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Any cold from the winter has since been vanquished. Days are warm and somewhat dry; spring showers are growing less common. Heat from the deserts roll into surrounding territories.
Daily temperatures average about 77°F/25°C.

VIDA TAL — Pack Meeting
ΝSELDUR — training sessions
RAUSSA — n/a
REGALIA — Raussa Crusades
Fantτme — Founding

We are of Kin
BY Ryurik
just pieces in their game
BY Eudoxia
no longer an image in my head
BY Pandora
Don't get washed away
BY Six
populace in two
BY Arcania
don't you backsass me
BY Arcania

Why all this talk about good and evil? They're just names for sides. We know that.
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Make sure to finish up your pack events this month! @ Apr 21, '14
APR 5 — New month, new pack, new contest! ( READ MORE )
MAR 27 — Month end activity check as well as some reminders. ( READ MORE )
MAR 10 — The results of the pack activity check are in! + Some rule revisions! Sweet! ( READ MORE )
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Current Events:
— Feb 23: BWP: Meteor
— Apr 4: Fantτme Founding
— Apr 5: Posting Contest
— Apr 11: Vida Tal Pack Meeting

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Harbinger → Guidebook


General Rules
001. Register with only the first name of your character. However, if your name is already taken, you are encouraged to register with your character's first name and the first letter of their last name (ex. John S.) or their first and last names if you prefer (ex. John Smith).

002. Be polite and courteous to staff and other members.

003. Refrain from using excessive chatspeak or spamming the OOC forums and the cbox please!

004. Mature scenes (violence / sexuality) are permitted but be sure to label the thread as (M).

005. Swearing is permitted but be sure to forewarn other members should it be excessive.

006. Non Canine NPCs may be roleplayed freely in your posts or through the use of the Wildlife account. You may request permission to use the Wildlife account from a staff member.

007. The use of a Canine NPC (wolf/coyote) must be approved by an Admin.

008. Pawpoints can not be transferred between accounts, either your own or other peoples'. This means you can not charge PP for graphics in studios.

Account- and Character-Specific Rules
001. Only 1 character is permitted per account.

002. To bring in another character, all of your current characters must have 15+ IC posts. You may have a maximum of 8 characters, including coyote/wolf characters and creatures.

003. You are free to drop characters, however dropping your characters will incur probation, which means that you are not allowed to bring in and play new characters for 1 month. The probation is cumulative if you drop characters within the same month. However, killing a character does not count as dropping them, as long as you provide a complete death thread. Alternatively, if you wish to avoid the probation, you may purchase a Probation Pass from the Pawpoint Shop for 200 PP that nullifies your probation.

004. Please refrain from creating "fandom" characters or characters based off of existing characters from fiction (or people/animals in non-fiction). If we see any characters that are obvious mimics of characters existing in popular media, we'll be forced to use our discretion as to whether or not they can be accepted.

005. Use your discretion when creating characters that touch on sensitive topics. We understand that things like substance abuse and sexual experiences may make for an interesting character, but also remember that these things happen in real life, and can upset some people. If we feel your character touches on a particularly sensitive topic, we won't be able to accept them.

In particular, we feel that wolves with substance abuse problems are not realistic and will be no longer accepting characters with this personality or history aspect.

006. You are limited to 2 characters in leadership positions. Players may only play 1 Alpha and 1 Beta character at a time, meaning you may not run more than one pack at a time and you may not hoard the Beta ranks of other packs.

Posting Rules
001. Chatspeak is NOT permissible in any IC context.

002. Powerplaying, godmoding and flawless characters are not permitted. You may powerplay another character only if you have their player's permission.

003. Posts must be at least 1 paragraph with a minimum word count of 200 words.

004. You may NOT post spot claims, but you may post WIP posts. However, if we see any WIP posts older than a day, we'll delete them, so be sure to save the text elsewhere.

Graphics & Artwork Rules
001. Art theft of any kind of NOT tolerated! Please use only graphics that you have made, or somebody has made for you, and stock images that are specifically uploaded to be used. This includes artwork made on deviantART, flickr, and other art/photography communities.

002. Avatars should be 200 x 300px.

003. Tables may not exceed 500px in width.

004. Signatures should not be blaring or too large and may not exceed 500 px in width.

005. Please refrain from making graphics request threads in the Art Gallery. Instead, post in one of the various studios our members have set up. Posting a request thread (ie. you requesting graphics) will result in the deletion of the thread and a warning.

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