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No Rest for the Wicked — MS Pack Meeting
Posted: Feb 7 2011, 07:29 PM

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Alpha Warlord
Male 5 Years
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Meeting Time! This is a mandatory meeting for all Mortus Sero wolves. Round 1 ends February 18th. Hopefully there will be no need for a second round =D

Rejuvenation. The gluttonous but meek carpet go the forest floor had done well to gulp down each and every droplet which fell from the heavens. The frequency of the rains had brought the once frigidly strangled grasses back to life, for now they thrust their heads high and swayed softly in the passing breeze. The disdainful trees, ever resilient and every grey, gave no thanks for the heaven’s tears and instead remained as they always had and likely always wound. Somber.

Light trickled down from between the gnarled entwinement of canopy, littering the forest’s floor. Their reign was thwarted without heed, however, as a familiar beast stalked through the labyrinth, his rough and rugged frame winding with an odd fluidity. The chrome bulk hastily withdrew the descending light from the grasses, his onyx spine offering a low hiss as the rays offered their tender embrace. In silence talons punctured the now plush terra, pads leaving craters in his wake. As was common, lenses were fixated into the distance, already seeming to be locked upon the region of the forest he sought, though obviously his view was hindered be the entanglement of bark which sprouted from the earth. A crooked grin licked across his features as his fortified framing at last came upon the graveyard of trees. It was just as a peculiar site now as it was before, their bodies melding as one with the ground, uprooted and settled to sleep forever.

With a swift bound he brought himself atop one such creature, scaling its spine with ease before soaring to take another fallen giant beneath his feet. His pace slowed as he reached the largest of the fallen, talons tickling the long dead skin as he moved towards the center of the structure. As he did so the bark plated being seemed to arch it’s back, steadying its spine and honorably bearing the burden which had been placed upon it. At last he paused, turning himself to face the small circle of thicker girthed trees which had fallen in an oddly circular formation. These giants were unlike those which dominated the forest, likely the last of their kind, together but only in death. He pressed back the curiosity and hoisted his muzzle towards the skies, allowing jaw to fall agap and chords to quake free their frosty layering before releasing a thunderous call. The howl cascaded from his throat, pouring into the pleasantly cook atmosphere and immediately lifting to the breeze. The familiar vocals of the Alpha drown the landscape, seeping persistently into even the more secluded regions of the forest and as far as the Sero Lake. Its glacial harmony seemed to send a shiver down even the spine of the lands as it beckoned forth the Mortus Sero wolves.

"no escaping once I start"

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Posted: Feb 7 2011, 09:18 PM

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Caput Entertainer
Female 3 Years
111 POSTS 1772 PP

The air was humid and thick with moisture, the pine needles underpaw moistened by rain. It had been drizzling nonstop for the past few days, and when the rain finally stopped, it felt oddly uncomfortable. For some it was because of the insufferable dampness, which clung to pelts and made the slight breeze feel icy with its breath. For others it was the hindrance of the senses, the wet smells mixing together and the slight fog of moisture clouding one's vision. At any rate, the bosque seemed much more ominous after rain, with random rays of light glinting off dewdrops and reflecting so as to make it impossible to know where the light or the droplet was from. The pine needles, usually a good indicator of another's arrival, would snap and rustle when dry. Soaked in rain water as they were now, they bent out of shape but would produce not a single notice of the wolves in the vicinity.

Ciel had always liked the smell of the forest after the rain. Having never been one to pay close attention to different scents having them muddled did not bother her in the slightest. The fresh, clean feeling of everything in the ashy forest was enough to give the trees and foliage a slight glow, perhaps only due of the layer of mist which coated them. The sunlight was not at its strongest, partially obscured by a cloud and the thus made the forest slightly more chilly. The sky was not its usual blue colour- rather, it was a paler, more silvery grey tone, possibly to signify more rain in the near future. Ciel hoped it would- rain was rather pleasent, as long as it was the light and soft kind. Suddenly, a frosty howl hit her ears, and her large eyes widened in alarm before she recognised the sound. Although she had only heard the voice a few times, the cold and icy tones were easy to identify. Torvald.

Truthfully she was a bit scared of having to meet him again. She had often scolded herself for thinking the nice wolf to be scary but still couldn't shake the traces of the feeling. She recalled Thorn's words, but couldn't seem to decide whether they were comforting or increased her fear. For someone to be so frozen... having always shown her emotions meeting those who could hide all traces of theirs was terrifying. How was it possible? Had they sold their soul to the devil? Why were they so strong, able to keep everything they felt from appearing in their gestures, words, tone? She was scared of Torvald, true, but for no apparent reason. Which of course made her fear silly and unnecessary but Thorn had said that her fear of Torvald was correct... The more she thought the more confused she felt, until she decided to dismiss it all and just get to the meeting. Obviously something big and important was going to happen, and no matter what or who she feared it wouldn't stop her from going to see. Excitement and curiosity overrule common sense in all situations, and this was no different.

As she made her way through the trees to follow Torvald's voice she felt glad that she did. Being punctual would spare any trouble, and at least there would be nothing against her in the category. She longed to quickened her pace, her legs stretching forward and barely touching the ground below before pulling forward again. Yet the gash on her foreleg hurt far too much for her to do anything too extreme. Another reason why she loved the rain- she could focus on the delicate rhythm of the droplets hitting the ground. It took her mind off the pain, the splitting headache branching from the loss of blood. Her pace slowed until she was barely moving. In her excitement she had forgotten all about her forearm. Blood was slowly dripping down her pale fur, and she quickly brushed her tongue over it. Thankfully it was a clean cut, not ragged and not inflamed. Still, it hurt, and even though there was a possibility of it not leaving a scar Ciel would remember to be more careful from then on.

The thought of fighting brought her back to the present. In just a few days she would need to go find Thorn in the moor, where she would learn how to fight. When she had agreed she hadn't realised how much pain was involved in fighting. Her forearm felt like it was burning, every time she used the muscle. Would she one day get used to this pain? She highly doubted it, though eagerly wished that she would. Maybe if she became better at fighting she would automatically get more used to pain, or perhaps she wouldn't get herself hurt as much. Her limp was getting worse the longer she walked, but she needed to look presentable in front of the pack. She could be weak while she was alone, but Ciel knew she couldn't afford to look weak in front of her pack. Especially not in front of Torvald. But as her thoughts trailed on it was evident that she wasn't only worried about looking weak in front of Torvald. She didn't want Thorn to think she was frail and useless either. He had already agreed to be her mentor, and didn't seem like the type of wolf who would back out, but she had promised to make him happy and how was that supposed to happen if he had to train a wolf who couldn't even handle a small scratch? And it wasn't just Thorn and Torvald. She didn't want Fell to see her in a weakened state either. After all, they were friends, and she wanted to stay strong enough to comfort him. Her own problems could wait- she had put them off this long, of course a few more days or weeks wouldn't hurt.

The pain was starting to get worse, and her vision blurred for a few seconds. Recently her vision had been more clear than when she first recieved the wound, but she would need more herbs from Nyx and Anima, that much was obvious. Perhaps she could catch Nyx before she left and ask her for some more herbs? Although that'd be awfully selfish of her. After all, she wasn't the only one hurt and to take more herbs than her allotted amount would mean someone else got less, and then her relief would cause others pain. She frowned at her dilemma. Not knowing many herbs herself she was unsure if the medicine to treat pain was abundant or not, and if she asked Nyx would obviously be far too nice and sympathetic to bluntly tell her no, or to refuse her at all. The only solution was to not ask to being with. Deal with the pain; it won't last forever.

Still, as much as she tried to convince herself it wasn't helping. She feared that black spots were clouding her vision- which they probably weren't, she was likely just paranoid- like they had in the beginning. Perhaps she could ask Nyx what herb she used to stop pain, and then ask Anima where it was found... And then perhaps she could go look for it herself? Guiltily she thought that to be the only other option. She shouldn't hoard the medicine, and even if she looked for it herself she'd still feel bad. Surely there were others who needed it far more than she did? Maybe if she just took a little... and brought the rest back to Nyx to give other patients.... No, that wouldn't work either. No matter how many loopholes she found it was still wrong, and she would feel worse either way.

As she neared the clearing she found herself in a completely horrid state, limping with blood colouring her steps. Quickly she inspected her pelt for any burrs or twigs, and finding it to be immaculate she began cleaning her wound. The taste of blood was indescribable, but she didn't find it appealing unlike some wolves. The smell wasn't too great either. But she choked it down and as soon as her wound stopped dripping blood she straightened, putting all the required weight on her forearm she suppressed the urge grimace. Taking a deep breath, she walks in and gracefully and sits down closer to the edge, under the icy gaze of the alpha who sat above.

"Enter Dreamland."

SCARCE. School kills people, it does -_-

Posted: Feb 7 2011, 09:47 PM

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Advanced Member Apprentice: Sentry
Female 1 Year
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The forest seemed a bit soggy, puddles every where there was a dip in the ground. Quite humid, Sita cold feel it sticking to her fur all over. Just wandering, today had been the day she decied she would make a few rounds around the lands. Tracking a few creatures her and there, lopping through the forest, even though she had been running all day and was growing tired. She had changed her course and was heading back home when a familiar sound rang out load and clear. Its Torvald.

Fear.. Or was it something else.. No time to think, she knew it would be worse not to show up. She had never really met her Alpha, seen and heard about him but was always to.. Scared? Yes, scared to introduce herself to him afraid of what he might think of her breakable figure. No matter, she ran to his call. Bounding over bushes, streaming towards her Alpha Sita made her way towards him and ended up taking a seat close to the white wolf, who look just about as nervous as she was...

Posted: Feb 7 2011, 11:38 PM

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Epsilon Herbalist
4 Years
65 POSTS 963 PP

The meeting that had been called posed a difficult situation for Anima. To be absent was to invite punishment, but to go was to invite misfortune to find her pups. The problem plagued her for some minutes after the clarion call had rung out, though the gamboling of the pups kept most of the worry at bay. There was just something about them, thought Anima as she gently nudged Xavier to his feet after a stumble, that warmed the heart whenever you saw them. Finally, at the urging of the independent Circe, "'Ide, Muh, 'ide!", Anima ushered the three young puppies out into the weak spring sunlight. The recent rains had drenched the ground and turned the grass to mud, but this week had been graced with much drier weather and only the low ground was still boggy. As the new mother glanced about, appraising the situation with a cautious eye and making sure to snag Tybalt before he wandered too far, the sun at last appeared from behind the clouds that had tarnished most of the otherwise nice weather and shone down with joy upon the incomplete family. Smiling at the sudden good fortune, and the lack of threats, Anima coaxed the pups into following her, keeping at a slow pace as she headed for the thicket of dead trees.

It would be one of the first visits to their father that would really stick in the minds of her pups, the she-wolf knew, for a couple days earlier the pups had finally begun to attempt weak howls that signaled their hearing had at last developed. It was exciting to think that soon they would be talking and running - and being general pests, she thought affectionately - and gaining relationships not only within their family, but with the rest of the pack as well. Even more exciting was the fact that Nyx seemed to be due any day now and would soon have pups that would grow into playmates, and pretty much other siblings, to her and Torvald's own children. Still, even the short journey seemed to be a complete odyssey to the young adventurers, reminding Anima of just how much growing they had left to do. As each pup's legs wobbled in turn, she patiently waited while they napped for a few moments, then continued as each woke with fresh energy, annoyed at the time required for such a short distance, but patient all the same. She had once been the same, so it was no sense begrudging them their puppyhood.

Finally, though, the vast network of tree trunks was reached. Growling sternly for the pups to stay put or she'd confine them to the den for a week - an ultimatum Anima doubted they fully understood but mostly obeyed anyway - the mature femme grasped rolly-polly Circe by the scruff of her neck and set off at a swift, long-strided trot over the fallen trunks she knew the pups would be unable to traverse on their own. Searching, ever searching, it did not take her long to find Torvald, seated as he was on the pinnacle of the dead trees. Lowering the black pup to the ground, she called up to him with the soft, assured tone that had dominated her voice since the birth of her children, "The others are at the edge of the dead woods, please watch her for me while I fetch them?" She trusted him to look after his own pups, much as Torvald might pretend they were nothing but a hassle or fake nonchalance, so, despite her statement turning into more of a question, Anima was headed for the edge of the forest as soon as the words were out.

Her mothering instincts were highly pronounced even as a first-time mother and every fiber in her body urged her to get all her fish in one barrel as soon as possible. Thankfully, neither Xavier nor Tybalt had moved - mostly thanks to their exhaustion - from where she had left them and both were swiftly transported to Circe's location in the clearing where the meeting was to be held. Anima eyed the pups for a few moments after carrying the heaviest, Tybalt, who was already a good seven or eight pounds, to their resting place and decided that after such a long trek for young wolf cubs they weren't likely to walk off any time soon. Her smile was sunny as she glanced up at their father, tail waving lightly, and said cheerfully, "Good morning! I thought I might be a bit late because of the pups, but it looks as though I managed to get here on time. They're getting stronger though, they almost managed to walk the entire way here from the den." Although her demeanor was capricious while speaking, her body seemed to resonate with the silenced question, Will you come visit them more often? Silver eyes tilted up appealingly, just as smiley as her muzzle, but in them the same hopeful yearning came out; Will you visit me soon?

[[pups can post? ;D]]

"surface from the dark."

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Posted: Feb 8 2011, 05:26 PM

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Delta Guard
Male 4 Years
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Water. The soothing element that held much in the body of the lake. Inu where was he? The ghostly white figure hung suspended in the arms of a tree. Golden orbs stared across the body at the minute pieces of life that stood at the other side. The weather was rather displeasing the last week. But now it was fair he guessed. Silence hung around him and with him. Only a few wolves of Sero stepped to the lake, it surprised him, as he spent more time here then most he knew. Having giant paws hang down he could touch the waters edge, but dare not to, as even a fool would know that creatures lurked in the wild waters, not yet tamed by Sero, never to be as mother nature applied a perfect example of the consequences of trespassing.

When the howl broke the silence, suffocating the peaceful air till ones ears could not hear anything but the call. Inu listened for a while, at first thinking it was a call of importance to life. But it was mearly none other than a meeting call. Jumping down from the tree with the grace no one expected the beast to have. He then padded around the lake till he was set on a trail dung from many a paws pressure, to the heart of the Sero land.

Knowing from the first meeting Torvald would be in or around the place of their last gathering. Being only a Zeta still in the order, Inu was thankful he was not dishonored with the title of omega, but he still hoped a promotion was in mind. Not only in rank but maybe duty as well, him & all of the early ruffians had been practicing their skills. if he was the alpha he would certainly promote them, only Inu was a zeta. New wolves had come to the pack as well, some young some old, and some newborn to say the least. Only Nyx had not given birth yet. By his right as Sire he would be their as well when the action would happen.

Stepping into the oddly formed clearing. He took a seat, alone. Saving the seat next to him for Embrose and possibly Nyx if she wanted to. Looking up to Torvald He saw the fluffy puff they called a pup seated near him. Yes Anima had given birth, Inu some how had a hatetred for them, he could not tell why, and his mind could not come up for a logical reason to do so. For now he would wait for the black alpha's maw to open, along with scan the crowd for new faces.

" Speak "


Posted: Feb 8 2011, 08:03 PM

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Zeta Descry
Male 4 Years
46 POSTS 538 PP

short and crappy. i'm sorry. --;

The wet had given new sheen to the gray trees. Perhaps just making them a darker gray. It was different enough. And certainly better than freezing to death. The rain was a distraction from the cold air. Of course, the rain had also managed to wash away all of his sickly purple splotches. He felt a bit cleaner, but he disliked missing his rather eclectic markings. But there was no point in finding something new to roll in now. There weren't any berries in this forest. And Torvald had just called for a meeting. His first meeting since joining Mortus Sero.

Warden was less nervous and more excited, though one wouldn't be able to tell. Maybe there was a bit of vibration in his tail. He was mostly assuming that he'd no longer hold the foolish title of subordinate when this was all said and done! Snuffling, he moved lithely through the trees, feeling his paws sink uncomfortably in the earth until he found himself in the presence of others. A low rumble slid from his jaws as he faced Torvald, head tilted slightly back as the male sat above him. A few words formed on the tip of his tongue. but he held them back, figuring it was best for the time being to say nothing at all. Shuffling proudly back, he sat a distance from the bright white entertainer, whom he'd yet to destroy, and looked about for Nyx, figuring that he might as well make himself comfortable with a friendly-figure, since Bane was nowhere to be seen either. But, he couldn't find either of them... "speech."

scarce until i get this paper done, i won't be posting. you'll still see me around, and i'll talk in the cbox, but it's due on the 18th, and i only have half a page out of five

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Posted: Feb 8 2011, 08:58 PM

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Advanced Member Medic
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{{OoC: Why can I never manage a short post for a meeting thread?? -Flails-}}

Okay, this pregnancy business was truly getting on Nyx’s nerves now. As much love and affection as the expectant mother already held for the little monsters turning her black and blue from the inside, she was truly beyond ready for them to get out already! Surely this pregnancy could not last much longer? Anima had given birth a good two weeks ago now, and the tiny red wolf knew for a fact that they had been mated on near enough the same day! It would seem that either her little ones were quite comfortable where they were, thank you very much, or that Anima’s had simply been eager to make their appearance. Perhaps both.

Shifting uncomfortably, Nyx was just considering getting up and taking a walk in an attempt to ease her aching side, when a familiar call rang through the air. Groaning, the red wolf heaved herself to her paws and obediently dragged herself out of the cosy den. This had to be the first time that Nyx had not been pleased to hear the sound of her Alpha’s voice. Yes, she had been considering a walk anyway, but a gentle stroll, not a rush to a pack meeting! Huffing in hormone exacerbated irritation, the cinnamon lass quietly cursed Torvald’s timing and set off to the usual meeting place.

By the time she reached the group, her mood had lightened somewhat. The walk had indeed helped, though it hadn’t been quite as leisurely as she would have liked, it had done the trick. Entering the clearing, Nyx flashed a tired smile to the Alpha, the fact that she simply nodded, as opposed to her usual exuberant greetings a testament to how exhausted she was. Next, her eyes fell upon the children that said Alpha had sired, and her face softened. They looked even more tired than she felt! Turning her eyes up to their mother, Nyx gave a genuine smile. "They’re as beautiful as ever, Anima." For a moment she considered moving to sit by her friend, but decided against it. The small family made such a pretty picture there, that Nyx was loathe to spoil it.

Casting her eyes about, she next caught sight of a few friendly faces, smiling to Ciel before noticing the large grey male. Instantly she tensed a little, but remembering the attempt at an apology the other wolf had made the last time they had met, she made an attempt to relax. Warily, she nodded to him once. "Scott." A moment later, violet eyes landed upon the pale chartreuse male seated a short distance away, and a relieved smile immediately made itself at home upon her face. Quite why she felt such relief at Warden’s presence was a mystery, but she approached him none-the-less.

"Warden," she breathed warmly as she sat beside him, brushing her tongue once over his berry-stained cheek in affectionate greeting. Letting out a sigh, the red wolf allowed herself to lie down, resting for a while. Well, at least there could be no doubt in the minds of her packmates as to whether or not she was pregnant now!


table by madison. do not use without permission!


Posted: Feb 9 2011, 11:16 PM

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Epsilon Sentry
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ooc: I feel like this post is utter crap. Anyway though, Xavi's post is coming up soon. And I just remembered Xavier never got his birthing post.

The summons broke through her dreams like light piercing darkness. As she levered her lean frame off the moss-ridden ground she had taken a rest on, a sardonic grin teased he contours of her face. Her vision cleared as she moved out of the path of the sunlight that would have woken her up as surely as her alpha’s call had if it had not come. Stretching her legs into the ground-eating pace she used to patrol the expanse of land that was Mortus Sero territory, Kuura pointed her nose toward the meeting place that all wolves of the pack knew of.

Around her the results of the rains that had recently drenched the lands could be seen. Grass, formerly a shade of yellow or brown, was now green tinged again. Idly her thoughts turned to the new scents that littered the surrounding grounds. The size of the pack had grown in recent weeks and though she was a sentry, Kuura had not met all the pack yet. As she neared the meeting place, the milky scent of young pups wafted by her nose. It took her a moment to remember whose pups had been due and with a start she realized it was Torvald’s own children that were going to be exposed to the pack for the first time.

As she stepped into the clearing, almost immediately she spotted the three young pups she had scented next to their seemingly cheerful mother and ever watchful father. After offering a nod to Torvald, Kuura turned and allowed her paws to carry her frame to an empty spot bathed in sunlight. The warmth of the sun soaked into the fur lining her back and neck as she turned to face her alpha and lowered her haunches to the warm ground. Around her she spotted faces both familiar and not, not surprisingly though, all their scents she recognized as pack. After all, if they weren’t pack then they wouldn’t be here. Her thoughts turned toward why the meeting had been called. Promotions surely and an announcement about the pups she expected also. She supposed some wolves were going to be assigned apprentices too after her eyes landed on the form of a yearling.

"I find my own path in the darkness of day."

I'm coming back...slowly: I'm rusty but posting again.

Please return Kuura's Extended Profile to her if you find it!
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Posted: Feb 10 2011, 12:36 PM

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Zeta Ruffian
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I did not even know we had a meeting thread up! :O! Good thing Eni posted and I seen it or I'd have never know. xD

Weeks had passed since Thorn had last seen a large collection of Mortus Sero wolves. A few of them were gathering together in an attempt to collect the fallen crowns of mighty stags, even Thorn himself was apart of this arcane bonding, but it had been a while since the entire pack gathered. He recalled the last meeting and the heavy words of a gorilla hunt fresh on Torvald's lips, the stains of that battle were still lingering about. The wound to Thorn's back, close to his shoulder had slowed his gate, but every careful to never let someone see a weakness he masked his features and only tended to his wounds in the privacy of the medics. Whom, he needed to see again. What bothered Thorn the most though, was not his own injuries, it was that of Ciel's. His little queen of innocence and purities had been marred, and a baptism of fire and blood had been her first encounter with real fighting. He wished he could have given her a lesson before the battle but perhaps now she would be more willing to learn to defend herself, more eager to make sure she would never feel the bitter sting of pain again.

As his mind wondered aimlessly and his eyes fixated on nothing, clouding as they started to haze from a stare a familiar voice echoed over head. Instantly, the pale mexican wolf stood, his ears flicking in the direction of which the summons was produced. Finally, another pack meeting. Thorn and Torvald had last ventured together into the lands of Cadua Enfena on a little investigation but since then the pair had not really seen one another. And in that moment, Thorn felt regret. He should have been keeping an eye on things better. More so with Anima's pups now in tow and one of his own son's having joined.

It took little time for Thorn to make his way into the area, but sadly, he was not the first. Disappointment of not being the first arrival was soon shoved away when sunny eyes locked onto the snow white pelt of Ciel. It was pleasant to see that the events of the gorilla hunt had not scared her off into another pack's clutches. Familiar faces lined the group, and only thus far two wolves were strange to him. One more so than the other. Warden had been with the pack for some time, but Thorn had yet to actually hold a conversation with him and the other she-wolf was totally unknown to the ruffian. A few faces were also missing, Bane was only other wolf Thorn actually searched for and Noctus of course. Taking a seat next to Ciel he smiled to Anima and Nyx, eyed Scott for a moment and then spoke softly to his student. "Your wound is healing well." Before she could answer his attention turned to Torvald, "That little collection of pups you have over there are looking very healthy. You should be proud."As he stated his eyes wondered to Anima as well. For it was the mother who was always the most proud.


Scarce alert : Me Scarce? Always. I am a busy woman, with college and work and trying to have a social life. I do my best to keep this hobby alive. I can only say sorry that I am slow at times.

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Posted: Feb 10 2011, 03:07 PM

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Delta Lead Assassin
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The hunt between herself, Bane, and Mel had been quite successful, lifting Räv's spirits considerably, though it was still painfully obvious that she was not a friendly creature. In any case, she had been on a tyrade of fights lately, earning herself some new gashes under her fur, most of them small and difficult to detect. They were at less less visible than the cross-hatched marking on her right hind limb to brand her to the Seron wolves, and the tallymark that dawned itself upon her foreleg - a symbol of the murder she had committed. She did not doubt that more scratches would one day come to join it, but the babe was content with leaving her victims of battle alive unless she was told to do otherwise. After all, she didn't want to start a war singlehandedly, though she was surely possible of such a feat.

The lass had lifted her muzzle when Torvald's demanding cry split the air, but as she had been at the Lake, her limbs soaked up to the elbows in the water, she had merely snorted and stayed where she was, allowing the cool liquid to roll over her muscles and skin for a few moments longer. She did plan to obey his order, surely, but as it had been with everything else, Räv did things on her own terms, no matter how much she may 'respect' her alpha's authority. Truth be told, the maned wolf was quite incapable of truly respecting anybody, which Torvald undoubtedly was aware of by now. Being part of a pack did nothing to help the girl's poor mannerism, and nor would it ever.

When she was satisfied with the healing of the water upon her recently overworked and partially sore limbs, she shook herself, only managing to fling more water upon her sodden fur, and backed herself from the lake's edge, pivoting and beginning the trekk back to the Bosque. Her gait was loose, even given the minutely painful state of her scarred legs, which had been forced into battle more times than she could count in the last couple of weeks. Eh, the more the merrier, she liked to say. The female traveled with her head a swinging pendulum, swerving back and forth to catch any scent or intruder that might come her way, almost begging for another fight, even though she knew it was highly unlikely in the current situation. With a Mortus Sero meeting on the wind, loners and other packs alike wouldn't dare to set foot on the grounds without direct permission, lest they should value their lives. The gatherning of the pack was, to say the least, lethal.

Upon reaching the dead wood, her petite skull lifted upon an equally tiny neck, the caverns of her nostrils twitching to determine an exact location of the pack. She assumed it was in the same place as the last gathering, and it took only a few seconds to determine the truth of this, her slender body setting off again at once in its lacksadaisical trot, the length of her limbs eating up the ground far faster than most would at this pace. When she came to the place where trees had fallen, their massive trunks rooted to the ground, their lover, she leapt with an adept agility upon the border, moving lithely along the tree's length before she flung herself to the ground, landing neatly and continuing on her way, proposing the same actions to trees after it. Nestled in the very epicenter of the dead trunks was the pack, which she approached with a smooth grace, a small simper and a glance cast to Torvald, who had taken the highest perch, before she surveyed the current gathering.

Her lips curled with inevitable distaste when her dahlia lampistras fell upon Anima's children, who she had had the audacity to bring with her. A grunt rumbled from the lady's throat, equally irritated with Nyx's swollen frame, which elicited a glare to Scott's placement. The tip of her tail twitched with a catlike irritation and she prowled over to where Thorn was position, dropping her haunches neatly upon the earth without even giving a glance to the male. She considered him, however minutely, something of a friend - a comrade, if you will - and his company was likely the only one in the current group that she would willingly place herself near. But, given her haughty nature, Räv didn't dare to let onto that fact.



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Each member of the Sero clan seemed to be strangely preoccupied lately. Everyone was off doing something with someone else or with a few others constantly. It seemed like no member was left unoccupied by this hunt that had been organized. To her own dismay, even Mel herself had taken part in a few hunts for them. One ended up actually requiring the group to kill the creatures while two others were more like scavenger hunts. Thankfully, all had gone very well and that made it so much easier for her to do, especially with her mind messed up from the first gorilla hunt that the pack had done. Time had helped her get over the things that left her with and having to hunts to take her mind off it was a plus. Everything was going good for now and for once, nothing was bothering the coyote. That was something she hadn't been able to think in a very long time.

So it was back to her usual duties that were expected of her. This time around it seemed so much more enjoyable to go through the same thing over and over every day. Things on her mind didn't haunt her as she walked through the forest she now called home. A call carried through the trees, drawing her and everyone else branded as a Sero together, obviously carrying importance. Her motions stopped and directed herself towards the direction the call to her was given. Legs swiftly carried her frame through the trees as mismatched eyes searched for the sign of the gathering of wolves she was sure to see. It took some time, but sure enough the coyote had found the currently small gathering. It wasn't terribly small, but it wasn't a large number either in her mind. At least this showed she wasn't last to arrive for that had always been one of her greatest fears; she'd make sure it never happened. She slowed herself and sat at the back of the group for now. She observed the crowd, seeing almost no one of very much importance at this moment. Then eyes made their way over to Torvald, ears awaiting the sound of his voice to hush the low murmur going on and announce what it was they were here for.

"speech." "gordon."


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Albersev flicked his ears irritably. He hadn't enjoyed the rain, especially so soon after his arrival. He walked slowly and lazily, searching for nothing and yet not hoping to find it. He wanted something to happen, though he couldn't place what it was. For now he would simply walk, exploring but not his new home. He savored the squishing sound of the dirt and plants beneath his paws, loving the damp feel of them against his pads.

And then he heard it, and it froze him in his tracks. A sound, a sharp, loud cry that pierced the air and struck him from his toes to his muzzle to the tip of his tail. He turned, facing it, looking in the direction it was coming from. There was only one thing it could be. Torvald . . . He turned his body completely and ran, as swiftly as he could, toward it.

His claws dug into the ground as he ran, fire flowing through his veins. Even the squishing he had enjoyed so was drowned out by the sound of his heart pumping in his ears, and his eyes could see nothing but his goal, keeping straight ahead of him. Even with his awkward gait, he wove through the trees and leaped over the obstacles with a grace previously unknown (though even with this grace, he was still somewhat ungainly).

He reached the clearing and looked at the wolves, most of which he did not recognize. Though he did see two he knew. Sita and Ciel. He paused, not sure which wolf to go to. Although, he supposed, they were sitting next to each other. He didn't want to insult either of them, but he didn't want to try to squeeze between them. After a small moment of consideration, he pulled himself together and--watched as another wolf sat next to his friend. He frowned slightly but pulled himself together quickly; he'd sit by Sita then. With a few swift steps, he was next to the golden she-wolf, and he said next to her with a small ploosh sound. His muzzle brushed her ear as he turned to whisper to her, "This is my first pack meeting; at least that's what I assume it is. I'm a bit frightened, to be perfectly honest. How are you?" He pulled back slightly to look her in the eyes. A small, hopeful grin crossed his features as he awaited her reply.


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A stagnant, dank air hung about the Bosque, weighing everything down with its thick coat. The ashen forest had sucked up the previous rains as though it would never get another, all moisture either having been drained into the ground or evaporated and risen up into the atmosphere, becoming the source of the nasty weather. Trees had probably taken their fill, yet they stayed in their crooked, bent positions like old, gray men, forever having cricks in their backs.

The stench of a particular male surrounded a single, warped tree, and underneath that tree lay that male. Half of his colossal, ebony frame was concealed beneath the roots, his upper half sticking out of the entrance to his den. The creature rested on his back, muzzle pointed to the sky as his hind legs remained cooped up inside the still-not-big-enough den. Forelimbs were raised up, paws hanging limply from their joints as the beast’s amber gaze remained trained on another animal as it moved with amazing speed down from the sky. Right before landing on the bigger animal, the avian creature slowed its flight to a hover, and parked it talons gently on the plump nose of the other. The wolf let out a small sigh of relief from not having been attacked by his “pet”, but he’d sighed too soon. The vulture had begun to slip off the giant’s nose, and to remain on his throne, Rh’onisk flexed his talons and swiftly latched them into the moist sniffer. A yowl of surprise and pain burst from the brute’s maw as he flung his head to the side, trying to escape the sudden, shooting pain. Jaws opened and then snapped shut with a loud clack, sending the bird soaring into the air with several infuriated squawks.

As the creature flew up to a branch, plotting its revenge, a howl was sent through the atmosphere like a wave, covering every ounce of the forest and summoning the Serons. A grin pulled up the ends of the dark fiend’s lips, revealing long, ivory fangs as it did so. Large paws were braced against the sides of the den entrance, and limbs pushed, hind paws kicking. With a small suction feeling, the behemoth’s lower half popped out of his den and he was up onto his feet in no time. "I’ll play with you some other time, Rh’onisk, meeting time," rusted, icy vocals poured free of the maw as it unhinged. With a quiver of muscles and a flick of his banner, heavy form was sent off into the depths of the Bosque, towards Torvald’s call.

Lips were still pulled up by the time the gathering of wolves came into view. Pace slowed until the beast had halted just a bit out of sight, eyes scanning for a place to sit. Familiar wolves were seen, Warden, Scott, Rav, Thorn, Albersev, and Kuura. Gaze also rested a moment on the pups Anima had recently given birth to. They were fluffy, little creatures, easily lost in an adult wolf’s shadow. Mind thought, for only a second, what it would be like to have his own pups. They were like little minions that did your bidding, right? Yellow gaze continued to wander, still trying to find a suitable seat, when they came to a halt on her. Mel. She was sitting near the back, appearing perfectly still, and waiting for the announcements of the leader. Grin lessened to a small smile, and paws were set forward and limbs effortlessly pulled the massive frame over to the girl, where it was carefully lowered back onto its haunches next to her. Skull turned to nod once at Mel before focusing again on Torvald.


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OOC: I got your back Jes XD While I was typing this I realized 1. I've never had a character this young, 2. it's weird, and 3. baby talk is fun :3. Yay for puppeh posts!

He had been out of the den before but nowhere as long as this and definitely not as far as this. Puppy blue eyes looked around wonderingly as he slowly followed his mother and siblings. The young pup’s gaze flitted around him, his neck craning at seemingly impossible angles to keep interesting things in his sites. During one such moment his paws tangled on a stick that lay across his path. Of course with his gaze focused on a leaf above his head, Xavier didn’t see the piece of wood in his path and a surprised yelp left his jaws. His body hit the soggy ground with a soft thud and Xavier gave another plaintive, albeit much softer, cry.

Panting breaths signified his ongoing struggle with the offending piece of wood but no cry escaped his lips. After a short struggle to regain his upright posture, the now exhausted red and cream pup trudged onwards. Ahead of him he could see the resting lumps of fur that were Tybalt and Circe along with the protective form of his mother. Despite his travel wary legs, Xavier continued moving at a steady pace until he reached the only family he had known for the first three weeks of his life. Once he stood in his mother’s protective shadow, a groan emerged from his parted jaws and the pup flopped onto his side, almost immediately dropping into the dream state that had a hold of his brother and sister.

The re-energized cries of his siblings and a puppy paw landing on his tail is what woke Zey up for the next leg of the journey. A high pitched yelp rang through the air as he plastered his tail to his belly and attempted to snap at his tumbling siblings. At three weeks old, he didn’t have the motor skills to complete the action and Xavier ended up with a mouthful of dirt. “Pluh! Plah!” After expelling most of the dirt from his mouth and making some interesting faces in the process, the puppy’s first grand adventure began again.

During the next leg of the journey, Xavier managed to trip only 4 more times and cover only ½ his body with a layer of soggy earth. By the time a stern growl brought his gaze to his mother, Xavier was a mess of dirty and clumpy fur. His disheveled appearance mixed with the guileless blue eyes of a puppy gave him an innocent appearance. Despite his young age, Xavier did understand the tone of his mother’s voice, although not really the words. Tone was something he had quickly learned while confined to the black world of a just-born puppy. Lucky for her, the restlessness and playfulness of many puppies wasn’t in him at the moment. Right now he was tired from the last batch of walking. Cream eyelids drifted closed and only opened again when teeth took a gentle hold of his scruff. Automatically his body went limp as he recognized his mother.

Still tired, his bleary gaze didn’t take in much of his surroundings as he swung through the air, suspended by his mother’s jaws. It was only as he was set down next to his sister and after a jaw-splitting yawn exposed his milk teeth that Xavier really looked around himself. His eyesight, still not adult wolf sharp, could only make out the shapes of the wolves close to him. As wolves got farther away they turned into color blobs that carried scents. New interesting scents. Immediately little Xavier’s nose went to work but it all stopped when the shadow he sat in shifted and he realized the shadow wasn’t from his now returned mother or the tree at their backs. Slowly craning his neck upward, Xavier went very still as his gaze landed on the great gray and black beast perched above him. Who was this wolf? The tone of his mother’s voice said the wolf wasn’t one to be scared of and that was enough for him. Reaching up with his paws, Xavier attempted to settle his paws on the rough bark above him. His first and second attempts were unsuccessful with the red and cream “masked” pup ending up on his back after loosing his balance. Third attempt proved successful and Xavier finally ended up with his paws braced against wood. His voice, when it broke free, made a surprisingly demanding sound for one of his stature and age, “Ay!” Craning his head to look at his mom he added, “Phuar dimim?”

"I'll write the stories, Your job is to live them."


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The dripping of water echoed through the forest, crying out in fear at the beasts lumbering through the wet forest. The rain, so clear and pure, yet tainted by the very evil that lay at the heart of this forest. Silver eyes captured in this sad scene, deep breaths echoing through the brute's chest. Frost bellowed out from between his teeth, gathering in the air in front of him to signify the chilly air. A few days he had been here, and not a word for an assignment. Regret and disappointment flooded his body every day he went without an assigned target. He needed something to do, something to own. The fresh taste of blood no longer lingered in his mouth, keeping him satisfied with the drink of life. A cold howl flew through the forest, causing the beast's ears to swivel in that direction. No doubt it was the call of his lord, so high and majestic. Curling himself towards the sound, he headed through the drenched forest, paws squishing deep into the mud. A thought to bring back a prize to his noble king crossed his mind, but alas there was no time. He had already summoned.

The maze of trees bore down upon him, creaking and groaning as if warning him. Don't go too far! They cried. You will be lost! Ah, but he already was lost. Lost within his own mind, unsure of his true identity. Deep breaths came rapidly as he approached the gathering crowd. So many wolves! The first moment's panic of the crowd grew in his chest, but disappeared not long after. This was his home now, his family; but only one would ever keep his command. His king, sitting upon thine wooden throne. Creeping closer, the mindless assassin sat at the edge of the gathering, hiding himself within shadow and evil. His eyes were trained to the king's, their gaze not wavering to any other. Only he held Caine's attention.


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