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Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

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Welcome to April
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 09:33 PM

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Male 10 Years
18 POSTS 455 PP

Welcome to April!

Lack of Activity
There always seems to come a time every year where nearly everyone becomes swamped with life. Hopefully everyone is managing to keep their heads above water (I know I enlisted the aid of some water wings this past week or two) and can find some time to spend on Harbinger c: We have a good deal of excitement that will be coming your way and with the assistance of the advertising contest, hopefully some new members will be dropping in! And of course, a big thanks to all of you who have managed to stay active throughout it all <3

Please check out THIS THREAD to take part in a site wide disscussion open to all members!

We are currently at our capacity (20) so again loners have been closed. We would like to encourage those of you who have been shopping around for a pack to start making some decisions, we have some amazing packs to choose from, all of which are more than capable of offering excitement and opportunity to your character. Let’s be honest here, we all know that one is the loneliest number that you ever knew /horrific singing.

Egghunt Smeghunt
As much as we'd like to hide a bunch of tiny easter eggs throughout Harbinger for you all to hunt endlessly for, we thought we'd try something a little different this year. There will be no need to search for eggs, we've already found them for you! All you have to do is pick one, simple as that. Want to know more? Want to try your luck? Click Here!

Advertising Contest!
Don’t forget about the advertising contest we currently have going! There’s no time like the present to get some fresh blood here on Harbinger, not the mention, you can win yourself some nice prizes and an icon ;D

On that same note, if you don't really feel like advertising why not make a mini-banner of a poster for Harbinger? That way those who do fancy advertising can slap it up onto sites and entice people to take a peak at Harb!

What’s That In The Air?
Unseen trouble is brewing. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting forum wide plot!

In Character…

Puppies in Mortus Sero!
Tesni has successfully given birth to a litter of 3 healthy Tevirye pups!

A Wedding in Adega
At long last Valdur and Nalani proclaim their love for one another and are bound as mates! It's never too late to go give the new couple your blessings.

A Loss in Seren Llwyd
Theodore, the young alpha of SL, has stepped down and taken his leave of the peninsula leaving his rank up for grabs!

A Hunt in Mortus Sero
The wolves of Mortus Sero have set out to indulge in a bloody competition.

If something happens in character that you think should make it into the announcements, PM Jewels (Torvald) or Melanie (Koohra)!


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