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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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We are of Kin
BY Ryurik
just pieces in their game
BY Eudoxia
no longer an image in my head
BY Pandora
Don't get washed away
BY Six
populace in two
BY Arcania
don't you backsass me
BY Arcania

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Fuego Region
Fuego Region is the northernmost province of Baja Country. It is named so for its notorious nature of setting itself ablaze, and these instances are far from uncommon. Inhabitants: 24

Tierra Seca
"Dry Earth." Along the northern shore is a region known as Tierra Seca. The land here is very dry and sustains little life. Along the Latido River is where the most wildlife and vegetation can be spotted, most keep close to this lifeline. The beaches here are often thought to be very forlorn, but overall, an escape from the heat is always welcomed.
Ocaso MountainsLa CamaÁrido Litoral
Threads: 3       Posts: 21
You again? by Ryurik at Apr 9 2014, 07:59 PM

Haciendas del Norte
"Northern Farmlands." Nestled between the ocean, Río de Latido, and Ocaso Mountains, is a stretch of valley land perfect for farmers and ranchers who wished to claim it's rich soil for their own benefit. It's fertile ground still flourishes with plant life and even the dusty old ranch areas belong to wild cattle. Along with it's rolling hills and beautiful delta, it's no wonder the land was sought after by many.
Cerros RechonchosRancho BronceVida FarmCian Delta
Threads: 23       Posts: 104
Feel my shame strongly by Icarus at Apr 22 2014, 08:22 AM

Sombrilla Gancho
"Sunshade Hook." Known to some as the "hook" of the western region, Sombrilla Gancho is a warm and relatively cozy peninsula, welcoming to many a visitor. Its rocky outcrops make it difficult to traverse at times, but at its coasts it hides many quaint beaches well worth the journey.
Asperas de PajaPerca del DiabloFinal de Marinero
Threads: 27       Posts: 133
We are of Kin by Ryurik at Apr 22 2014, 08:35 PM

Azúcar Jungle
"Sugar Jungle." Occupying most of Fuego Region is a jungle known as Azúcar Jungle, known to the natives as "sugar jungle". Much of the jungle is overgrown with the rare Criollo cocoa tree, giving the forest its trademark, sweet scent. These sweet trees attract a large population of birds and insects, meaning that it is constantly buzzing with life!
Este CalorEl Río MalditoEspejos Nublados
Threads: 4       Posts: 23
demonomania by Ryurik at Apr 3 2014, 08:19 PM

Las Bocas
"The Mouths." Sitting comfortably upon the north-eastern coast of Refuge Point are three volcanoes. Nestled in beds of thick green trees, these massive dark stone mountains have laid dormant for years. The earth is always warm here, and many animals call the forests around the volcanoes home. Many birds also call the various volcanoes home, unaware of the dangers that lie asleep right beneath their feet.
Firetongue PassTierra VivaGigante DormidoMons Fragor
Threads: 4       Posts: 12
A world that never was... by Beatrix at Apr 18 2014, 06:22 PM

El Burbujeo
"The Bubbling." This marsh is surrounded by a vast jungle in the heart of the Fuego region. Located so close to the Virgenes volcanos, this swamp is notorious for superheating and bubbling with heat and steam, dangerous to those who don't watch their step. Death and spontaneous fires are not uncommon in El Burbujeo.
Río de FuegoLa OscuridadThe Screaming Pond
Threads: 2       Posts: 7
What's in your blood. by Kali at Apr 7 2014, 03:02 PM

Stellar Islands
Located just East of the mainland is the province of Stellar Islands, a small chain of five tropical islands that hold an abundance of mysteries. Inhabitants: 1

Sandbar Passage
Revealed after the earthquake shook Refuge Point, the waters seem to have receded enough to reveal a vast sandbar that stretches from the very edge of the Deserted Shore. The sandbars reach into the ocean to a chain of islands off the Eastern coast of Refuge Point, but be careful: only the tides can dictate when this sandbar is walkable.

Sandbar Access: High Tides - Inaccessible as of February 1, 2014
Threads: 0       Posts: 0
---- by at --

Yellow Island
The largest known island of the Stellar Island chain, Yellow Island is named so for the vast beach and cliffs that used to encompass its Northern edge. Once sporting a massive shield volcano, the volcano has since erupted and reduced the island to a pile of rubble.
Sunburst BeachLava Fields
Threads: 0       Posts: 0
---- by at --

Paradise Island
Located just South of Yellow Island is what is called by natives of the island chain Paradise Island. Low-lying mountains dot the heart of the island, surrounded by luxurious and dense jungles. Many secrets are hidden within this whimsical island that not many a visitor can even begin to unlock.
Canary StretchParadise ForestThe Ancient's Tomb
Threads: 0       Posts: 0
---- by at --

Misterio Island
"Mystery Island." The third of the Stellar Island chain is known as Misterio Island. It is a friendly and quaint little island, however it seems to hold the biggest mystery of the island chain: how do its natives travel between it and the last two islands? Nobody quite knows, hence the name that has attached itself to the island.
Ghost BeachMisterio JungleEidolon Tunnel
Threads: 0       Posts: 0
---- by at --

Sombra Island
"Shadow Island." Sombra Island appears to be much further from the three islands before it. It is a relatively small island, however it's presence seems to be quite mandatory in order to reach the very last island in the island chain. Regardless of the shadowy air surrounding the dark, humid island, it seems decently peaceful.
Sombra JungleAphot TunnelEl Espiritu
Threads: 1       Posts: 8
When the daylight comes by Dawn at Apr 7 2014, 04:52 PM

Isla del Fango
"Mud Island." The very last island of the Stellar Island chain, Isla del Fango is one of the larger islands, and quite possibly the most dangerous - other than Yellow Island, of course. For situated upon the Isla del Fango is a dense swamp, surrounded by a mucky beach that can only begin to forewarn visitors of the danger within.
Atascarce BeachTrenzadoFango SwampEl Sangrienta Agujero
Threads: 1       Posts: 11
T . K . O . by Goliad at Apr 9 2014, 11:14 AM

Refuge Point
The southernmost province of Baja Country is called Refuge Point. Known to its inhabitants and visitors as a safe haven from the rest of the world. Inhabitants: 27

Arenas Rojas
"Red Sands." The Arenas Rojas covers the North-Eastern section of Refuge Point. It is a mixture of scrublands, closer to the coast, and barren wastelands as it extends further West. While the deserts here aren't red, it is clear that they are deadly to traverse during the day, exposed entirely to the hot sun.
Cactus GlenSangre DesertThe BadlandsDeserted Shore
Threads: 2       Posts: 9
buzzcut season by Reuben at Apr 10 2014, 06:52 PM

Montañas de la Estrella
"Star Mountains." A small chain of mountains occupies a central portion of Refuge Point, stretching North. These mountains are topped with snow, often glittering at night under the moonlight, hence their name. It is home to several types of mountain goats and sheep, descendants of those raised on the small Mexican farms dotting the mountains.
Selva del BrilloCascada MagicaHeaven's PeakMontañas Río Puerta
Threads: 2       Posts: 14
ash and urn in silence by Gungnir at Mar 31 2014, 01:54 PM

Delta Seco
"Dry Delta." Once a dry riverbed, the water has eroded away at the coast, gradually falling even lower and revealing a large, wide delta. It is still sprouting new vegetation, so small trees and shrubs are a common sight. Further East, the riverbed deepens into a canyon. A recent earthquake has viciously split the Delta Seco in half.
The DeltaTitan's YawnCicatriz de la TierraRockfall PassRío Dragón
Threads: 3       Posts: 18
faded from the winter by Gungnir at Mar 29 2014, 07:42 PM

Río Valle
"River Valley." A large river that floods in from the Ciudad Muerta widens and slices Refuge Point in half. Because of the river, named "Rio de Aguacate", the surrounding land is fertile and the geography has sunken in, creating a valley. Small forests and vegetated areas are common here.
Sunny MoorsRío de AguacateBosque de la CenizaSero LakeUmbrage Pass
Threads: 12       Posts: 50
no longer an image in my head by Pandora at Apr 22 2014, 02:27 PM

Orilla Vieja
"Old Shore." Occupying the South-West portion of Refuge Point is a wide beach. Behind it, cliffs and rocks landscape the area, gradually smoothing into hills and valleys reaching further East. The beaches itself are easily accessible to those who know how to navigate the cliffs.
Moon BeachAgudo CliffsSilver CovePlaya de la BurbujaViridian Path
Threads: 13       Posts: 110
populace in two by Arcania at Apr 22 2014, 10:54 AM

Árbol Pequeño
"Small Tree." The Árbol Pequeño is an area populated by sparse jungles and hills, stretching from the East coast all the way towards the central valley. These jungles may be as small as a few yards around, to as wide as a mile or so, and inhabited by a large array of coastal animals.
Birdsong JungleEscarlata JungleColina de las RocasPlaya de TesoroRío del Herradura
Threads: 33       Posts: 222
just pieces in their game by Eudoxia at Apr 22 2014, 06:25 PM

Aldea Fantasma
"Village of the Ghosts." Though not a real village itself, Aldea Fantasma is a rural extension of the Ciudad Muerta - populated by old, mold-inflicted homes and winding, dusty roads interrupted by weeds grown through their cracks. Aldea Fantasma is often wreaked by dust storms and small tornadoes, causing it to look chaotic.
Tornado LaneGrey CitadelAldea UndergroundGuarda del Perdido
Threads: 2       Posts: 8
move it by Skoll at Apr 13 2014, 06:09 PM

Ciudad Muerta
"Dead City." The former Cabo San Lucas, now a dreary and grey wasteland, makes up the very tip of Refuge Point. It is filled with rusted cars and fractured buildings, trademarks of a city fallen deeply into ruin. Practicing caution here is critical, as one wrong move could result in falling through floors and causing walls to crumble.
Calle Que SilbaOro IglesiaPolvoriento Harbor
Threads: 0       Posts: 0
---- by at --

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