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May is Here!
Posted: May 14 2012, 08:11 PM

Group Icon

Male 10 Years
18 POSTS 455 PP

April Showers Bring May...Fires?

Board Wide Plot!
From what I've tasted of desire, I side with those who favor fire. The board wide plot has begun! Be sure to check out THIS THREAD for information on the disaster which has struck Harbinger. If you like to walk on the wild side go toss your character HERE, just be sure they don't get too crispy C;

Skin Contest
Harbinger is in need of some new skins, especially with the introduction of the new BWP! The winner of this skin contest will have their skin featured on each of the boards which become affected by the BWP. So what are you waiting for? MAKE SOME PRETTIES!

Staff Auditions
With Harbinger staff now officially depleted to two, Mel and I decided it's about time to hold some staff auditions! We will be opening up a total of 3 moderator positions. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply! For more information or to sumbit an application, CLICK HERE!

Pack Activities
With Harbinger getting back on its feet, we'd like to see all of our lovely packs getting back into action. This means that the rule for packs having activities monthly is going to begin being enforced once again. We understand that things still aren't 100% like they used to be, so we may (or may not) be a little more lenient towards the whole thing for a little while, depending on the effort put forth by the pack leader. Starting this month, staff will begin keeping track of pack events and sending out warnings of some sort when one month is missed.

Absence Notices
As we enter May, many of our members seem to be a little more scarce than usual. Whether it be because of finals for school or for some other reason, it is your responsibility to post an absence to inform us of your little "break". It isn't always easy to tell when you'll be able to return, so putting TBA is perfectly acceptable, though it's be greatly appreciated if a date could be updated in there at some point. Regardless, please please please post in your notice telling us when you return! This way we're both completely sure that you're back and keep the board clear of those that are out of date. c:

Activity Check
Time for a little spring cleaning! With Harbinger becoming a bit more active and the BWP beginning we would love to clean up the players list once more, so we need all you active people to be sure to post in the activity check asap! To post in the activity check and keep your active status please CLICK HERE!

OMT Prizes!
While it is nice to be recognized on the OTM page who doesn't love money? We've decided that now, along with receiving a little spotlight and a nifty icon, winners of the OTMs will also receive a pawpoint prize. If you or your character is currently being recognized as a May OTM we will transfer the pp award to your account asap! The prizes are as follows:
CoTM - 150 pp
PoTM - 150 pp
ToTM - 50 pp to each participant in the thread

In Character…

Disbanding of Sanctus Regnum
Edmund has chosen to return to the Kingdom of Tornade, taking with him a few Regnum members and leaving others to find new homes.

Meeting in Adega
Valdur, now accompanied by his twin brother once more, has called a mandatory pack meeting!

Meeting in Dirac
Vengeance has called together all Diracians for a pack meeting!

Unexpected Twist in Mortus Sero
In the midst of a battle between Serons and rogue jaguars flames appear on the horizon!

S.I.S Meeting in S.I.S
Mel has called all remaining SISians together for a mandatory pack meeting!

Meeting in Seren Llwyd
SL's new Alpha, Neuro, has called a mandatory pack meeting!

If something happens in character that you think should make it into the announcements, PM Jewels (Torvald) or Melanie (Mel)!


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