appear on the Earth. Her life must have a story. But what was it? Fear suddenly raced around her brain. What happened to me? Who am I? She dug her claws deep into the ground and huffed. No time to worry. But as she padded along more thoughs dashed into her mind. What if Torvald doesn't like me? What if no one likes me? She scolded herself silently. Those were stupid questions. Worries for pups.

When the howl split through the air Dalena was quickly mind wiped from all her thoughts. Sighing she dashed through the forest, swift on her feet towards to howl. "It must be a meeting" she thought, and suddenly excitment bubbled up inside her. Her first meeting. And maybe, just maybe, there would be a chance to introduce herself to Torvald and prove her worthiness to her back.

As she arrived she glanced around, trying to to make it obvious she was clueless. She knew no one's name, and had no clue where to go. So she looked around for someone to sit by, and as Nyx caught her eye she tried to manage a smile and confidently pad over to her, but it didn't work out so well. But even though she was stumbling and stuttering, she padded over silently to Nyx and sat down beside her, wrapping her tail around her paws. "H-Hello".

Posted: Feb 15 2011, 10:41 PM

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-- Ruffian
Male 1 Year
22 POSTS 734 PP

”C'mere, leetle mouze.”

The voice flowed out smooth and harsh pitching somewhat changing like that of a human boy going through puberty. Neatly kept claws careful traced around the frightened mouse keeping it trapped as he it's torturer played with it like it was nothing but a toy. The claws then disappeared quickly disappearing as quick as the came, this was it's chance! Settling up the mouse glanced about then darted off, but the paw appeared again slamming down and trapping it's tail under a nail.

The mouse screeched and squeal in fright and protest as the cruel limb rolled it over onto it's back a black claw tracing down it's stomach. More frightened squeals came from the mouses as the nail pressed down harder, though suddenly it stopped letting the mouse free as a howl echoed through the area. Dammit, his toy got away.

Pale eyes moved to the side as his head moved looking up at the sky, what was this for? What was so important that he had to be interrupted during play time? The boy snorted, this had better be good. Long legs pushed him up from his laying position and carried him away from his spot under a low hanging tree.

Again, this had better be good. For the most part the monster moved steadily through the wood not stopping until he managed to get himself to the odd circle of trees every other member had gathered in now. In front of them Torvald stood atop a group of dead trees, so he though himself so high that he couldn't stand with his pack? A small "feh" wiggled out of his mouth already he felt irritated by the higher rank.

Eyes darted about seeking out his father, but alas he couldn't see him. Shoot, where was he? It if weren't for him he would not have had joined this pack. Moving at a slower pace now he moved behind the group not daring trying to search for Thorn in such a crowd. So instead he sat down in the back staring up at the leading male for a second before going back to searching for his father then ultimately gave up. He'll find him later. For now he'll wait and hear what was oh so important that everyone needed to be here to hear it.


Posted: Feb 16 2011, 03:45 PM

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Subordinate Toxicology
Female 3 Years
41 POSTS 921 PP

Juliet habitually stayed close to the lands of the Sero wolves the past few weeks. She cheekily observed anyone that crossed her path in the ashen forest and conspicuously waited to get her ass handed to her. The chocolate female had been in a dry slump for too long; she thought it ironic her mood would turn so dehydrated just as the rainy weather picked up. She had been a member of the meticulous army's leader since the very beginning, Juliet would assume. There weren't many members when she had crowded into the area—now all she felt was disdain for all the company the land was attracting. It really wasn't a pleasant place to be. Everyone here was as callous as herself, in every direction there was a prick to pick a fight with. The stress was on the brink of being unbearable. She was destined to make a break... while at the same time, her loyalties still remained with Torvald. Whenever the dank female's mind wandered to insubordination, her body would coil in protest.

She lay crouched beneath a bush, a favorite past time whenever the sky cried it's sorrowful mush upon her shoulders. Juliet had enough to carry without the favor of water. Alto was looming in the shadows of her memories of chaotic freedom. It'd been awhile since she last met with him... She desperately wanted to go out and find him. To be the creep for once...

An idea struck with the sudden howl. Maybe! Her mind raced, just maybe! Juliet now had the mastermind idea to consult her great leader and request pardon from the lands. A search for new toxins, she'd say, and it'd be true. If only half true. On this journey, Juliet intended to find her previous stalker for a little chat. She needed the uplift.

Off the odd eyed girl went, in search for the dead circle. When she'd arrive, Juliet decided she wouldn't say a word and try her best to be as unnoticeable as possible. An innocent ghost for once.

With the voice of the dead, I'm screaming!
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SCARCE - I have school, work, and homework. It's unbelievably busy stuff. x_x Message my account Luisa to contact me. Or text if you have my number. Ask if you need/want it.

Posted: Feb 20 2011, 12:41 AM

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Alpha Warlord
Male 5 Years
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Thankyou everyone who posted! The second round begins now and will end on Feb. 26th

With patience he held himself firmly atop his perch, lenses locked ahead in what seemed like a trance. The summon took little time to take affect and before any form of impatience of irritation could settle into his mind figures became emerging from the labyrinth they called home. Still his stare was locked ahead, peering deep into the tightly wound shadows of the forest’s depths. It was only as Anima emerged from the spindly trees that his gaze fell from its trance and came to rest on her features, her maw cradling the tiny body of their daughter, Circe. Auds flickered forth as she spoke, requesting his assistance in watching over the pup before leaping back into the darkness to retrieve the others. His lenses remained locked on her miniscule body as she wobbled to her feet and attempted to explore the base of the large bark structure before her. Short cries left her lips, confused and frustrated banter. Swiftly he brought himself free of the throne and settled his haunches to the verdant carpet just at the base of the fallen giant. Hefty paws jostled her rather gently until she was positioned between his two forelimbs, at which point she tumbled to the earth and found herself content nestled against his limb. The others arrived shortly after, strong and in good health. Though it pleased him to see them thriving, his mask remained stagnant and poised with its familiar void. He looked down to them, lowering his skull as Xavier approached, he stared at the young one for a moment before persuading him back to his mother’s side with a soft push.

Soon enough the company had gathered, well, most of them at least. Within his mind the names of those who had failed to make themselves present flew, filing away moments later. Still, there were matters to be dealt with and so he hoisted himself free from his seated position, taking once last glance over the gathered Serons before he shattered the silence with familiar baritones, “Firstly I would like to introduce you all to the first litter of Mortus Sero. Tybalt, Circe and Xavier.” With the official introduction of his pups out of the way Torvald hastily moved onto more political business, “Next, it has come to my attention that the Tribe’s current leader doesn’t think so fondly of us.” A wicked sneer broke across his features, a low huff of a laugh seeping free, “He proved himself a fool, just as the previous leader and so has sealed his fate. The Tribe has named itself an enemy of the Serons. Any of their members spotted around the borders of our territory are to be attacked without the courtesy of warning. Let only the stains of their blood linger around our lands.” With the word’s completion he allowed his jaws to snap together, a sharp clasp echoing throughout the company before silence took firm hold once more. His hackles, having begun to raise from the prospect of many a battle to come, now settled themselves back upon his spin, “Our other neighbors, Sanctus Regnum and Silver Cove are still to be treated cordially. As for the minuscule pack which calls themselves Cadua Enfeda, they are of little concern to us. Still, they do not hold the convenience of calling us an ally, and I believe they will soon be traversing the same unfortunate path the Tribe wolves have chosen.” Another sinister smirk licked at the very corners of his maw as he spoke of the church dwellers.

After a moment he alteration to his features faded and slowly he drew in a breath, pausing but a moment before allowing jaws to fall free and baritones to boom forth, “Ranks.” he stated simply, allowing his lenses to fall over the congregation, “Warden, Albersev and Wolfsbane you will all now hold the title of Zeta.” To each he offered a momentary stare before moving on, “Those who will now hold the rank of Epsilon are Bane, Thorn, Scott, Rav, Kuura and Anima. Additionally Bane and Thorn, you will now hold the title of Warrior.” He paused only long enough to confirm that all who had been promoted were present and within his sights before continuing on, “There are now a number of yearlings who will serve as apprentices to their appointed mentors. Ciel, you will be mentored by Thorn. Sita, you will be mentored by Kuura. Noctus, you will be mentored by Bane. And Dalena, you will be mentored by Rav.” Auds flickered lightly as he awaited any whispers of disapproval, though he knew none present dare to hiss at such an assignment. Rather, they should be honored and pleased to know that they, at least in the eyes of the warlord, were fit to train another. “Finally, a pack hunt is to be organized in the near future.” His mind shuffled with thoughts, confirming he had addressed the points he wished for the time being. Short and sweet. With that he allowed his lenses to filter over the gathering one last time, “Should anyone feel compelled, you may speak your piece now.”

"no escaping once I start"

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Posted: Feb 20 2011, 02:29 AM

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Delta Lead Assassin
Female 5 Years
175 POSTS 554 PP

based on the last line, requesting a thread with Dalena after the meeting ends~

The gathering was a silent, anticipating bunch as more wolves came to the place of meeting, entering with now words, although the occasional nod of respect to Torvald was noted by the russet babe. The warlord had moved himself to the forest floor in the necessity to watch his daughter, as Anima had asked, and the assassin merely watched the child with a glare, feeling nothing but scorn for the thing. It was possible to think that Räv's contempt was something of jealousy, but she was a creature who did not take kindly to small, fluffy things, and in fact loathed any infant that came into her presence.

When it seemed that the entirety of the Serons who planned to arrive had done so, their king made no hesitation in launching into his commanding vocals, beginning first with introduction of his first children. The babe's lips pursed, but fell slack when he changed the subject with rapidity, indicating the relationships between their own pack and the others. It satisfied the Spanish lass very much so that the tribal wolves were to be treated with hostility, allowing a small - though prominent - sneer to curl across her lips, a glance flicking to Thorn to judge his own reaction. The dame would be more than happy to spill the blood of the damn tribe wolves, but there were very few that would take convincing for her to have a go at in an attempt to murder. She would likely go looking for trouble wiu the Anaranjado wolves now that her people had been granted the chance. They would be a good way to burn off steam, especially when she was being required to express civility towards Danaher and his followers.

Rank promotions were then distributed, at which point the assassin was named an Epsilon, eliciting a satisfied smirk to grace her lips. While she had not yet gotten the opportunity to flaunt her talents in murder itself, Räv had been more than adept in her recent battles, acquiring wounds here and there from them, only to be worn proudly as battle scars. At the mention of apprentices, she was assigned one of her own, which was slightly surprising, if not pleasing. Such a thing meant that Torvald had a growing level of respect and trust for her and the others who had been selected for mentorship. The babe's dahlia eyes followed a pivoting motion of her muzzle as she observed Dalena, noting how painfully skittish the girl appeared in the current situation. Räv would either whip that out of her or simply scare her permanently shitless, but only time would tell what sort of damage the assassin would cause.

The formalities at last done with, Torvald left the air open to responses to his lengthy, yet necessary, speech. Her mind sifted through recent occurrings, debating if anything need be relayed at the present moment. She found nothing in past events, but did deem it necessary to offer a suggestion of her own. "I should think that even given the small size of the Cadua Enfena pack, we should perhaps keep a close eye on them. Mortus Sero, after all, remained small for only a short while until it became something very large. Should the Enfena wolves prove at all hostile towards us, it would seem to be in our best interest to have them on the radar." With that, the boldly spoken babe allowed her teeth to clack finely shut, no suggestion at apprehension presented upon her face. The validity of her claim was obvious, and even if it had been a preposterous idea, Räv would have still made it clear that she did not fear Torvald, nor his power. She was no meek child. Then she twisted her skull towards her new apprentice, who sat by Nyx, her voice falling to a low, yet still-audible, hiss: "You will come with me when we disperse, Dalena."


Posted: Feb 20 2011, 09:17 AM

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Zeta Descry
Male 4 Years
46 POSTS 538 PP

As the wolves began to file in, Nyx joined them. She shared a short word with the silvery-white male, before wandering over to Warden. He shifted his rump on the earth, and looked away from her as if he hadn't been looking in the first place. The feeling of her presence grew beside him, and he made a face when she licked his cheek. Was that absolutely necessary? He would have asked such a thing if Torvald hadn't spoken up a moment later. He noticed absently the presence of pups around them, and he suppressed a sound of caution. Was this really the place for pups to be? Babbling mindlessly, poking their noses into things. But if they were the spawn of Torvald, as Warden assumed, then obviously any look of distaste could be punishable. Unfortunately, he couldn't quite clear it away, choosing instead to just keep his mouth shut, and focus solely on the words of his alpha.

There were words of tension surrounding the Tribe wolves, and possible tension with a small group of wolves near the old human place. Warden's tail flipped over on the earth, his excuse for a wag. What fun! A fight. Multiple fights, in fact. Having such a duty as entertainer began to cloud his mind. What good could he do in such a situation if he was stuck telling bloody tales and doing back flips? And then came his promotion. A smile of pure pleasure spread across his face, and his tail flipped again. It certainly wasn't beta, or even Epsilon, but he could certainly handle it. Anything was better than subordinate, and perhaps if he could prove himself to Torvald by taking on a different duty...

The long legged fox-wolf was the first to speak as Torvald fell silent, and Warden listened with interest. "I agree," He nodded, rising from his haunches, and stepping forward. "If there is anything I could do, beyond the borders of my pathetic entertainment duty..." His head was bowed as he looked up at Torvald, staring up through his thin yellow lids. Then, with a silent clearing of his throat, he stepped back, settling down beside Nyx again, trying to keep himself straightened up, rather than usually hunched over, in hopes that his plea would be answered. "speech."

scarce until i get this paper done, i won't be posting. you'll still see me around, and i'll talk in the cbox, but it's due on the 18th, and i only have half a page out of five

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Posted: Feb 20 2011, 01:30 PM

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Tenured Professor Fisher
Male 7 Years
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Albersev felt frozen in his tracks. He couldn't believe it; he barely felt like part of the pack yet, and yet he was already rising in the ranks. And Bane, his--well, thus far his friend, though he didn't want to get ahead of himself. He too, had risen from the Subordinate status, even if ahead of Albersev. But Albersev was a patient, giving wolf. He felt nothing but joy for Bane. There were other names he didn't recognize, but among them were Sita's and Ciel's. Apprenticed, again to wolves he didn't recognize, but the point remained. He wasn't entirely sure if they had risen or fallen, but at the moment he supposed that didn't matter. He'd find Ciel after the meeting, congratulate her and things like that. He hoped this 'Thorn' wolf would treat her well; but other than that, he had no worries. He was pleased, the meeting was going better than he thought it would (though he hadn't had any real thoughts about it in the first place).

He smiled again, sighing lightly. His eyes wandered; wolves surrounded him, a few that he knew but most that he didn't. He was still sitting next to Sita, he noted to himself. Though he shouldn't be surprised by that; he had sat next to her and then neither of them had moved. He turned slightly, whispering a swift "Congratulations, I hope Kuura treats you well."


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Posted: Feb 20 2011, 06:28 PM

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Newbie Gaurdian
Female 1 Year
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When the pack meeting started Dalena's head instantly whipped up. As she felt that shaky feeling come on again she scolded herself silently, and then decided to take on her feeling as excitement. A pack meeting coming on so soon after she joined put a smile on her lips, as she would probaly better understand how things worked around here.

The pups were announced. and as promotions came about she looked at the wolves upon their names being called. Registering the names deeply inside her head she thought more about the ranks. She found it easiest to remember things when she taught them to herself, but she knew as soon as she had a mentor that would have to change. When Torvald brought the subject of mentors up, Dalena paid every bit of attention she could to the Alpha. When her name came up millions of years seemed to pass as Torvald spoke, "and you will be mentored by...". She suffled her paws and sneezed as dirt drew up around her. "Rav". Dalena, knowing who that was, smiled and looked in her direction. But upon seeing how the Rav was observing her, Dalena wiped the smile off her face and replaced it with a more serious expression. She sat up tall and looked back at Rav with stern, emerald, eyes. Upon hearing Rav's voice she cocked her head, wondering who she was talking to. But she managed to shake her head and take in what Rav had said. Dalena nodded. "Okay". Again, she scolded herself. How could she only manage one, small word? But she kept herself looking strong, and she found a pleased smile gorw on her face as she though, "I'll sure show her not to judge me".

Posted: Feb 21 2011, 08:33 AM

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Advanced Member Apprentice: Sentry
Female 1 Year
80 POSTS 776 PP

Sita had watched as all the wolves flowed into where their.. Our pack meeting was held. Correcting herself, even though it was hard to believe that This was her new home. Many came that she didn't know quite well.. Yet there were some she did know. Bane and Albersev.. Only two she knew. But she wouldn't let that bother her too much. Sita was determined to know every last one of her pack. And as was really hoping that she could get to know the new puppies. Oh how she loved little ones. She would have to remember to congratulate the mother later after the meeting.

Soon later the meeting had started. Sitting up stright she tried to look the best she could. Making stern face, giving away no emotion to how nervious she really was. Sita listened intently to her Alpha's words.
When the time came to go over new ranks is when Sita really got worried. Who would she be her mentor? She hoped they were nice. But even if thay weren't she wouldn't give up. There are now a number of yearlings who will serve as apprentices to their appointed mentors... Ciel to Thorn. And then it came.. Her name was called out.. Sita, you will be mentored by Kuura. The rest of the name were really a bulr. She didn't know if she was excited or what but there was some kind of feeling there. Happiness? Fear?

She would think more of it later she decided. Turning her attention to the slight whisper in her ear. Her nose slightly tochig his ear as she spoke "Oh that you. And congratulations to you too.. Well done. I hope you like your new rank.." Giving a small smile to go with her words.

Posted: Feb 21 2011, 10:08 AM

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Chief of Staff Political Chemist
Female 5 Years
217 POSTS 0 PP

Plenty of wolves seemed to arrive after and took their place among the crowd. It was strange to think that she was one of the wolves that was part of the pack when it had just started, one of the first. Her mismatched eyes looked around to see who else was arriving after her. As always, there were very few of actual importance. And she didn't see Chell among the group either. Despite their awful relationship at this moment, it still worried the coyote that her sister wasn't here? Was she at least okay? Had she left? Mel gave her head a quick shake as she ignored these thoughts. Now was not at all the time to be thinking or worrying about that kind of stuff. It was a meeting and she had to get her mind set and where it should be for the announcements.

Lenses took one last look around before she'd let them rest on Torvald. And in that last look she caught sight of Bane. After a few seconds, she drew her eyes back forward and seemed to ignore the fact that he was there. Of course she was expecting him to walk over to her after he actually saw where she was and she'd just continue to pretend that he wasn't there. It was strange, but when she looked back forward, now she noticed the pups were here. It didn't seem like a safe place to actually keep the pups, but she could be wrong. There was nothing in her head that knew anything at all about pups, do maybe she was wrong. Besides, it wasn't even like they were her's, so why even bother thinking about it?

It seemed like forever until Torvald actually began to speak. Even as he did, she wasn't paying too much attention. Enough to catch something that might be important, but not enough to remember something unimportant. The most interesting things were the pack relationships that were currently being held, but even then none of that was too important for her to really listen. Ranks, mentors, blah. Mel pretty much sat there in her own little messed up world that her mind seemed to enjoy taking her to. The one thing that really did catch her ear was something about Bane getting an apprentice? She'd almost forgotten that the male was next to her until this point. "Have fun with that." she said, looking up at him for a quick moment before turning her "attention" back forward until Torvald finished.

"speech." "gordon."


Posted: Feb 23 2011, 05:27 PM

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Beta Captain
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xD Following Para's example, and requesting a thread with Noc

As one topic was hurried away and the next was dragged in, attention stayed trained on Torvald, making sure to catch every bit of information revealed. A crooked smirk played along the creature's muzzle. Yes, the Anaranjado Tribe, oh how he loved using those wimpy little wolves for a training warm up. The mention of the pack sparked a memory in his mind, that wolf he'd made the deal with, he would have to visit her after the meeting.

Next to be announced, were the ranks. The dark male found himself waiting with baited breath as zetas were named. His name was not among them. For a moment, hopes dropped until it was quickly realized what that could possibly mean. Then came the epsilons, of which his name was the first to be spoken. So all that waiting had paid off! A deal of pride welled up inside the creature's broad chest, though no trace of the feeling could be detected on facial features. Along with that, he and Thorn were the only ruffians to rise in the warrior division. A smile tugged the corner's of lips as lenses shifted to look at the blond male. Heavy frame leaned to the side and neck stretched as far as it could so he'd only have to whisper to the wolf,"Congratulations, Thorn, and good luck." Body was drawn back to it previous position, a smirk now transforming the smile as the good luck implied rising even further in the division.

Apprentices? The word made a spark of interest fly in the male's head, ears perking slightly. Yes, he had seen many young wolves around, like Sita, and the thought as to when they were going to be assigned mentors had crossed his mind. Now must be that time. Thorn had one, no surprise as the younger man was a bit more kind and agreeable, Kuura had one, he himself had been given one, and Räv! Eyes darted to Mel as she whispered something to him, and a smirk was drawn once more across the beast's features."You betcha I will," he grinned slyly, tipping himself to the side to nudge at her with a shoulder. Having an apprentice, this would be very interesting indeed, but one small problem poked at the brute. He only knew two of the four youngsters at the meeting, and neither of them were this Noctus. Bright orbs identified Ciel and Sita, then turned to the remaining two, a brown wolf and a wolf with a multicolored pelt, consisting of browns, creams, and others. Gaze caught Räv whisper to one of the younger wolves, and mind came to the conclusion that the brown girl was her apprentice, Dalena. That left the blue-eyed boy as his, Noctus. Wishing not to disrupt the meeting, the behemoth slithered forward silently a few inches towards him and whispered his own, low words"Meet me by the lake after the meeting is dismissed." Body was set back to sitting again, attention focused back to Torvald.


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Posted: Feb 25 2011, 12:00 PM

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Bosque De La Ceniza was a forest of unforgiving emotion, tuff out brink and assign of intelligence. It was manly made up of a dark colored arrangement of various trees and dusty underbrush below. Perfect of the entrance and no exit way of life and cleverness that aroused in this harsh world called earth.

It seems that Torvald the leader of this Mortus Sero Pack had decided to place this meeting here, which might be accustomed. Nevertheless wolves surrounded the domain area speaking in tongues to each other about arousing advents and personal belongings. With golden beaming eyes she watched and observed each wolf talking amongst themselves after Torvald had announced and revealed the past events and persuasions that came along with the opportunity.

Feeling out of the touch and connections Cobalt invaded the way to hear and participate into the discussion with her views. Her mind was made up of complicated situations and disturbances that came about, it was a main reflect onto her past and her thoughts about the future.

Into no further delay she sat down and listened to his deep tone of dormancy and arising into the pack. It was clear that he was the top wolf and earn the apart with deigning and pure leadership. Penetrating her eyes onto him with listening skills beyond most, she observed his dark complication and being. It was pure fascination to her, she loved the different, the ab-normal the ones who are really worth looking into to.

At that moment she realized that all wolves here had a similar trait that made them different from other packs; a scar. It was a descent scar that changed from its rich blood color to a faint peach as it aged. Some of the wolves she noticed has a fainter peach color while others had a red one. Her paws moved as she managed to get herself to an upright position making room for her to interrupt the crowded wolves. With loyalty in her blood and tension in her heart. She made herself up towards the leader, her eyes peering into his.

”Torvald, Warlord of Mortus Sero I only ask in pure loyalty that you give me a scar of redemption. In order for me the become a full member of this pack. You see I have arrived shortly ago, and have learned your loyality ways by observation. “ She slowly bowed down touching the ground lightly with her tortoise-shelled pelt, revealing her muscles. She stood still awaiting her response from her leader. If she was invading her boundaries it was worth it, she was going to the most determined and loyal wolf to this pack but mostly Torvald.

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Scarcity March 14 2011-?

Sorry guys but because of my large amount of homework to catch up on I will not be playing Harbinger for a while. But once I return I will reply to all threads, thank you for reading and I will see you all soon!

Posted: Feb 27 2011, 01:50 PM

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Alpha Warlord
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Good meeting everyone! xD

The beat of silence tolled moments more as his chords faded into the distance, sending a momentary hush over what seemed like the world itself. A cautious breeze lapped over the terrain, igniting a wave of shivering branches to break the ear splitting quite. It was Rav who took it upon herself to add harmony of her vocals to the wind’s haunting chimes. His skull turned without haste to her position, her words captured without falter in the ever attentive saucers atop his broad crown. Before the whisper of her tones could adequately fade his lips parted, spitting forth a curt retort, “Don’t be daft Rav.” The bitter words lashed the distance between them and seemed to erase the number of overs who sat around them both. His lenses remained locked to hers, a smirk almost breaking across his features at her statement, “I wouldn’t have thought you so foolish as to assume that Mortus Sero does not have eyes on all its neighbors.” Even the most unassuming loner was within the sights of the Serons at all times. It was utterly ridiculous to believe that a small but growing congregation within the city would truly overlooked of dismissed simply because they were of little concern at the present moment. It was now that a wicked grin splintered the very edges of his lips and his sights were pulled free of the manned she-wolf.

Low murmurs of speech not meant for the entire company slithered from the lips of the Serons. Lenses shifted between them, picking up only brief congratulations on rankings and wishes of luck in their mentoring. It was then that a slinking figure caught the Alpha’s attention, a shadow melding free from the ashen bark and slipping into the congregation. Her path was clear, and a bold one at that, choosing to traipse through the whole of the Serons all the while without the familiar ‘X’ slashed into her thigh. Still his lids narrowed, and though his mask and bulk remained unfaltering it was clear that the warlord was displeased with the tardy arrival. How fortunate it was for this female that this was not the first time she had encountered the Alpha, and that she had sense enough to display herself and speak with manners and respect. As she bowed his muscles tensed, wishing nothing more than to snatch up the back of her neck in his jaws and rupture the vital structures which laid below the supple flesh. But he did not, and instead remained stagnant, lenses locked with brutal intensity to the tortoise shelled she-wolf as she awaited judgment. Lips parted after moments more, “Your tardiness is unacceptable. Should you value your life, you will be sure such a thing will not be repeated.” Before reaction could conjure itself in the fae his forelimb raised, striking down with more force than necessary to her thigh. The gash struck open immediately and cried forth vibrant beads of crimson, the ‘X’ now etched to her flesh was unmistakable.

With that he set the bloodied paw back to the earth below, the colors sliding free and coiling round the plush carpeting. Again silence came, disturbed only by the rustle of the branches as the breeze beckoned them into dance. Once more his lenses filtered across the company, settling to each of the features present before vocals struck forth once more, “You are dismissed.” Haunches swiftly rose from their previously reclined position, stalks bringing him forth towards Anima and the pups who were still sound asleep at their mother’s feet. Lenses locked to them, scanning over each and assessing their condition. They were strong, able to walk most of the distance without assistance as he had judged from the time it took Anima to transport each of them. His gaze lifted to her for a moment, the pride and inextinguishable joy vividly blazed from her steely pools. In truth he had not expected her to take to motherhood with such bold confidence and commitment. Though he understood the instincts were ingrained in all faes, he imaged her situation to be strikingly different thanks to the circumstances surrounding it. His muzzle lowered swiftly into the pile of furs, jostling each with a bit more than gentle nudges. It was time for them to expand their stamina once more, this time likely pushed farther than their mother had on their journey here. And should they need it, he would assist her in carrying them the remainder of the way. Though cold and calloused, it could not be said that he was absent in their lives, nor hers.

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